Maximizing Participation Project (MPP) by bum19821


									Maximizing Participation
    Project (MPP)
What is MPP?
   MPP is a program that can help you and
    your family.
   The goal of MPP is to help you provide for
    yourself and your family, so you no longer
    need cash assistance. This may be by
    gathering more information to help you get
    SSI, or by helping you with the problems
    that currently prevent you from being
Who can participate in MPP?
You may be able to participate in MPP if:
      You have a disability that keeps you
       from working
      You care for a disabled family member
      You have a problem you would like to
       have help with
      You have trouble getting or keeping a
Is MPP mandatory?

   If you have received less than 60 months of
    cash assistance, you can volunteer for MPP
    at any time. You may even be able to stop
    your TANF “clock” if you volunteer for MPP.
   If you are past 60 months of cash
    assistance, then you may be required to
    participate in MPP in order to receive
    Extended TANF benefits.
Who will help me?

   A MPP case manager will help you make
    your way through the system
   You and your MPP case manager will
    choose a team of experts who will help
    you and your family
The MPP team can include
members from:
    Mental Health/Mental Retardation
    Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
    Drug and Alcohol
    Disability Advocate (DAP)
    Housing
    Children and Family Services
    Domestic Violence
    Any other agency who can help you and
     your family
More about the MPP Team:
   Remember – not all of the experts will
    be part of your team.
   Only the experts that apply to your
    situation will be on your team.
   Of course, the most important member
    of the team is. . .
       You – the MPP Participant!
What MPP can do for you:

   Help you connect with needed
    treatments or services.
   Help to resolve problems your children
    may be having in school.
   Help to resolve housing problems.
   Provide additional documentation that
    will support your SSI application.
Can I get Special Allowances?
   Yes, you can get transportation and child
    care assistance to help you meet the goals
    of your MPP Service Plan.
    • The MPP Service Plan is a written
      agreement between you and the MPP
    • You must be cooperating with the goals
      of your MPP Service Plan in order to be
      eligible for special allowances.
MPP sounds great!!!
What do I do to sign up?
    Tell your caseworker you want to be in
What happens next?
 Your caseworker will refer you to a
 MPP case manager who will:
     Schedule an enrollment interview
      to discuss your situation.
     Soon after that, you will meet with
      the MPP team and develop a
      Service Plan that is designed just
      for you and your family.

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