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									Coral Springs Museum Features World Famous Child
Artist Prodigy, Alexandra Nechita
    The Coral Springs Museum will          a Global Arts                                              Niki spoke highly of
display “Sentiments of Art,” an            Initiative involving                                  the museum, expressing
exhibit by Alexandra Nechita, until        more than 100                                         her appreciation for the
April 23. The World Federation of          nations.                                              Museum’s design.
United Nations selected Nechita, a              The exhibit                                           “I really like this
world-reknown artist prodigy, to lead      features paintings                                    place,” said Niki, “It’s so
                                           of vibrant colors                                     open.....just wonderful.”
                                           dealing with youth-                                        Niki fled from com-
  Upcoming Spring and                      ful to sophisticated issues that have      munist Romania to the United States
  Summer Exhibits                          inspired the mind of the 14-year old       while his wife, Viorica, was six
     Bruce Helander (March 23-             Romanian native, who was also the          months pregnant with Alexandra. He
 April 11) - Helander’s collages are       official                                   reunited with his wife and newborn
 in over forty museum collections,         artist of the                              daughter two years later in Southern
 including the Metropolitan Museum         1997
 of Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim                                                    California.
                                           Grammy                                          Mayor John Sommerer presented
 Museum, and the Smithsonian
                                           Awards and                                 Alexandra with a gold key to the
 Institution. In August 1999, the
                                           past guest                                 City at the VIP reception and praised
 World Federation of United Nations
 Associations selected Helander to
                                           on both the                                her for being a
 create a design which was then            Rosie
                                                                                      positive symbol of
 reproduced in the forum of a limited      O’Donnell
                                                                                      childrens’ creativi-
 edition art print and first day cover     and Oprah
                                                                                      ty and aspirations.
 envelopes to accompany the United         Winfrey shows.
                                                                                           “We are very
 Nations Stamp Issues of August 23,             After a 5-hour plane trip from
                                                                                      pleased and proud
 1999.                                     California the previous day,
                                           Alexandra and her parents, Niki and        to have you here in
     Jonathan Green (May 7 - June
 25) - A Gullah-inspired painter and       Viorica, attended a VIP Reception          Coral Springs. You
 sculptor, Jonathan Green, creates his     held by the Museum on Thursday,            are absolutely a
                  art with a style         February 24. The Reception was just        living, breathing
                  referred to as “narra-   one part of a three-day set of events      inspiration to all young people in our
                  tive realism” that       that included “Art Talks” with local       city. You give us an opportunity to
                  Green uses to cap-                                                  encourage our children to reach out
                                           children and a official opening recep-
                  ture and record his                                                 of themselves and enjoy same kinds
                                           tion for the public on the following
                  early life experiences                                              of things with which you have
                  and the rich cultur-     Saturday night.
                                                During the VIP reception,             impressed the world,” said Sommerer.
 al heritage of the Gullah community
 in which he was raised. Green’s mas-
 tery of color and skillful use of the          A Close-Up Interview With Alexandra Nechita
 human figure, which allows him to         Q: What do you like most about art as      opportunities to walk out the door and
 preserve and share with the viewer a      a form of expression?                      say “I want to be an artist,” and they
 deep sense of community, and how          A: I think that it’s something that is     were just so supportive.
 the challenges of love, work and          given to you by God, a type of passion
 belonging are met.                        that is instilled in every person. Plus,   Q: What inspires you to paint?
                                           children all have a natural desire to      A: Emotions, memories inspired and
                                           color and draw pictures, and for me it     created with emotions, also issues of
     The Coral Springs Museum of           started from there and just grew and       peace and the environment impact my
                                           grew.                                      work. It’s always extremely intuitive
 Art is located in the Coral Springs
                                                                                      and spontaneous, I never know what’s
 City Centre, 2855 Coral Springs           Q: What are your feelings on fulfilling    going to happen.
 Drive. The Museum is open                 a dream at such a young age?
 Tuesdays through Saturdays, 10 to         A: It’s been quite overwhelming some-      Q: Do you have any words of advice
 5, and Sundays 12 to 5. Admission         times, but I’m so grateful for all the     for the youth here in Coral Springs?
 is $ 3, members and children under        opportunities I’ve been given, and         A: Always believe in yourself. It’s not
                                           most of all for the support of my par-     how good you can do it, but that you
 18 free, and free to all on
                                           ents, because when you are 5 or 6          have the desire. Feel free and never
 Wednesdays. For more information,                                                    be afraid, because fear robs you of
 please call 340-5000.                     years old, you don’t have a lot of
                                                                                      your powers and passions.
          ON THE

                                      inside this issue

   “Sentiments of Art,” an
 exhibit featuring the works                       City Partnerships
of world-famous, 14-year old
     child artist prodigy,                                  Address
 Alexandra Nechita, will be
   on display at the Coral                          Education Issues
   Springs Museum of Art                      The City is working on a number of
     until April 23, 2000.                   projects to reduce overcrowding and
                                                  bring quality into the classroom.
                                                                             Page 3-5

                                                                             EMS Rescue
                                                                             Prevents Tragedy
                                                                             Coral Springs Fire Rescue saves life of
                                                                             National Hockey League Equipment
                                                                             Manager through quick-thinking
     CITY COMMISSION                                                         and professionalism.
     Mayor John Sommerer                                                     Page 7
  Vice Mayor William Stradling
  Commissioner Maureen Berk
 Commissioner Rhonda Calhoun
    Commissioner Alan Polin

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 duced six times a year by the
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 lication is made possible by the
                                                  City Centre grounds were recently
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 you have questions or com-                       by the National Wildlife Federation
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         City Manager
       Michael S. Levinson
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     Communications Manager
        Sheri Chadwick                School Overcrowding Forum              .   .3   Youth Service Day . . . . . . . . .10
  Communications Coordinator
       Liz Kolodney                   Quality in the Classroom . . .         .   .4   Citrus Canker . . . . . . . . . . . . .13
     Publications Coordinator         Charter School . . . . . . . . . . .   .   .4   Baseball Camps . . . . . . . . . . .14
         Nicki Schaeffer
      Multimedia Coordinator          Drowning Prevention . . . . . .        .   .9             And Much More, INSIDE
         Matt Hoffman
April/May 2000                                                                                                  CITIZEN • 1
Coral Springs Teen Reports Trends In Her City to Teenpeople
   Keren Amnihud opens a package to find a new lipstick        their hometown as the magazine’s next featured city.
and new bottle of nail polish – both products not yet          Amnihud, a Coral Springs High School 10th Grader and
released. With much                                                      aspiring actress who enjoys always wearing the
excitement and enthusiasm                                                newest trends, got involved in the program by
she tries them on. “The                                                  answering an ad in the magazine. The ad requested
lipstick is a little light,” she                                         interested teens to write essays giving reasons they
thinks, “but the nail polish                                             would be a good Trendspotter. Two months later,
is a very nice color.” She                                               Amnihud’s dreams came true: she received a letter
writes her comments down                                                 telling her she was selected as the Coral
and prepares to mail them                                                Springs representative.
to the return address...                                                    Amnihud feels honored to represent her city and
TeenPeople Magazine.                                                     to be able to show, through her thoughts and
   It’s all in a day’s work                                              comments to the magazine, the major role youth
for the Coral Springs teen                                               and family plays in Coral Springs.
who is the TeenPeople TrendSpotter for Coral Springs.             “I’m the only one, which is really neat, and it’s great to
TeenPeople selects one Trendspotter from each city to help     tell about how many things for kids we have here. I mean,
track the latest trends. The Trendspotter’s responsibilities   for the size of our city, we have a lot of things to do for
involve rating unreleased products, and writing about          kids. It has the perfect stuff for youth like myself,” reflected
current trends and styles in the Trendspotter’s city,          Amnihud.
including everything from clothes to the coolest places to        Amnihud is currently working on her report and gath-
go on a Friday night. The magazine gathers these comments      ering photographs in hopes that Coral Springs will be the
and gives general percentages of nationwide trendspotters’     next featured city.
opinions in each issue.                                           “I’ve already written a bunch of drafts, and my mom is
   However, a Trendspotter’s most important responsibility     searching for the perfect photographer to take pictures of
is to submit a detailed report and photos highlighting their   trends here in Coral Springs. If they pick Coral Springs, that
city’s current trends in hopes that the magazine will select   would be really awesome,” said Amnihud.

Students Share Cultural Experiences During Unitown 2000
   Students from high schools in Coral       At a reception
Springs, North Lauderdale and             immediately following
Lauderhill spent a weekend learning       their return to City
more about culture and diversity at       Hall on Monday,
Unitown 2000, the City’s annual multi-    February 21, students
cultural retreat.                         reflected on their
   Accompanied by various staff           positive memories
members, including Commissioner           and lessons learned
Rhonda Calhoun,                                     during the
students spent the             I T O W              retreat.

weekend at Gold                                        “We
Coast Christian                                     really

Camp in Lake                                       realized how other
Worth, FL sharing                                  people view and
their cultural              2 0 0 0                perceive us. I think
experiences. They also                             the weekend made all
participated in exercises that emphasized of us also see that no matter
individuality and cultures, allowed them how different someone
to gain a better understanding of other   looks, we are all very much
groups, and prepare them for leadership   the same,” reflected Coral
roles in their schools and communities.   Springs Charter School
   On Saturday, students participated in  student, Alexis Sinclair.
the weekend’s main event, “Culture
Night,” by giving presentations and per-
forming cultural aspects such as music
and dance.

2 • CITIZEN                                                                                               April/May 2000
Coral Springs Holds School Overcrowding
Forum in Partnership With School Board
   The City held a School Overcrowding            breakout sessions, “When there are too            tions to facility overcrowding.
Forum, in partnership with the Broward            many kids in a classroom, the lack of                Attendees praised the City for holding
County School Board, to brainstorm                personal space causes stress,                                  the Forum, and partnering
solutions to the problem, paving the way          therefore impacting                                            with the School Board to
towards a positive future for education in        achievement.”                                                  generate solutions to edu-
                              Coral Springs.         Attendees were pleased                                      cation problems.
                                 On February      with the large number of                                          School Board Member
                              16, from 9 a.m.     solutions generated for such                                   Stephanie Kraft said, “Coral
                              to 2 p.m., at the   problematic topics as insuffi-                                 Springs has always been very
                              Radisson Resort     cient facility space.                                          innovative, and tried to solve
                              and Conference         The suggestion of off-site                                  problems and deal with issues
                              Center Heron        internships provided one                                       in creative ways. I’m proud to
                              Bay, City offi-     possible solution to this problem.                live in Coral Springs.
                              cials and              As J. P. Taravella High School                    “To me, solidifying the partnership
                              employees,          Principal David Goldstein explained, “If          between the City and the School Board
                              School Board        we start more internship programs, we             was so important. Since the relations
                                members,          will lessen the amount of seniors on              weren’t always so good in the past,
  Dr. Frank Till,
  Superintendent of
                                Parent            campus for at least half of each school           together we can build on this partnership
  Broward County Schools Advisory                 day, these students could leave school to         with the new Superintendent and the
                                Committee         work in the industry they’re interested           City in a very positive way.”
members, School Principals and other              in. This would be stepping up to the plate in a
educational professionals came together           different way.”
to discuss school overcrowding problems              During a Parent Advisory Committee
and ways to solve them.                           Meeting, City Commissioner Maureen                        Main Problems and
   Dr. Frank Till, Superintendent of              Berk suggested the idea of the Forum                      Solutions Identified
Broward County Schools, felt the Forum            as a way of generating solutions to the
will set a model for other cities to follow.      overcrowding effects of younger                     Through brainstorming discus-
   As Till said, “I think this is a really        families and their children moving into             sions, attendees identified
great idea, and I want to make this a             the City’s older neighborhoods.                     problems and generated a lot of
model for cities to use when dealing                 “Stephanie Kraft immediately said the            thoughtful and innovative potential
with future education issues.”                    School Board would partner with us,”                solutions:
   After an overview of the over-                 Berk said “We then decided to have                  Identified Problems:
crowding situation in Coral Springs by            businesses and school staff involved in             ✏ Inability to focus on individual
Assistant City                                                      the brainstorming                    needs/gifts/personalities
Manager, Ellen                                                      process. Once we had all             due to large school size.
Liston, the                                                         these groups involved,
attendees spent the                                                 we knew we had the                ✏ Loss of “community” among
majority of the day                                                 right components.”                  students and faculty
in breakout sessions                                                   Research will begin in         ✏ Logistics problems like
to first identify the                                               the near future on selected
                                                                                                        traffic congestion
problems and then                                                   problems and their short-
brainstorm potential                                                term solutions cited at the       ✏ Communications systems and
solutions. All of the                                               Forum.                              support services cannot
breakout groups cited the sacrifice of               City staff and School Board members                handle volume
quality of education and logistical               were pleased with the various positive
facility issues as the main problems.             developments established during the                 Potential Solutions:
   Members felt large classroom size              Forum. These developments include: a                ✏ Review the current policies
inhibits quality academic achievement             good-working relationship between the                 for establishing school
by students because of the stresses put           City and School District, more commu-                 boundaries to increase the
on the students and their teachers.               nication, familiarity with City and                   positive impact of new
   As Country Hills Elementary Parent             School District staff, establishment of               schools on overcrowding.
Advisory Committee Member, Nancy                  problem solving processes for other
McCormick, said during one of the                 issues, and generation of creative solu-                 See Page five for Remainder
                                                                                                                  of Solutions

April/May 2000                                                                                                                 CITIZEN • 3
February/March 2000                                                                                                            CITIZEN • 3
City and Public Schools Partner to Bring Quality-
Focused Approach Into Classrooms
   The City has partnered with the five     strengths and focus on their opportu-         related exercises.
schools in the Taravella Innovation Zone    nities for improvement.                          “We don’t want to lecture. We want
to bring a “quality-focused” approach          City and Zone staff chose to use a         the staff in the Zone to learn these
into schools and classrooms. These five     quality-focused approach because of the       elements so the things they learned that
schools include: J. P. Taravella High       successful use of it within the Pinellas      day will allow them to function more
School, Ramblewood Middle School,           County School System.                         smoothly as a natural unit in the
Maplewood Elementary, Ramblewood               Pinellas schools integrated the            classroom. We are trying to integrate this
Elementary and Riverside Elementary.        approach through staff and student par-       in a way that says, ‘How does this all fit
   Zone Facilitator and Ramblewood          ticipation, team involvement, and use of      into the classroom,’” said Human
Elementary Principal Jane Kinghorn          problem-solving tools. The schools, soon      Resources Coordinator Chris Heflin.
said, “During our investigation into how    after, reported an increase in test scores.      City mentors will begin training Zone
to improve our programs, we thought it         Training sessions will consist of both     staff throughout April and, after summer
would be a perfect fit for us considering   instruction and interactive sessions,         vacation, continue in August.
how wonderful it has worked for Coral       such as breakout groups and team-
Springs. You don’t have to look around
long to see that Coral Springs is a
                                                    What Does Quality in Education Mean for the
quality city. We want to bring this same
quality level into our schools and class-           Community, the School and the Classroom?
rooms and not just to a few people, but
                                              Educators across the nation are             with the students and their learning
on a day-to-day basis so we have a total
school-wide program. I think doing
                                            bringing quality principles such as           processes and allows her to adapt
this with five schools will really          leadership, empowerment, customer-            when necessary to ensure optimal
make a difference.”                         focus and process improvement into            learning is taking place.
   City employees will train Zone staff     the classroom. By managing                       Quality in the classroom engages
according to the Sterling Criteria for      processes and developing long-term            students in a way that allows
Organizational Excellence by serving as     plans that involve stakeholders (such         thinking and problem solving skills
“mentors” to the zone. Each mentor will     as students, parents and                                  to develop differently. In
provide follow-up consulting as that        faculty) educators can                                    a traditional educational
school’s “quality” team works through       have a very real effect on                                environment, having the
projects. One or more team members at       improving academic                                        right answer is stressed,
each school will also undergo quality       performance and the                                       but in a quality envi-
training to become in-school Quality        educational experience.                                   ronment getting to the
Resource/Coordinators. This training          This approach is being                                  right answer is what is
will enable Coordinators to gain            used with great success                                   important. Getting to the
expertise in quality and apply those
                                            here in Florida, particularly                             right answer means
principles in their school and class-
                                            throughout the Pinellas                                   knowing how to commu-
rooms, as the use of the quality-
focused approach expands throughout
                                            County School system.                                     nicate with team
the school.                                 Kelly Smith, former                                       members so the best
   Mentors will train zone staff over the   Pinellas County educator, now                 ideas are brought to the surface
course of four training sessions, with      teaches language arts at the Coral            and tested.
each session emphasizing one of the         Springs Charter School.                          Through the process of arriving at
four major areas: quality, empowerment,       According to Smith, quality in the          the right answer, students learn to
process-improvement and customer            classroom means, among other                  passionately advocate both their
service. While emphasizing these four       things, using a participative lead-           views and the views of others.
areas, mentors will integrate the seven     ership style. Smith starts her class          Listening skills improve because
Sterling Criteria for continuous            not by establishing rules, but by             students know they must learn the
improvement: leadership, strategic          engaging students in establishing a           art of being influenced as well as the
planning, customer and market focus,        vision and mission, and identifying           art of influencing.
information and analysis, human             learning gaps and closing those                  The quest for quality is a long and
resource focus, process management,         gaps. Students are given a chance to          rigorous process. It involves using
and business results. The Florida           evaluate the teacher and the teaching         quality principles on a daily basis in
Sterling Council designed the criteria to
                                            methods. Smith feels this quality-            the classroom.
be a cost effective and valuable tool for
                                            focused approach keeps her in touch                               continued on page 5
organizations seeking to confirm their

4 • CITIZEN                                                                                                    April/May 2000
 Charter School Embraces “School-Within-A-School” Concept
       The Coral Springs Charter School is      immediate improvements. The ‘School-           With its emphasis on team building,
    using input from parents, students and      Within-A-School’ concept is one of the      the new house structure will help
    faculty to enhance its academic and         best methods to address each student’s      students establish a sense of belonging
    administrative programs. The Charter        achievement and developmental needs.        and build school spirit. This team
    School, which serves 1,100 middle           It falls in line with the                         emphasis, and the low ratio of one
    and high school students, has adopted       wishes expressed by our                             adult for every 13 students will
    a new “School-Within-A-School”              parents and students.                                also enable teachers and
    concept to further nurture its learning     We are working very                                    administrators to give each
    center environment.                         hard to develop this                                     student more individual
       This new approach to educational         concept because we                                       attention and work more
    achievement has been used successfully      care about our kids                                      effectively with parents
    throughout the nation. The concept is       and we want them to                                      to address each student’s
    designed to give students a greater         have the best educa-                SCHOOL               individual needs.
    sense of support and involvement by         tional experience we                                        Both the School
    creating a small school feeling in a        can offer.”                                              Advisory Board and
    large school setting.                          The new concept                                       members of Parent Focus
       Dr. Edwin Fredie, Chief Education        will be used to                                          Groups have embraced the
    Officer for Charter Schools USA, said,      establish three                                          concept. Mark Halpert,
    “One of the advantages of being a           distinct “houses”: one for 6th grade,       Chairman of the Coral Springs Charter
    charter school is the ability to make       one for 7th and 8th grades, and one for     School Advisory Board, said, “Our
                                                                         9th and 10th       parents represent a very strong,
                                                                         grades. Each       dedicated group of individuals, who
Continued from page four                                                 house will include really want to see academic rigor in
                                                                         approximately      the students.”
     As Kelly Smith recently explained, these quality
                                                                         300 students and      For more information about the
  principles include:
                                                                         have its own prin- “School-Within-A-School” plan, visit
   Leadership:                                                           cipal, guidance    the Coral Springs Charter School
   Setting expectations with students and communicating them             counselor and      website at:
   to parents                                                            staff of 15-20
   Development of Process:                                               teachers.
    Finding better ways to provide both educational and non-educa-
    tional services to students and parents
                                                                           School Overcrowding Forum
    Customer Focus:
    Meeting the needs of customers such as parents, community, or              Potential Solutions
    society at large
                                                                                 Continued from page three
    Data-Based Results:
    Defining a baseline and measurements to begin moving students        ✏ Assess establishing graduated
    toward organizational and individual goals                             restrictions on student reassignment
    Resources:                                                             to schools that are designated as
    Using cooperative coaching to access the effectiveness of the          overcrowded, rather than accepting
    curriculum and using time management to get operational                transfers until schools reach
    work done
                                                                           that designation.
    Managing Process:
    Moving forward with plans, meeting objectives and                    ✏ Evaluate the policy of accepting
    accomplishing goals                                                    students into magnet programs at
    “Using quality in the classroom allows the students to                 schools that are already overcrowded.
 get more involved,” Smith said. “Instead of sitting back                  Investigate using magnet programs at
 and letting education happen to them, they have a                         schools that are not at capacity.
 chance to make education happen.”
                                                                         ✏ Have the school innovation zone
    Quality in education results in students who not only
                                                                           explore flexible scheduling and
 excel academically and are prepared to function in the
                                                                           non-traditional use of space to relieve
 workforce as collaborative decision makers, but remain
                                                                           the effects of overcrowding.
 lifelong learners and teachers.

 April/May 2000                                                                                                   CITIZEN • 5
5February/March 2000
  • CITIZEN                                                                                                       CITIZEN •
                                                                                                               April/May 20005
  Coral Springs Has One of Lowest
  Crime Rates in State
     According to newly released statewide crime statistics by the
  Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), Coral Springs has
  a very low incidence of crime when compared with other cities with
  a population of 50,000 or more. The Police Department attributes
  the lower crime rate to more citizen involvement, concentrated
  police efforts, tougher legislation on crime and jail sentences, and a
  good economy. With the opening of two neighborhood substations,
  Officers are better able to keep a watchful eye on any possible
  criminal activity in the surrounding community. In schools, Resource
  Officers work together with students on “Crime Watch,” a program
  which educates students to report if they have witnessed a crime or
  suspect a crime has occurred.                                                             (Clockwise fro
     The analysis, released by the FDLE, shows Coral Springs’ low crime rate.                             m left) Youth Li
                                                                                           Rosado and Jo                  aison Unit Offi
                                                                                                         seph Gavita, an                  cers Bob
          City              Population           Number of Crimes                               Mallozzi and To            d City Mechani
                                                                                                                 m Semonish po             cs Buddy
                                                        (in 1999)                                                                 se with the
                                                                                                       recently conver
                                                                                                                       ted Corvette.
         Miami Beach         94012                        14359                        Police Add C
         West Palm Beach     81132                        11913                                     orvette to Fle
         Orlando             184639                       24995                        Use in Educa               et For
         Miami               365204                       40048                                    tion Program
         Tampa               297505                       32016
                                                                                          The Police Dep
         Daytona Beach       65102                        6741                                               artment recent
         North Miami         50308                        4867                         1993 Corvette                           ly converted a
         Ft. Lauderdale      148971                       14309                                          into a fully-ope
                                                                                       that will put to                    rational police
         Delray Beach        53589                        5009                                           good use in th                      car
         Boynton Beach       55483                        4958                        Department co                       e community. T
         Tallahassee         145610                       12905                                          nfiscated the ca                    he
                                                                                      red, in 1998 th                       r, originally pa
         Pompano Beach       74403                        6578
                                                                                                        rough forfeiture                     inted
         Lakeland            77487                        6798
                                                                                         The Departmen                    .
         St. Petersburg      242690                       21078                                             t converted the
         Hollywood           127660                       9743                       help of donate                             Corvette with th
                                                                                                       d services from                             e
         Gainesville         101405                       7638
                                                                                     panies: C.A.D.’s                     the following co
         Sarasota            51659                        3711                                            Auto Body, Inc.                     m-
         Melbourne           70685                        5064                      and Body, and                            , Affordable Pai
         Hialeah             211201                       14922                                        The Tint and S                           nt
                                                                                        The Youth Liai                   ign Stop.
         Jacksonville        719072                       49601                                          son Unit will us
         Clearwater          104281                       6920                      motional tool fo                        e the car as a
         Sunrise             78413                        5023                                         r their G. R. A.                       pro-
         Plantation          80434                        5012                      Resistance an                         D. E. (Gang
                                                                                                     d Drug Educatio
         Lauderhill          50596                        3082                         The G.R.A.D.E                     n) Program.
         Davie               67529                        3878                                            program educat
         Pensacola           60994                        3256                     through presen                             es fifth graders,
                                                                                                      tations by You
         Miramar             54583                        2690                     on issues such                      th Liaison Office
         Boca Raton          69994                        3243                                        as self-esteem                       rs,
         Palm Bay            79131                        3573                    drugs and gang                        , conflict resolu
         Largo               68372                        68372                                        awareness.                          tion,
                                                                                     For more inform
         Deerfield Beach     51269                        2062                                          ation on the G.R
         Pembroke Pines      120091                       4373                    please contact                           .A.D.E. Program
         Margate             50727                        1800                                     Officer Rosado                             ,
                                                                                                                      at 346-1296.
         Coral Springs       111724                       391
         Cape Coral          l96769                       96760
         Port St. Lucie      83254                        83254
         Tamarac             52413                        52413

Police Department Reports Overall High, Positive Response Rate in 1999
   The City of Coral Springs’ emphasis on quality is a com-                     were either proven false, could not be proven true or untrue,
mitment to evaluate both our strengths and weaknesses. This                     or revealed staff acting in accordance with department policy.
evaluation process is especially critical for our Police                           Based on CALEA requirements, residents should be aware
Department which must go through a rigorous inspection and                      that all citizens have the right to file a complaint against any
prove compliance with 416 standards set up by the                               member of the Police Department. Citizens can file a com-
Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies                        plaint by meeting with a staff member’s supervisor or an
(CALEA) in order to receive national accreditation.                             investigator with the Office of Professional Standards. Once
   Now in the second year of its three-year reaccreditation                     the complaint is filed, the Department will assign the investi-
period, the Police Department is reviewing the impact of its                    gation to the staff member’s supervisor.
efforts during the past year.                                                      The Department will refer all serious allegations to the
   In 1999, the Police Department responded to 168,000 calls                    Office of Professional Standards for investigation. Upon final
for service, including 15,000 for traffic-related enforcement.                  disposition and review by the Chief of Police, the Department
During that same year, 123 citizens wrote letters to the                        will maintain all case information in the investigations and
department praising the staff’s conduct and performance.                        civilian complaint file.
Only 28 allegations were received during 1999, 19 of which
6 • CITIZEN                                                                                                                    April/May 2000
Coral Springs EMS Team Performs Extraordinary Rescue,
Reviving NHL Equipment Manager
   After Eric Bechtol finished a game Any of the 45 individuals in the City’s cardiac arrest.
of golf at Eagle Ridge Country Club, Rescue Division could have done the                      For the three firefighter/paramedics,
he entered the club’s dining room,           same,” said Bator.                            the call was more than just a suc-
expecting to enjoy lunch with friends.          The team’s quick thinking and              cessful day’s work, it was an oppor-
   Instead 32-year old                                       training enabled them to tunity to make lasting friendships.
Bechtol, Equipment                “I owe everything to       remedy a situation which         Between the time Bechtol was
Manager for the National          these guys. They’re
                                                             usually proves fatal.         released and he and his family flew
Hockey League team,                                             “Cardiac arrest calls      back to St. Louis, the family spent a
the St. Louis Blues,              my heroes,”                normally only have            lot of time sharing their gratitude and
began to gasp for air and         said Bechtol.              about a 15 percent            getting to know the three paramedics,
collapsed. Bechtol went                                      chance of survival.           enabling the EMS team to develop a
into full cardiac arrest (no                                 Even if the victim does close friendship with the family.
heartbeat and no breathing), and was survive, he or she will most defi-                       “During that week and a half, we
clinically dead.                             nitely, due to oxygen deprivation,            really kept good communication with
   Three Coral Springs Firefighters/         suffer from brain damage or loss of           him. We really formed a special bond
Paramedics arrived at the scene and,         some internal organ functioning,”             with him and his family. They are
through a carefully executed pro-            said S’Dao.                                   even talking about having us in St.
cedure of intubation, CPR, drug                 Fire Administration felt the call          Louis for a reunion of some kind. It’s
therapy and defibrillation, resusci-         reinforces the value of the skilled           just been a very special and unique
tated Bechtol in                             men and women who make up the EMS experience,” said Toolan.
just five minutes                            Rescue team.                                     But for Bechtol, the experience
and rushed him                                  “The training and knowledge that           was much more than that.
to Coral Springs                             it takes to be excellent paramedics              “I owe everything to these guys.
Medical Center.                              shows in the patient outcome with             They’re my heroes,” said Bechtol.
   Upon arrival,                             this incident. This is a 32-year old
Firefighters/                                man, with a lot of life left to enjoy
Paramedics                                   and a beautiful
Chris Bator,                                 wife and
Susan Toolan,                                children who             Is Your Alarm Over The Hill?
and Jon S’Dao        (Left to right) Chris   was able to
                                                                          Does your alarm go off frequently during storms? Is
had Bechtol con- Bator, Susan Toolan
                     and Jon S’Dao
                                             escape a fatal            it more than three years old? Then perhaps you could
scious with a                                situation because         benefit from one of the City-sponsored Alarm Users
pulse and breathing on his own.              of the efforts of         Classes.
   Emergency Room Doctors on                 these para-                  The City designed the class as an
duty that night praised the EMS              medics. This call         educational resource for current and
team for bringing Bechtol in                 definitely shows          future alarm users. The class will
excellent condition.                         the superior              highlight such topics as proper
   “It was an excellent resuscitation. training and                    maintenance, false alarm prevention
They went through really textbook- quality we con-                     procedures, and purchasing of alarms
followed, advance preparation.               tinually work             suited for Florida’s humidity and
                                                                       weather. Representatives from various Alarm
When they arrived, we did just the           towards here in
                                                                       Companies will be present to discuss false alarm pre-
medical fine-tuning,” said Dr. John          Coral Springs,”           vention tips and new product information.
Halpern, Medical Director of                 said Division                The Class is part of the City’s false alarm reduction
Emergency at CSMC.                           Chief Vince               program, an effort to reduce the more than $600,000
   The team felt the strong                  Locurto.                  spent last year responding to false alarms.
knowledge, training and communi-                Bechtol has no             The Police Department will hold an Alarm Users
cation skills used everyday on the           family history of         Class on April 10 at 7 p.m. on the 3rd Floor of the
job contributed to the call’s                heart problems.           Public Safety Building, 2801 Coral Springs Drive.
immense success.                             Doctors are still            If you are interested in attending class, register by
   “We were so happy with how the            not sure as to the        calling Larry Bissett, Alarm Program Coordinator at
call went. Everything just went great.       cause of the              346-1343.

April/May 2000                                                                                                    CITIZEN • 7
February/March 2000                                                                                               CITIZEN • 7
Check List Can Help
Businesses Prepare for Fire                                          Fire Rescue Uses Model
Inspections – And Save                                                   City for Incident
Taxpayers Money                                                           Command and
   The Fire Department urges businesses to review the
following basic checklist so businesses can make any                     Tactics Training
changes and improvements necessary to pass                                                                    Recently, Fire
inspection. Making these changes will enable Fire                                                       Rescue underwent
Inspectors to possibly review the premises in one trip,                                                 incident command
preventing the expense of a second trip – a reduction                                                   and tactics training
that saves businesses’ time and taxpayers’ money.                                                       at Fire Station #71,
   Here is a basic checklist of things you can do to                                                    located on 41
prepare for a commercial fire inspection:                                                               Street just west of
                                                                                                        Coral Springs
  ✔ Check your fire extin-
    guisher tag to see holes                                                                                  Staff simu-
    punched for month and                                                                               lated all the
    year (punches are good for                                                                          practice scenarios,
    one year from that date);                                                                           based on real inci-
    check the needle on the                                                                             dents around the
    gauge; it must be in the                                                                            country with the
    green shaded area for                                           Incident Commanders signal to Fire
                                                                          Rescue team members          use of Abbotville,
    proper pressure.                                                                                   a 32 x 28 ft.
                                                                         during practice scenarios
  ✔ Remove all extension cords.                                                                        miniature city used
                                                                   as a miniature laboratory. By using this city during the
  ✔ Illuminate all exit lights.                                    training process, fire personnel had all the resources,
  ✔ Check that all exit and emergency lights                       equipment and surroundings at their fingertips to
    function properly.                                             conduct disaster mitigation in a classroom setting.

  ✔ Replace broken switch and outlet covers.
  ✔ Make sure all exit ways are clear and unobstructed.
  ✔ Occupational and Fire Licenses must be current.
    Post them in a conspicuous place.
                                                                            Know The Code
  ✔ Register all security alarms with
    the Coral Springs Police Department.                                House Numbers
  ✔ Replace broken or missing ceiling tiles.                              Required
  For more details, please call 346-1936.                              All residents must have address numbers on
                                                                    their home’s front exterior, even if numbers are
                                                                   posted on the mailbox. Numbers must be visible
Vo l u n t e e r F i re F i g h t e r s                            from the street, in a color that contrasts with the
                                                                  home’s exterior paint color. All numbers must be a
            Needed                                                    minimum of 3 in., and a maximum of 9 in.
    The Fire Rescue Department is currently recruiting qual-            Numbers on mailboxes are not sufficient to
ified individuals who will give their time back to the com-         meet this requirement. In the event of an emer-
munity by volunteering to join the Coral Springs Fire Rescue      gency, Police and Fire Rescue may have difficulty
team. Qualified candidates must be at least 18 years of age;         finding an address on a mailbox due to small
must have graduated from a high school or have recognized         number size. Plus, extreme weather conditions can
equivalent certification; and must live within Coral Springs or    cause a mailbox to blow away, leaving no source
the immediate area. To pick up an application, stop by City                 of identification on your home.
Hall or call Fire Administration at 344-5934.

8 • CITIZEN                                                                                                April/May 2000
Residents Discuss Traffic Calming Pilot Program
   In an effort to address growing traffic     required amount of responses from NW               calming measures that will take effect in
concerns, the City is partnering with res-     110 Avenue residents before imple-                 their neighborhoods. Community
idents living in areas that have                 menting calming measures.                        Development will replace the two
high instances of cut-through                          Each neighborhood, after having            southern most humps on Sportsplex
traffic and speeders. The                              a chance to discuss the pro-               Drive (located between the Tennis
City and hired consul-                                     posals, must have a 2/3 vote           Center and the Aquatic Center) with one
tants have chosen,                                            in favor of the program             14 in. and one 22 in. hump.
based on number of                                             from property owners for              For more information, contact Jaci
cars and speed                                                it to be implemented. The           Foster, Neighborhood Planning Analyst,
levels, six locations to                                     City will receive votes from         at 344-1161 or view the full version of
be test sites in the City’s                              those neighborhoods either               the City’s Traffic Calming Manual at
Traffic Calming Pilot                                 through mail response or          
Program. The program is a                          formal meetings.
neighborhood partnership to                         On Sportsplex Drive, residents will
address traffic concerns voiced by resi-       be able to test out the types of traffic
dents living in neighborhoods where
traffic is an emotional and frequently
mentioned topic.                                              The following
   The focus on these concerns centers                neighborhoods will vote on
around issues such as speeding in neigh-
borhoods and drivers using neigh-                      Traffic Calming Programs:
borhood streets as shortcuts to avoid
busy roads in commercial areas.                          C o r a l H i l l s D r. - S a m p l e R d . t o W i l e s R d .
   During February, the City’s
Community Development Department
held informational meetings for the first
                                                     N W 12 3 Av e . - R o y a l Pa l m B l v d . t o N W 3 3 S t .
two of the six sites. Community
Development received positive feedback                    N W 10 7 D r. - L a ke v i e w R d . t o N W 21 P l .
from both groups, recording almost all
needed votes from North Springs Way                 N W 16 S t . - U n i v e r s i t y D r. t o R a m b l e w o o d D r.
residents. Staff continues to wait on the

        D R O W N I N G I S T H E L E A D I N G CAU S E O F D E AT H F O R
         C H I L D R E N I N F L O R I DA U N D E R T H E AG E O F F O U R
                  A s p a r t o f E m e r g e n c y S e r v i c e s We e k ( M a y 14 - M a y 2 0 ) , t h e C o r a l
                 S p r i n g s F i re R e s c u e D e p a r t m e n t u r g e s y o u t o p re v e n t t h i s t e r r i b l e
                              tragedy in your home by following these guidelines:

          • Never leave your child unattended in the pool or near waterways. (75% of events
            happen when a child is absent from sight for five minutes or less.)
          • Give your children swimming lessons. There is no excuse for not teaching your child
            how to swim. (Children as young as one year old can take lessons.) Call the Coral
            Springs Aquatic Complex at 346-2121 to find out about available classes.
          • Alarm your doors and always keep doors locked.
          • Educate your children about water safety. No running, pushing, jumping on others,
            or other dangerous acts.
                   Safety tips provided by the Broward SAFE KIDS Coalition,
     the National Safety Council’s Broward Chapter, and other drowning prevention groups.
                       For more information about EMS Week, please call
                     the Coral Springs Fire Rescue Department at 344-5934.

                                   Have a safe and fun summer!
April/May 2000                                                                                                               CITIZEN • 9
February/March 2000                                                                                                          CITIZEN • 9
Local Students Lend a Helping Hand
at Youth Service Day
   On Friday, January 28 from 8 a.m. to noon, approxi-           weather, and talk to our
mately 50 high school students participated in Youth             friends.”
Service Day, a                                                       Kim Sanecki, the
City program that                                                 City’s Volunteer
allows students to                                                Coordinator, said, “The resi-
volunteer in their                                                dents have been very receptive to us.
community. The                                                    It’s been great. Overall, I think we’ve had a successful
students volun-                                                   day.”
teered at Cypress                                                    Developed in 1995 in conjunction with the annual
Park and various                                                  Martin Luther King Celebration, Youth Service Day is an
locations sur-                                                    annual event that allows local students to have a day of
rounding North                                                    service in the community that is both a meaningful project
Community Park.                                                   and a good opportunity to earn service hours.
   Ten students                                                      For more information on Youth Service Day, contact
spent their time at Cypress Park for YMCA’ s “Fun Day”           Kim Sanecki at 346-4430.
event, a special education program that uses the park as its
main facility. The students entertained and interacted with
the various YMCA children by participating in activities
such as banner making and relay races.
   The reactions on the childrens’ faces proved the event
was nothing less than a success.
   As YMCA Fun Day Site Director, Debbie Langley                             Spotlight
explained, “The children really enjoyed it so much, I wish
we could have something like this at every Fun Day.”
   Langley also felt the high school students enjoyed the           Joan Richmond
event and found it very meaningful.
   “The participation of the high school students was just             After a 12-year career as
                                                                    a paralegal, Joan Richmond
wonderful. Plus, by the City having this program, I think it
                                                                    decided she still wanted to
allows the students to get involved in their community,
                                                                    spend her days in the work-
learning about all populations,” said Langley.
                                                                    place. She answered an ad
   Forty other high school students spent their time col-
                                                                    in the newspaper requesting
lecting canned goods from local neighborhoods surrounding           volunteers for the City’s
North Community Park, which were then donated to local              Police Department.
                                           food banks.                  She’s been working at
                                              With shopping         the Criminal Investigation
                                           carts in hand, the       Unit ever since, enjoying
                                           students walked          her time assisting Executive
                                           door to door in          Assistant Loretta Cedola
                                           areas where resi-        and the rest of Cedola’s
                                           dents were notified      staff with record keeping.
                                           by mail to leave            “Everyone here is just so great. It is such a
                                           their canned             delightful place to work,” said Richmond.
                                           goods out.                  And the staff feels the same about her. They
                                              Students are          always look forward to her time in the office
                                           happy that the City      every Monday.
                                           provides a program          Cedola said, “Joan is the epitome of profession-
                                           that is both a fun       alism. Her work ethics are only surpassed by her
service opportunity and an outside activity.                        dependability, and good nature.”
   As Tiffany Corso from Sawgrass Springs Middle School,               The City offers many volunteer opportunities for
                                                                    residents of all ages and backgrounds. For more
said, “I think this gives us the opportunity to help out
                                                                    information, call Volunteer Services at 346-4430.
people in need, and we get to be outside in nice and cool

10 • CITIZEN                                                                                              April/May 2000
City Centre Grounds Designated as “Wildlife Habitat” By
National Wildlife Federation
   Native birds, butterflies and other       City Centre because the site could show
wildlife — come one, come all! The           that formal commercial-type properties
City Centre is the place for you!            can be enhanced for wildlife.
   Recently, the City Centre grounds           Utilizing the criteria in the NWF
were certified as a “Backyard Wildlife       application, staff enhanced the City
Habitat” by the National Wildlife            Centre landscape by including native
Federation (NWF). The Backyard               plants that provide food for birds and
Wildlife Habitat program encourages          butterflies. A pond and canal cur-
property owners to nurture wildlife and      rently on the site already provided
improve the overall quality of the envi-     the water requirement. New shrubs
ronment by providing the four basic          and ground covers provide protection
habitat elements needed for wildlife to      and woodpecker and screech owl nest
                                                                                           can have their
thrive: food, water, cover and protection,   boxes were strategically placed for
                                                                                           backyard certified as long as it
and places to rear young.                                               nesting birds.
                                                                                           contains the four basic habitat elements.
   The Mayor’s Growth Management
                                                                                              If you are interested in certifying your
and Environmental Protection                                  te E a r t
                                                          a              h                 grounds or want more information, call
Committee recommended the City
                                                   e   br                    D             (703) 790-4434 or visit NWF’s website
pursue the certification goal as one of


the City’s priorities. Staff chose the

Celebrate                                                                                 All Residents
Earth Day at                                                                              Entitled to Side or
                                                   Ap                                     Back Door Pickup
Earthfest 2000                                        r il 2 2
                                                                                  Residents are entitled to side or back door pick-up,
   For all you nature lovers in Coral Springs, Earthfest              with a limit of two garbage cans per pickup. Waste
2000 is an event you don’t want to miss!                              Management is required to return your cans to the same
   Come out on Saturday, April 8, from 9 a.m. to noon at              location. If your cans are left at the curb instead of the side or
Sandy Ridge Sanctuary, a 40-acre nature preserve located              back door, call Waste Management at 974-7500.
at 8501 NW 40                                                            For curbside service, the number of garbage cans or bags
Street in Coral                                                       per pickup is unlimited. However, Waste Management is not
Springs, to enjoy                                                     required to return your cans to either your side or back door.
various nature                                                        Cans brought to the curb will be left at the curb.
activities. Tours of                                                     Place all garbage in heavy duty trash bags or cans up to 32
                                                                      gal. capacity and no heavier than 40 lbs. each (loose material
the sanctuary will
                                                                      or material in torn or open trash bags cannot be collected).
be available along
                                                                         Paper bags, cardboard boxes, recycling bins or oil drums
with a live
                                                                      may not be used as garbage containers. Items placed in these
animals presen-                                                       types of containers will not be collected.
tation by the                                                            These helpful tips and other waste information are
Sawgrass Nature Center                                                available in the City’s Guide to Garbage and Recycling
and Wildlife Hospital                                                 Services. To obtain a copy, contact Citizen Services at 344-1001.
(formerly the Coral
Springs Nature Center),
and displays by Wild
Birds Unlimited and other
businesses. Kids can par-
ticipate in fun, hands-on
nature projects. Free cokes and doughnuts will be
available, along with tree and t-shirt giveaways.
   For more information, contact the Community
Development Department at 344-1114.
April/May 2000                                                                                                      CITIZEN • 11
February/March 2000                                                                                                 CITIZEN • 11
                                                                   Eisenhower’s Granddaughter
 SHIP Program Provides                                             Speaks at Sister Cities Luncheon
 Safe, Affordable Housing                                              Recently, Dwight D. Eisenhower’s
                                                                    granddaughter, Mary Jane
                                                                    Eisenhower, spoke at the Sister
                    The City of Coral Springs has part-             Cities luncheon, an event sponsored
                                   nered with Broward               by the City’s Multi-Cultural
                                   County to provide                Advisory Committee.
                                   safe and affordable                 The event served as a celebration
                                     housing as part of             of the City’s recent membership to
                                        the State                   Sister Cities International. This mem-
                                          Housing                   bership is an effort to create and
                                          Initiatives               develop opportunities for international education,
                                                                    commerce and culture for all residents. The committee
                                                                    hopes the program will also promote mutual under-
                                                                    standing and respect by establishing a communication
                                          (SHIP).                   network of ideas, sharing, visitations and exchanges.
                                               This local              Created after World War II, Sister Cities International
                                           partnership              is a goodwill organization that became a national ini-
                                  provides assistance               tiative when President Eisenhower proposed the People-
                           to home buyers and home-                 to-People program at a White House Conference in
 owners who meet eligibility criteria. The program                  1956. In 1967, SCI became a separate, not-for-profit
 offers low-interest mortgages, down payment and                    corporation due to a tremendous growth and popularity
 closing costs assistance for home buyers.                          in the US program.
                                                                          Mary Jane reflected, “My grandfather saw the
   The SHIP program also includes a home repair                     People-to-People program, which included a program that
 program which can be used for a variety of repairs.                would become Sister Cities, as a solution to lasting world
   Eligibility is based on family size and income.                  peace. He had unconditional love and confidence in his
   For further information or to apply for assistance,              fellow man. After seeing the solutions that had been gen-
 please contact the Community Development                           erated, he felt that if things were left up to governments to
 Department at 344-1114.                                            handle, peace would prevail.”

National Day of Prayer on May 4
   Join fellow residents for a community prayer gathering and
candle lighting ceremony on Thursday, May 4 at 7:30 p.m. in                                 Colors of the World
front of City Hall, 9551 West Sample Road.                                                  2000 Art Contest
   The gathering is in observance of National Day of Prayer,
                   an annual commemoration of our country’s                                   Presented by the City’s Multi-
                     rich religious heritage.                                              Cultural Advisory Committee, Colors of
                         Community leaders and representa-                                  the World 2000 is an art competition
                      tives of various faiths will come together                           designed for young artists, elementary
                      on the front lawn of City Hall to pray for                      through high school level, to showcase their
                     our city and nation, followed by com-         talents in all fine art media. These various types of media
                   munity fellowship and light refreshments.       include: oil and acrylic painting, watercolor, pastel, charcoal,
                          The City’s Multi-Cultural Advisory       pen and ink/pencil, photography, mixed media original art,
                       Committee invites clergy members to         and sculpture. This year’s theme focuses on multi-culturalism
                       select a youth representative from their    in the year 2000, as seen through the artist’s eyes.
congregation to deliver a one-minute prayer that day.                 Each school will jury their own artwork and submit their
   The committee encourages all Youth Groups and residents         top ten entries. Entries will be accepted at the City Centre,
to attend this memorable evening.                                  2855 Coral Springs Drive, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on May 2.
   For more information, contact Community Relations               They will be judged shortly thereafter, and displayed in the
Manager Joyce Campos at 344-1005.                                  City Centre Lobby until May 22.
                                                                      For additional information, contact Community Relations
                                                                   Manager Joyce Campos at 344-1005.

12 • CITIZEN                                                                                                  April/May 2000
 Coral Springs Within New Target Zone in
 Citrus Canker Eradication Program
   The Citrus Canker Eradication           orange juice.”
Program has recently found out-               Citrus is an $8 billion dollar               Commonly Asked
breaks of the disease in sections of       industry for Florida and provides
Coral Springs, making these sections       Floridians with nearly 100,000 jobs.
the northern most locations within            Residents should be aware but               About Citrus Canker
the program’s quarantine zone.             unalarmed when the state-funded
                                                                                       What is Citrus Canker?
                    Florida Agriculture    crews enter their yards to inspect
                                                                                         Citrus Canker is a highly-contagious
                    Commissioner           citrus trees. If infected trees are
                                                                                       disease that attacks citrus, including
                    Bob Crawford           found, they will be marked with a red       oranges, sour oranges, grapefruit, tan-
                    issued the program     “X.” All other citrus trees lying           gerines, lemons and limes.
                    as a major ini-        within 1,900 feet of the infected tree
                    tiative to expedite    will be marked with yellow paint.           How does it affect my citrus tree?
                    the eradication of     Soon after, residents will receive an          Citrus Canker weakens trees,
                    Citrus Canker, a       Immediate Final Order (IFO) noti-           causing leaves to drop, fruit to drop
                    highly-contagious      fying them that their citrus trees must     prematurely, and the tree to deteri-
                     disease that          be removed.                                 orate, eventually yielding a small, sub-
                     damages fruit and        When crews come to cut down              standard fruit crop. The tree can also
 Citrus Canker
                     weakens plants, in    infected and exposed trees, they will       be vulnerable to a variety of other,
 lesions on fruit
   and leaves                                                                          often fatal diseases and pests.
                     Florida.              knock on residential doors and ask
                         The Florida       permission to cut down your trees.
                                                                                       How does the disease spread?
                     Department of         Though the situation can be both dis-
                                                                                          Wind-driven rain, birds and animals
                     Agriculture plans     appointing and upsetting to residents,      are ways over which the state has no
                     to spend $100         resident assistance and cooperation is      control. It can also be spread by
                     million or more, if   crucial to the success of the eradi-        moving infected trees, plant parts and
                     necessary, to erad-   cation program.                             fruit. Planting citrus trees within the
                     icate the disease        If the resident is not home, crews       quarantine zone which extends from
                     through chopping      will work with local authorities to         the Sawgrass Expressway (State Rd.
                     down and burning      gain access if necessary, which mini-       869 ) and 10 street in Deerfield Beach,
                     of infected citrus    mizes interruptions for the home-           to SW 184 St./Eureka Drive in Miami-
                     trees and other       owner and avoids repeated visits.           Dade County is not permitted.
  Citrus Canker
  lesion on stem    citrus plants             State crews will not ask to enter a
                                                                                       Why does my tree have to be
                    located within         resident’s home. If this happens, the
                                                                                       cut down?
1,900 ft. of an infected tree on either    resident should phone the police
                                                                                         Citrus Canker is one of the most
residential or commercial properties.      immediately.                                destructive bacterial diseases
   “The economy of the State of               The state will compensate residents      impacting citrus today. There is no
Florida is in                                              by issuing a $100           known chemical compound that will
jeopardy if we                                             voucher for each tree       eradicate citrus canker. The only way
allow this dev-                                            lost as part of the Shade   to stop the disease is to cut down and
astating                                                   Florida Program. The        dispose of infected trees. A recent sci-
disease to take                                            voucher will come in        entific study indicates that it is nec-
over,” said                                                the form of a special       essary to destroy all citrus trees within
Crawford.                                                  plastic gift card and can   1,900 ft. of an infected tree, in order to
                                                                                       accomplish this task.
“Every citizen                                             be used to select and
in this state                                              purchase replacement
                                                                                       Is the disease harmful to me?
benefits from                                              non-citrus shade trees
                                                                                         No, citrus canker does not harm
property and                                               or other foliage, and       humans, animals or plant life other
sales taxes and                                            related supplies.           than citrus.
other revenue generated by the citrus         For more information, call the
industry. Florida is identified            helpline number at (800) 850-3781.
worldwide for its citrus and fresh
  April/May 2000                                                                                                CITIZEN • 13
  February/March 2000                                                                                           CITIZEN • 13
                                                                 New Arthritis Class Begins in April
    Baseball Camps Available                                        Beginning on April 26, Arthritis pool exercise classes will
     for Spring And Summer                                       be offered on Wednesdays and Fridays, from 10 - 10:45 a.m.
                                                                 at Cypress Park Pool. Cost: $4 per class.
           Come out and learn to be as good as the “Babe”           Trained staff will teach the class and have designed it for
           himself with new instructor, Jerry Albert, Athletic   individuals that suffer from Arthritis. The City will work in
                Director and Head Baseball Coach at              conjunction with the Arthritis Foundation.
                 the Coral Springs Charter School.                  Equipment is supplied. All activities are on a very low-
      All Camps are open to ages 7 - 15 and will be held at      impact level. Enjoy fun and music while you participate. The
     Mullins Park. Discounts are available for multiple camps.   pool will be heated in the winter and cooled in the summer!
                                                                    For more information, please call 345-2109.

                     For Spring:                                 Water Aerobics Classes Resume at
                April 17 - April 20                              Cypress Park Pool
            9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Cost: $90
                                                                    Water Aerobics classes will resume at Cypress Park Pool
         7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Cost: $115                       starting April 4 at 6:30 p.m.
                                                                    All classes will last for 45 minutes. Cost $3/class or $12/
                    For Summer:                                  12-class pass (valid for one year.)
  All camps will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.                      For days and times, contact the Cypress Parks and
                                                                 Recreation Office at 345-2107.
              June 26 - June 30
               July 10 - July 14
               July 17 - July 21
            August 14 - August 18                                       Mus                                Ente
            Cost: $110 per camp.                                                                                    ment
                                                                               Swim In
                                                                                      to Spri
        For more information,                                                                ng
    contact Parks and Recreation                                                    2000
             at 345-2107.
                                                                       Tuesda ds of All Ages
                                                                             y, April            !
                                                                           Cypress 18, 11 - 2 p.m.
                                                                                   Park Po
                                                                            $3 per          ol
In the Middle of Spring                                                               res
Cleaning? Remember to                                               Games                      s
Transport Your Debris and                                                                                    Egg Hunt
Garbage Safely
   Help make our City’s roadways cleaner by covering             Free Mulch Available in
all debris and garbage that will be transported to a             Honor of Arbor Day
landfill or other outside location. Providing this protection
will prevent the chance of your debris or garbage falling,          As part of its Arbor Day Celebration, the City will give
scattering or being blown upon public streets.                   away free mulch, finely ground-up Australian Pine Trees,
   Though not an official City Code, the City urges resi-        throughout April at Three Mountain Park, 9200 NW 1st
dents to transport their garbage and debris safely per a         Street, from 8 a.m. to dusk, as long as supplies last. Residents
Special Act in the Broward County Code that enforces             must supply their own containers and vehicles for hauling the
this topic in Unincorporated areas.                              mulch to their homes. Don’t delay, it goes fast!
                                                                    For more information, call the Parks and Recreation Office
                                                                 at 345-2107.

14 • CITIZEN                                                                                                 April/May 2000
                                                                                         Make Plans to Join Us
      “ Tr a s h To Tr e a s u r e s ”                                                     April 8 For the Last
                                                                                           Show in the Free
                  Garage Sale                                                             Family Concert Series
            S a t u r d a y, M a y 6 , 2 0 0 0                           Presented by the City and Winn-Dixie Marketplace, the
                 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.                                    last concert will feature Breeze (Classic Rock) on April 8
                                                                      from 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. at Betti Stradling Park (Northeast
     Spend a morning shopping outside!                                corner of Wiles Road and
                             Each space costs $10.                    Coral Springs Drive).
          till                Anyone interested in                       Refreshments will be
   ce s S                    reserving a spot should                  available for purchase. For
Spa ilable!!                call 345-2209 as soon as                  more information, contact the
 Av a                      possible. Space is limited.                Parks and Recreation Department at 345-2200.

      For more information, contact the Parks                        Attend Coral Springs/Parkland Day
      and Recreation Department at 345-2200.
                                                                     with the Miami Fusion Soccer Team
                                                                         Soccer fans throughout Coral Springs and Parkland are
                                                                     invited to attend “Coral Springs/Parkland Day with the
 Residents in Qualifying                                             Fusion” on Saturday, May 6, 2000 at 7:30 p.m. at Lockhart
                                                                     Stadium, 5201 NW 12 Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale. The Miami
 Neighborhoods May Be Eligible                                       Fusion will play the Chicago Fire.
 For Free Street Trees                                                   Tickets are $12 and can be purchased at City Hall, City
                                                                     Hall in the Mall and the City Centre. Proceeds from ticket
   The City of Coral Springs will issue free street trees to         sales benefit the Coral Springs Community Chest, a non-profit
those residents who own property in certain subdivisions.            organization that provides funding to groups that provide
   Since these neighborhoods were not required to have street        programs or services benefiting Coral Springs residents.
trees at the time of development, the City has created a Street          Kids are encouraged to wear their Youth Soccer Team uniforms
Tree Program to encourage residents in these neighborhoods           to the game. Call 776-1999 if your team plans to come.
to plant street trees. The City will supply an 8’ to 10’ tall Live
Oak Tree to any resident who owns property in these neigh-
borhoods. Staff will deliver the trees to your home and
                  provide instructions for proper tree instal-                       Shake your bunny tail
                     lation and maintenance. They will also
                        supply names and phone numbers to                               at this year’s:
                          call for marking underground utility
                             The subdivisions are: Broken
                          Woods Estates, Castlewood, Chevy
                       Chase, Chevy Chase Amended, Clusters,
                      Coquina Cove Villas, Coral Springs Hills,
                   Coral Springs Lakes, Coral Springs Sub. #1,
                                                                            in to
                  Coral Springs Sub. #2, Country Club, Country
Club West, Country Club West Addition, Country Club
Estates, Deer Run Springs, Dells, Dells Addition, Electra Lab,
Forest Hills, Forest Hills South, Forest Hills West, Glenwood,
Maplewood, Oakwood, Pine Glen, Ramblewood                                 Fun for the Whole Family!!!
(Kenilworth), Ramblewood South, Ramblewood Villas,
                                                                              * Clowns                    *Bounce House
Riverview, Royal Palm Point, Running Brook Hills,
                                                                              *Arts & Crafts              * Visit from the
Shadowwood, Springs Park, Thunderbird, Village Green,
Westchester, and The Windings.
   If you live in one of these neighborhoods, and would like               Saturday, April 22, Heafy Field, Mullins Park
to request your street tree, call the Parks and Recreation                                     9 a.m. - Noon
Department at 345-2107 as soon as possible. There are a
                                                                                    For more information, contact
limited number of trees available and they will be distributed            the Parks and Recreation Department at 345-2200.
on a first come, first serve basis.

 April/May 2000                                                                                                    CITIZEN • 15
                                                  News Briefs
City’s Jobline                                                                                       Business Mentors and
Makes Job Search                                                                                     Big Brothers/Sisters
A Little Easier                                                                                      Needed
  Looking for a job? Call              Summer Fun                                                       Please call Jenny Rebour,
                                                                                                     Youth Mentoring Program
the City’s 24-hour jobline
for an automated list of the        G u i d e s A re H e re !                                        Coordinator at 346-1289 if you
                                                                                                     are interested in becoming a
City’s available positions.
                                                                                                     Business Mentor and/or a Big
Just call 755-4636, ext. 311        All households should              Assistant Site Directors-
                                                                                                     Brother/Sister in the City’s
for a complete listing.          have received a Summer             $8.25/hour (6 to 8 weeks,
                                                                                                     Youth Mentoring Program.
                                              Fun Guide in          35-40 hours/week)
                                                the mail during        Site Directors-
Crossing                                         the middle of      $10.25/hour (6 to 8 weeks,
Guards Still                                      March. The        35-40 hours/week)
Needed                                             Guide is an         Summer Laborers-
                                                   an informa-      $6.50/hour (7 a.m. - 3:30
   The City of Coral                                tional                                              Census 2000 is almost here!
                                                                    p.m., 35-40 hours/week)
Springs needs additional                             brochure                                        Every resident will receive a
school crossing guards                                                 Summer Lifeguard I and
                                                      about all                                      questionnaire from the US
for local elementary and                                            II (WSI)- $9/ hour and up
                                                       the City’s                                    Census Bureau, as part of the
middle schools.                                                     depending on qualifications.
                                                        summer                                       nationwide Census 2000 which
   The salary is $10.59 per                                         (May - August, 30-40
                                                        camp                                         occurs once every ten years.
hour, with great incentive                                          hours/week)
                                               programs. If                                             Answering the Census is
programs. Training and cer-      you did not receive one,              Apply in person at the        very important for the City of
tification is provided by the    please call the Parks and          Human Resources                  Coral Springs. During the
Coral Springs Police             Recreation Department at           Department, 9551 W.              1990 Census, the county lost
Department. For more infor-      345-2200.                          Sample Rd. or call the the       an estimated $1,500 per
mation or to receive an             The Parks and Recreation        CityINFO Jobline at 755-         person per year in federal
application, call Ruth           Department is looking for          4636, ext. 311. The City of      appropriations for each
Rutstein, 346-1320 or stop       Summer camp staff. The fol-        Coral Springs is committed       person who was not counted.
by the Coral Springs Police      lowing temporary positions         to the concept of EEO as a       Florida’s response rate for the
Department’s Human               are open in the Parks and          fundamental element of the       1990 Census was at a low 61
Resources Department at          Recreation Department, and         City’s employment prin-          percent.
2801 Coral Springs Drive.        at the Aquatic Complex.            ciples. All applicants must         Census 2000 data will be
                                                                    take a drug test. The City of    an essential source for
                                    Counselors- $6.15/hour (6
                                                                    Coral Springs offers a
Attend “Slice of                 to 8 weeks, starting June 22)
                                                                    smoke and drug-free envi-
                                                                                                     funding decisions concerning
Springs” Meetings                                                                                    such topics as public safety
                                                                    ronment.                         and public education. The
  One meeting remains in                                                                             information gathered from the
the City’s Slice of the                                                                              Census will have a major
Springs meeting series:         Artist Guild to Hold Two                                             impact on you, your children
Northeast Town Mtg.             Open Juried Shows                                                    and your neighborhood!
    April 27 at 7 p.m.                                                                                  For more information,
   Forest Glen Middle School,      The Coral Springs Artists        Courtyard in Boca Raton, on      contact Jaci Foster at 344-
    6501 Turtle Run Blvd.       Guild, a group that provides        Federal Highway, one block       1161 or visit the Census 2000
   Find out about neigh-        cultural service to the com-        North of Yamato Road.            website at
borhood partnerships, get to    munity by providing profes-         Receiving will be on
know the police and code        sional teachers and art             Saturday, April 29, 10 a.m. to   City Maps
enforcement officers in your    programs for both adult and         noon, and Rejection Pickup       Available
area, meet with City Staff      local high school students,         after 3 p.m. the same day.
                                will hold the first juried          Outtake will be on June 3, 10       New street maps
and share your concerns on                                                                           of Coral Springs
any topic affecting you as a    show, entitled “Past Perfect        a.m. to Noon.
                                Perfected,” at the Coral               For a prospectus on either    are now available
citizen of Coral Springs.                                                                            at City Hall and
If you have any questions,      Springs Museum of Art, 2855         one or both shows, please
                                Coral Springs Drive.                send a self-addressed, stamped   City Hall in the
or you missed the meeting                                                                            Mall for $1.
in your area, call 344-1141.       The second show, entitled        envelope to P.O. Box 9661,
                                “New Forms, New                     Coral Springs, FL, 33075 or      Pick up one
for more information.                                                                                today!
                                Concepts,” will be at the           call (954) 753-5533.

16 • CITIZEN                                                                                                   April/May 2000
                                   What’s going up?
                                   What’s going up?
At press time, there were 61 projects under construction or going through the approval process. Take a look at what’s coming to your
area of the City! If you have any questions about this list, please call Community Development at 344-1114.

Legend: P=Proposed Development APP=Approved by DRC
        LC=Land Clearing UC=Under Construction C=Complete

 1 GREEN HILLS GOLF VILLAS (21 townhomes)(Phase II) UC
   NW 38 Dr., S of Continental Golf Course
 2 SEVEN ELEVEN (3,165 sq. ft.) P
   NE corner of University Drive and Westview Drive
 3 WALMART SUPERSTORE (218,729 sq. ft.) P
   SE corner of Sample Road and Turtle Creek Drive
 4 STORAGE USA (90,050 sq. ft.) UC
   NW Corner of Sample Rd and NW 124th Ave. (Corporate Park)
 5 MAINSTREET USA (Land area 14.0 acres) UC
   NW corner of Westview Drive and Coral Springs Drive
   SW corner of Wiles Road and NW 120th Ave.
 7 PELICAN POINTE (125 townhomes) UC
   W of Coral Ridge Dr., N of Wiles Rd., off Wyndham Lakes Blvd. South
 8 ALDEN THE CLEANERS (3,000 sq. ft.) P
   NE corner of Sample Rd. and Coral Springs Dr.
 9 SOUTHERN SELF STORAGE (101,353 sq. ft.) UC
   Coral Ridge Drive between Sample Rd. and NW 39th Street
10 THE HAMPTONS AT CORAL SPRINGS (296 apartment units) UC
   E side of Coral Ridge Drive across from Heron Bay Blvd
11 EAGLE CREEK / MORRISON HOMES (83 zero lot-line homes) UC
   Wyndham Lakes Blvd N and W of Coral Ridge Dr.
12 TALL CYPRESS NATURAL AREA (Land area 68.38 acres) P
   NE corner of Sample Road and Turtle Run Blvd.
13 THE FAIRWAYS AT HERON BAY (148 townhomes) UC
   N of Sawgrass Expwy, S of 58th Manor, W of NW 123rd Ave.
14 Z-PLAT - PHASE III (28,174 sq. ft. add’l retail space) UC
   Sample Rd between Woodside Dr and Rock Island Rd.
15 COURTYARD MARRIOTT (110-room hotel) UC
                                                                            39 COMMERCE CENTER OF CORAL SPRINGS (46,752 sq.ft.) LC
   SW corner of University Dr. and Atlantic Blvd.
                                                                               Corporate Park of Coral Springs
16 HERON BAY FOUR (115 zero lot line homes) UC
                                                                            40 CORAL SPRINGS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL GYM (14,700 sf) APP
   N of Sawgrass Expwy., W of Coral Ridge Dr.
                                                                               NE corner of Riverside Dr. and Royal Palm Blvd.
                                                                            41 LAKEVIEW WEST VISCAYA (267 zero lot line homes) UC
   NW 29th St. and NW 101st Lane
                                                                               W side of Lakeview Dr., N of Atlantic Blvd.
18 MULLINS PARK GYMNASIUM (36,625 sq. ft.) P
                                                                            42 SAWGRASS CENTER (81,398 sq. ft.) P
   2501 Coral Springs Dr.
                                                                               E of NW 124th Ave. and S of 44th St./Greater Coral Springs R&D Park
19 CORAL SHORES (84 zero-lot line homes) UC
                                                                            43 POINTEBANK (3,000 sq. ft.) P
   S side of Wyndham Lakes Blvd. N., W of Coral Ridge Dr.
                                                                               NW corner of Wiles Rd. and 441
20 CORAL PALM PLAZA (Facade & Landscaping Upgrade) P
                                                                            44 7-ELEVEN STORE AND GAS STATION (3,248 sq. ft.) LC
   East side of University Drive bet. Royal Palm and NW 20th St.
                                                                               NE corner of Wiles Rd. and Coral Ridge Dr.
                                                                            45 PROF. ENTERPRISES COMMERCIAL BLDG (19,730 sq. ft.) APP
   West of 441 South of Turtle Creek Dr.
                                                                               S side of Wiles Rd, just E of Woodside Dr.
22 JM GLAD BUILDING (27,998 sq. ft.) P
                                                                            46 OLYMPIA GOLD (6,449 sq. ft.) P
   E of NW 124th Ave. and S of NW 44th St./Greater Coral Springs R&D Park
                                                                               South side of Wiles Rd. just east of Woodside Dr.
23 CENTER WEST (2 large office bldgs., 86,830 sq. ft.) APP
                                                                            47 SEVEN ELEVEN (2,940 sq. ft.) P
   W side of University Dr., between Royal Palm Blvd. & Sample Rd.
                                                                               NW corner of Royal Palm Boulevard and Coral Springs Dr.
24 ADDISON COURT VILLAS (83 townhouses) Phase II UC
                                                                            48 WINN-DIXIE EXPANSION (12,292 sq. ft.) UC
   Wyndham Lakes Blvd., W of Coral Ridge Dr., N of Westview Dr.
                                                                               NE corner of Atlantic Blvd. and Coral Springs Dr.
25 THE HAMLET (29 townhomes) UC
                                                                            49 LAKE POINT APARTMENTS (360 units) P
   NE corner of NW 28 St. and Coral Hills Dr.
                                                                               N corner at Riverside Dr. and W Atlantic Blvd.
                                                                            50 SAWGRASS EXECUTIVE GOLF @ SPORTSPLEX (25.3 acres) P
   (Building: 12,815 sq. ft., Land Area: 1.8 acres) P
                                                                               NE corner of Coral Springs Dr. and Westview Dr.
   Sportsplex Dr. between Sample Rd. and Wiles Rd.
                                                                            51 ST. ELIZABETH ANN SETON CATH. CHURCH (24,278 s.f.) APP
27 MOBIL MART / CAR WASH (6,080 sq. ft.) APP
                                                                               SE corner of Coral Ridge Dr. and Lakeview Dr.
   NW corner of Coral Ridge Drive and Wiles Rd.
                                                                            52 M-91 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL UC
28 CORAL SPRINGS COVE (108 zero lot-line homes) UC
                                                                               NW corner of NW 29th St. and NW 101st Lane
   E of Wyndham Lakes Blvd, N of NW 49 Dr.
                                                                            53 DESMAR CONDOMINIUM TOWNHOMES (10 Units) P
29 THE POINTE AT HERON BAY (68 zero lot-line homes) UC
                                                                               NW corner of Coral Springs Dr. and Royal Palm Blvd.
   N of Sawgrass Expwy., S of Heron Bay Blvd.
                                                                            54 ARCHSTONE AT CORAL SPRINGS (251 townhouse units) APP
30 PELICAN TRAILS EAST (77 zero lot line homes) UC
                                                                               SE corner of Wiles Rd. and Turtle Run Blvd.
   W of Coral Ridge Dr., N of Wyndham Lakes Blvd. S.
                                                                            55 CAMBRIDGE ACADEMIES (59,563 sq. ft.) P
31 GOLDEN BAY (90 zero lot line homes) UC
                                                                               NE corner of Westview Dr. and NW 56th Dr.
   Wyndham Lakes Blvd. S., N of Wiles Rd., W of Coral Ridge Dr.
                                                                            56 WAL-MART SUPERSTORE (223,235 sq. ft.) P
32 CHEVRON GAS STATION (3,300 sq. ft.) UC
                                                                               NE corner of Coral Ridge Dr. and the Sawgrass Expressway
   NW corner of University Dr. and Westview Dr.
                                                                            57 FOUR EYES OPTICAL, INC. (12,100 sq. ft.) P
33 HERON BAY SOUTH (168 zero lot line homes) P
                                                                               N of Atlantic Blvd. on University Dr./NW 14th St.
   S side of Heron Bay Blvd across from TPC Golf Course
                                                                            58 M. ECKER & COMPANY (Building: 48,910 sq ft, Land Area: 3.13 acres) P
                                                                               West of Coral Ridge Drive and south of Wiles Road
   SE corner of University Dr. and W Sample Rd.
                                                                            59 ALE HOUSE AT CORAL SPRINGS (Building 8,100 sq ft, Land: 2.1 acres) P
                                                                               West of Riverside Drive on West Atlantic Boulevard at Coral Square Mall
   SE portion of University Dr. and Cardinal Rd.
                                                                            60 PESTANA PROFESSIONAL OFFICE PLAZA (Building: 5,082 sf, Land: 7.3 acres) P
36 STEAK N SHAKE (Building: 344,399 sq. ft., Land Area: 7.9 acres) P
                                                                               Northwest of the Corner of NW 29th St and NW 99th Ave.
   West of 441 South of Turtle Creek Dr.
37 ALBERTSON’S (Facade & Landscaping Update) P
   SE corner of University Drive and Royal Palm Boulevard
38 RIDGEVIEW CROSSINGS (23 single family homes) UC
   W side of University Drive, south of Westview Dr.

                                                 The King of Blues

                                        THE THRILL LIVES ON...
                                         Friday, April 7, 2000              Exclu
                                                                          South F sive
                                          7 p.m. and 10 p.m.                       nce

       Venue Sponsor
                                    JOAN BAEZ
                                           For the last thirty-five years, as a singer, musician,
                                            social activist, and good will ambassador, Joan
                                           Baez has kept her pact with the spirit of her voice.

                                                                      Monday, April 10, 2000
                                                           lo i
                                                    South France             8 p.m.
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