Case Study: Managed Services & Office Alley by speakeasy

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“Speakeasy is exceptional because of the quality of their people, their responsiveness, and the level of communication they provide. I have the utmost confidence that when we have a problem, they’re going to figure it out. With our rapid growth, we’ve had to keep changing and adapting our infrastructure. There were some major stress points, but every time Speakeasy was able to find a resolution. ” — Mike Kaneshiro, Senior Developer, Office Ally

Office Ally is a web-based clearinghouse that manages invoicing and insurance claims for doctor’s offices and hospitals. Based in Orange County, CA, they serve over 140,000 medical service providers across the country. Three years ago, Office Ally came to Speakeasy for basic server and database hosting. They now have a completely redundant load balanced environment with a large database deployment, multiple application servers, multiple web servers, and domain controllers.





With their volume growing exponentially – as much as 20% in a single month – Office Ally needs a thoroughly scalable infrastructure solution.

Speakeasy’s engineers identify growth patterns and communicate them proactively. For example, when Office Ally reached an intense level of usage, Speakeasy recommended load balancing to distribute the load among multiple machines.

With Speakeasy’s help, Office Ally has been able to keep up with growth and avoid costly service disruptions to their proprietary software.


Office Ally processes highly confidential financial and medical information, but they also require reliable remote access.

In addition to a series of redundant firewalls, Speakeasy manages a VPN access for Office Ally and deploys their architecture through a public and private sub-net.

Sensitive information remains on a secure private network, communicating only with Office Ally machines. This ensures confidentiality and supplements automated backups to safeguard data integrity.

Speakeasy Nationwide 1.888.886.6116


Office Ally came to Speakeasy after losing confidence in their previous provider. They were looking for reliability and the highest possible level of support.

With engineers available 24/7 and a world-class dedicated support model, qualified professionals are always on hand at Speakeasy—even if a problem needs to be resolved late on a Saturday night to avoid downtime during business hours.

Speakeasy stands behind its SLA guarantee of 99.99% uptime, and responds immediately when problems arise. Office Ally also appreciates Speakeasy’s responsive Remote Hands service when they need hands-on assistance.

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