Lip Sync Organizer by kky13476


									                    Lip Sync Organizer:

                       Mrs. Amy Price

              5th Grade Lip Sync Performers
                     Parent Mentors:

                  Mrs. Joanna Goldberg
                   Mrs. Lorna Plunkett
                    Mrs. Kelly Reickert
                   Mrs. Candace Roemer
                 Mrs. Katherine Rosenblatt
                    Mrs. Karen Wilton

                 Event Support Volunteers:

                    Mrs. Kelly Reickert
                    Mrs. Tracey Nautel
                Mrs. Nancy Conway-Bievenue
                   Mrs. Shannon Briscoe
                     Mrs. Cindy Gifford

     Parent Bakers, Beverage & Paper Goods Suppliers

                  Set-up and Tear-down:
                       Mrs. Relyea
                     Mrs. Westervelt

                      Event Programs:

                         Mrs. Haege

Special Thanks to the 5th Graders and Parents for Helping Our
        Custodians Set-up and Tear-down the Cafeteria.

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