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									D-M-E Hot Runner Systems

           Powerful performance for
            multi-cavity applications

Performance and reliability for high cavitation molding

                   D-M-E, the leader in mold technologies, introduces a hot runner solution

                   tailor-made for high cavitation molding — the GalaxyTM Hot Runner System.

                   By applying over 30 years of D-M-E hot runner system expertise, Galaxy systems

                   address the performance, reliability and serviceability demands of today’s molder.

                   Perfect for a wide range of applications — including caps and closures, cosmetic

                   packaging, cutlery and small medical, electronic and automotive parts.

Engineered for your application

                   Our Applications Engineering Team carefully reviews the requirements of each

                   project and then designs a Galaxy Hot Runner System — using the most advanced

                   engineering tools available — to optimize molding performance.

All from a partner you can count on — D-M-E

                   For six decades, D-M-E has been giving injection molders a competitive edge.

                   Nobody beats D-M-E for quality products, quality service and quick delivery.

                   Galaxy Hot Runner Systems are backed by:

                        I   The best service in the industry

                        I   Global technical support

                        I   Rapid manufacturing capabilities

                        I   Value-added applications engineering

                        I   Your satisfaction guaranteed

Galaxy Hot Runner Systems:                  Tested for optimum reliability
performance, reliability, service
                                              D-M-E utilizes its fully equipped
  Whether you’re a moldmaker, a
                                              testing laboratory to ensure
  molder, an OEM, or a mold designer,
                                              maximum reliability for your
  D-M-E Galaxy Hot Runner Systems
                                              application. Each Galaxy Hot Half
  deliver performance, reliability and
                                              System is fully assembled and
  serviceability to improve your
                                              tested prior to shipment to
                                              optimize performance in
                                              multi-cavity applications.
  Custom manifolds are engineered for
                                            High quality
  evenly distributed heat and balanced
                                              D-M-E uses only the highest
  flow — optimizing pressure drop,
                                              quality materials to ensure
  shear rate and residence time.
                                              the best performance and
                                              long-lasting durability.
  Modular nozzles enable a wide range
  of nozzle lengths to suit a variety
  of mold stack heights.

  Nozzle tips are designed
  for fast cycle times, quick
  color changes and low
  gate vestiges.

  U.S. 800-626-6653                I    Canada 800-387-6600

Fast, easy serviceability                 Minimal gate vestige
  When you’re running thousands of         Galaxy nozzles feature a refined tip
  parts per hour, uptime is a critical     design that is manufactured from highly
  part of the productivity equation.       conductive material which transfers
  Galaxy systems are designed to           precise heat to the gate area — for
  maximize production and shorten          minimal gate vestige and excellent
  set-up and service time.                 gate cosmetics.

                                          High performance
  All nozzle tips, heaters and             Galaxy is designed for high
  thermocouples are front loaded and       cavity applications, without
  easily replaced right in the machine.    performance compromises.
  Heater and thermocouple leads are        Close center-to-center
  routed to a connector adjacent to the    dimensions deliver more parts
  nozzle body to simplify access.          per cycle. Short end plugs
Modular nozzles                            reduce system mass for
deliver flexibility
                                           predictable thermal
  Galaxy nozzles offer a choice of tips
                                           performance. And, our mini-
  including standard, wear-resistant
                                           tubular nozzle heaters enable
  and thru-hole styles. All tips are
                                           uniform, controlled heating for
  easily replaceable, using a standard
                                           optimum melt temperature in a
  wrench, right in the machine.
                                           compact form factor.

                                              w w w. d m e . n e t
Galaxy is just one of a family
of D-M-E hot runner solutions.
From components to turnkey hot
halves, all D-M-E hot runner
systems feature best-in-class
components, applications
engineering expertise and our
100% satisfaction guarantee.

Serving customers in over
70 countries worldwide, no one
equals D-M-E for injection
molding solutions and support.
D-M-E operates manufacturing
and distribution locations in
North America, South America,
Europe and Asia.

                                 World Headquarters
                                 D-M-E Company                D-M-E of Canada, Ltd.        D-M-E Europe C.V.B.A.
                                 29111 Stephenson Highway     6210 Northwest Drive         Industriepark Noord
                                 Madison Heights, MI 48071    Mississauga, Ontario         B-2800 Mechelen, Belgium
                                 800-626-6653 toll-free tel   Canada L4V 1J6               32-15-215011 tel
                                 248-398-6000 tel             800-387-6600 toll-free tel   32-15-218235 fax
                                 888-808-4363 toll-free fax   905-677-6370 tel             sales@dmeeu.com e-mail
                                 www.dme.net web              800-461-9965 toll-free fax
                                 info@dme.net e-mail          dme_canada@dme.net e-mail

 a Milacron Company                                                                        Litho in U.S.A.    GAX-11M-08/04

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