Mini-clinics to offer cheap, fast health care by tak20026


									 Mini-clinics to offer
cheap, fast health care
      By Sharon Terlep
        Detroit News
     September 20, 2006
 Two   CVS stores in Metro Detroit will offer
  mini-health care clinics called
 MinuteClinic started in Minnesota in 1999
  and has 80 locations nationwide.
 These mini-clinics are designed to provide
  fast, and cheap alternatives to emergency
  rooms or even family physicians.
 Most visits will cost around $49.
                             Price for insurers

   Proponents claim this
    is a way to reduce the
    demand for expensive
    visits to the
    emergency rooms.
   The clinics would also
    provide immediate
    and low-cost medical                                Demand

                                                  Health care via ER
 Opponents     say that the use of physician
  assistants and nurse practitioners will
  reduce the quality of care.
 Some contend that stores like CVS are
  only opening such clinics to benefit
  pharmacy sales.
 Critics call this drive-by health care. They
  say it is too risky of an alternative.
                    My opinion
   Even if the clinics expand throughout Metro Detroit, they
    are unlikely to have a significant impact on the cost of
    health care for local insurers or Medicaid.
   I support capitalism. If CVS wants to boost their
    pharmacy sales, then so be it. Individuals are not forced
    to utilize such clinics or the pharmacy.
   There is nothing wrong with affordable health care. The
    clinics let the patients know up front what they can and
    cannot treat. Therefore the “risk” associated with this
    type of treatment may be overstated.

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