Blooming Miracle 2010 Cultural Awareness Implications for Medical by tgl10640


									                                Blooming Miracle 2010
             Cultural Awareness: Implications for Medical Education

                  Island Medical Program Faculty Development Retreat

                        Date:        Friday, Jan 22, 2010

                        Place:       Westin Bear Mountain Resort
                                     1999 Country Club Way
                                     Victoria, BC Map
                                     (250) 391-7160

                        Time:        0730 to 1700

Morning Session

  Time                                 Topic                                    Speaker
0730-0800   Breakfast & Registration
            Hand out evaluation forms and Certificates of Attendance
0800-0810   Welcome                                                        Dr. Oscar Casiro
0810-0830   Morning Keynote: Cultural Awareness and the CanMEDS            Dr. Roger Wong
0830-0900   Thoughts and Vignettes from our Students (Videotape)           Dr. Susan Edwards
                                                                           Dr. Kiran Veerapen

0900-1000   Morning Plenary: Diversity and Cultural Competency in the      Dr. Blye Frank
            Medical Education Environment
1000-1015   BREAK
1015-1200   Concurrent Workshops
            Workshop 1:          Workshop 2:          Workshop 3:
            Part 1               Part 1               Part 1                    *When
            Mr. Moussa           Dr. Laura            Dr. Richard          forwarding your
            Magassa,             Chapman,             Veerapen, Dr.          RSVP, please
            Ms. Yael Harlap,     Dr. Trevor Corneil   Nadine Caron          choose your 1st
            Dr. Shafik                                                     and 2nd preferred
            Dharamsi                                                          workshops.

            When Talks Matter    Gay, Lesbian,        History and Socio-    Please note that
                                 Bisexual,            economic                you have the
                                 Transgender,         Disadvantage in      option to attend a
                                 Queer (GLBTQ)        Health Care               different
                                 Culture in Health                          workshop in the
                                 Care                                          afternoon

1200-1300   LUNCH
Afternoon Session

   Time                                  Topic                                    Speaker
1300-1310     Setting the context for the afternoon                          Dr. Gisele
1310-1350     Afternoon Plenary: "Equity in Action: Working from a           Dr. Lori Charvat
              platform of respect and collaboration"
1350-1430     Afternoon Keynote: Moving from Cultural Competency to          Dr. Blye Frank
              Cultural Safety
1430-1445     Break
1445-1615     Workshop 1:         Workshop 2:          Workshop 3:
              Part 2              Part 2               Part 2
              Mr. Moussa          Dr. Laura            Dr. Richard
              Magassa, Ms. Yael   Chapman,             Veerapen, Dr.
              Harlap,             Dr. Trevor Corneil   Nadine Caron
              Dr. Shafik

              Developing          Impact of GLBTQ      Cultural
              Competencies        Culture on           Differences;
              for Intercultural   Learners             Impact on
              Communication                            Learners

1615-1645     Reports from the Workshops
1645-1700     Take home messages                                             Dr. Blye Frank

Outreach Bursary: We are pleased to announce, for this retreat, the Island Medical Program
will offer to pay the transportation and accommodation for those who wish to attend from more
geographically isolated locations. For the first 5 individuals who RSVP and are more than 250km
from Victoria, IMP will cover up to $500 for travel expenses.

Travel Expenses:
Participants who will be traveling between 40 and 250 km to reach the venue will be reimbursed
for their automobile mileage expenses at the rate of 0.48/km.

Academic Credits:
Application for Family Practice and Royal College CME Credits are pending.

*If you wish to attend, please RSVP by Monday, January 4, 2010, to
     Karen Braun, or by calling 250-472-5502.

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