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					                      NOVA SCOTIA LADIES PROVINCIAL DARTS


Open to all female members of the Branch and Ladies Auxiliary who is a member in
good standing with current year dues paid.

All players must be from the same Branch. Spares are only allowed in four person

Each Branch may send up to three each, Teams 4 to 6 players, Doubles 2 players, or
Singles 1 player to the Zones made up of Branch members, Ladies Auxiliary or a
combination of both. Each Zone may send up to two (2) teams for all three events to the

All games will be double in, double out. Three games each per round. Score used will
be Teams 501, Doubles 501 and Singles 301. The tournament will be broken down in
divisions. Playoffs will be round robin format.

In Teams spares will not be allowed during a round (three games). Spares may take
place after each round. Rotation of players may take place after each game.

There will be no interference from non-players, only the captain may tell the player what
score is left.

In the event a playoff in divisions is required after completion of the regular round, it will
be best two of three games. If more than two teams tied in any division, it will be round

The tournament will come under the control of the Darts Committee.

An appeal’s committee will be made up of all Captains and Darts Executive present.
The decision of the appeals committee on any dispute or deviation from the rules shall
be final.

Entries must be submitted from Zone Commanders or reps on the forms provided at
least three weeks prior to the Provincial Championships.

Should any team default after play commences by leaving the tournament etc. all points
collected by that team will be deducted to a remaining score of Zero (0). Any teams who
have collected points from this team will have them deducted from their total. Play will
continue with remaining teams.

In the event a team (of four) is reduced to three players for any reason after the
tournament starts, no substitutions will be allowed unless first receiving permission from
the appeals committee. If a substitute is available she must be from the same Branch
and qualifies under the above rules. If no player can be found, the score of twenty-six
will be used down to a remaining score of one hundred in all remaining games.

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