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									Office Equipment Rental Starting up a small business is not that easy especially when it comes to financing. Even a simple home office may require a big budget if you plan to purchase equipment like a computer, fax machine, copier, printer, etc. But what if you only have a limited budget? How can you stretch your available budget in starting a business? The answer is by leasing business equipment. What is Business Equipment Leasing? Simply put, business equipment leasing is renting the devices you need from an equipment leasing company. Thus, instead of purchasing equipment and paying for them in full, you can obtain all the equipment you need to start your business and pay for them in installments. By spending less on equipment, an entrepreneur can use his available funds for other aspects of the business such as on hiring workers or on advertising. Leasing business equipment has other advantages. A new business can acquire state-ofthe-art equipment without spending a fortune. Through leasing, your working capital will not be tied up to the devices you’ve purchased. Any time you need to change or update your equipment, it would be easy to do so without worrying about investments. Where can you avail of business equipment leasing services? Leasing services can be obtained from a captive leasing company, independent lessors or with the help of a leasing broker. Larger companies usually lease equipment from captive leasing companies while smaller business entrepreneurs can lease from independent lessors or through a reliable broker. Banks and equipment leasing companies independent lessors. Brokers on the other hand, can help you find potential leasing companies more easily. Brokers would be the one to make arrangements with a bank or an equipment leasing company. If you’re not familiar with leasing procedures, a trusted broker can help you find a good leasing deal that is most suitable for your type of business. However, even if you decide to seek assistance from a leasing broker, it’s best to do some research yourself. Check online for potential equipment leasing companies and do some comparisons. Examine the leasing company’s terms and conditions and see to it that it matches your business finances. Choose a leasing company who would be willing to work with you as a business partner. A good equipment leasing provider should be willing to answer all your questions and to give you the assistance you need. Aside from providing equipment, a leasing company should also offer additional customer support and training especially on handling the equipment.
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