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4/13/09 Van Nuys, California - It is no secret that Commercial Investigations, Inc. has been attacked online for quite some time now. Commercial Investigations, Inc. is now starting a “counter-attack” campaign against all of these negative comments and feedback. The fact of the matter is for every negative story about our company there are a slew of positive experiences. However in the collections industry we deal with C.E.O.’s or their managers, business owners, financial account supervisors etc. people who do not have time to come online and post about their experiences with Commercial Investigations, Inc. Clients of ours expect results and when we show them results we do not get twenty positive comments online, we just receive more business. This situation creates a void between the truth of our company and the slander written online. Commercial Investigation, Inc. is now going to try our absolute best to fill that void. C.I.I. has recently and is currently contacting some of our most loyal clients from years past to this day. We are encouraging them to write testimonials of these positive experiences. If Commercial Investigations, Inc. operated as negative as online articles and stories have stated, C.I.I. would not be open for business. Not only would we not be open for business we would not continue to grow and gain more clients the way Commercial Investigation, Inc. is in fact doing. This leads back to the void previously stated. A business such as Commercial Investigations, Inc. continues to show growth and expansion in the real world, with customers and clients continually coming back and a base of ever growing new clients, yet online there is a plethora of negative stories. The saddest part is people will attack our company just because of the nature of our services. It’s absolute fact no one wants to deal with collectors. In these hard economic times no one wants to take the few dollars some people have, which is why our clients send accounts to us. Notice in the collection process no one blames the debtor, and no one blames the creditor, simply everyone attacks the middle man. How often do we hear the term don’t shoot the messenger, but that is the absolute truth when it comes to collection agencies. With all this having been said, Commercial Investigations, Inc. says, “No More…” We are going to be creating various blogs, and other methods of sending information to the mass public. Once again at this time we are urging all previous clients that have had positive experiences please contact us. We also are urging all other collection agencies to stand up to this injustice. Here at C.I.I. we have been wronged and enough is enough. Commercial Investigations, Inc. we’re taking a stand. Link to one of our company blogs: RSS Feed: Feel free to contact with any inquiries: Sincerely, Staff of Commercial Investigations, Inc.

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