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Slim Projector Pico Projector by wia20667


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Strengths: Optics +Light Engine +Digital Image                                 

   Mini Video Projector
   Model No. : FPC-15 / A65HZ

   Technical Specifications
   Light Source (Lamp): LED (Life span: 50,000 hours)
   Display technology: LCD
   Dimensions: 180mm (L) x 110mm (W) x 55mm (D) _small than 1/2 A4 size.
   Weight (body): 600 g
   Power Consumption: 9VDC 2A (18W)
   Luminous Flux: 13 Lumens (equivalent to general 400 Lumens)
   Resolution: 557H x 234V
   Speaker: 2 x 2W (good stereo sound)
   Projection size: 9.5~80 inches (21” at 1-meter distance, 40” at 2-meter, 53” at 3-meter)
   Regulatory Approvals: FCC, CE (RoHS compliance)
   Video Connection: 3.5mm Jack Socket (Adapted to 1 x Composite Video RCA and 2 x Audio RCA
   with Lead)
   Package Contents: Mini LED Projector, AV Cable Adaptor, AV Cable, Power Supply, Instruction
   Lens: F = 71mm, F = 2.5mm (easy manual focus)
   Case Material: Plastic & Aluminum Alloy
   Operating Environment: Temperature = 0°C - 35°, Humidity = 30% - 70%

                                                                            Mini Video Projector / FPC

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