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									    Volume 10, Issue 4
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    April 2010                                                                                          Chrissy McDowell, Editor

                               BrightKey Customer Loyalty Program Earns Nomination!
                                                            BrightKey is proud to announce our selection as one of four
                                                            finalists, in the category of small business organizations, in
            Welcome                                         the running for the esteemed Helios HR Apollo Awards. He-
            Spring!                                         lios HR, a Human Resources company based in Reston, Vir-
                                                            ginia, created this award from inspiration of the proactive
     Although my allergies
                                                            employee development efforts of organizations in the Wash-
      have been wreaking                                    ington, DC metropolitan area.
       havoc on me so far      The Apollo Award stands apart from other regional awards because it recognizes com-
       this month, I gladly    panies that promote continual employee development as a strategic and competitive
      welcome the coming
                                                                  A survey sponsored by Helios HR found that “ the
     of the Spring Season.
                                                                  prevalence of technology, globalization and increased
                                                                  competition dramatically impacts traditional forms of
        Extended daylight
                                                                  competitive advantages” however, “human capital has
       hours, thanks to an                                        been and will continue to be a critical competitive ad-
        earlier than usual                                        vantage in most industries.”

       “Spring Forward”,                                       The right people are an organization’s most important
                               advantage. They are the driving force behind the
     has also brought won-
                               company’s products, services and operations. They
     derful new energy and     hold the key to its growth and future successes. Con-
     motivation to all of us   tinual employee development is vital to an organiza-
                               tion’s sustainability.
           at BrightKey.
                               Through past programs, our partnership with the Pen-
                               sare Group and other internal programs in develop-
                                                             ment now, BrightKey is
 In this Issue:                                              a leader in embracing and developing its employees, en-
 Welcome Spring!                                           suring their personal and professional growth, as well as
                                                             BrightKey’s success and that of our clients.
 Apollo Awards
                                                                 The Apollo Award Ceremony takes place on Tuesday
 Spring Into Healthy                                           June 3rd! Good luck to all at BrightKey and Thank You
   Habits                                                        to Helios HR for the nomination!

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                                                                                                     BrightKeyNote s

In 1995 the American Public Health Association (APHA), the world’s
longest standing and most diverse organization dedicated to improving
public health, organized and implemented a new nationwide campaign
entitled National Public Health Week (NPHW).

Each year, the first week of April is dedicated to recognizing the contri-
butions of and highlighting the issues that are important to public
health. In addition to this recognition, NPHW hosts a new theme each
year. This year’s theme, “A Healthier Nation: One Community at a
Time”, is focused on promoting working within the community,
neighborhood by neighborhood, making small changes that will create a healthy living ripple effect throughout
the nation.

Join BrightKey in celebrating healthy lifestyles as we implement a new campaign of our own this Spring! At
BrightKey’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt, held Friday, April 2nd, employees were excited to hear the announce-
ment about our new B-Healthy Campaign. Divided into four quarterly segments, each focusing on a different
area of health and wellness, the program will run year long and involve having fun, learning about healthy life-
styles, eating healthy (but yummy) food, giveaways, prizes and a chance to participate in challenges.

Workplace wellness is fast becoming a top priority for many organizations around the world. Companies and
their employees are not only concerned about the rising cost of health insurance but also choose wellness pro-
grams in an effort to:

              Increase Employee Morale                                        Reduce Stress

   Reduce Workers Compensation Claims                                   Improve Productivity

                  Decrease Absenteeism                                  Decrease Presenteeism
                                                                  (inability to perform optimally while at work,
                                                                                   due to illness)

     The B-Healthy Program kicks off on April 13th! Stay tuned for more details and exciting updates!

                                                    Physical Fitness

         Professional Wellness                                                 Personal Wellness

                                    Nutrition and Weight Management
BrightKey, Inc.                                                                          
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