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									                     B EST P RACTICES P RESENTATIO N F ORMAT
Presenter’s Name:     Clayton Ipsen

Presenter’s Title:           Senior District Executive

Council:      Sequoia #027 E-mail Address:          cipsen@bsamail.org


       Rural, 60% Hispanic, 10 communities, 2 largest communities have 40,000+ residents.
700 youth and 45 units in district.

                                       TOPIC CONTENT

In 2004 the Sierra District posted a 25% increase in Cub Scouts in contrast to a nationwide 2%

loss in Cub Scout age youth. In order to accomplish this task a comprehensive plan was

developed and utilized to increase the number of Cub Scouts in the district. Throughout the year

there was an effort to recruit and retain Cub Scouts. Spring recruitments were held between

March and May on a unit basis. In June a Tiger Hunt was instituted in an effort to recruit

Kindergartners that were becoming 1st graders. From May through August efforts were being

made to organize a District wide recruitment effort that would happen on one night. This Fall

Recruitment Blitz would help us kick start the Fall Recruitment drive. Following that recruitment

and any additional recruitment needed in smaller communities a Cub Scout retention event was

held in October. The hope was to give all new and existing youth a positive outdoor Cub Scout

experience. Throughout the year efforts were on going to start New Cub Scout Packs in areas

where there was no Scouting presence. Overall effectiveness of the Cub Scout Plan was due to

volunteer leadership, doing our homework, and maintaining a positive Can Do! attitude.

Successful Cub Scout growth translates into an overall successful Scouting program.

* For Councils Rechartering end of year.
                         Tiger Hunt Sample Program

9:30 AM – 10:00 AM Check-in, Arrival Activity (Frisbee

10:00 AM – 10:15 AM Opening Ceremony i.e. Pledge of
Allegiance, Teach basic Cub Scout knowledge, tell why we are

10:15 – 12:00 PM Activities
    Relay Races
    Squirt Gun Challenge
    Obstacle Course

12:00 – 12:30 Lunch

12:30 – 12:50 Fire Dept./Police Dep’t. Demonstration

12:50 – 1:00 PM              Closing and “Tiger Cub Hunt”
                             Chase after costumed character for a prize at
                             the end.

* For Councils Rechartering end of year.
                        The Cub Scout Plan Timeline
*January – February          Finish Rechartering units. Have “Low Point”
                             numbers by February 28th.

January – December           New Unit Organization (on going)

March – May                  Spring Recruitment Opportunities

By May 1st                   Recruit Fall Blitz Chairperson

April – August               Prepare for Blitz Night – Location, Site Coordinators,
                             Flyers, Press Releases

Late of May/Early June Tiger Hunt event
                       (Based on school schedule)

July/August                  Inform Unit Leaders of Blitz Night

September                    Blitz Night (Flyers sent out 2 weeks prior)

August/September             Follow Up Recruitments

October                      Retention Event (Cub-O-Ree)

October – December           Follow up with New Units and LDS youth

December                     Relax with 3%+ growth in Cub Scouts

* For Councils Rechartering end of year.

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