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									                                        One Shot Hunt Club South Africa
                                   Event Schedule, Map and Registration Form

       The One Shot Hunt Club SA and Forever Resorts have partnered to provide for the first time a unique and economical African
experience for both hunters and non-hunters. This full 2009 OSHC SA event consists of two segments for which participants may
individually register.

      Fishing and Touring Segment – Saturday April 18th through Saturday April 25th. The focus of this event segment will be the
       fantastic deep sea fishing at Sodwana Bay on the Indian Ocean in Kwa-Zulu, Natal. The variety of fish available includes Black
       Marlin, Sailfish. Dolphin, Blue Marlin, Tuna, Kingfish, Sea Bass, Striped Marlin, Dorado and others. It will commence at the four
       star Forever Resorts Centurion in Lyttelton (between Johannesburg and Pretoria) and end at the four star Forever Resorts
       Isiyala (near Loskopdam where the OSHC event will be held). In route to and from Sodwana Bay, visits will be made to unique
       African curio centres. The charges for this segment are all inclusive with the exception of alcohol, two lunches and guiding tips.

      One Shot Hunt Club Segment – Sunday April 26th though Thursday April 30th. This is the more traditional OSHC segment. It will
       commence with registration at the four star Forever Resorts Isiyala near Loskopdam. Activities during this segment will include
       hunting for impala and guinea fowl, game drives, local tours and visits to some of the schools and clinics that have been
       supported by the OSHC. The charges for this segment are all inclusive with the exception of alcohol and guiding tips. Also
       included are airport transfers both ways.

   Participants may attend the One Shot Hunt Club Segment without participating in the Fishing and Touring Segment or they may
   attend the Fishing and Touring Segment without participating in the One Shot Hunt Club Segment.

Registrant Name: ________________________________________              Guest Name(s): _________________________________________

Address: ________________________________          City: ____________________      Zip: ___________ Country: ____________________

Fishing and Touring Segment: Number Fishing ______ $1,620 @ Number Non-Fishing __________ $1,250 @ Total $_____________

One Shot Hunt Club Segment: Number Hunting _______ $880 @ Number Non-Hunting __________$585 @                     Total $ ____________

Send completed registration form to: Hector Kitscha, Custom Travel Ltd, 9415 W. Forest Home Ave, Suite 201, Hales Corners, WI
53130, Tele: (414) 433-0089, Fax: (414) 433-0104, E-mail:
                                                                                ONE SHOT HUNT CLUB
                                                                      SOUTH AFRICAN EVENT SCHEDULE 2009

Fishing and Touring Segment                                        FRIDAY 24 APRIL 2009:                                              07:00           Breakfast
                                                                   04:00          Wake-up call - Participants                         08:00           Depart to hunting area; Impala & Guinea Fowl
Costs: Fishing $1,620 Non-Fishing $1,250                           04:30          Transfer to beach (Rusks & Coffee)                  12:30           Lunch-box lunch
                                                                   +05:00         Launch at first light as per beach control          13:30           Hunting Continues
FRIDAY 17 APRIL 2009:                                                             Brunch on board                                     16:30           Rifles down
17:20          Depart from JF Kennedy Airport (NY) on SA 204       13:00          Lines Up                                            17:30           Cocktails at Isiyala
                                                                   14:00          Beaching according to beach control                 18:30           Dinner & briefing
SATURDAY 18 APRIL 2009:                                                           Weigh-in at Lodge – Happy Hours                     20:30           Transfer to Waterfall
16:35        Arrive at OR Tambo SA 204 from New York (JFK)                        Refresh
             Transfer and check-in at FR Centurion Hotel           18:00          Dinner and Prize Giving Function. Silent auction.   TUESDAY 28 APRIL 2009:
18:30        Dinner at Hotel                                                                                                          07:00         Breakfast
                                                                   SATURDAY 25 APRIL 2009:                                            08:00         Depart to hunting area; Impala & Guinea Fowl
SUNDAY 19 APRIL 2009:                                              07:30        Breakfast & Check-out                                 12:30         Lunch-box lunch
08:30         Breakfast at Hotel                                   08:30        Depart for Swaziland via                              13:30         Hunting Continues
10:00         Depart on visit to Hartbeespoort Dam Curio Centre    10:30        Enter Swaziland at Golela border post                 16:30         Rifles down
13:00         Lunch at Hartbeespoortdam                            12:30        Curio stop & Lunch in Manzini                         17:30         Cocktails at Isiyala
15:30         Return to Hotel                                      14:00        Depart for Ngwenya Glass Factory                      18:30         Dinner & briefing
18:30         Dinner at Hotel                                      14:40        Visit Swazi Glass Factory                             21:30         Transfer to Lodges
                                                                   15:30        Depart to Oshoek Border post
MONDAY 20 APRIL 2009:                                              16:00        Exit Swaziland and drive towards Badplaas             WEDNESDAY 29 APRIL 2009:
07:00       Breakfast & Check-out                                  17:00        Arrive at Forever Resorts Badplaas, Check-in          07:00        Breakfast
08:00       Depart for Sodwana Bay (Kwa-Zulu Natal)                19:00        Dinner in the Restaurant                              08:00        Depart to Dennilton for school/clinic visit
11:00       Pitstop in Ermelo                                                   Evening in the Hydro Spa                              12:30        Return to Loskopdam
12:30       Lunch in Piet Retief                                                                                                      13:30        Lunch at separate lodges
13:30       Depart for Sodwana Bay                                 OSHC SA Event Segment                                              14:30        Afternoon at leisure
17:00       Arrive and check in: Sodwana Bay Lodge                                                                                    17:30        Transfer to Matombu Wild
18:00       Dinner in Restaurant                                   Costs: Hunters $880 Non-Hunters $585                               18:30        Gala Dinner & Prize giving
19:00       Registration and briefing                                                                                                 21:30        Transfer to Lodges
                                                                   SUNDAY 26 APRIL 2009:
TUESDAY 21 APRIL through THURSDAY 23 APRIL 2009:                   08:30         Breakfast & Check-out                                THURSDAY 30 APRIL 2009:
04:00         Wake-up call - Participants                          09:45         Depart on Game Drive through the reserve             07:30        Breakfast & check-out
04:30         Transfer to beach (Rusks & Coffee)                   11:30         At leisure at Hydro/Pools                            08:30        Depart for OR Tambo Airport and fly back
+05:00        Launch at first light as per beach control           13:00         Lunch at Hotel Lapa                                               or alternative
              Brunch on board                                      14:00         Depart for Loskop Country
15:00         Lines Up                                             16:30         Check-in at Forever Resorts Isiyala                  Total Event Participant Costs
15:30         Beaching according to beach control                  17:00         Check-in at Forever Resorts Waterfall
17:00         Weigh-in at Lodge – Happy Hour                       18:00         Transfer from Isiyala delegates to Waterfall          Including Fishing and Hunting $2,500
              Refresh                                              18:30         Dinner and registration                               Non-Fishing or Hunting $1,835
19:00         Dinner in Restaurant                                 20:30         Transfer to Isiyala
20:00         Highlights of the day and regulations for next day
                                                                   MONDAY 27 APRIL 2009:



            OR THAMBO
                                                                   Big Bend



                                                                              Sodwana Bay

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