new and comfortable- Martin Composition by cnthomas


									New and Comfortable What are some things a new student on the first day of school may experience? Fear? Anxiety? School systems can do several things to take away new student’s sweaty palms, clammy skin, kind of nervousness. More schools have been establishing programs to welcome their newly enrolled students and helping them adjust in their new surroundings. When new students and/or foreign exchanged students arrive at an unfamiliar school, they feel the immediate need to fit in not only academically, but socially as well. An array of different things can be done in order to help students enrolling in a new school to feel right at home. A commonly used method for new students is a prior visit to their school system. This gives the individual the chance to locate important places like their classrooms and locker. They may also want to be shown where the library, cafeteria, and gymnasium are. More often than not, the principal or vice principal will guide the tour of the school. This gives the student a chance to open up and get to know the school officials on a more personal level. In addition to scheduling a meeting to look around the school building, it may also be a good idea to establish a meeting group for new students. In this program, each student is assigned a faculty member—usually a guidance counselor—who they can come to for any questions they may need answered. These counselors provide listings of all extra-curricular activities that particular school system offers and all the sports the student may want to participate in. A list of contact information of important faculty and staff they may need to reach at any time should also be included. One of the main things this program offers for new students is an opportunity to meet new people and interact with their new peers. It is always important for students of all ages to feel comfortable with their surroundings at a new and unfamiliar school. When these individuals feel that they can easily socialize, good grades and participation will follow.

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