To make an Overlay using Intellikeys by tak20026


									                 To make and use Overlay using Intellikeys

       Overlay Maker
Start Menu - Programs – Intellitools Software – Overlay Maker

(see end of document to find out how to put a shortcut on the desktop)

There are 2 modes to this program – Easy and Standard. The Easy mode will enable you
to make a wide variety of overlays and become proficient with the software. Standard
mode will allow you to become more adventurous.

Whichever mode you are in when you turn off the program will automatically come up the
next time you start the program. To change the mode you need to go to the toolbar –
options – and click either ‘easy mode’ or ‘standard mode’ to change.

Easy Mode.

                                               This is the first screen that you will see.
                                               Highlight the number of keys that you
                                               wish to have and click OK.

                                                You will be presented with a blank
                                                overlay like this and you will be ready to
Click in each square in turn and write what you want in each. ALWAYS put a space after
the last word so that a space will appear in the children’s writing. The program will
                                                         position and size the words
                                                         appropriately. Although you can use
                                                         the toolbar to change the font size
                                                         yourself. However you can only
                                                         change the size for the whole
                                                         overlay not individual keys in this

This is now a complete overlay, ready to use. But you may want to add pictures.
There is a good stock of pictures in the program – that will cover many situations. You can
import pictures of your own and this is covered separately later on in the document under
Importing Clipart

Click in the relevant box and then go to the picture of the flower on the toolbar and this will
                                                         bring up a menu, listing all the

Use the categories box to refine
your search – People, Food etc.
                                                     Click on paste and the picture will be
                                                     pasted into the square and the writing
                                                     repositioned and resized accordingly.

Continue for all boxes.

Save – by clicking on the floppy disc icon on the toolbar. The name you give will be
printed on the overlay.

Print – by clicking the ion on the toolbar.
The overlay prints as 2 pages with an overlap. The cut and paste lines are marked on.
Sellotape them together and cut to size. If you are going to laminate the overlay cut a little
smaller as the laminate will need to be accommodated.

Importing Clipart
If you want to use clipart from another source you need to copy and paste. Go to your
preferred clipart browser and COPY the picture. Click in the key and go to the toolbar-
You may get a message asking you to convert the picture to a Paint format. If so go to
START PROGRAMS ACCESSORIES PAINT and when the program has loaded go to
EDIT PASTE. Then EDIT COPY. Go back to Overlay Maker and repeat the PASTE
process and the picture should load into the key and be sized appropriately.
       Overlay Sender – using the Overlay
Start – programs – intellitools software – overlay sender.

Click on Overlay sender and you will be presented with a window and have to find the
overlay you want to use. All overlays will automatically save into a folder on your hard
drive ( usually but not always the C drive). This folder is inside several others The folder is
called My overlays inside Overlay Maker inside Itools. The first time you use Sender you
will have to get to this folder through this window. Once you have located the folder the
first time, your computer should automatically return to the right place in future.
                                                 You will probably get My Documents in the
                                                 top window to start. Use the down arrow to
                                                 locate the hard drive icon (usually C – on
                                                 some computers D)

                                                             Highlight Itools and double click
                                                             or click once and click ‘open’

Open Omaker

Open My Overlays
Click and Open the overlay you wish to use. A simple toolbar will appear on the screen
and a purple line will fill the toolbar twice and the operation is complete. Your Intellikeys
keyboard is now ready to use. Slot the overlay into the keyboard and you’re ready to go

       Using Intellikeys for children’s Writing

Your Intellikeys now becomes an alternative keyboard and the children can use it to write
with Word or other word processor or Writing with Symbols.

Just load Word or WWS as normal and have a new blank page on screen. As the children
press the keys you have made on the overlay the words will appear on the screen and can
then be printed off etc in the normal way.
Standard Mode.

It is not possible to outline every feature and way of using the standard mode. It gives
greater flexibility of use for people who are familiar with the basic workings of the Easy

Get to Standard Mode from Easy Mode from the toolbar – OPTIONS – Standard Mode.

This will give you an option of a set pattern of keys or the opportunity to have a blank
overlay and create your own.

                                                             Choose ‘blank overlay’ and you will be
                                                             presented with a blank screen with a
                                                             pale grid background to help you set
                                                             out your objects.

                      The square icon is the tool for making keys, The T is to put in text, the arrow is to
                      move and the line draws lines.
                            Changes the shape of keys

                                Alters the thickness of borders on keys

                                        Changes the colour of the borders                                     Changes the
                                                                                                              colour of text

                                            Fills in the keys with solid colour

       Changes the colour of
       the background

To make an overlay first click on the key tool ( see above) and place the mouse over the
spot where you want to have the top left hand corner of your key press and hold the left
mouse button and drag the key to the desired size.

To reposition the key if necessary click on the arrow and drag the selected shape to the
new position.
Add all the keys you want to have in place and then you can change their shape, their fill
colour, the border colour and thickness and the colour of the background if desired. It is
best to print on coloured paper - as ink is expensive and the paper can become too wet
and distorted if all the background is coloured.

This ( fictitious) overlay shows some of the features you can achieve.

The keys that say delete return space etc can be made to produce these functions rather
than print out the word ‘delete’ etc.

Click on the key tool - select the key and right click over it.
From the menu choose EDIT CONTENTS

From this window - on the keyboard tab – select the command you want click ADD
SPECIAL and then OK. This key will now act as a command tool and not a writing tool

Using the usual keys you can set font sizes and font styles for each individual key.

You can select one key and then hold down the ctrl key and select other keys so that
several are selected at once and apply the same formatting – text colour borders etc etc to
all at once to save time.

To make several keys the same size make the first key – select it and copy it and paste it
in the usual ways. ( toolbar or ctrl c and ctrl v)
If you do not want your clipart pictures to be confines within key shapes but to appear
more freely on the page this is possible. Just copy and paste clipart directly on to the
background. A warning box will appear – tell it OK and tick the box to skip the warning I
future if you want.

You can make a large picture with hidden keys which are activated when the children
press what appears to be just another part of the picture.

Start with a blank screen and add a picture such as the one below from the program’s
clipart stock – enlarge it to fill the screen.

You can now make keys to go over whatever parts of the picture you want – shape and
format don’t matter they won’t be seen.

Once your keys are in place go to the toolbar DRAW - MOVE TO BACK and the keys will
disappear – but be active. So – for this example – if WWS is loaded with speech - if a child
is asked to indicate something green and they press the tree the word and symbol ‘green’
will be typed and the word ‘green’ will be spoken as confirmation.

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