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					For the Bears to webelos
Don: It is time to welcome new brothers into the tribe of Webelos. All scouts wishing to
take on the risks, challenges, and adventures of the Webelos tribe, leaving behind their
Bear tribe, step forward now.

Don: Becoming a Webelos Scout is a major step on the Cub Scout trail on your way to
the Arrow of Light and onto the Boy Scout trail to Eagle. Just as Indian boys became
warriors and were painted in the colors of their tribe, we will paint you with the colors of
the Webelos tribe.

Don: Blue symbolizes the effort you will make to reach your goals along the Webelos
trail. You will earn your Webelos badge and compass points. The strongest and bravest
will earn the Arrow of Light.

Brenda: Do you accept the challenges ahead of you in the Webelos tribe?
        (mark a blue streak on the right check)

Don: Yellow represents the Pack. Yellow is the color of the sun and will light your way
along the Webelos trail. You will help the Pack go and it will help you grow.

Brenda: Do you vow to do your best?
        (mark a yellow streak on the left cheek)

Don: Green represents the Boy Scout Troop that you will eventually join. Green stands
for the tree so that you may stand tall on the Scouting trail. As a Webelos scout, you will
spend more time in the outdoors and learn the ways of nature. You will understand
animals, plants, and the forces of weather.

Brenda: Do you wish to learn more about these things and grow in your scouting skills?
       (green mark on the forehead)

Don: Red represents the blood of your Webelos brothers. You are all bound together
through struggles and challenges. You will need each other to succeed and you must
always be prepared to help each other along.

Brenda: Do you promise to help your fellow Webelos on their trail?
        (mark from forehead to nose with red)

Don: Wear your Webelos Colors proudly while you progress along the Webelos Trail,
never forgetting that a tribe grows together. This is a joyous occasion! A new Webelos
tribe has been created and we will now celebrate. Together, we will eat of the buffalo to
gain its strength so we may overcome all challenges. Chew on its meat to gain its stamina
and endurance so that no hardship can defeat us. Drink its blood to gain its heart so that
we remain loyal to our tribe and our beliefs.
(Have a snack of kool aid and jerky)

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