Hourly Workers Cheat Sheet by Cheatsheet


									Non-Exempt Hourly Worker Quick Reference
Student Workers Definition: Must be enrolled in 6 units during regular semesters and 3 units during summer. Reference: Section 7, Internal Revenue Bulletin 2005-11 Helpful Information: Does not pay into FICA or PEAR unless they are a student enrolled somewhere other than GCCCD. Do not require prior board approval and are not limited in days like Short Term workers. Paid off the Hourly pay scale. Limitations: Enrolled in PERS at 1000 hours if they are not FICA exempt, (paying into PEAR, a student enrolled at another educational institution). This does not mean they cannot work anymore, but they will cost more money. If student maintains status at GCCCD, employee can work over 1000 hours in fiscal year, will not be subject to PERS. International students are limited to 20 hours per week except during school recess periods.

Short Term Workers Definition: Person employed in non-recurring/seasonal assignment of specified type and duration. Reference: Ed Code 88003 Helpful Information: Requires Board approval of form PE-19 prior to beginning work. Paid off the Hourly pay scale. Limitations: Limited to 175 work days per year. Automatically enrolled in PERS at 1,000 fiscal year hours. If work becomes on-going, it needs to become a union position.

Substitutes Definition: Replacement for contract position due to vacancy or Leave of Absence. Reference: Ed Code 88003 Helpful Information: Substitutes are paid off the union pay scale, Step A. No time limitation if covering a Leave of Absence. Limitations: Can only work 60 calendar days in a vacant position unless the position is currently under recruitment and union approves extension. Frozen positions are not eligible for extensions.

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