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					Gregory J. Masley – CNE, CNA, MCSE
17375 Brookhurst #18
Fountain Valley, California 92708


1. Robert Whiton – Owner of Net Solutions Incorporated
1622 Edinger Ave Tustin, CA 92780 (714)544-7500

2. Tom Alkadri – Owner of Network Planet Incorporated 468
N. Camden Dr. Suite 200 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310)552-5325

3. Yenni Fuglei – Owner of RSA Companies 5082 East
Hampden Avenue Suite 335 Denver, CO 80222 (303)741-3105

4. Stephen Robards – Owner of Powell Manufacturing
4940 Northpark Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80918 (719)260-7887

5. Andre Rincon – Team Lead at CBeyond Communications
2270 La Montana Way Suite 105 Colorado Springs, CO 80918 (719)314-1259

6. Todd Johnson – Manager at Resource Land Holdings 523 South
Cascade Avenue Suite E Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (719)633-1505

7. Sean Healy – Network Engineer at SAIC 1802 Chapel Hills Drive
Suite C Colorado Springs, CO 80920 (719)439-4464

8. Judy DeWitt – Manager at Horizon Interactive 12295 Oracle
Boulevard Suite 200 Colorado Springs, CO 80921 (719)593-7377

9. Dan Gillespie – Network Engineer at Classic Homes 6385
Corporate Center Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80920 (719)322-3460

Additional references are available on request

“Gregory is great to work with; he is on top of his projects. I recommend Gregory without
hesitation, and especially applaud his ability to work under very tight deadlines. His
expertise, focus, and creativity under pressure have made him a tremendous asset to our
team.” (July 17, 2006)
Vonda Alexander, Senior Personnel Strategist, HR Manager/Recruiting Specialists
managed GREGORY indirectly at Masley And Associates
“I’ve worked with Greg in the past (our paths have crossed more than once professionally)
and found him to be very thorough, consciencous, and reliable. He’s a real pro!” (April 3,
Cindy Anderson,
worked directly with GREGORY at Masley And Associates
“Greg’s experience within his field makes him the best there is when it comes to Networks
and Network infrastructure. I highly recommend him.” (March 14 , 2006)
Tobias Lassen [],
was with another company when working with GREGORY at Masley And Associates
“Few can match the skill, integrity and talent” (March 13, 2006)
Andrew ‘Flip’ Filipowski (,
was with another company when working with GREGORY at Masley And Associates
“Gregory is fast, hardworking, accurate, knowledgable and a pleasure to work with. I
recommend him fully.” (March 13, 2006)
Malcolm Lawrence,
was with another company when working with GREGORY at Masley And Associates
RL Holdings, Colorado Springs Colorado (July, 2006)
This client was unsatisfied with their previous IT company’s slow response. How did we make them
happy? We simply listened to their needs. We sent them five of our top network engineers until we
had them caught up, stabilized and satisfied. Our company president Greg Masley had supported four
hundred end users by himself effectively for five years at Mallinckrodt Medical so we know what it
takes to make our clients happy and get their computers and network running smoothly. In short we
know how to satisfy and take care of our clients and we can do the same for you at the best rates in
the computer industry. Contact us today and see how we can be your complete outsourced IT

17375 Brookhurst #18
Fountain Valley, California 92708

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