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									Xbox 360 Screen Freezing

The screen on your XBOX 360 freezes? Click here to learn how to fix it quickly.

Suddenly you see your Xbox 360 screen freezing. Then this fact might bring you a lot relief when we would say that this is the problem not faced only by you; in fact if you visit the Microsoft website, you would find yourself a big company who are facing the same problem. Thus we decided to present an article which could address the same issue. Although common to most of the people, we will still assume this would help as many people as possible. In most of the cases, whenever the Xbox goes wrong, it gives you an error message which can be used or written down to diagnose the problem. If at all you are getting any kind of error message, then probably this article will not be helping you. We will be talking here about the common screen freezing issues. There are quite a few areas which are being responsible for your Xbox 360 screen freezing, usually at the Dashboard or the wait game loading screen, or it might also freeze anywhere during the game. In short words, the screen might "freeze". We will not be talking more about the red light flashing because that again, indicates a different kind of problem. Before you step down to resolving the issue, there is something that you must be sure of, whether the problem is repetitive or is it occurring only once. Xbox 360 screen freezing has its major root in ventilation system. Most of the people use the console kept on the bed, couch and other cloth material which does not allow proper air exhaust, if you are doing this, you must stop. If this doesn't work, try disconnecting the accessories of Xbox and start from scratch, remove the hard disk too, and if its not working only after connecting the hard drive, then probably the problem lies with the hard disk, you can rectify by clearing the cache of the hard disk. Clearing hard disk cache is in "memory" and "device options". If this too does not solve the problem, create another gamer profile and see if the issue changes. Sometimes the issue might be with the online game play. Thus determine this

by extensively playing both online and offline. Sometimes it is the settings of the console which creates problem, if you have set it to PAL, change it to PAL 60 and see if you can notice any difference. Sometimes it is a simple disk issue. The disk you might be using can be scratched or written at a high speed, thus leading to incorrectly written binary. During these cases, the console tries to retrieve the data from the disk and hence gets your Xbox 360 screen freezing. The only solution for heavily scratched disc is a replacement. If there is dirt on the disc, get it cleaned and try again. By now you should know why your Xbox 360 screen freezing. Freezing on your screen is only symptomatic of something more serious, sometimes it can mean that your console’s temperature is rising too high up. xbox repair guide If you catch on this problem early enough, you will save yourself a ton of money. When you get a freezing, you can try the very simple method of unplugging and plugging. Unplug your console’s power then remove your hard drive. Plug your console back in. Now press the power button. If the power goes back up, you can shut off the console and put the hard drive back in. But this is basically just a quick xBox 360 freeze fix. There are other remedies that you can try if this doesn’t work.

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