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“Our Speakeasy Hosted Voice system is so easy to manage – much easier than a traditional PBX system. We saved up front on the price of equipment, and we continue to save significantly on long distance. Plus, making changes is just a quick phone call away. I'm very satisfied. ” — Marcelo Oliveira, Director of IT, Simply Self Storage

Simply Self Storage is one of the largest privately owned self storage companies in the United States. Serving 19 states and Puerto Rico, they oversee more than 220 self storage facilities and 15.5 million square feet of storage space. Following two years of rapid growth, the company relocated their headquarters from Indiana to Orlando, Florida. After investigating a variety of phone solutions for the new headquarters, Simply Self Storage chose the simplified management, robust features, and unbeatable cost savings of Speakeasy Hosted Voice.


When opening their new headquarters, Simply Self Storage wanted to avoid a major up-front investment in PBX equipment.

Speakeasy Hosted Voice requires only IP phones and an Edgemarc gateway. PBX features and functionality are hosted on the Speakeasy network.

By choosing a Speakeasy voice solution, Simply Self Storage was able to substantially lower their start-up costs and avoid a long-term equipment lease.

From their Orlando headquarters, Simply Self Storage maintains constant contact with stores across the country. When they initially opened with just two local phone company lines, their long distance bills were exorbitant.


Speakeasy Hosted Voice allows companies to choose the right calling plan for each employee. With unlimited calling plans, employees can call nationwide as much as necessary, for a flat monthly rate.

With unlimited calling plans from Speakeasy, Simply Self Storage saves over 25% on long distance compared to traditional phone service.

Managing a traditional PBX phone system requires in-house expertise. Because he has many other responsibilities, Director of IT Marcelo Oliveira wanted a more comprehensive low-maintenance phone solution.

With Speakeasy, Simply Self Storage enjoys a single bill and a single support contact for all their Internet connectivity and phone system needs. Adding a new employee is as simple as plugging in a new pre-programmed phone.

In addition to simplifying IT management, Speakeasy simplifies workflow for many of the company’s employees. Senior management appreciates advanced VoIP features, such as the ability to save time by dialing calls from their Outlook® contacts.

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