International Security Assistance Force

       Issue 54 June 2009

                                               OFFICIAL MAGAZINE OF ISAF
              COMISAF Intent
    n full partnership with the growing in-      es against the insurgents’ strategy and
    stitutions of the Islamic Republic of        others who forcibly oppose the progress
    Afghanistan, and within the means            of this campaign. We will assist in demon-
 allocated by NATO and the many nations          strating the growing capacity of ANSF to

                                                                                                    Waiting on
 supporting the mission, ISAF demon-             meet the GIRoA’s security challenges, and
 strates NATO’s commitment to the secu-          will operate in such a way as to demon-
 rity, reconstruction and the extension of       strate respect for the Afghan people and

 governance in Afghanistan. Further, ISAF        their culture in order to effect their direct
 demonstrates both the will and capacity to      support of our endeavor.
 apply irresistible force by, through, and in
 support of Afghan National Security Forc-

              ISAF Mission

          onduct military operations in the assigned area of operations to assist the govern-
          ment of Afghanistan in the establishment and maintenance of a safe and secure
          environment with full engagement of Afghan National Security Forces, in order to
extend government authority and influence, thereby facilitating Afghanistan’s reconstruc-
tion and contributing to regional stability.

                                                                                                 General Stanley McChrystal
                                                                                                     Commander, ISAF
Force Strength by Nation

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      www.NAtO.INt/ISAF                                                                                             ISAF MIRROR JUNE 2009                         3
             REGIONAL COMMANd
Afghan Boy Receives Hospital’s First Adjustable Crutches

       he first adjustable                                                                                           instructors, offered their
       crutches are now in                                                                                           help to the Camp Holland
       use at International                                                                                          hospital upon hearing about
Security Assistance Force’s                                                                                          the problem relating to the
(ISAF) Camp Holland med-                                                                                             non-adjustable crutches. The
ical facility in Tarin Kowt.                                                                                         ATTS offers 8-week training
   ISAF military staff from                                                                                          courses for Afghans in car-
the Australian Trade and                                                                                             pentry, plumbing, as well as
Training School (ATTS)                                                                                               metal and steel work. A de-
presented the crutches to                                                                                            sign for adjustable crutches
the hospital Feb. 27. As a                                                                                           was prepared by an ATTS
result of these new crutch-                                                                                          instructor and presented as
es, physiotherapist Captain                                                                                          a project to a carpentry class.
Egon, was able to help a                                                                                             The student producing the
young Afghan patient with                                                                                            best product would offer his
his first steps that same                                                                                            creation to the hospital. The
day.                                                                                                                 winner of the project pre-
    “We are very happy with                                                                                          sented Captain Egon with
these new crutches because                                                                                           twelve pairs of crutches sized
the old ones were often                                                                                              for children and twelve for
cause for frustration,” said                                                                                         adults.
Captain Egon. “The old                                 start faster. Sometimes, patients had to                         The Role 2 medical facility
crutches didn’t fit well and sometimes we              wait a day in the hospital because we didn’t   has contracted the ATTS to deliver addi-
had to cut them to make them useable.”                 have suitable crutches. As a result of these   tional crutches over the next six months. In
   The new crutches features screws for                new ones, that problem is solved,” Egon        the future, the project may be able to offer
easy adjustment. “Now we can make them                 continued.                                     crutches to the Tarin Kowt Hospital as well
fit immediately so the rehabilitation can                The ATTS, staffed by Australian military     as area aid stations.

                                                       what he had said earlier in the day at a
NATO Secretary                                         joint press conference with Afghan Presi-
                                                       dent Hamid Karzai in that NATO takes
General Holds Media                                    great concern over the loss of life for in-
                                                       nocent Afghans who are caught in the
Roundtable at ISAF                                     crossfire of insurgent attacks.
                                                         “One civilian casualty is one too many,”
Headquarters                                           he explained. “We will be as prudent and
                                                       careful as we can to prevent civilian cas-
     U.S. Air Force Technical Sergeant Brenda Nipper   ualties, but we cannot forget that a ma-
                      ISAF HQ Public Affairs           jority of those who are killed are caused
                                                       by enemy forces. Any case where NATO

         ATO will support the forthcom-                forces are at fault will be investigated
         ing Afghanistan presidential elec-            thoroughly.”
         tions. That was one of the mes-                 Scheffer is currently concluding an
sages conveyed in a media roundtable                   assessment tour of NATO operations
session by NATO Secretary General Jaap                 around Afghanistan. He and visiting am-
de Hoop Scheffer in the main conference                bassadors of the North Atlantic Council
room at ISAF Headquarters.                             visited various Forward Operating Bases
   Taking questions from members of the                throughout the country to assess that sta-
local Afghan media as well as the Associ-              tus of forces.
ated Press, Scheffer offered that Afghani-               “Overall, the delegation felt it was a
stan’s presidential elections will be “free,           good visit,” he said. “I cannot agree with
clear and credible with ISAF and NATO                  the conclusion that the Taliban is winning
forces standing by to support Afghan                   in Afghanistan. We have made significant
forces in the security of the election.”               progress over the last eight years and
   Scheffer also noted that the expansion              while there are still challenges, particu-
of troops will play vital role in ISAF’s mis-          larly in the south, we cannot assess that      operation of NATO and Afghan military
sion of supporting the country’s presiden-             we are losing.”                                forces as well as promoting the relation-
tial election.                                           According to Scheffer, success in Af-        ship the country has at the borders with
   The Secretary General also reaffirmed               ghanistan will require the continued co-       Pakistan.

    4           ISAF MIRROR JUNE 2009l
                                                             tate and support the arrangements that           The Election Task Force is working in
Securing the Vote                                            need to be in place to allow that to oc-
                                                                                                           a supporting role but officials want it to
                                                                                                           be noted that their counterparts in the
           U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Terry Matlock      As with many events in Afghanistan,        Afghanistan government are doing their
                          ISAF HQ Public Affairs             there are many challenges that have to        part as well.
                                                             be dealt with to ensure that the people          “It is important to realize that when

       here are many things on the plates                    of Afghanistan can move freely to cast        viewed over all, the organizations that
       of those coordinating and running                     their votes in a safe society.                are responsible for the security, in the
       the Afghanistan security effort at                       “The ongoing concerns with active,         first instance are the Afghan National
the International Security Assistance                        and very worrisome with some respects,        Security Forces (ANSF). The Afghani-
Force (ISAF) Headquarters in Kabul                           insurgency needs to be at the forefront       stan National Army (ANA) the Afghan
Afghanistan, but the Afghanistan presi-                      of our security considerations when we        National Police (ANP), are working very
dential election is one that continually                     work to plan our support in their elec-       hard to insure that the best possible se-
ranks higher and higher as time moves                        tion activities, “said Cantwell. “Of course   curity arrangements are in place to allow
forward.                                                     some other areas are that we have a           the elections to occur,” says Cantwell,
   For one person in particular, election                    changing democratic process for the           “of course ISAF is in a position to pro-
security is the only plate that exists.                      government and the people of Afghani-         vide support to those indigenous and in-
   Australian General Damian Cantwell                        stan to work through, but I am sure we        tegral ANSF and other organizations.”
is chief of the Election Task Force at                       will be able to provide support where it          There are many moving parts when
ISAF Headquarters and is in charge of                        is appropriate to allow that to occur.”       one takes into account all the troops in-
coordinating all security activities be-                        “I would categorize the risk as many       volved in a support operation this big.
tween ISAF and the various organiza-                         and varied” Cantwell replied when             It could be a daunting task but Cantwell
tion that will provide security for the                      asked about threats associated with           stated that the Election Task Force has
upcoming elections.                                          election activities. “Some of the insur-      it all in their capable hands.
   Much of General Cantwells attention                       gency groups pose a security threat not          “There are a number of actions yet
is on ensuring that ISAF will be able to                     just to the process of the elections but to   to be undertaken and completed, there
support the Afghanistan National Secu-                       the safety and security of the people at      are some force flow issues for instance,
rity Forces (ANSF) in the coming elec-                       large,” said the task force commander.        placement of troops and allocation of
tions. “We need to remember that this                        “There are things that clearly need to be     troops where appropriate across the
is an Afghan led activity and it is impor-                   addressed as far as security, and to help     ISAF plain, supporting the local organi-
tant to understand that this is a process                    facilitate a sense of confidence and well     zations. We are confident we are going
which is being conducted by the Afghan                       being amongst the community. So as to         to have these measures in place for the
people, for the people,” Cantwell added.                     allow them to be encouraged to take part      elections.”
“What we are seeking to do is to facili-                     in this democratic process.”                     General Cantwell then expanded on
                                                                                                           force strength and the possibilies of
Kabul, Afghanistan -- Brigadier General Damian Cantwell answers questions from U.S. Navy                   obtaining more troops. “There are a
Lieutenant Dave Hecht during a taped interview for inclusion into the International Security               number of additional countries provid-
Assistant Forces (ISAF) weekly “ASK ISAF” feature. General Cantwell is currently serving as                ing additional troops and those troops
ISAF’s Election Task force chief who is responsible for coordinating all security requirements that        are very welcome. There are a number
the Afganistan Government may need in the upcomming Presidential Election. ISAF photo by                   of formal and informal offers that con-
U.S. Navy Petty Officer Terry Matlock.                                                                     tinue to be negotiated and acted on. We
                                                                                                           are looking to build strength of about
                                                                                                           90,000 ISAF troops across the coun-
                                                                                                              Once one takes into account all the
                                                                                                           pieces of this giant puzzle, planning
                                                                                                           then becomes a very important step in
                                                                                                           reaching the desired goal. Organizing on
                                                                                                           a scale this large can be difficult when
                                                                                                           considering all the assets and resources
                                                                                                           that are available over several organiza-
                                                                                                           tions each having to be coordinated and
                                                                                                           their needs addressed.
                                                                                                              “One part of this process will be to
                                                                                                           conduct a series of rehearsals at differ-
                                                                                                           ent levels to ensure that those organiza-
                                                                                                           tions of ANA, ANP and NDS, are work-
                                                                                                           ing together and where we can provide
                                                                                                           additional support when requested to
                                                                                                           allow that interaction and integration
                                                                                                           to occur. We will ensure all those sorts
                                                                                                           of actions that are requested from ISAF,
                                                                                                           as we approach election day, and dur-
                                                                                                           ing and beyond that time, are able to
                                                                                                           be provided in a timely and appropriate

    www.NAtO.INt/ISAF                                                                                      ISAF MIRROR JUNE 2009             5
              REGIONAL COMMANd
29 Royal Artillery
Regiment Prepares
to Head Home.
   U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Aramis X. Ramirez
                        ISAF HQ Public Affairs

       ew people can imagine what they
       would accomplish by the age of 26.
             But for British Captain Adrian
Ford, Officer in Charge of Delta Troop, 8
ALMA Battery Commando 29 Royal Artil-                    MUSA QAL’EH, Afghanistan--Members of Delta Troop 8 ALMA Battery Commando 29 Royal Artillery Regi-
lery Regiment (RAR) at Forward Operat-                   ment (RAR) stand for a group photo at Forward Operating Base Edinburgh on March 10, 2009. The 29 RAR,
ing Base Edinburgh in southern Afghani-                  composed of British and Australian gunners, recently compled its six month tour and headed back in May. ISAF
                                                         photo by U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Aramis X. Ramirez.
stan, one accomplishment he can add is a
leadership position for his second Middle                     Delta and Charlie troops at FOB                    CHARA in Nad-e Ali and HERRICK in
Eastern deployment in his two-and-a half                 Edinburgh and Patrol Base Silab, re-                    Musa Qal-eh.
year military career.                                    spectively, had specially integrated Aus-                    “They brought a lot of enthusiasm to
     “It’s a huge responsibility,” he said.              tralian gunners from the 4th Field Royal                the troop,” Ford said. “The international
“Our operations are triple checked and if                Regiment of Australian Artillery out of                 relationships between nations are an ex-
we’re slightly off, it can result in a casual-           Townsville, Australia. Ford attributed                  ample we can give to Afghan military
ty and that could bring a massive blow to                their integration as a key aspect to the                forces to show that cooperation is key to
our efforts, especially here in Afghanistan              string of successful missions over the last             winning any kind of conflict.”
where the battle first is to win hearts and              six months including operations SOND
minds of the people.”
     Ford said the last six months in Af-
ghanistan have been grueling, but spir-                                 ISAF Soldiers’
its remain high as the 29 RAR heads for
home. They’ll soon see their replacements                 Spinning Raises Funds for Afghan Children
from the 40 RAR arrive where they will

begin the turnover process before return-                          roops from several nations braved                One spinner, Dutch Army Captain El-
ing to Portsmouth, United Kingdom.                                 hot conditions at Kandahar Air                len De Jonge, worked for the entire day
     “I’d say the only challenge we’ve had                         Field on April 18 to conduct a                for what she believed was a great cause. “I
with this particular assignment is that we               spinning marathon to raise money for the                feel really good right now,” said De Jonge.
were a bit disjointed from what was going                charity, War Child International. War Child             “I have been here since October of last year
on outside of the FOB,” Ford explained.                  International proceeds are used for the pro-            and I have done a couple of marathons, but
“The gunnery operations that occur here                  motion of children’s rights through physi-              this one is the best. I leave here in about 10
are operations from a static position.                   cal education and tra-                                                           days and I am proud
Only when we rotate out to places like the               ditional Afghan games                                                            to say that this is my
local Roshan Tower, do the guys see and                  and music.                                                                       departing gift to the
interact with the local people. That’s very                 The marathon ran                                                              children of Afghani-
                                                         from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.                                                            stan.”
important because soldiers have to know
                                                         with people commit-                                                                Another      coordi-
why they’re here.”
                                                         ting to complete differ-                                                         nator for the event,
     Gunner Ryan Donahue, a world kick-
                                                         ent durations of time in                                                         Rene Derksen, a War-
boxing champion and Ultimate Fight-
                                                         the high endurance sta-                                                          rant Officer in the
ing Championship (UFC) fighter, said he                  tionary cycling event.                                                           Dutch Air Force, was
knew why he chose to temporarily put                        “I feel broken,” said Dutch Marine Cap-              proud of the participation and the amount
aside professional matches to serve his                  tain Didier Buddelmeijer, a certified spin-             of money the event raised for the children
country in Afghanistan.                                  ning instructor who also served as one of               of Afghanistan.
     “It’s not easy being in the military,               two coordinators for the event. “I am hurt-                “When we first looked into this event,
but it’s important,” he explained. “After                ing a little,” Buddelmeijer laughed, “but in            everyone thought it would be a good idea,”
six months, we can go home and say we                    the end it was really worth it.”                        said Derksen. “It took us a total of two hours
were part of something bigger. It hasn’t                    Over 40 spinners enrolled in the event               to get the whole event organized. It seems
been easy by any means, but the rewards                  and they all supported each other as curious            everyone was willing to donate time, equip-
in the end are what matters and that’s                   onlookers made donations to the cause.                  ment and personnel to the event.”
contributing to the peace process.”                         “I was impressed with the enthusiasm
                                                                                                                                              “It’s an eye
                                                                                                                    “We raised more than 9,700 dollars to-
     In all, the 29 RAR is composed of four              that everyone showed here today,” stated                                               opening
                                                                                                                 day,” stated a pleased Derksen. “It was more
troops each deployed to a different FOB                  Buddelmeijer. “It seems everyone got in-                money than we ever expected. The best part
or patrol base in the southern regions of                volved and had a great time. This event was             is, for every 20 dollars we get, War Child
the country.                                             far better than I could have ever expected.”            can support a child for a whole year.”

     6            ISAF MIRROR JUNE 2009l
SPIN BULDAK, Afghanistan--U.S. Army Colonel William Hix, Commander, Afghan Regional Security Integra-
tion Command (ARSIC) South reviews the graduates of the Afghan Border Patrol Focused Border Development       Afghan Security
Program with Major General Siafullah Hakim, Chief of the ABP, 3rd Zone, at a ceremony held outside the ABP
Border Center at Spin Buldak on April 2. ISAF photo by U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Aramis X. Ramirez.   Forces, Supported by
  200 Afghan Border Police Officers Graduate                                                                  ISAF, Discover
  from Development Program                                                                                    Weapons in Sangin.

    U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Aramis X. Ramirez                                                               he Afghan National Security Forces
                         ISAF HQ Public Affairs                                                                       (ANSF), supported by Internation-

         graduation ceremony was held on                  at the borders. Currently, the 3rd Zone of                  al Security Assistance Force (ISAF),
         April 2 for 200 members of the                   the ABP covers the borders with Iran and            recently conducted the latest in the Opera-
         Afghan Border Police (ABP), 3rd                  Pakistan.                                           tion GHARTSE PALANG series, targeting
Zone, who completed a seven-week Fo-                            “We are happy to inform that we are           known facilitators of Improvised Explo-
cused Border Development Training Pro-                    currently planning construction projects            sive Devices (IEDs) , disrupting the flow of
gram at the ABP Border Center in Spin                     to build or refurbish currently established         enemy weapons and funding in Helmand
Buldak, Afghanistan.                                      Border Police forts and centers all along           province’s Sangin area.
      The program is a joint training ven-                the south,” he said.
ture between International Security As-                                                                             One hundred and twenty ANA troops
                                                                Hix said he hopes to see the construc-
sistance Force (ISAF) Regional Command                    tion projects completed before the end of           were joined by approximately 120 ISAF
South and the Afghan Regional Security                    the year.                                           and 20 ANP members in the two-day
Integration Command (ARSIC) South. It                           Hakim joined Hix in handing out cer-          operation. Afghan security forces led all
was developed to further train Afghans                    tificates alongside instructors of the course       searches as ISAF provided support and as-
who have elected to serve in the Border                   to the graduates and commended his of-              sistance from specialized search teams.
Police Force by providing extended in-                    ficers on their “great courage in accepting               The operation resulted in the discov-
struction on infantry patrol, vehicle main-               further training to make them a stronger            ery of a number of small arms and rocket-
tenance and other military-like operations                force that will aid in keeping control if not       propelled grenade warheads, as well as
such as, road blocks and entry control                    ridding [Afghanistan] of insurgents.”
point procedures.                                                                                             raw opium and home-made explosives,
                                                                “I am confident this police force will
      “We developed this program to bet-                  provide the security needed to establish            demonstrating the link between the nar-
ter train Border Police Officers because we               ourselves once again,” Hakim continued.             cotics trade and the insurgency. All items
saw their initial training was either lack-               “The people will see us and depend on us,           were destroyed in a controlled explosion.
ing or non-existent,” said U.S. Army Colo-                and that will be our greatest accomplish-                 “The operation combined the capabil-
nel William Hix, Commander, ARSIC-                        ment.”                                              ities of ISAF forces with the skills of both
South, during a meet-and-greet with 3rd                         As this is the first group from the ABP       the ANA and the ANP, leading to the suc-
Zone Border Police Chief, Major General                   3rd Zone to complete this specially de-             cessful capture of a known Taliban sympa-
Siafullah Hakim.                                          veloped training program, RC-South and              thiser and financial supporter,” said Major
      Hix also explained that the develop-                ARSIC-South leaders hope to see at least
ment of this program was just the first in                                                                    Jonny Kitson, Commanding Officer of the
                                                          six graduations a year over the next four
several steps in rebuilding Afghan forces                 years.                                              British mentoring team.

       www.NAtO.INt/ISAF                                                                                      ISAF MIRROR JUNE 2009                7
Re-Commissioned 25th                                    Force (ISAF) Regional Command-South
                                                        (RC-S) area of operation as part of the ex-

Naval Construction                                      pansion of U.S. troops that was signed into
                                                        action by President Barack Obama.

Battalion Deploys to                                      The 25th Naval Construction Regiment
                                                        (NCR), which was re-commissioned last

Southern Afghanistan                                    year, deployed from Gulfport, Mississippi.
                                                        to Afghanistan in February, relieving the
                                                        outgoing 1st NCR.
  U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Aramis X. Ramirez     The last time the 25th NCR was stood up
                       ISAF HQ Public Affairs           was for a brief six-month period immedi-
                                                        ately after the Invasion of Normandy dur-

      reparations are currently under-                  ing WWII.
      way at Kandahar Air Field (KAF)                     “It’s quite a historical regiment to work
      to accommodate the increase in                    for,” said Capt. Jeffrey Borowy, 25th NCR
the number of personnel being deployed                  Commodore. “We’ve been preparing for
to the International Security Assistance                this deployment for over a year now, and

                                                                                                        everyone here is quite enthusiastic to be
                                                                                                        here and do a good job.”
                                                                                                           The 25th NCR consists of two battalions
                                                                                                        each in charge of different projects in and
                                                                                                        around RC-South. Those include leveling
                                                                                                        projects at KAF for helo operations as well
                                                                                                        as expansion projects for troop accommo-
                                                                                                        dations around Camp Bastion.
                                                                                                           Borowy, an engineering officer of 23
                                                                                                        years, explained that the 25th NCR will
                                                                                                        work in conjunction with various U.S.
                                                                                                        Army engineer battalions as well as civil-
                                                                                                        ian contractors to support the expansion
                                                                                                        of troops expected to arrive before the end
                                                                                                        of the spring.
                                                                                                           “The Army will do most of the planning
                                                                                                        for our projects and we’ll get out there and
                                                                                                        build,” he said. “The only challenge we see
                                                                                                        is getting the materials in a timely man-
                                                                                                        ner because we tend to work fast and furi-
                                                                                                           According to Borowy, the regiment will
                                                                                                        also coordinate contracts with the local Af-
                                                                                                        ghan community in construction projects.
                                                                                                           “It’s just one thing we can do while
                                                                                                        we’re here,” Borowy explained. “Offering
                                                                                                        the means to bolster the local economy by
                                                                                                        offering job opportunities is just as impor-
                                                                                                        tant as the fight against insurgency.”

European International Relations and Military Affairs
Experts Visit Afghanistan
                                   Story by               ule also allowed an opportunity to ex-           ISAF regional commands during their
                         ISAF Public Affairs            change views with local officials and ISAF      tour. Meet ing with troops and local Af-

       t the invitation of the Commander                commanders.                                     ghan people in the south, at Tarin Kowt,
       International Security and Assist-                 The party consisted of Roberta Bonazzi,       and also in the western provinces.
       ance Force (COMISAF) General                     a European Union public affairs expert,           As experts in international relations,
David McKiernan, four key European in-                  Professor Michael Clarke, Director of the       the touring party also conducted round
ternational relations and military affairs              Royal United Services Institute for De-         tables with COMISAF, Afghan Parliamen-
experts visited Afghanistan on a familiari-             fence and Security Studies, Etienne de Du-      tarians, and various Non-Government
sation program from April 2-5.                          rand, Director of the Ifri’s Security Studies   Organisations. The visit also included
  The program provided an overview of-                  Centre, and Professor Rob de Wijk,              several meetings at different embassies.
current ISAF operations and the sched-                    Director of HCSS. They visited several

     8            ISAF MIRROR JUNE 2009l
                                                                         Romanian                        Visarion Neagoe, Commander of the Ro-
                                                                                                         manian Joint Operational Command,
                                                                         Mentors                         and General Jamaludin, Commander of
                                                                                                         the Afghan National Army (ANA) Second
                                                                         Transfer                        Brigade, along with other Afghan military
                                                                         Authority in                       Addressing the outgoing OMLT, Briga-
                                                                                                         dier Neagoe remarked: “I want to thank
                                                                         Zabul                           you for everything you accomplished dur-
                                                                                                         ing this mission and I commend your ef-
                                                                                             Story by    forts towards reconstruction in Afghani-
                                                                                   ISAF Public Affairs   stan and helping the Afghan people.”
                                                                                                            The 14-member OMLT mentors the

                                                                      transfer of authority              ANA in a variety of areas from develop-
                                                                      ceremony between                   ing training plans and organising instruc-
                                                                      the incoming and                   tional courses to carrying out joint patrols
                                                               outgoing Romanian Opera-                  in Qalat district.
                                                               tional Mentor and Liaison                    “I wish to express my gratitude for what
                                                               Teams (OMLT) took place                   you are doing for our army and also for
Romanian Brigadier Visarion Neagoe receives a salute during a on March 11 in Zabul prov-                 our people,” General Jamaludin said “You
Transfer of Authority ceremony between the incoming and outgo- ince’s Qalat district.                    are brave soldiers and you teach us many
ing Romanian Operational Mentor and Liaison Teams on March        Participants of the cer-               things which we are using in our mis-
11. (ISAF photo)                                               emony included Brigadier                  sions.”

  RC South, ARSIC-                                       military forces in an effort to increase de-    and therefore they need training and
                                                         tection of Improvised Explosive Devices         equipment, and of course, the combina-
  South Open IED                                         (IED) while simultaneously reducing the         tion of both. The training should be sim-
                                                         number of casualties caused by such de-         ple, feasible, obtainable and realistic.”
  Trainer for ANSF                                       vices.                                             Toy explained that the plan for training
                                                           The trainer itself consists of a kilome-      will include a “Train the Trainer” course
   U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Aramis X. Ramirez   tre-long road in an open field that extends     to be offered to Afghan National Army
                        ISAF HQ Public Affairs           beyond the borders of FOB Walton with           and Police (ANP) Non-Commissioned Of-

       ribbon-cutting ceremony was                       various stations that will test and teach       ficers (NCO). The goal is to maintain self-
       held marking the opening of Af-                   Afghan military forces about the various        sustained training that will extend to local
       ghanistan’s first Explosive Hazard                types of IEDs currently being found by          Afghans, which in turn will progressively
Awareness Training (EHAT) lane at For-                   coalition forces operating in Afghanistan.      lead to the ANA and ANP taking control
ward Operating Base Walton in the Kan-                     Construction on the training lane was         of the training completely with both ISAF
dahar province on March 10.                              completed March 3. Colonel Stanley E.           and ARSIC standing by for support.
  Troops deployed to ISAF Regional                       Toy, Chief, Counter-IED Branch at RC               “The end state we’ll see will be the ANP
Command-South (RC-S) worked in con-                      South, spearheaded the development of           and ANA will be more aware of the IED
junction with personnel from Afghanistan                 the EHAT trainer.                               threats that they are likely to encounter,
Regional Security Integration Command                      “This lane will definitely save lives,” he    further enhancing their situational aware-
(ARSIC) South to plan and construct the                  said at the opening ceremony. “The Af-          ness which will ultimately contribute to
training that will be conducted for Afghan               ghan people need freedom of movement            their survivability,” Toy said.

Local Man’s Vigilance
                                                                                                         ately placed in an area near local shops,
Prevents Carnage in
                                                            central Lashkar Gah. He reported it to
                                                         the ANP who, suspecting the package to          the police training centre and a busy street
                                                                                                         where there was a very high risk of inno-
Lashkar Gah
                                                         be a possible Improvised Explosive Device
                                                         (IED), quickly notified the ISAF Police         cent civilians being killed or injured,” said
                                         Story by        Mentoring Team.                                 Captain Tom Bennett, 11 EOD Regiment,
                               ISAF Public affairs          The suspicions were confirmed when an        Royal Logistic Corps, who heads up the 10-
                                                         IED was discovered. The ANP rapidly cor-        man team which dealt with the device.
                                                         doned-off the area, clearing people away          “What is very encouraging is that this

       he quick-thinking of a local man                  to a safe distance whilst an ISAF Explosive     was a result of a local person being aware,
       helped the Afghan National Police                 Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team safely de-         and reporting his suspicions quickly to the
       (ANP), supported by International                 stroyed the IED in a controlled explosion.      local authorities – in my eyes, he is the
Security Assistance Force (ISAF) troops,                    The device is believed to have contained     real hero as his actions almost certainly
prevent an insurgent bomb planted in a                   around 5kg of home-made explosives. It          prevented deaths and injuries,” added
busy area of Lashkar Gah from detonating                 had been deliberately placed in an area         Captain Bennett. “This is another sign of
on March 9.                                              frequented by both local civilians and ANP      how the Afghan National Security Forces
  At around 11 a.m., a local man spotted a               where its detonation could have caused          are increasingly able to provide security
bicycle carrying a suspicious package that               numerous casualties.                            and keep the people of Lashkar Gah safe
had been left near the old police headquar-                 “This is typical of the tactics being used   from those who seek to undermine peace
ters, now used to train local ANP, in                    by the insurgents – an IED was deliber-         and stability.”

     www.NAtO.INt/ISAF                                                                                   ISAF MIRROR JUNE 2009                9
A collection of stories that highlight the work that the Afghan National Army and
the Afghan National Police are providing throughout the country.

Shouz ANP Deliver                                         dles of plastic tarps, 10 bundles of blankets,
                                                          177 bags of rice, 152 bags of flour, 57 bags
Aid to Mazen                                              of coal, 38 bags of beans, 27 cases of cook-
                                                          ing oil, 9 bundles of sugar, and 2 large boxes
Ahmadi Village                                            of tea. Shoes for men, women and children
                                                          were also given to the villagers, along with
        U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Monica Nelson   300 soccer balls.
                        ISAF HQ Public Affairs              “We have seven checkpoints from Aziza-
                                                          bad to Haki Safed,” Due to vehicle check-

        fghan National Police (ANP) from                  points in this area the surrounding villages
        Shouz in Herat province provided                  are becoming more secure.
        humanitarian assistance to Mazen                    The humanitarian aid delivery was the
Ahmadi village, April 18.                                 second time Osman had been to Mazen Ah-
   “We have had good security in our village              madi.                                               Osman was optimistic about the future of
for about two years now,” said village elder                “The first time was like seven months ago.     the Afghan National Security Forces. “Right
Fhaz Mohammad. “The ANP have check-                       There was a man on the street taking money       now we have better security than we used to
points near here and we never have to have                from the people, so we came to the villages      have. I hope the ANA and the ANP can grow
any contact with Taliban.”                                and told them to feed us information so we       stronger and cooperate to improve the situ-
   Mohammad also spoke of village needs                   could provide security for them,” said Os-       ation even further.”
and a great winter.                                       man. “That is what we are here for – to es-         ANP were assisted with security for the
   “Our biggest need is for more water                    tablish security and help the people.”           aid delivery by ARSIC-W and ISAF forces.
 pumps. We share one
 water pump between the
 villages in this area,” said
 Mohammed, pointing to
 the other villages. “We
 have a small school, but
 no chairs for the kids. We
 need a teacher for them,
    “But the winter was
 nice,” said Mohammed,
 continuing. “We had lots
 of rain and that is good
 because it means there is
 grass for our sheep. It also
 helps us with farming.”
    The village of about 300
 people primarily grows
 wheat, as farmers are
 switching from poppy to
 wheat due to efforts in the
 region. Though Moham-
 med declined they grew
 latter, small poppy fields
 in and around his village
 said otherwise.
    Delivered to the village
 by the ANP were 12 bun-

   10           ISAF MIRROR JUNE 2009l
  ANA, ISAF Provide Support to Earthquake Victims

        fghan National Security Forces            five-ton truck with relief supplies such as   most seriously affected area.
        (ANSF) in conjunction with In-            blankets, tents, food and water to the vil-     Afghan officials were already on scene
        ternational Security Assistance           lage. The team had difficulty reaching the    and had already begun the evacuation of
Force (ISAF) soldiers provided aid                site because of the remote location of the    the injured.
to earthquake victims in Sherzad                                                                         Upon the PRT’s arrival, ISAF
District, Nangarhar province, Af-                                                                      troops began to provide medical
ghanistan.                                                                                             assistance to some of the victims,
  The earthquake, which was re-                                                                        while local officials, elders and Af-
ported at 5.5 on the Richter magni-                                                                    ghan National Army (ANA) troops
tude scale, occured at approximately                                                                   distributed the supplies.
at 4 a.m. Local officials report that                                                                    ISAF’s support is part of a coordi-
19 people died, 51 were injured and                                                                    nated Goverment Islamic Republic
more than 290 families, estimat-                                                                       of Afghanistan (GIRoA) and Unit-
ed at 3,000 people, were effected                                                                      ed Nations Assistance Mission in
across a total of seven villages. The                                                                  Afghanistan (UNAMA) response to
most damage was reported in Sher-                                                                      the disaster.
zad District.                                                                                            ISAF is prepared to provide ad-
  ISAF’s Nangarhar Provincial Re-                                                                      ditional support if requested by the
construction Team (PRT) sent a                                                                         GIRoA.

MEDCAP at Ahmadi Village Helps 1100
U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Monica Nelson
                ISAF HQ Public Affairs

        Medical Civil Affairs                                                                               were coming here to help us.
        Program (MEDCAP) in-                                                                                Thank you so much fo helping
        volving nine Afghan Na-                                                                             Miled.”
tional Army hospital medical                                                                                   During the MEDCAP, ANA
personnel, (ANA) ISAF Italian                                                                               soldiers handed out rice, beans,
doctors, ISAF Slovenian doc-                                                                                flour, blankets, clothing and
tors and Afgan Regional Secu-                                                                               shoes. They also brought with
rity Intergration Ccommand-                                                                                 them the ANA 207th Corps
West (ARSIC-W) U.S. doctors                                                                                 Commander Major General
treated over 1100 men, women                                                                                Jalandar Shah Behnam, who
and children at Ahmadi village,                                                                             later visited with one of the
about 25 kilometers west of                                                                                 elders in his home.
Herat, Mar. 30. Security and an                                                                                “Most of the people’s homes
ambulance were also provided                                                                                have been damaged,” said
by the ANA for the event.                                                                                   Lieutenant Colonel Gohlam
   “They have never had medi-                                                                               Sakhi Kahn, lead of ANA’s
cal services here before,” said                                                                             Civil Military Cooperation and
Soraya, assistant chief nurse                                                                               Humanitarian Assistance. The
and a mid-wife at the ANA hos-                                                                              village of former Mujahedeen
pital in Herat who volunteered                                                                              fighters had approached the
her time at the MEDCAP.                                                                                     ANA and asked for assistance,
“The closest clinic to them is                                                                              citing their efforts in the past
an hours walk away. The next                                                                                to help the government and the
clinic takes at least two hours                                                                             lack of reciprocation thus far.
to reach by foot.”                                                                                          “Commander Behnam came
   Long lines formed on two                                                                                 to show them he cares about
sides of Ahmadi’s schoolhouse                                                                               them. He met with the elders
– one for the men and another                                                                               to tell them that as much as we
for women and children.                                                                                     can help them, we will.”
   “We have both been sick,”                                                                                   “We are very happy,” said
said Hamida, a mother hold-                                                                                 village elder Abdul Rahim
ing her limp son, Miled. “I                                                                                 who received medicine for his
had headaches and stomach                                                                                   headaches. “This is the first
problems. My baby has been                                                                                  time we have had a clinic in our
nauseous and lethargic since                                                                                area. A lot of people are getting
he was eight months old; he is                                                                              help here today that they have
now three. I was so very hap-                                                                               needed for a long time.”
py when I heard the doctors

      www.NAtO.INt/ISAF                                                                         ISAF MIRROR JUNE 2009                11
HERAT, Afghanistan--Afghan National Army (ANA) surgeons              TUDANAK, Afghanistan--Tudanak village elders greet
look for infection inside a patient’s abdominal area during a        Afghan National Police of Bala Baluk district during
second surgery at Camp Zafar on 8 April, 2009. The patient’s         the distribution of humanitarian aid to the village on 16
first surgery was performed at a civilian hospital, after which he   April, 2009. The assitance drop required a 5-ton truck
was rapidly deteriorating. Joint Medical Operation Cell doctors      to be loaded and off-loaded twice and incorporated the
work with ISAF doctors to mentor ANA doctors at Camp Zafar’s         truck beds of seven ANP Rangers. Additional security for
Hospital outside Herat. ISAF photo by U. S. Navy Petty Officer       the drop was provided by ARSIC-W. ISAF photo by U. S.
1st Class Monica R. Nelson                                           Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Monica R. Nelson

                                                                                            KANDAHAR, Afghanistan-
                                                                                            -Afghan National Army
                                                                                            (ANA) 205 Hero Corps
                                                                                            Commander,         Brigadier
                                                                                            General Shir Mohammad
                                                                                            Zazai and Region Com-
                                                                                            mand South Commander,
                                                                                            General Mart De Kruif
                                                                                            signed a joint operational
                                                                                            order, 20 April, 2009 mark-
                                                                                            ing the beginning of a
                                                                                            comprehensive operations
                                                                                            agreement that will breed
                                                                                            deeper cooperation and
                                                                                            more effective operations
                                                                                            on the ground. ISAF photo
                                                                                            by U. S. Navy Petty Officer
                                                                                            1st Class Terry Matlock

12        ISAF MIRROR JUNE 2009l
     AHADI Afghanistan - Afghan National Army 207th Corps Commanding Officer Major General Jalandar
     Shah Behnam greets the village elders at Ahmadi Village west of Herat (ANA) on March 30. ANA doctors
     assisted ISAF and U.S. doctors with a medical civil affairs program that benefitted over 1100 people in
     a village that doesn’t have a clinic. The ANA also provided humanitarian assistance to the village. ISAF
     Photo by U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Monica R. Nelson

           A member of the Afghan National Police (ANP) watches over a graduation of the first Af-
           ghan Police Protection Force Program on Mar 26. ISAF photo by U.S. Navy Lieutenant Dave

www.NAtO.INt/ISAF                                                                 ISAF MIRROR JUNE 2009         13

                                          An Afghan National Police (ANP) officer hands a bottle of vegetable oil to a villager during a
Afghan Police,           humanitarian aid distribution in the Bagram district, Parwan province, April 15. The ANP held
                         the joint distribution with troops from the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Af-
CJSOTF-A Troops ghanistan. (CJSOTF-A photo by U.S. Army Capt. Jamey L. Trigg)
Deliver Humanitarian
Items to Bagram
                                  espite the gloomy weather on             ble oil.
                                  April 15, a ray of hope came upon           After the women and children received
Villagers      Story by
                                  a small village in the Bagram dis-
                        trict, Parwan province, as the Afghan Na-
                                                                           their things, disabled villagers were giv-
                                                                           en the opportunity to pick up goods from
                    ISAF Public Affairs   tional Police (ANP) assisted by members          the ANP.
                                                 of the Combined Joint Special Op-            “I like the things that I received,” said
                                                 erations Task Force-Afghanistan           Zinullahbeen, a disabled man in the vil-
                                                 (CJSOTF-A) passed out humani-             lage. “It is nice to see good deeds per-
                                                 tarian goods to local villagers.          formed.”
                                                    More than 200 men, women                  In addition to food and school sup-
                                                 and children lined up while the           plies, the Afghan police handed out des-
                                                 ANP separated and positioned the          perately-needed socks, shoes, jackets,
                                                 food and clothing. The children           dental supplies, hygiene kits, radios and
                                                 were the first to receive items,          soccer balls to the villagers.
                                                 including backpacks, shoes and                “I feel really good knowing that my
                                                 an assortment of clothing. The            police officers were able to do this for the
                                                 women followed to gather up bags          villagers, especially the women and chil-
                                                 of cooking goods, including rice,         dren who have so little,” said Mirwais,
                                                 flour, sugar, salt, tea and vegeta-       Bagram district deputy police chief.

  14        ISAF MIRROR JUNE 2009l
Feyzabad PRT Trains
Local Fire Fighters
                                       Story by
                             ISAF Public Affairs

        s a misty smoke reaches his nostrils,
        he doesn’t lose his concentration.
        The flames hiss, it is awfully hot, and
then all of a sudden it is all over. The fire is
extinguished and the only reminder of the
vehicle set ablaze a few moments ago is the
thick smoke. Once again his team has suc-
                                                       Two firemen of the newly established Fire Brigade Feyzabad perform a rapid attack on a burning
ceeded in extinguishing a burning vehicle.
                                                       vehicle. (ISAF photo)
   Over the past three weeks the Feyzabad
Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) has               and additional pumps.                                   situations. On the PRT training site they are
been training the Fire Brigade of Feyzabad               For the Chief of the Military Fire Brigade,           only faced with training scenarios, but the
City at the Military Fire Brigade’s training           Master Sergeant Marco M., it was essential              firemen know that they will face a real chal-
site.                                                  to design the training in a way that ena-               lenge in the event of a fire in Feyzabad.
   The training covers the care of burn in-            bles the “trainees” to apply what they have                “Here we are learning quite a lot every
juries, rescue procedures, operation of                learned in the event of a fire.                         day, and we are happy that the PRT is train-
fire-fighting equipment, extinguishing of                “It does not make sense to equip the fire-            ing us,” said an Afghan fireman.
burning vehicles and confined space pro-               men with high-tech systems during their                    The firemen are making great progress
cedures.                                               training when they do not have them avail-              towards being able to control complex fires.
   Feyzabad founded its fire station several           able in case of emergency,” said Marco.                 However, the training must continue and
weeks ago with a cross-country emergency                 On the training site of the Military Fire             the equipment of the fire station has to be
control vehicle and a fire truck with a tank           Brigade Feyzabad the Afghan firemen, who                improved considerably so that the fire fight-
capacity of 9,100 litres. Although equipped            are also members of the Afghan National                 ers of Feyzabad can protect their city.
with modern vehicles, the fire station lacked          Police (ANP), have to master various train-
basic equipment like protective clothing               ing scenarios from small fires to complex

Four firemen with the newly established Fire Brigade Feyzabad use a fire extinquisher during training with the Feyzabad PRT. (ISAF photo)

     www.NAtO.INt/ISAF                                                                                         ISAF MIRROR JUNE 2009                15
      RC-W Soccer
                 U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Monica Nelson
                                ISAF HQ Public Affairs

       n eight-week soccer tournament
       involving Afghan National Army
       (ANA) 207th Corps, Afghan Na-
tional Army 207th Brigade, Afghan Na-                                 son Team’s (OMLT) Italian Command
tional Police, Italians and Spanish from                              Sergeant Major Stefano Sibi organized      munication and collaboration, with the
International Security Assistance Force,                           the tournament and facilitated the donation   ANA and ANP,” said Italian Lieutenant
(ISAF) American and Coalition Forces                               of soccer balls and uniforms for all teams    Colonel Alberto Vizzole, also a member of
began at ANA Camp Zafar in Herat on                                from the Italian Football Federation.         the OMLT. “It will benefit both the mentors
March 26.                                                             “We feel it is important to strengthen     and mentees. We work with them during
   ISAF’s Operational Mentoring and Liai                              our relationships, both in terms of com-   the week and would like to spend the holy
                                                                                                                 day playing with them, too.”
                                                                                                                    The first game of the season matched up
                                                                                                                 ANA 207th Corps against Coalition Forces
                                                                                                                 – mostly ARSIC-W Air Force and Navy,
                                                                                                                 with additional members from Great Brit-
                                                                                                                 ain, New Zealand, and Slovenia.
                                                                                                                    “It is very competitive out on the field,
                                                                                                                 but lots of fun,” said New Zealand Army
                                                                                                                 Sergeant David Jon Spence. “There is good
                                                                                                                 sportsmanship out there. People are getting
                                                                                                                 knocked down but still keeping their cool. It
                                                                                                                 is accomplishing what it was meant to. Un-
                                                                                                                 like a war environment, any sport, regard-
                                                                                                                 less what it is provides a common ground
                                                                                                                 for people to compete equally.”
                                                                                                                    ANA 207th Corps Commander Major
                                                                                                                 General Jalandar Shah Behnam hopes to
                                                                                                                 see tournaments in other sports once the
                                                                                                                 soccer tournament season has ended.
                                                                                                                     “Sports are good for the morale and
                                                                                                                 physical fitness of the troops,” said Behnam.
                                                                                                                 “Playing games benefits the unity and coop-
                                                                                                                 eration felt between the people of different
                                                                                                                    Walizada and ARSIC-W Commander
                                                                                                                 U.S. Army Colonel John Bessler watched
                                                                                                                 the game from the sidelines.
                                                                                                                    “I am all about ‘yak team wahed,’” said
                                                                                                                 Bessler. “It means ‘one team together.’ This
                                                                                                                 is a manifestation of exactly that. Every day
                                                                                                                 we are doing the business of growing the
                                                                                                                 ANA, of Army mentoring Army. It is nice to
                                                                                                                 be doing the business of ‘yak team wahed’
                                                                                                                 in a different way. Plus, the ANA get a huge
                                                                                                                 kick out of the fact that they can kick our
                                                                                                                 butts out here.”
                                                                                                                    The ANA 207th Corps beat the ARSIC-W/
                                                                                                                 Coalition team 8-0.

  16         ISAF MIRROR JUNE 2009l
FARAH, Afghanistan - Owner and Chief Engineer of Fazullah Construction Company, Zabi Mohammad, shows U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Staff Sergeant Michael
Tomlinson the dining facility for the new ANA Garrison, Mar. 9. Tomlinson provided construction oversight and administered progress payments.
ISAF Photo by U.S. Navy Mass Communications Specialist Petty Officer 1st Class Monica R. Nelson

New Compound Designed for ANA Troop Increases
                                                         this post. He is not free to wander about        ty is land for a third construction phase,
       U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Monica Nelson   as he wants,” said Tomlinson, explaining         which can be started when the compound
                       ISAF HQ Public Affairs            the need for housing. “Afghans are very          is full and more space is needed to house
                                                         local-type people, but the troops coming         troops.

       he new Afghan National Army                       here are from all over Afghanistan. Keep-           “This is the biggest project done by our
       (ANA) compound, ANA Garrison                      ing them here locally in barracks was the        company and the best display of our capa-
       Farah, will likely move its first                 way the ANA decided to work their soldier        bilities,” said Zabi Mohammad. “I think
kandak into their brand-new facility by                  housing.”                                        they are very happy with what we have
April, said Staff Sergeant Michael Tom-                     Each kandak has its own laundry fa-           done here.”
linson, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,                    cility, Morale, Welfare and Recreation              Funding for the garrison came from
after a visit to the compound in Farah                   (MWR) center, bathrooms and showers              Combined Security Transition Command
Province, Mar. 9.                                        and arms storage facilities.                     – Afghanistan’s (CSTC-A) military con-
   Able to house 2,000 troops, the garri-                   “Zabi Mohammad is a highly talented           struction fund at a cost of $75 million
son was built to house a second kandak                   engineer,” said Tomlinson of the owner           dollars. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
in keeping with anticipated ANA troop                    and chief engineer of Fazullah Construc-         provided construction oversight, han-
increases over the next couple years.                    tion Company. “He does day-to-day man-           dled any problems with design and made
   In addition, an area of the camp is en-               agement and overseeing all on his own. It’s      progress checks and payments. Provincial
closed separately from the rest for the                  his company. They do excellent work.”            Reconstruction Team (PRT) Farah pro-
ANA Embedded Training Team where                            A second construction phase is already        vided security for the U.S. Army Corps of
the Spanish Operational Mentoring and                    underway at the compound which will              Engineers. ANA provided security for the
Liaison Team (OMLT) will stay.                           consist of a clinic, fire station and training   compound’s construction phase.
   “The average soldier here is assigned to              areas when complete. Also on the proper-

Germans Conduct Recovery Task Force Training Exercise
      U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Monica Nelson
                      ISAF HQ Public Affairs                The Germans demonstrated how a dis-           they have to be ready to recover a vehi-
                                                         abled Fox Armoured Personnel Carrier             cle 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week.

    nternational Security Assistance                     (APC) could be recovered by a Vehicle            In the past four months the battalion has
    Force (ISAF) soldiers with the Ger-                  Crane Medium (VCM) and taken back to             completed 21 recovery missions.
    man Logistics Support Battalion                      base on a trailer.                                  “It was successful,” said Sebastian. “I
(LSB) 172 undertook a recovery task force                   “If we have a task, it is very important      think our new comrades have a picture of
training exercise outside Camp Marmal                    for us to respond very fast,” said Sebas-        what we do here and it showed them how
on February 27.                                          tian, a native of Berlin, Germany. “We           heavy it can be lifting up a vehicle.”
  The training exercise was conducted to                 have no time to lose, it is very important          The Germans are helping ISAF in assist-
show the Afghan leaders the duties LSB-                  to be fast, because you don’t know the           ing the Afghan government in extending
172 perform on a regular basis, according                plans of the enemy.”                             and exercising its authority and influence
to German 1st Lt. Sebastian G., 2nd Pla-                    The exercise was also important to keep       across the country, creating the condi-
toon leader, LSB-172.                                    the battalion’s recovery skills current as       tions for stabilization and reconstruction.

     www.NAtO.INt/ISAF                                                                                    ISAF MIRROR JUNE 2009                  17
                                                                                                                                              Mass. regarding the
                                                                                                                                              donation of the ambu-
                                                                                                                                              lance to the people of
                                                                                                                                              Afghanistan. “People
                                                                                                                                              are people, no matter
                                                                                                                                              where you go. Kids are
                                                                                                                                              kids. Plus, this is also
                                                                                                                                              a message to our kids
                                                                                                                                              back home that anyone
                                                                                                                                              can do something to
                                                                                                                                                 After handing over
                                                                                                                                              the keys for the am-
                                                                                                                                              bulance to Dr. Jabar,
                                                                                                                                              Zbikowski made an
                                                                                                                                              announcement that a
                                                                                                                                              second ambulance had
                                                                                                                                              been identified in the
                                                                                                                                              United States to be
                                                                                                                                              donated by the city of
                                                                                                                                              Fitchburg, Mass.
                                                                                                                                                 “Emergency care de-
                                                                                                                                              pends on rapid transport
                                                                                                                                              and emergency medi-
                                                                                                                                              cal care,” explained
Stateside Hospital                                               insurgents, who have combat trauma wounds,             Farah Hospital recently started keeping
                                                                 who have been in traffic accidents and any oth-     records of Afghan people injured by insur-
Donates Ambulance                                                er critical medical needs,” said Dr. Abdul Jabar,   gents.
                                                                 director of Farah Provincial Hospital.                 Emergency medical training and advanced
to Transport Those                                                  Inside the ambulance were backboards, col-       cardiac life support training classes are also be-
                                                                 lars, bandaging material, splinting supplies,       ing held for the hospital staff, taught by PRT
Injured by Insurgent                                             oxygen equipment, and brakes, shocks and            doctors.
                                                                 wiper blades donated for the vehicle by Mass.          “The PRT has really helped us in this re-
Abuse                                                            citizens and businesses. The PRT also donated       gard,” said Jabar.
               U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Monica Nelson   more than $12,000 worth of medical books.              Security for the ambulance donation was
                               ISAF HQ Public Affairs               “We wanted to show we care about them,”          provided by Afghan National Police officers,

                                                                 said Paul Zbikowski, forest warden and emer-        Afghan National Army soldiers, and the PRT
    n a ceremony held at Farah Hospital, an                      gency management director of Ashburnham,            – Farah.
    was donated to
the hospital by the
U.S. Fire Chiefs
Association from
Ashburnham, Mas-
sachusetts,     U.S.
on March 11. Also
present at the cer-
emony were Dr.
Habib Urahman,
Kabul Health rep-
resentative      and
the director of the
Provincial Liaison
Office, Dr. Abdul
Jabar, director of
Farah Provincial
Hospital, numer-
ous doctors, civil-
ians, and members
of Provincial Re-
construction Team
(PRT) – Farah.
   “This ambulance
will help us provide
emergency care in
Farah City for those
who are injured by

  18          ISAF MIRROR JUNE 2009l
Farmers watch their poppy fields from a distance during poppy eradication by Afghan National Security Forces in Bala Baluk district on April 15. Trac-
tors plow up poppy fields to prevent farmers from harvesting their opium crop. ISAF photo by U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Monica R. Nelson

                                                   Farmers Speak Out During Poppy Eradication
                                                   Season U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class ghan National Army (ANA) and Afghan
                                                                                 Monica Nelson         National Police (ANP) provide security
                                                                       ISAF HQ Public Affairs          and provide us water pumps to help us

                                                            fghanistan poppy farmers have hit          farm, we won’t grow any more opium,”
                                                            a rough patch as the nation moves          said Akbary speaking for the farmers from
                                                            forward with its counter narcotics         his village. “If we have security, we will
                                                    program. Afghan National Security Forces           make wheat and we can distribute it for all
                                                    in the Bala Baluk district started to over-        the people. It’s also better for us because
                                                    see the destruction of the newest opium            we can send it to other cities to sell. It is
                                                    crop, April 14.                                    much easier, too, because then we don’t
                                                       Nacer Kareme (substituted name for se-          have to hide it.”
                                                    curity reasons) has 17 children; his work-            Kareme’s promises to quit growing opi-
                                                    ing-aged ones are girls. Before the Taliban        um also hinged on water.
                                                    came to Afghanistan, Kareme fought the                “If my President makes a dam to help
                                                    Russians as a Mujahedeen. During the               us keep the water that comes in the win-
                                                    Taliban regime he became a farmer.                 tertime to our country from going out to
                                                       “This year I grew 20 kilos of opium and         other countries, when we need it for the
                                                    15 kilos of wheat,” said Kareme. “I don’t          summertime, then I won’t make opium
                                                    like opium, and I don’t like growing it.           anymore,” said Kareme. “But we have to
                                                    But I have family – many children – and I          spend our money in the summer to buy
                                                    must make food for them.”                          water from water pumps, like 250 Afghani
                                                       When asked why he didn’t like opium,            to use the pump for one hour. It is very
                                                    Kareme responded, “All of our young peo-           expensive.”
                                                    ple are becoming addicted to drugs. Near              When asked how the poppy is sold and
                                                    my home are two police checkpoints. All            who pays for it, Akbary answered, “I don’t
                                                    soldiers from both the checkpoints take            know who pays for the poppy. But some
                                                    heroin.”                                           people come into the village from Iran and
                                                       Amanaullah Whid Akbary (also sub-               also Pakistan, and they pay for the opium
                                                    stituted name for security reasons) from           and send it to the black market.”
Opium fields ready for harvesting are the target    Kanesk village claims to be in a similar              When asked if the Taliban come to
of poppy eradication by Afghan National Secu-       situation.                                         his village, he said, “Sometimes they do
rity Forces in Bala Baluk district on April 15.        “I have to make opium because we don’t          come, after we make our opium. When it
Tractors plow up poppy fields to prevent farm-      have water and I have a big family. I have         is ready, they come to provide security for
ers from harvesting their opium crop. ISAF          to find a way to feed my family,” said Ak-         the people who want to buy it.”
Photo by U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class          bary.                                                 According to Akbary, he gets 4000 Af-
Monica R. Nelson                                       “We promise all people that if the Af-          ghani for each kilo of poppy.

     www.NAtO.INt/ISAF                                                                               ISAF MIRROR JUNE 2009                   19
            REGIONAL COMMANd
Rural Village Sees
Brighter Future with
New School
    By U.S. Air Force Capt. Dustin Hart
    Nangarhar, 3rd BCT, 1st ID, PAO

       he Nangarhar Provincial Recon-
       struction Team (PRT) joined pro-
       vincial government officials and the
people of a rural village in Dara-Noor Dis-
trict to celebrate the completion of a boys
and girls school here, May 12.                  Village elders from Safer Kala village in Dara-Noor District gather to celebrate the opening of a school, May
   Local officials expressed their happiness    12. The Nangarhar Provincial Reconstruction Team funded the $178,000 school, which includes two buildings,
with the completion of the school because       two wells and two restrooms. (Photo by U.S. Army Spc. Nathaniel Allen)
of the benefits it will offer the people of
Safer Kala village.                               Elders from the area ensured the gov-                     In addition to the school, the PRT
   “This is a proud moment for everyone        ernment and PRT that the school would be                  is also funding a flood wall project.
here because even in this remote area,         protected from any outside threats.                       The $50,000 project will protect the
where no school existed before, the gov-          “We have requested the support from                    school and village from flooding by
ernment, through the help of the Interna-      all the people here to take care and protect              a nearby river. The contractor also
tional Security Assistance Forces (ISAF)       this school,” an elder said during the cer-               provided a wall separating the school
was able to provide a school building for      emony. “This school will bring light to the               from a passing road to protect stu-
the children to be educated,” said Moham-      people here and the teachers are giving a                 dents from road hazards.
mad Ibrahim, Nangarhar province deputy         bright future to the students. This is mak-                  The PRT also recently received ap-
director of education.                         ing a better life for this village.                       proval to construct a footbridge over
   The school, which cost $178,000, took          “If the insurgents could see the Muslims               the river to help more students access
less than a year to complete and includes      in this area that are working hard for a bet-             the school.
two school buildings, two restrooms, and       ter future for their children, they could see                Due to the rural, mountainous
two wells.                                     what true Islam is about,” the elder added.               location of Safer Kala village and a
                                                                                                         nearby river that is prone to flooding,
A new boys and girls school recently opened in the Dara-Noor District in Nangarhar Province,             the construction of the school experi-
Afghanistan, on May 12. The school, costing $178,000, was funded by the Nangahar Provincial              enced some difficulties.
Reconstruction Team, and was built in less than a year. (Photo by Army Spc. Nathaniel Allen)                “Anyone involved with construc-
                                                                                                         tion knows all projects will have
                                                                                                         some problems,” Army 2nd Lt. Steve
                                                                                                         Klenke, a PRT engineer from Detroit,
                                                                                                         said during the ceremony. “This
                                                                                                         project was no different. We are able
                                                                                                         to stand in front of this completed
                                                                                                         school thanks to the diligence and
                                                                                                         patience of the people of this village,
                                                                                                         district officials and the provincial
                                                                                                         government. I am happy to be a part
                                                                                                         of that team and play a small role in
                                                                                                         helping bring education to your chil-
                                                                                                            Education remains a top priority
                                                                                                         for the Nangarhar PRT. The school
                                                                                                         in Safer Kala village was one of 21
                                                                                                         schools currently being constructed
                                                                                                         by the PRT. The PRT has recently
                                                                                                         completed five schools in five districts
                                                                                                         and has proposed an additional 39
                                                                                                         projects. Overall, the PRT is teamed
                                                                                                         with the Nangarhar provincial gov-
                                                                                                         ernment in working more than 52
                                                                                                         active projects worth more than $70

   20          ISAF MIRROR JUNE 2009l
ISAF troops pose with kids from Aschiana School at SOZO Inernational in Kabul, Afghanistan. ISAF personnel delivered donated materials to Sozo.
The troops handed out school supplies and gifts to the children. ISAF Photo by Master Sergeant Chris Haylett.

ISAF Headquarters                                      school supplies, goodies and toys to kids
                                                       that go to Sozo Aschiana school in Kabul,
                                                                                                       . It was hard to tell who was having more
                                                                                                       fun, the volunteers or the kids.
makes Visit to Sozo                                    Afghanistan.                                       “Such an encouragement for me and for
                                                          Aschiana is a school that has been set       the Afghan kids and I just want to thank
International                                          up to help kids whose lives have been in-       each one of them that were here today, for
                                                       terrupted by the war. According to Abdul        their help and support and for their care for
        U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant Chris Haylett
                                                       Wakil, Sozo International National Direc-       the Afghan people,” said Abdul Wakil.
                     ISAF HQ Public Affairs
                                                       tor, There are about 100 kids that attend the

                                                                                                          “Hopefully the children here will have
          embers from “International Se-               school, some of these kids are orphans, they    a positive memory of the experience, they
          curity Assistance Force” Head-               do not have a mother or father and we are       will grow up and they will remember that
          quarters took time to go on a                trying to educate them.                         we came to try to do the right thing in this
special mission to Sozo International on                  The ISAF members not only delivered          country,” said US. Colonel Peter Zwach, a
April 17, 2009. The soldiers delivered                 supplies, but took time to play with the kids   member of ISAF HQ.

     www.NAtO.INt/ISAF                                                                                 ISAF MIRROR JUNE 2009                21
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