SAFARI MONTAGE TUTORIAL

Logging In
Visit the school home page and click on the eBoard link. At the top
of the page, you will see the SAFARI button. When you open SAFARI,
you must select a school.

Select either K-5 Content or 6-12 Content depending on which
building you are in. If you don’t know your log in, contact Susan
Wilson at or extension 7080.

Preferences—Customize your user settings
Once you are logged into SAFARI Montage, you can customize your
personal user settings. Click the PREFERENCES TAB on the top right.
Some changes you may want to make include:
        SAFARI can play video in a variety of formats. You can select
        your playback format and click UPDATE
        My search and browse settings—set this to your desired grade
        level(s) and subjects
        Click UPDATE to accept any changes

Personal Dashboard
        Easy access to your most recent activity and news from your administrator
        On the left is the video window; the right is divided into collapsible panels to view content
        The school playlist tabs shows playlists shared District wide. Check this often for new content.
        My recent videos are those that are played most recently. No need to perform a new search if
        you have already used a clip!

Searching—Locate video programs and clips that meet you needs
One of the most helpful and powerful features is the search engine. There are several ways to perform
a search.

        Quick or Basic Search: Keyword into the box on the top of every screen. You will see your
        results on the right side of the screen.
        Narrower Search: Select SEARCH from the top navigation bar and select the criteria for your

Search Results--Understanding and using the results of your search
All results will appear on the right side of screen, sorted in order of relevance by default. You can
change it to other options using the drop down (title, grade level, and publisher)
          Programs in SAFARI are divided into chapters and key concepts
          Click the program’s title to see the key concepts and the chapters
          Click the green play button and preview the video clip. You can also view it full screen at any
Search Subjects—Search for video based on pre-selected subject headings.
        Click the SUBJECTS button on the navigation bar.
        Titles are organized by subject matter.
        Subject headings are carefully chosen by a team of
        Blue arrow icons indicate that there are more video
        clips on that subject area.
        o Click the blue arrow to display additional titles
            via a submenu.
        o As each submenu opens, you are narrowing your
        A green circle indicates that the heading contains
        media titles.
        o Using this method gives you a highly targeted set
            of results.

Playlists—Creating and editing playlists
        Click the playlists button on the navigation bar
        On the left side—see button NEW PLAYLISTS
        Enter basic info
        o Title/subject/grade level
        o Indicate which users can use the playlist
        o Note: Page can be edited at any time
        Click SAVE
        You can create multiple playlists, but only one can be active at time; this is designated as the

Adding Content—Adding video clips you choose to your existing playlist
                                                  Notice the ACTIVE PLAYLIST designation. It will
                                                  appear on all SAFARI Montage pages. Simply return
                                                  to your playlist to decide which list is your active

                                                  On the play list page, you can copy, share, edit, or
                                                  delete titles to your play list.

Bookmarking—Creating custom start and end points for your video clips
When you select a clip, you will see the BOOKMARK VIDEO
SEGMENT area directly below the play window. It will
include a START POINT and an END POINT.

When you have tailored the clip to your exact
specification, click on the SAVE TO PLAYLIST button on the
bottom just below START POINT.

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