Ghost and Vampires by ckd11816


									      Ghost and Vampires:

What’s the Young Adult attraction?

    Authors that presented information:
            Melissa de la Cruz
               A.M. Jenkins
             Stephanie Meyer
             Laura Whitcomb

              Sara Galindo
     Jeremiah Rhodes Middle School
Area of Focus:

Which Core Content would it be best used in?
Language Arts

How would you integrate the session into the
       The lecture gave me an insight as to why students like the
thrill and adventure of reading those types of books. Yes, they
love to read about blood and guts. The authors also explained how
they became writers from the start and how they became writers of
this genre.
       The audience had opportunities to ask questions as to what
led them to write in general and how they came up with their main
characters. It was interesting to hear responses like …well, I had a
dream and then I said to myself…what if this character did this or
that…and then BOOM! The character was born.

       It was very interesting to hear their comments and responses.
To hear how they would take one little idea and build or expand on
       When teaching Language Arts or Literature, I think it adds a
little extra punch to your lesson if you share some personal
information that you have first hand about the author before your
class reads the story or the book. The students will have a better
understanding of the author.

What other information can you provide that
might be helpful in promoting reading in the
      I think promoting these types of books in October would be a
good idea. As the Language Arts classes come down to the library,
you could book talk or two to each class, and it will draw the
students to check it out. The problem you might have is that the
book will forever be checked out and you will have a waiting list
of students wanting those books.

                       The books can also be introduced or book
                 talked during the following themes:
                    Teen Week
                    National Library Week
                    Children’s Book Week
                    Author of the Month
                    Aligned with Scope & Sequence
(if there is another story the students are reading in class you could
show other titles written by the same author.)


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