QASSEM AL HASSAN PhD Associate Professor Department of Mathematics University of Sharjah PO Bo x 27272 University City Sharjah UAE Email qassem sharjah ac ae Tel 971 by doj50529


Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
University of Sharjah, PO Bo x 27272
University City, Sharjah, UAE

Email:                Tel:        971-6-5050384           Fax:       971-6 5050352
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 Academic/Professional Background                          Selected Publications

                                                                 1. The expanded Lagrangian system for
 EDUCATION                                                          solving constrained optimization
                                                                    problems, with A, B. Poore, SIAM
    1. B.Sc., M athematics, University of Jordan,                   Journal on Control and Optimization,
         1972.                                                      Vol. 26(2), 3(1988), pp 417-427.
    2. M .Sc., Computer Science, University of                   2. Construction of admissible tests for
         Detroit, USA, 1978.                                        the geometric distribution with
    3. M .Sc., M athematics, Wayne State                            numerical applications, with H.
         University, USA, 1981.                                     Rawash, J. of Information and
    4. Ph.D., M athematics, Colorado state                          Optimization Sciences, Vol. 14, 1993,
         University, USA, 1987.                                     No. 1, pp 11-19.
                                                                 3. On the solution of nonlinear
                                                                    programming problems via
 EMPLOYMENT                                                         continuation using special LU
                                                                    factorization. J. of Information
    1.    Yarmouk University, Jordan, Assistant
                                                                    and Optimization Sciences, Vol.
          Professor, 1987-1993.
                                                                    15(1994), No. 3, pp 373—386.
    2.    Philadelphia University, Jordan, Assistant             4. On the construction of admissible tests
          Professor, 1993-1994. Sabbatical leave.                   for exponential distribution with
    3.    Yarmouk University, Jordan, Associate
                                                                    numerical applications, Pakistan J. of
          Professor, 1994-1995.
                                                                    Statistics, Vol. 11(3), Sep. 1995, pp
    4.    Al-alBayt University, Jordan,                             203-213.
          Associate Professor, 1995-                             5. Singular value analysis of cryptograms
          1997. Leave without pay.                                   applied to the Arabic language,
    5.   University of Qatar, Qatar,
                                                                       Abhath Al-Yarmouk, Vol. 11, no.
          Associate Professor, 1997-
                                                                      2A, 2002, pp563-572.
          1999.                                                  6. A hybrid genetic-continuation
    6.   University of Sharjah, UAE,                                  algorithm for solving constrained
          Associate Professor, 1999-                                  optimization problems, Damascus
                                                                      University Journal for Basic
                                                                      Sciences, vol.18, no.2, 2002, pp29-
 MEMBERSHIP OF                                                        40.
 PROFESSIONAL BODIES                                             7. Characterization and transformation
                                                                       of invariants, Journal of Difference
            Jordanian         Society        of
              Mathematical Sciences                              Equations and Applications, vol.9,
             International       Society        of              no.2003, pp869-877. With R. Abu
              Difference Equations                              Saris and K. Al-Dosary..
                                                          8.    Some sufficient conditions for the
RESEARCH INTERESTS                                              comparability of two differential

             Numerical Linear Algebra                          operators, FILOMAT, 16(2002),
             Difference Equations                              pp57-61. With Raid Al-M omany, Ali
             Continuation      and    Homotopy                   Al-Jarrah, and Ghanem M omani.
              Methods                                     9. On global periodicity of difference
             Genetic Algorithms                                equations, Journal of Mathematical

THESIS SUPERVISON                                               Analysis and Applications, 283(2003),
                                                                pp468-477. With R. Abu Saris.
   1.       “On Newton’s Interval Arithmetic
            M ethod”, 1990, Yarmouk University.           10 On inverses of tridiagonal matrices,
   2.       “On the Role of Slack Variables in                  Journal of Discrete Mathematical
            Nonlinear Programming”, 1991. Yarmouk
            University.                                         Sciences and Cryptography, Vol.8
   3.       “A Study of Some Bifurcation Problems”,             (2005), No. 1, pp 49-58.
            1991, Yarmouk University.
   4.       “Some Applications of the Singular Value      11    An algorithm for computing inverses
            Decomposition of M atrices”, 1993,                   of tridiagonal matrices with
            Yarmouk University.
   5.       “On the Solution of the Generalized                  applications, Soochow Journal of
            Eigenvalue Problem via Homotopy                      Mathematics, vol.31, no.3, pp 449-
            M ethods”, 1995, Yarmouk University.
   6.       “Genetic Algorithms and Some                         466, July 2005.
            Applications”, Al-alBayt University,          12.    On Globally Attracting Two-Cycles
   7.       “Kronecker Products and Some                         of Second-Order Difference
            Applications, Al-alBayt University, 1997.            Equations, Journal of Difference
   8.       “Learning Algorithms for Artificial
            Neutral Networks”, Al-alBayt University,             Equations and Applications, vol.
            1997.                                                11, no. 15, 2005, pp1295-1303.
                                                                 With R. Abu Saris.
                                                          13.    Tridiagonal M atrices and the
   1.       At undergraduate level:                              Computation of Gaussian
            Numerical analysis, differential equations,
            applied algebra, linear programming and              Quadratures, accepted for
            game theory, theory of computations,
                                                                 publication in International Journal
            history of mathematics, intermediate
            analysis, simulation, operations research,           of Pure and Applied Mathematics,
            discrete mathematics, mathematical                   Academic Publishers, Bulgaria..
            methods, calculus, Linear Algebra.
                                                          14.    On Inverses of Pentadiagonal
   2. At graduate level:                                         M atrices, accepted for publication in
       Numerical analysis, matrix computations,
       numerical solutions of differential                       Journal of Discrete Mathematical
       equations, optimization, orthogonal                       Sciences and Cryptography, Taru
       polynomials, approximation theory.
                                                                 Publications, India.
                                                          15.    An Inverse Eigenvalue Problem for
                                                                 General Tridiagonal M atrices,
                                                                 International Journal of
      Contemporary Mathematical

      Sciences,   Vol.4, 2009, no.13,
      pp 625- 634.
16.   Using a division procedure to
      predict and preserve potential
      optimality in the DIRECT
      Algorithm, accepted for publication
      in J. of Interdisciplinary
      Mathematics. With C. Lakhdar

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