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									Pet Emergency insurance policy – summary
of cover
The information shown here is only a summary of what is covered.        G dental treatment except following accidental external damage
It does not form part of the contract between you and us. Please           (exclusion 3k);
read your policy booklet and schedule for full details of all terms     G any food, housing or bedding (exclusion 3l);
and conditions and the excesses that apply to you.                      G any treatment for any illness or disease that is not as a result
                                                                           of an emergency (exclusion 3b);
The policy you have purchased is Underwritten by Churchill Insurance
                                                                        G any treatment or complementary therapy received during a period
Company Limited and will run monthly for a period of 12 months unless
                                                                           of insurance if we have not received the agreed premium for that
you advise us otherwise or fail to make payment of the premium.
                                                                           period of insurance.
The cover you have chosen is shown on your Pet Insurance Schedule.
                                                                        Death from accidental injury (optional)
Please read your policy booklet carefully to make sure this cover
                                                                        G The purchase price if your pet dies as a result of an accident
meets your needs.
                                                                           – up to a maximum of £500.
Please note: All cover is subject to the policy remaining in force.     The following important features can be found under ‘Exclusion’
                                                                        under the death from accident section. We will not pay for:
Significant features of a Churchill Pet Emergency                       G more than you paid for your pet.
insurance policy
Veterinary fees cover                                                   Advertising and reward (optional)
G 12 months of cover, from the first date of treatment, for necessary   G Up to a maximum of £1000 towards local advertising expenses
   treatment for each accidental injury up to a maximum of £1,500          to get your pet back if it is stolen or lost. This includes the cost
   and up to £500 for emergency treatment for an illness.                  of getting your pet home.
The following important features can be found under ‘Exclusions’        The following important features can be found under ‘Exclusion’
under the Veterinary Fees section. We will not pay for:                 under the Advertising and reward section. We will not pay for:
G the excess or coinsurance amount applicable (exclusion 2);            G any reward claimed by a member of your family or anyone living
G preventative or non-essential or routine treatment, examinations,        with you.
   tests or any treatment in connection with pregnancy or giving
                                                                        Theft and straying (optional)
   birth (exclusion 3a and 3e);
                                                                        G The purchase price if your pet is lost or stolen and has not been
G any referral, second opinion or specialist treatment, unless we
                                                                           found after 45 days – up to a maximum of £500.
   have specifically agreed to it (exclusion 3g);
                                                                        The following important features can be found under ‘Exclusion’
G behavioural problems and training (exclusion 3d);
                                                                        under the theft and straying section. We will not pay for:
                                                                        G more than you paid for your pet.
Boarding kennel fees (optional)                                        Overseas travel cover (optional)
G Up to £750 towards boarding kennel or cattery fees if you have to    Extends cover to the sections of cover as shown on your policy
   be hospitalised for more than 4 days in a row.                      schedule to cover journeys to countries included in the government's
The following important features can be found under ‘Exclusion’        Pet Travel Scheme.
under Boarding kennel fees section. We will not pay for:               Also provides cover for:
G Costs as a result of nursing-home care or convalescence care that    G Quarantine costs – up to £1,500
   you do not receive in hospital.                                     G Loss of your pet's passport – up to £250
                                                                       G Repeat tick and worming treatment
Holiday cancellation costs (optional)                                  G Emergency expenses abroad – up to £300
G Up to £3,000 for costs you cannot get back if you have to cancel
   or cut short your holiday because your pet needs emergency life     The following important features are not covered under the Overseas
   saving surgery within 7 days of your scheduled departure.           cover section:
The following important features can be found under ‘Exclusion’        G More than 3 trips a year
under the Holiday cancellation costs section. We will not pay for:     G Journeys of more than 30 days
G any condition that is likely to necessitate emergency life saving    G Liability under the laws of the USA and Canada.
   surgery that you are aware of before booking the holiday.
Third party liability cover (applicable to dogs only)                  G Find a vet – to find the nearest vet if you are away from home.
                                                                       G Bereavement counselling – enabling you to talk about the death
G Up to £1 million towards compensation and costs you legally have
                                                                          of your pet.
                                                                       G Pet legal – advice & explanation of legal issues.
   to pay if your pet causes damage to property or injures a person.
The following important features can be found under ‘Exclusion’        Main exclusions that apply to all sections of cover
under the Third party liability section. We will not pay for:
                                                                       (General exceptions)
G the first £100;
                                                                       G Any claim for or in connection with any illness or disease arising
G any injury or damage to property (whether owned or being
                                                                          during the first 10 days.
   looked after) of you, your family, or anyone living or working
                                                                       G Any claims connected in any way with a pre-existing
   with you.
                                                                          condition or illness.
                                                                       G Any claims for or linked to vicious tendencies or behavioural
                                                                          problems or traits.
G Claims arising from the use of any pet for commercial, racing,         If we cannot sort out the differences between you and us, you
  breeding, work or security purposes.                                   can take the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).
G Claims as a result of your pet worrying livestock.
                                                                         Their address is:
Sections Death from accidental injury, Advertising and reward,Theft
                                                                         South Quay Plaza
and straying, Boarding kennel fees and Holiday cancellation costs are
                                                                         183 Marsh Wall
only available as one optional benefit package.
Your right to cancel when you buy or renew your policy                   E14 9SR
If the cover does not meet your requirements, please call us             Or call 0845 080 1800.
immediately on 0800 032 6528. Or, return all your documents within       You can visit the FOS website at
14 days of receipt. We will return any premium paid in full as long as
you have not made any claims during that time.                           Details about our regulator
                                                                         Churchill Insurance Company Limited is authorised and regulated by
How to make a claim                                                      the Financial Services Authority.
Check your policy booklet and schedule to make sure that the loss
or damage is covered under this insurance.                               The Financial Services Authority website which includes a register of
                                                                         all regulated firms can be visited at, or the Financial
To make a claim, call 0845 603 3589.                                     Services Authority can be contacted on 0300 500 5000.
Opening hours Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm
                                                                         Under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, should the company
How to complain                                                          be unable to meet all its liabilities to policyholders, compensation may
Please call us on 0800 032 6528                                          be available. Insurance advising and arranging is covered for 90%of
Or write to us, at:                                                      the claim without any upper limit. For compulsory classes of insurance,
                                                                         insurance advising and arranging is covered for 100% of the claim,
Churchill pet insurance                                                  without any upper limit. Information can be obtained on request, or by
PO Box 106                                                               visiting the Financial Services Compensation Scheme
37 Broad Street
BS99 7NQ
                                            If you have any queries,
                                        please call our customer care line

                                        0800 032 6528  Mon–Fri 8am–9pm, Sat 9am–5pm & Sun 10am–5pm

                                                                                                                                                                                                       CHP15 0110
Churchill Insurance Company Limited, Churchill Court, Westmoreland Road, Bromley, Kent BR1 1DP. Registered in England number 02252947. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

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