Work Ethic Certification Rollout by dev15756


									                      Work Ethic Certification Rollout

Whitley County Consolidated Schools is a participant in the Indiana
WorkEthic Certification Program which is being rolled out this week to
juniors and seniors at Columbia City High School.

As parents and members of this community, we all want our children to
possess a strong work ethic. This certification is a formal method to validate
to post-secondary schools and future employers that the participating high
school students who earn their credentials are prime candidates for post-
secondary admission and employment consideration. The standards that
must be accomplished by the students are good self-discipline, good
attendance, promptness to school and classes, community service, good
grades, respectfulness in class, group cooperation in classes, timely
completion of assignments, and an overall strong work ethic.

Students will declare their intention to participate by signing a “Student
Intent to Participate” form. Participants who meet the established criteria
will be recognized at CCHS Honor Convocation in May of 2009. The
WorkEthic Certificate will be awarded to each successful student.
Participation forms are due by Friday, September 26. They may be turned in
to the Career Development Center, room 111 and questions about the
program may be addressed to Judy Moore, 244-6136. For more information
about Indiana’s WorkEthic Certification Program visit: .

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