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					Safari Montage is a video streaming service paid for by the Clackamas ESD. It
provides teachers with quality, professional, content related videos. Teachers are now
able to login from home and preview videos that they can then save to their “playlist” to
access later during class. Your “playlists” can be sorted and organized by topic or class
for easy access.

Directions for Use:

1. Go to: and be sure to
   bookmark this site.
2. Select your grade level with the arrow, and login using your e-mail name . . .e.g.
   fukasawl password: your network account; (mine is my e-mail password)

3. First Time Set-up:

   a. Download the player plug-in; it will put a picture of a cardboard box on your
   b. Double click the cardboard box and “agree” and “accept” and type in your
      password again.
   c. Restart your whole computer (not just Safari) to activate          the new player

   d. Reopen Safari Montage from
      your bookmarks.
   e. Click on the “preferences tab
      at the top.

   f. Change your
     player setting to “Windows
     Media Player” and “update” at
     the bottom.
4. Because of the high quality and the recency of the copyrights, you cannot download
   the videos onto your desktop, you have to play them “live”. It is best to plug your
   computer directly into the hardwire ethernet port rather than using the airport.
5. Some of the videos will play in several different languages including Spanish and

Let me know if you would like some help, and I would be happy to come over and help
you get started.

Linda Fukasawa
District Library Media/Teacher
X 5363