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					                       New Choices/New Options
                            Executive Summary

The New Choices Career Development Programs provide FREE program
services, offering a wide a range of classes including: Keyboarding,
Introduction to Computers, Microsoft Office Computer Software Programs,
Career Development Workshops, Math, Reading and English Brush-Up, to
name a few. In addition to group sessions, participants receive
individualized counseling, career coaching and job search assistance tailored
to each person's particular need. Day and evening classes are usually
available. Specific program offerings vary from site to site.

New Choices programs are located at 24 sites across the Commonwealth
serving 30 counties. (to find a program in your area, visit

The target population served by the New Choices Programs is displaced
homemakers and single parents. Individuals in transition are encouraged
to apply. Programs offer individuals the opportunity to explore career
options they may never have known existed and will provide a family
sustaining wage.

New Choices Programs have proven to be successful in helping individuals
to achieve economic self-sufficiency. During fiscal year 2005-2006, New
Choices programs served 2,882 adult participants and of these 1,337
obtained jobs with an average wage of $9.24 per hour; while 1,260 of the
participants went on for further training.

As a result, $4,848,982 in taxes was generated due to new employees
entering the workforce; and consequently reduced the need for government
aid (such as food stamps, TANF, unemployment compensation, etc.)
resulting in a savings of $2,303,864 in government expenditures.