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Attraction Marketing


Attraction marketing is all the rage in MLM or Network Marketing these days. However, it is hard for the new devotees to this system to envision anyone being attracted to them because of their relative newness. The author shows them how to overcome this unwarranted fear.

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									Attraction Marketing – Or, Why would anyone follow me? The fact that you have chosen to read this article tells me you are an open minded individual, ready to investigate Attraction Marketing, but you are unsure of your qualifications or experience. Look at it this way. If you were entering a new field, starting a new business, you would appreciate having a guide, wouldn’t you? A guide who exposes you to the best practices in the business, someone who could show you the shortcuts while avoiding the pitfalls. Simply put, you want to work with a guide because he helps you. When you employ professional marketing practices and set up a System, you will be the one who introduces frustrated MLMers to the new world where attraction takes the place of cramming your business opportunity down everyone’s throat! After just a few short days of studying your Attraction Marketing System, you will know far more about the field than your prospects do if you train and keep learning and improving your skills. If you just concentrated on contacting MLMers who were not satisfied with the results they were getting in their business, you would have 95% of all MLMers as your market! Do you read and learn from newspapers, magazines, books? Do you hold it against the reporters that they only report the news, not make the news; that they may not be able to do most of the things they report on? In effect, you become a reporter, reporting on a new way to become successful in MLM. Your prospects will be glad to receive the news! How many people do you know that your Pastor has brought back to from the dead? Doesn’t he/she teach you about the System (Christianity) of someone who has brought people back to life and you listen? You are spreading the gospel of Internet Marketing. People will flock to join you because they want to work with someone whom they can learn from, who uses Attraction Marketing via the Internet to build their business. They are hungry to learn how to use it too. They have tried the old, 1957 ways of doing MLM and they don’t work!

An Attraction Marketing System will attract and qualify new distributors who will sign up with no annoying objections... no "hemming and hawing"... and no stupid “Pyramid” questions, no one who doesn’t have the money to start and run their business. They have gotten to know you, respect and trust you via your automated Attraction Marketing system. The System has helped you build a relationship with them. The only thing they want to be assured of is that you will help them. Once they get that assurance, most will sign up as distributors on the spot because the System has already done the qualifying and selling for you. Now realize, there is no One System that is the end all and be all. Is there only one book for your history course? Is there only one course in school that will teach you everything? Hopefully you will never stop learning as the world never stops changing, hopefully for the better. Now I hope you have a better understanding and comfort level relative to Attraction Marketing and you will confidently go forward!

Steps in the Attraction Marketing Process 1. The Attraction Marketing System offers free, useful info to your target market, in this case, MLMers 2. Those who are frustrated and want to do better will be attracted to such an offer and raise their hands and say, “I am interested in learning more,” giving you their contact info so that you can send them more info. 3. They System Introduces you to your prospect, usually your blog 4. It continually educates them, automatically, showing them an easier way to become successful in their business , offering them something small to buy, usually via an affiliate program. Those who purchase have indicated a higher level of motivation than those who don’t. 5. The System will continue marketing you to your prospects, through Blog, videos, audios, articles, etc. they will get to know you as a leader. 6. The System will continuously educate your prospects, setting up criteria for a successful business, criteria that your business meets, including financial requirements. You never want to hear from a broke person!

7. If money is a problem, the System will offer them money making feeder programs, probably an affiliate program by which they can easily earn the money they need to join your business without competing with it 8. The Attraction Internet Marketing methods you are showing them will convince them that they too can be successful in using them. When they buy, it will also generate another stream of income for you. You will actually make money off people who may never join your business. 9. Over time, the number of your prospects, your list; will grow and grow. As it grows, your income will grow as more people buy products and services offered them by the system. 10. You will then find that a certain number of people will contact you on their own and join your business, because of what you have to offer and their relationship with you. They will join your business because you are their leader. 11. A few hundred people on your list will probably give you a few new distributors per month. A few thousand people will give you several sign ups per week, according to Mike Dillard, an Attraction Marketing System Founder. 12. Rinse, repeat

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