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					BOOM or BUST
  PGS. 252-253
         A Rush to Get Rich
• While homesteaders
  farmed the Plains and
  cowhands worked on
  ranches, miners
  rushed to the West to
  get rich.
         The Rush to Get Rich
• Gold
  – California – Sutter’s Mill – 1849
  – Pikes Peak – Colorado – 1858
• Silver
  – Virginia City – Nevada – 1859
  – Arizona
  – Idaho
  – Montana
             Mining in the West
• Prospectors – people
  who worked alone
  searching for gold, silver,
  or other mineral
• With luck they might find
  $25 worth of gold or
  silver. (a lot of money in
  those days)
• Prospectors panned for
  gold, in and around
  The Growth of Mining Towns
• Towns were
  established in places
  where gold or silver
  was found.
• Buildings included
  grocery stores,
  churches, a
  blacksmith shop, and
• Many miners came from the East.
• Others were immigrants from Asia,
  Europe, and Latin America.
• The hope of finding jobs brought many
  families to mining towns.
• Men usually out-numbered women 9 to 1.
            Boom or Bust
• Some towns grew quickly.
• During a mining boom, economic growth
  was fast. Towns such as Denver,
  Colorado and Boise, Idaho were the result
  of a boom.
• During an economic bust, people left
  previously prosperous towns. A bust
  resulted in a “ghost town.”