Resort place by kreasiinggris


Written by kreasiinggris. Adil Ka’talino Ba’curamin Ka’ Saruga Basengat Ka’jubata

What is Paranjo?
Paranjo is the one of the village names which lie on the rural area in Tebas district of Sambas Regency, West Kalimantan. It has multi ethnics group that live together there. Most of The people in the village are farmers.

What is the scenery like?
Paranjo has saved many things historically and interesting for us to be visited and knew. The green carpet forest is the life of human beiing in the world. But unfortunately many hands is needed to take care the place. In according with the village custome leader. There are many uniques that scientist can observe. Flora, Fauna and craft are the part of the village worth. Months ago, I spent my holiday here for a week. I take a bit tour here. On my tour, I met the custome leader. He is SUMITO. He told many thing about hide and secret things in the mount. In the past century, there was foreigners in the village that told them about there were many Golds covered with the mount. And also a big hole separated the mount. They did not know what was meant. Running with the time, everything is out of hearing.

What interesting includes else?
Unique and secret make us do know detaily. But without coming and profting the true, everything may be useless. That’s why, the custome leader said that he welcomes the scientists to prove the truth. Nowadays, The place that beautiful scenery become the resort place, it is monthly held and it is managed traditionally by the local people. Therefore, most nature lovers who are interested in hands to regulate resort place there is invited well.


There are many interesting hiding that are not ilustrated completely yet. Please wait patiently for the next information about Paranjo. Night passed by let me stop this article writing don’t forget to read the next informations about the beloved village “ PARANJO”.

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