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									Haley Veronyak

          How Life of Pi relates to the Hindu
          This quote reminds me of the Hindu temple because in this
quote it is describing almost exactly what we saw at the temple. There
where baskets at each shrine and there where flowers located around
pillars. Clanging of bells reminds me of when the class participated in the
Hindu prayer. During the Hindu prayer monks rung bells to announce that
the prayer was about to begin. The patter of bare feet also reminds me
of the temple because we where required to remove shoes and if we
wanted to socks as well. This also reminds me of the Hindu temple
because I remember seeing other Hindus praying in bare feet.
Not only does imagery help me remember my experience at
the temple but also simple things such as referring to Hindu
rituals. “…coming for darshan and performing puja” reminds
me on the temple because I think that we also came to see
puja. When we where in the smaller room when the two men
where helping demonstrate, I believe, from hordes of
research, that this was puja.
         This quote reminds me of our visit to the Hindu
Temple because there where many shrines of many different
gods there, and I noticed that a lot of them had archways
such as the ones described in this quote. This quote very
well describes the Hindu Temple in my opinion.
         One thing I noticed about the Hindu Temple is I felt
very at home. Everything about the temple was very warm and
welcoming to me. I felt the marble and granite on the walls,
floors etc. made me feel very grand and royal almost, it made
me feel like it was an honor to be invited into the temple. The
rugs and architecture made the temple feel very warm and
welcoming, almost as if it reminds you of home, but at the
same time reminds you your in this grand place filled with
stories and culture. The people where also very welcoming.
They invited us in with warm welcoming arms and did not look
down on us for not knowing tons about their religion. The
people made you feel at home by letting us participate in
ceremonies and prayers.
This quote reminds me of both the Hindu Temple and the Mosque.

         This quote reminds me
         of both the Hindu
         temple and the mosque
         because both religions
         are doing exactly what
         the quote states; loving
         god! It as simple as
How Life of Pi relates to the Mosque
       One thing I noticed about the mosque, is it was nothing like
the temple. It didn‟t have supplies imported from India, it
doesn't have fancy rugs or hand carved objects. It didn‟t have
fancy painting or anything of that sort. But that‟s what I loved.
Sure the temple was grand and beautiful but the mosque
reminded you that you didn‟t need to be rich to be religious. The
mosque would probably be more welcoming to people who are
poor, people who feel intimidated by praying in a huge temple.
Both of these quotes remind me of the mosque because they both
are referring to a temple being just any old place. Now I‟m not
saying that the mosque wasn‟t nice, but it wasn‟t designed
specifically to be a mosque. Unlike the temple which took years
to complete.
This quote reminded me of the temple, because in this quote Mr.
Kumar happens to be talking about Jesus. Therefore this quote
reminded me of Islam because they believe that another prophet
will be brought to earth.
This quote reminded me of the mosque, because once again it
reminded me that Islam's didn‟t need a huge fancy place to go
pray in. They are religiously devoted and will pray where they
feel comfortable.
       P.B.U.H. means peace be upon him. I learned this at the
mosque in two different ways. When our „tour guide‟ kept saying
it, and when one of our classmates asked what it means. So this
quote reminds me of the mosque for one simple reason; I now
know what P.B.U.H. means, and why they say it.
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I loves the Hindu temple. Its architecture
and beauty really made if interesting to
learn about there religion.
The mosque was joyful! It was interesting
to see how different but yet similar the
two religions where!

Overall (besides the food. HAHA.) The
field trip was a great success and I can
agree we all had loads of fun!

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