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									January, 2007

IIFA Newsletter
                                                                                                   AT A GLANCE

                                                                                                   1.    AEPII
                                                                                                   2.    Doha Round
                                                                                                   3.    Cakeboxx
                                                                                                   4.    IDA opens in China
                                                                                                   5.    US Council
                                                                                                         for Int. Business
                                                                                                   6.    IMDO
                                                                                                   7.    UCP 600
                                                                                                   8.    Security Bill
                                                                                                   9.    Near Miss
                                                                                                   10.   Dunnes/Whelan
                                                                                                   11.   TWIC
                                                                                                   12.   WEEE Directive
                                                                                                   13.   Low Missouri
                                                                                                   14.   Short Sea Shipping
                                                                                                         Awards 2006
                                                                                                   15.   Container Ships
                                                                                                   16.   Hard Ball
                                                                                                   17.   Dublin Port Facility
                                                                                                   18.   RFID Solution
                                                                                                   19.   China to Siberia
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                                                                                                   21.   Russian FFA
                                                                                                   22.   WTO
                                                                                                   23.   Liebherr
Automated Entry Processing II - Seminar                                                            And the last word
- the first step on the road to the Single Window
On Wednesday 24th of January the first of a series of seminars planned to deal with the            Please feel free to
introduction of AEP: II ( Automated Entry Processing ) on April 1st was held in the Grand          forward this newsletter
Hotel, Malahide. It was held under the auspices of the IIFA; the facilitator was Mr. Harry Hines   to any interested
of Forward Training. Over 100 people were present at the two sessions that were held in the        colleagues, who can
morning and the afternoon in the Graham Bell Lecture Room.                                         register to receive it
                                                                                                   directly from us at
With Customs representatives on hand in support of facilitator Harry Hines, all questions and      Iifa@eircom.net
"what-if" questions were handled courteously and in full. The seminar dealt in detail, with the
box by box completion of the new SAD and in that process highlights the changes which will
be required under the new arrangements.                                                            Colm Walsh
                                                                                                   C.E.O. – IIFA
A seminar is planned for Shannon and Cork during February.
Shannon seminar will be on Tuesday 13th February in the Oakwood Hotel.
The Cork seminar is planned for the Vienna Woods Hotel on 22nd of February.

                                                                                                                     Page 1
Cost will be Euro90 for the first representative from a member firm of IIFA and Euro70 for the second and any subsequent
member attending. Cost for non-members is Euro110.00

Please email your reservation to us at iifa@eircom.net
Please indicate your fax number and we will fax an invoice. Payment is requested by return to ensure your place, as space is
limited. Payment can also be made by credit card.

There will be a free printed handout of relevant parts of the Customs Guide along with related appendices at both seminars.

We look forward to meeting you.

Doha Round - revival?

Since it was suspended last July, this newsletter has on a few occasions mentioned the prospect of the Doha Round of talks
being revived. The fact that there are no alternatives makes its revival all the more important .

At The World Economic Forum in Davos last week with its theme "Shaping the Global Agenda; The Shifting Power Equation"
the members of the International Business Council who attended on the first day endorsed a statement which called upon

"Political leaders in the developed world and in particular Europe, Japan and the USA together with their counterparts in
major developing economies such as Brazil, China, India and South Africa, to come together to quickly resolve the few areas of
continuing disagreement and to do so within weeks".

Included in the list of 60 world business leaders who endorsed the statement - only part of which we have included above - is
Michael Dell, Chairman of the Board of DELL Inc. USA.

Forwarder gives his views at Doha
At the event, Tarek Sultan Al-Essa , CEO of Agility Logistics (formerly PWC Logistics and GeoLogistics), gave an interview
setting out his views about the global logistics industry. He affirmed the logistics and transport industry's position as one of
the key enablers of globalisation. He said that the geographic spread of companies over the last decade has had a profound
effect on the industry and the world.

" First and foremost, the voice of a new generation of executives and entrepreneurs from countries that were dismissed as "
third world "only a few years ago, are increasingly being heard in the traditional bastions of business and political power.
Second, a new business culture is emerging, one that stresses flexibility, internationalism, local nuance, and constant
innovation. Third, the network model has driven heavy investment in information technology, infrastructure improvements, and
human resource development across the globe. Put together, we see not only a shift in power, but in the scope, scale, actors and
complexity of our era."

Agility participates in the global logistics and transport agenda, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, working through
issues of market access and corporate citizenship tailored to the industry.

The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by
engaging leaders in partnership to shape global, regional and industry agendas. Incorporated as a foundation in 1971, and based
in Geneva, Switzerland, the World Economic Forum is impartial and not-for- profit; it is tied to no political, partisan or national

Cakeboxx or Why didn't we think of that before?

What is being billed as the World's first doorless intermodal cargo container was unveiled in Hamburg on December 5th 2006.

With its patent-pending, revolutionary doorless design the Cakeboxx container will be the world's first intermodal container set
to tackle one of the biggest security threats facing global economies which have become dependent on overseas trade.

Once a Cakeboxx doorless intermodal cargo container is closed, nothing will get out or in whether the container is on board a
ship, in a stack of containers in a port, or on a railcar or truck, as the interior of the Cakeboxx cannot be accessed without
specialised container handling equipment.

However, during customs or security screenings the cargo inside can easily be accessed and quickly and fully inspected by
authorised staff using commonly available container handling equipment.

For further details see http://www.cakeboxx.com

IDA Ireland opens in China
IDA Ireland's new Shanghai office will provide Chinese companies with advice and support on locating an operation in Ireland
and for success in Europe.
"IDA will match the best of Irish capabilities and talents to the needs of Chinese investors and will unlock a gateway into
Europe for Chinese companies" said Gus Jones, Director of IDA Ireland.

US Council for International Business
Apart from the appeals in Davos, major business groups from countries representing 60 percent of world trade also called for
the swift completion of the stalled Doha Round negotiations in the World Trade Organisation, saying " the costs of failure are
diverse and grave".

The United States Council for International Business joined 18 other leading business organisations from industrialised and
developing nations in a global appeal for the immediate re-start of Doha. The business groups called for the swift conclusion to
the talks based on more flexible offers by all parties. The group highlighted the possible results of a failed Round. “Challenges
to the World Trade Organisation and a strong multilateral rules-based system, increased regionalism and protectionism; shocks
in financial markets and the loss of an opportunity to catalyze domestic economic reform".

Peter M. Robinson USCIB's President said "Business strongly urges governments to find the political leadership to reject
failure and seize this once in a generation opportunity to raise living standards around the world "

IMDO Shipping Review Series
The Ireland- Italy Shipping Review is now available at http://www.imdo.ie The review analyses trade between Ireland and Italy
and outlines the shortsea services and business links between both countries.

Exports to Italy were worth over Euro3.5bn in 2005 which figure was almost twice as much as the imports from there.

Three shortsea liner services operate on a weekly basis out of the ports of Dublin and Cork to/from Italy. The Ireland- Italy
Shipping Review is part of a series of reviews analyzing trade between Ireland and other countries. Other reviews also available
on-line are on Netherlands, France, Poland, Baltic States ( Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia ) Spain, Portugal and Belgium.
see http://www.imdo.ie

UCP 600
The International Chamber of Commerce unanimously approved the new version of Uniform Customs and Practice for
Documentary Credits (UCP 600) on October 25th 2006 with an effective date of July 1 st 2007.

Experts say that it is a more user-friendly set of rules and apparently it is badly needed because the discrepancy rate (where the
Banks reject the documents and of course consequently refuse to pay ) is currently running at 70%. That means that in seven
out of ten presentations of documents a discrepancy is found and the bank refuses to pay. One of the changes is that the bank
now has only five days after the day they receive presentation to determine whether the documents are compliant. Presently
they have seven days. The title of the publication is " Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits 2007, Revision
UCP 600 " (ISBN 92-842-1257-x ) from ICC Paris.

Security - Bill for 100% inspection in USA
The National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America recently came out strongly against legislation recently
passed in the House of Representatives. The Bill H.R. 1 for 100 percent inspection of all cargo carried by passenger aircraft by

It also criticised the bills' requirement that all US bound containers be scanned at foreign ports.

The group is reported to be working with other organisations in an effort to "mitigate" the measure while it goes through the
Senate. The Senate is expected to soften the requirements but in the current political "more security conscious than thou "
climate there is no certain outcome.

The effects on international trade with the US could be very negative if the Bill gets through without substantial change.

Airfreight forwarders have also expressed opposition to the called-for provisions of HR 1. The Washington based
Airforwarders Association has called for a multi-layered, risk based approach to air cargo security as opposed to having all
cargo inspected.

The most recent to speak out against the legislation was the head of the Transportation Security Administration. Kip Hawley
told a Senate Commerce Committee aviation subcommittee that "any mandate to physically inspect 100 per cent of air cargo
within three years is not feasible without impeding the legitimate flow of commerce and imposing an unreasonable cost on the

Near Miss - almost
On Monday night January 8th a crude oil tanker operated by "K" Line was hit by the bow of a fast-attack US nuclear submarine
in the Arabian Sea.

There were no injuries or serious damage reported.

The stern of the Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) Mogamikawa was hit by the bow of the USS Newport News near the straits
of Hormuz.

The VLCC which is 160,299 ton was heading for Singapore from the Persian Gulf.

The Japanese government has asked Washington to investigate the cause of the accident.

The Dunnes/Whelan saga
Dunnes Stores is reported to be handing over its Euro200 million distribution contracts to a trio of companies including DCC's
Allied Logistics and a division of Fyffes. Allied has already told its staff it will take over Dunnes' frozen food distribution,
while Fyffes is thought to be taking over the distribution of Dunnes' chilled foods. Vanfleet is thought to have landed the
drapery distribution contract.

Whelan Frozen Foods had held the Dunnes contract for 25 years but this arrangement comes to an end as of February 28th.
Dunnes was Whelan's sole customer and the two companies became embroiled in a series of High Court battles last year after
the retailer apparently tried to force Whelan to cut its charges.

USA Security - TWIC
The Transportation Security Administration published recently the text of the final rule for the Transportation Workers
Identification Credential. The agency expects the rule to become mandatory in 12 to 18 months and will affect some 750,000
individuals who work regularly in US seaports.

The ID card programme, which is more than two years overdue, will include an embedded chip containing biometric data about
the cardholder such as fingerprints. The card will be valid for five years and cost from $139 to $159 and this price will cover a
"security threat assessment" that includes criminal background check, immigration status and a check against terrorist watch

The Transportation Security Administration was expected to begin enrollment by the end of last year but the agency has not yet
named a general contractor to set up the information management system, or establish enrollment centres.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment - WEEE Directive
This is the European Union directive designed to ensure that electrical and electronic products are recycled properly when they
reach the end of their lives. Producers of such goods must join a compliance scheme by the 15th of March 2007 and such
equipment must be marked by April 1st 2007. Full responsibility for treating and recycling household WEEE begins on
July 1st 2007.

There are ten categories of WEEE

1. Large household appliances
2. Small household appliances
3. IT and telecommunications equipment
4. Consumer Equipment
5. Lighting Equipment
6. Electrical and Electronic tools
7. Toys, leisure and sports equipment
8. Medical devices
9. Monitoring and control equipment
10. Automatic dispensers.

The regulations apply to electrical and electronic equipment in the above categories with a voltage of up to 1,000 volts AC or
up to 1,500 volts DC.

See also website http://www.weeeireland.ie

Along the Low Missouri
According to reports the 2006 shipping season on the Missouri River was the weakest in 55 years due to low water levels.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers estimates that less than 200,000 tons of cargo went down the river on barges, the first time
the amount has been that low since 1951.

Rain and snow have been scarce in Montana and North and South Dakota for years, depleting northern reservoirs along the
Missouri and preventing the corps from releasing more water downstream. In Kansas City, the river has hit record lows, barely
covering the city's drinking water intakes.

Irish Exporters Short Sea Shipping Award 2006

The Irish Exporters Association’s Short Sea Shipping Award 2006 being presented to DFDS Container Line, with (l-r)
Padraic White, Irish Maritime Development Office, sponsor of the award, Michael Connolly, Sales Manager at DFDS,
Michael Martin, T.D., Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment and Joe Lynch, President, Irish Exporters Association.

Container Ships
According to Clarksons, the London Shipbroker at the beginning o fDecember 2006 there were 1,296 fully cellular ships on
order , amounting to a combined capacity of 4.7 million TEUs (twenty foot equivalent ). That represents more than half of the
9.3 million TEUs of capacity that exists with the current fleet of 3,939 ships.

As a matter of interest, it has been suggested, that without the invention of the container, ten times as many vessels and ports
would have been required, to cater for the world's current trade volumes.

Hard Ball
In December 2006 President Bush signed a change to a General System of Preferences, which favoured imports from Brazil,
Ivory Coast, India, The Phillipines, Thailand and Venezuela. Changes were made by Congress to the US Generalised System of
Preferences for developing countries according to the US Trade Representative's office.

Up to that point the six countries received a waiver to continue exporting certain goods to the US on a duty-free basis even
when the shipments exceeded thresholds that otherwise would have ended those benefits, American trade observers have
commented that the changes to the GSP programme were largely motivated by US frustration with India and Brazil during the
Doha Round of trade talks.

Expansion of Port Facility in Dublin
Agreement has been reached by Irish Continental Group with Dublin Port Company on a development that will increase the
capacity of Dublin Freight Terminal (DFT) by almost 50% from 180,000 lifts to 270,000 lifts annually.

Additional container handling machinery including a new ship to shore gantry crane will be introduced. The terminal will be
extended by more than 7 acres (3 Hectares) and the quay wall will be lengthened by 60 metres.

Developments are expected to be completed by early 2008 and come about as a result of increases in unitised freight.

RFID Solution
DHL Innovation Initiative, a strategic partnership between DHL, IBM, Intel, Philips and SAP has developed a new technology
for the pharmaceutical industry, which reportedly significantly improves the monitoring of temperature-controlled transport. A
special RFID sensor tag controls and documents the temperature of items throughout transportation. The measuring data are
available at every read point so that senders, recipients and inspectors can check the condition of the products at any time.
The new sensors tag is a combination of temperature sensor and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag.

China to Siberia
Eurosib recently ran its first containerised car train from China to St. Petersburg (Russia). The train carried 30 containers with
the Chinese "Great Wall" off roaders ( SUVs) and pickups from Shanghai to the Eurosib owned transport and logistics centre
"Predportovy" on the southern outskirts of St. Petersburg. Eurosib says it intends to run such trains on a regular basis in future
It provides the consignee Atlant-M with a full service package, which includes transportation, customs clearance and storage.

EU Commission keeps pushing
The European Commission has adopted a series of measures to simplify further railway operations. It is designed to simplify
trans-national certification of railway vehicles.

In Italy for example, fire extinguishers on trains must contain CO2 powder and no foam, while Austria requires fire
extinguishers to be filled with foam and CO2 is not allowed.

The EU Commission has issued a communication - the lowest legal form - to help the process of change and simplification of

Russian Freight Forwarders Association (Rail)
The Russian Freight Forwarders Association has established a new public association, consisting of a Russian logistics
container pool to co-ordinate the activity of Russian rail forwarders.
The new organisation will provide legal support to develop container transport in Russia and at an international level.
It will set changes in the railway regulations, which are designed to assist in the development of the laws on "transit" and rules
for container forwarding by rail.

World Trade Organisation
Vietnam officially joined the WTO early this month as that body's 150th member following twelve years of negotiations.

In its quest to join the WTO Russia has reached an important agreement with Moldova. In November, Russia announced that it
would lift its ban on Moldovan wine and meat products and thereby fulfilled a major condition for a WTO deal.

Russia still has to sign bi-lateral WTO deals with Georgia (according to ITAR-Tass news agency, its biggest hurdle)
Guatemala, Costa Rica and El Salvador.

Liebherr - new Crane - 208 tons - 58M outreach
Liebherr, the crane manufacturer based in Nenzing (AU), has announced the development of a new container gantry. Known as
the LHM 600, the gantry is designed for versatile and efficient cargo handling up to superpost-panamax sized vessels. A
substantial number of components were taken over from Liebherr’s most popular crane models - LHM 320, 400 and 500 to
assure prompt availability of spare parts. Also approved design principles from the system family were kept. The LHM 600 has
a capacity of 208 t under hook, a maximum outreach of 58m and a 2 x 670 kW power pack especially for bulk operation. It is
the most powerful crane available in the market and therefore sets new standards in the mobile harbour crane sector. It is
possible to enlarge the load moment by more than 10% (S-version) by reinforcing the steel structure and adding extra

And the last word ………….
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