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DEPARTMENT: Financial and Management Services/Information Resources Management/
            Publications Management


Performs responsible technical work in the management, planning, organizing and coordination of
County documents.

Manages the day-to-day operations of the County's Publications Management Office. Serves as network
administrator for Publications Management server. Serves as Assistant Webmaster for the County,
helping to oversee technical management and maintenance of both the Internet and the Intranet web
sites. Assists Graphic Design Specialist with workflow when necessary. Performs supervisory work and
complex operation of word processing, desktop publishing, and electronic document management
systems. Work is performed under the general supervision of the Director of Information Resources


Supervises the Publications Management Office; schedules and coordinates work flow including
ensuring work request forms are properly completed, reviews deadlines for work, sets priorities of work
handled in the office, informs users of deadline problems, negotiates deadlines as necessary, informs
users of work completion, assigns all work received.

Serves as Assistant Webmaster for the County on both the Internet and Intranet. As Assistant to the

C   Helps design and maintain the County's Internet web site and the additional five Internet sites also
    maintained by the County (Economic Development, Parks and Recreation, Protected with Pride, Be
    Water Smart, and Williamsburg Area Transport);
C   Creates and updates intranet pages for publications including Policies and Procedures, Handbook,
    County Code, Phone Manual pages, etc., ensuring the most accurate information is posted for
    employee use;
C   Helps analyze web sites for inaccuracies;
C   Coordinates design implementation with webbies and outside parties;
C   Assists in managing update process of web pages on both Internet and Intranet;
C   Assists in managing site for ethical appropriateness and future policies including management of
    links and their usability;
C   Works with internet service provider to assure timely updates.
C   Works with Information Technology staff and service provider to troubleshoot problems with
    Internet site(s) and the intranet site;

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Serves as network administrator for Publications Management server. Creates and deletes directories
and subdirectories on the server. Assists Information Technology in establishing directories for other
users connected to the server, maintaining tight control of access. Monitors performance of server and
usage; determines when to request upgrades.

Generates electronic forms or revises existing forms in accordance with County form standards to be
fillable on-or off-line for departments/divisions and posts form to the Internet and/or intranet.

Trains and updates users on the use of electronic forms.

Provides “Help Desk” services to County employees by answering software questions for County
employees and providing brief training, when necessary. Also handles Internet and intranet questions,
and general information on County services.

Assists County offices in determining, defining, and fulfilling word processing and desktop publishing
needs; makes suggestions for improved methods as necessary; provides staff support to design, procure,
implement, and review independent word processing applications, including PC word processing
applications; and, provides ongoing staff support for independent applications as requested by the

Coordinates the production of the final County budget document; ensures correct formatting of
document; verifies document's accuracy and assists in document preparation as requested by the
Director of Financial and Management Services.

Assists Accounting Supervisor in the production of the County and Service Authority Financial

Coordinates with the local newspaper to ensure that public notices for financial statements are submitted
in proper format for publication in the newspaper.

Converts and/or scans documents into PDF format for placement on the James City County Internet
and/or intranet.

Serves as co-chair of the employee newsletter editorial team, coordinating the solicitation, collection,
and compilation of news articles and the layout and printing of final product.

Prepares and administers Publications Management's budget including goals and objectives according to
long-range plans and mission statement set by Department Head and senior management; ensures
financial control of expenditures against approved budget.

Maintains accurate statistical reports on an individual basis (total lines, rushes, dictations, faxes, design
jobs, flowcharting, etc.); compiles monthly reports and analyzes production statistics for department;
enters reports using microcomputer and appropriate software.

Manages and coordinates productivity improvement, performance measurement, and innovation projects
for the office.

Evaluates present hardware, software, and procedures in the word processing area and initiates or
recommends changes; participates in the evaluation of procurement options for both equipment and

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software; trains all level of County staff in their use and assists with questions or problem resolution;
keeps abreast of new technology, procedures, and equipment in the field.

Manages and trains assigned personnel; provides guidance and training; maintains current position
descriptions and performance standards for each employee; conducts performance reviews and
evaluations; initiates and recommends actions such as hiring, disciplinary actions, etc.; conducts staff
meetings as required.

Proofreads typed copy produced in the office for text, content, spelling, punctuation, grammar, and
typographical errors; ensures completeness and accuracy of all documents; verifies the accuracy of
statistical documents, advises author of any discrepancies to be resolved; assists departments in deciding
grammar and format standards.

Performs minor maintenance on equipment, such as, changing toner cartridges, changing feed rollers,
loading paper, clearing paper jams, cleaning equipment, etc.; installs software and requests and monitors
major hardware maintenance and upgrades.

Maintains separate optical backups of permanent and critical County documents.

Actively partners with Graphic Design; proofreads work processed by the Graphic Designer; assists with
workload as needed, including supportive design and photo editing work.

Prepares quarterly work program; analyzes requirements for upcoming quarter.

Practices continuous learning through individual study, classroom training, seminars, and conferences.

May be required to report to work to serve customers during emergency conditions. May be assigned to
report at a different time and location and to perform different duties as necessary.

Promotes and ensures proper employee training and compliance with County safety program and
departmental safety procedures; ensures that all equipment, materials, and work conditions are
adequately maintained to prevent accidents.

Performs related work as required.


Duties performed in an office setting. Operates office equipment such as computer, scanner, fax
machine, telephone, dictation equipment, calculator, etc.


Thorough knowledge of word processing, desktop publishing, electronic forms, and related software,
and dictation equipment and operation and routine maintenance of all equipment.

Thorough knowledge of standard English grammar, punctuation, spelling, and use of calculator.

Thorough knowledge of proper formatting and layout of correspondence, reports, charts, graphics, and
the like for business purposes.

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Thorough knowledge of County and Department policies and procedures, and rules and regulations.

Thorough knowledge of HTML and creation of documents and web pages.

Thorough knowledge of worldwide web practices and procedures such as e-mail, FTP, etc., and a
working familiarity with the graphic design process.

Thorough knowledge of graphic design/paint programs software (Photoshop) to be used with the
Internet to include gif and jpg files.

Considerable knowledge of Microsoft Front Page, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe GoLive CS,
Adobe Acrobat Pro, and WordPerfect.

Ability to analyze, evaluate and recommend improved procedures, techniques, and equipment.

Ability to maintain confidentiality of information.

Ability to produce creative documents for users.

Ability to plan and coordinate multiple office functions.

Ability to proofread, research files, and logically organize information.

Ability to provide training and assistance to all levels of users of word processing and desktop
publishing services.

Ability to make accurate mathematical calculations.

Ability to organize and manage several projects simultaneously and meet deadlines.

Ability to follow complex oral and written instructions.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with department users, vendors, and

Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Ability to acquire needed skills to be proficient with the execution of certain computer-based programs
such as WS_FTP Pro, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Powerpoint, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft
Publisher, OmniPage Pro, Omniform, Photoshop, Front Page, and HTML and programming software
(web page design).

Ability to exercise independent judgment.

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Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems. Extensive experience and training in the
operation of word processing and desktop publishing computer equipment on a production basis in a
supervisory capacity; considerable training in managing, producing, and editing electronic forms;
extensive skills in creating and managing a web site to include the use of HTML and/or programming
software (ActiveX, JavaScript, etc.); or any equivalent combination of acceptable education and
experience providing the knowledge, abilities, and skills cited above.


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 Position Title Publications Management Supervisor      Position Number ____505______________
 Department FMS                                         Division IRM/Publications Management___

 The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that we identify the general aptitudes and physical
 requirements needed to perform the job listed above. Individuals who have the position must be able to
 perform all essential job functions unaided or with reasonable accommodation.

 I.   Mental Abilities:      General learning ability. The ability to “catch on” or understand
                             instructions and underlying principles.

      : Ability to understand and follow oral instruction
      : Ability to understand and follow written instruction
      : Ability to guide and/or give instructions
      : Ability to make decisions in accordance with established procedures and policies
      “ Not essential to job function

 II. Verbal Abilities: Ability to understand meanings of words and ideas associated with them and
       to use them effectively. To comprehend language, to understand relationships between words, and
       to understand meanings of whole sentences and paragraphs. To present information or ideas

1. Speaking/Talking:                                  2. Hearing/Listening:

  :    Answer telephone, radio or switchboard            :    For communication with County officials,
  :    Communicating with County officials                    public, vendors, supervisors and/or other
  :    Communicating with general public                      employees
  :    Communicating with vendors                        “    Not essential to job function.
  “    Communicating with supervisors and/or
       with other employees                           3. Reading: (ability to read and understand text)
  “    Communicating with other ____________
       ___________________________________               :    Essential to job function
  “    Not essential to job functions                    “    Not essential to job function

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III. Numerical: Ability to perform arithmetic operations quickly and accurately.

   : Ability to mentally perform accurate two digit calculations
   : Ability to perform accurate calculations aided
        by a calculator, adding machine or measurement device

IV. Spatial Abilities: Ability to comprehend forms in space and understand relationships of plane
                        and solid objects. May be used in such tasks as blue print reading and in
                        solving geometry problems. Frequently described as the ability to
                        Avisualize@ objects of two or three dimensions, or to think visually of
                        geometric forms.

    “ Essential function
    : Not essential function

V. Motor Coordination: Ability to coordinate eyes and hands or fingers rapidly and accurately
                               in making precise movements with speed.           Ability to make a
                               movement response accurately and quickly.

1. Manual Dexterity: Ability to move the hands easily and skillfully. To work with the hands in
                         placing and turning motions.

    : Use telephone                           : Manipulate computer keyboard and mouse
    “ Use switchboard                         “   Use postage machine
    “ Use radio/console                       “   Use hand tools
    : Use a calculator                        “   Use power tools
    : Use a copy machine                      “   Other:_________________________________
    “ Use a fax machine                       “   Not essential to job function

2. Finger Dexterity: Ability to move the fingers and manipulate small objects with the fingers
                        rapidly or accurately. For example: electrical wiring.

    : Essential to job function
    ‘ Not essential to job function

    Explain: ______________________________________________________________________

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VI. Physical Demands:

1. Strength: The quality, state or property of being strong. The power to withstand strain, force,
                or stress.

                             Please check (U) in appropriate boxes below.

  Ability to manipulate materials and/or equipment (lbs)               Frequency of Manipulation
              5!     5-10 10-15 15-25 25-50 50%                     Occasionally Frequently Continuously
   Lift                               U                                              U
 Push/Pull                                    U                         U
Hold/Carry            U                                                              U

Manipulation done from: : ground to waist    “ waist level “ waist to shoulder “ above shoulder
                                     (Check all that apply)

Not essential to job function: “ Lift       “ Push/Pull          “ Hold/Carry (Check all that apply)

2. Climbing: To move up or mount by using the hands or feet.

           Ladders                           Stairways                          Steps

    “Step stool                         “   1 flight                        “   1-2
    “8' to 10' step ladder              “   2 flights                       “   2-3
    “Extension ladder                   “   3 or more flights               “   3-4
    “Other ________________             “   Other ________________          “   Other _______________
    : Not essential to job function     :   Not essential to job function   :   Not essential to job

3. Ability to Stand, Sit, Walk, and Run:

                             Please check (U) in appropriate boxes below.

                  Duration (hours/day)                        Occasionally Frequently Continuously
              0-1   1-3     3-5    5-7         7-9      9%
   Stand      U                                                                   U
    Sit                                        U                                               U
   Walk        U                                                                  U

If walking or running, over what type of terrain?    : flat         “ rough        “ both

Not essential to job function:    “ Stand      “ Sit     “ Walk      : Run (Check all that apply)

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4. Stooping, Kneeling, Crouching, and /or Crawling:

   To bend forward or down from the middle of the waist or the middle of the back, to bend
   downwards, to lower oneself and/or to move freely on hands and knees.

                                          Daily Amounts

   : 0-5x            “   5-20x        “    20-50x               “   50+x
   “ Other                                                      “   Not essential to job function

5. Reaching, Handling, Fingering, and/or Feeling:

     To stretch out, extend, or put forth a bodily part. To touch or grasp something, by extending or
     stretching. To touch, lift, hold or operate with the hands.

                                          Daily Amounts

   : 0-5x            “   5-20x        “    20-50x               “   50+x
   “ Other                                                      “   Not essential to job function

6. Seeing: To perceive or comprehend by the sense of sight.

   Essential to job function: These characteristics are necessary (Check all that apply)
      “ Peripheral vision
      “ Night vision
      : Focus (distinctness or clarity)
      : Color perception (discriminate between colors)
      “ Depth perception (determine distance relationship between objects)

VII. Driving: The ability to transfer or convey in a vehicle.

Transmission               Standard              Automatic               Multi-Gears

Car                           “                :                    “
Van                           “                “                    “
Small Truck                   “                “                    “
Medium Truck                  “                “                    “
Large Truck                   “                “                    “
Truck w/Equipment             “                “                    “
Heavy Bus Equipment           “                “                    “
Not essential to job function :                “                    :
Other (list) __________________________________________________________________________

Revised: May 10, 2006

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