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									                                               Ghost Canoe
                                               By Will Hobbs
                                        Study guide by Laura Siebens

Chapter 1: “Footprints on the Shore”

   1. Vocabulary:
      a. gale

        b. Fresnel lens

        c. pendulum

        d. tendrils
        e. shroud

   2. Why doesn‟t Nathan have a choice?

   3. Tatoosh Island is 17 acres. How does that compare to the school grounds of Explore? (p.3)

   4. Why doesn‟t Nathan rescue the cow?

   5. If the tender ship doesn‟t arrive how many more days can they burn the lamp? (p.4)

   6. What is Nathan afraid of and why? (p.5)

   7. What decision does Nathan make when the iron door won‟t open? (p.6)

   8. How did Nathan‟s father react to what happened to Nathan during the night? (p.8)

   9. Why does Nathan‟s father say “I suppose all things are difficult before they are easy”?

   10. What is compared to a ghost ship? (p.10)

   11. Who is Lighthouse George? (p.11)

   12. what happened to the crew of the L.S. Burnaby?

   13. Describe the skills needed to be a lighthouse keeper in this story.

   14. List/draw the various parts of the lighthouse and describe their functions/purpose.
Chapter 2: A Stab Wound to the Heart

      1. Vocabulary:
            a. Jargon
            b. Amiably
            c. Apparition (p.19)
            d. Prow (p.19)
            e. Stern (p.19)

      2. Where can one land on Tatoosh? (p.12)

      3. Make a list of all the Chinook jargon used in the story and it meaning.

      4. Write a character sketch or create a character web for Nathan‟s father. (p.13)

      5. Why has Lighthouse George survived into his mid-30s?

      6. Why is Lighthouse George a man of contrasts? (p.14)

      7. How does Lighthouse George dress differ from a white man‟s? (p.15)

      8. Why does Nathan‟s father want his mother to move to Neah Bay? Why doesn‟t she want to go?

      9. Why does Lighthouse George consider the shipwreck “Hyas cultus”? (p.20-21)

      10. Why won‟t George receive money for the oil? (p.20)
Chapter 3: A Thief in the Night

   1. What is Captain Bim not? (p.23)

      ______ biggest talker
      ______ a trader
      ______ a captain

   2. What is sold at the trading post? (p.24)

   3. Why is Nathan uneasy?

   4. Vocabulary:
            a. Forest Primeval (p.25)
            b. Mundane (p.28)

   5. Who does Captain Bim think robbed his store? What evidence does he have?

   6. Who does Nathan think robbed the store? What evidence does he have? (p. 26)

   7. What do the Makahs call themselves?
Chapter 4: Fuca’s Pillar

   1. What does George mean when he says he saw to much of the world? (p.30)

   2. What does “mute as a tree” mean? (p.31)

   3. Why would the new assistant keepers look slightly seasick?

   4. Vocabulary:
         a. Prudent (p.33)

   5. Why does Nathan‟s father caution him about where he spends his time?

   6. How could Nathan‟s curiosity get him in trouble?

   7. What does Nathan see a Fuca‟s Pillar? (p.35)

   8. Why does Lighthouse George disapprove of fuca‟s Pillar? (p.36)
Chapter 5: A Plume of Smoke

   1. What are seastacks? (p.38)

   2. What does Nathan think he sees behind the seastacks? (p.39)

   3. Nathan and Lighthouse George see what kind of whales?

   4. Vocabulary:
         a. Breached
         b. Flotsam (p.41)
         c. Bullion (p.42)

   5. From reading other historical information, verify in writing the Spanish and English presence in Neah
      Bay during the late 1700‟s as described on p. 41-43.

   6. Who is Jeremiah Flagg and what price did he pay? (p.43)

   7. Why did Jeremiah Flagg behave mysteriously after the Makahs‟ „plucked‟ him form the sea? (p.44)

   8. What reasons might Captain Bim give for believing in the „Hairy Man‟? (p.45)
Chapter 6: An Eternal View of the Sea

   1. What does Nathan hope to find when he goes exploring and what does he really find?

   2. What are the differences between a spruce, fir and cedar tree? How are they used in the Makah

   3. How do the Makahs, with the exception of Lighthouse George and Rebecca, treat Nathan? (p.50)

   4. How does Nathan communicate with the Makahs? (p.51-52)

   5. Who created the faint trails Nathan is crossing? (p.52)

   6. Vocabulary: (p.53-54)
         a. Salal bushes
         b. Salmonberry vines
         c. Unencumbered

   7. Do you agree of disagree with Nathan‟s decision to satisfy his curiosity? Why or why not? (p.55)

   8. What are the bone cylinders used for? (p.56)

   9. Why does Nathan replace the bone cylinders?
Chapter 7: A Glimmer in the Dark

   1. Why does Nathan continue even though he has misgivings? (p.57)

   2. Vocabulary:
         a. Devil‟s club (p.58)
         b. Bull kelp (p.58)
         c. Figment of his imagination (p.59)
         d. Cumbersome (p.60-61)
         e. Pristine (p.60-61)
         f. Salal (p.62)
         g. Salmonberries (p.62)

   3. What does Nathan need top prove the survivor killed Captain Flagg?

   4. What clues lead Nathan to believe someone or something is in the cave?

   5. What shocked Nathan near dark?

   6. What is a ghost canoe? (p.64)

   7. Why is Mr. Bim so agitated? (p.65)

   8. What do you think Mr. Bim has in the strongbox and why is it hidden in the woods? (p.66)
Chapter 8: Dolla Bill

   1. Why is Nathan so frightened? (p.67)

   2. Why is Lighthouse George not smiling in the morning? (p.68)

   3. Why is Dolla Bill‟s staring ununsual? (p.69)

   4. What is Dolla Bill‟s family history? (p.70-71)

   5. Early in the chapter where does Nathan think Lighthouse George is going?

   6. By the end of the chapter where do you think they are going?

   7. Why won‟t the Makah take Dolla Bill with them?

Chapter 9: Swims Like a Fish

   1. Explain all the steps involved in the hunt in this chapter.

   2. Why has Dolla Bill lost his canoe?

3. Why does Lighthouse George give Dolla Bill a place in his home?
Chapter 10: Yaw-ka-duke

   1. Why does Lighthouse George believe Dolla Bill? (p.81)

   2. Why doesn‟t Lighthouse George want to talk about what Dolla Bill saw? (p.82)

   3. Explain how Lighthouse George and Nathan fish for halibut. (p.83)

   4. How does Nathan‟s father react to Nathan‟s account of the sea cave? (p.85)

   5. What does the territorial marshal decide? (p.86)

Chapter 11: Stolen Dreams

   1. Vocabulary:
         a. Conspiracy (p.87)
         b. Portage (p.89)

   2. How are the candle fish used? (p.88)

   3. Why do you think Bim feels tormented by Nathan?

   4. Create a food chain beginning with the eulachon.

   5. What does Captain Bim mean when he says, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”?

   6. What is the second secret Nathan has to keep?
Chapter 12: The Arrival of the Nitinats

   1. What does Nathan mistake for sea serpents? (p.94)

   2. Vocabulary:
         a. Caricature (p.95)

   3. What else have the Makahs reported missing?

   4. Describe the activities that take place during the Nitinats‟ visit.

   5. Did Dolla Bill‟s performance cause amazement among the crowd because of what he did or because of
      whom he was?

Chapter 13: The Bone Game

   1. What is sla ha and how is it played? (p.100-101)

   2. Vocabulary:
         a. Feints (p.103)
         b. Natty (p.103)
         c. Plateau of invincibility (p.104)
         d. Melancholy (p.108)
         e. Stalwart (p.109)

   3. Why isn‟t Nathan surprised to see Captain Bim start a conversation with the stranger?

   4. Why does the visitor watch the bone game with such intensity?

   5. Why does the Indian agent want to change the Makah‟s way of life? (p.106-107)

   6. Why does Captain Bim sell the trading post?

   7. What does Nathan regret? (p.110)
Chapter 14: Forty Tons of Fury

   1. What had the Makahs used Tatoosh Island for in the old days? (p.111)

   2. What types of gear do the Makahs use for whaling? (p.112-113)

   3. Vocabulary:
         a. Flukes
         b. Breaches
         c. Thwarts (p.116)
         d. Gunwales (p.116)
         e. Awl (p.119)

   4. Why do the crew almost kill Dolla Bill and why does Lighthouse George stop them? (p.114)

   5. Who are the only people allowed to harpoon a whale? (p.115)

   6. What caused Lighthouse George‟s injury? (p.117-118)

   7. Why did they sew the whale‟s mouth shut? (p.120)

   8. How did they honor the dead whale? (p.121)
Chapter 15: The King and His Fool

   1. Vocabulary:
         a. Gelatinous (p.122)
         b. Ingenious (p.128)

   2. Why does Nathan feel foolish?

   3. What parts of the whale id they use and for what purpose? (p.132)

   4. What is Nathan afraid of?

   5. Why does Kane support Dolla Bill? (p.126)

   6. Why does Dolla Bill tell Nathan he‟s still not telling the truth about the sla ha pieces?

   7. What types of Indian art does Nathan suggest Kane sell? (p.128-129)

   8. Why does Nathan feel uneasy about Kane?

   9. Why are the Makahs staying away from the trading post? (p.131)

   10. What serious mistake did Nathan make? (p.133)
Chapter 16: He is with the Whale

   1. Why does Nathan‟s mom encourage him to keep talking to Lighthouse George?

   2. Do you agree with Nathan that Kane is a murder? Why or why not? (p.136)

   3. Why does Nathan take Lighthouse George to the village creek? (p.136-137)

   4. Who do they splash water against the sides of the canoe? (p.139)

   5. Do you think Kane really lost his knife? Why or why not? (p.140)

Chapter 17: A Voice from Beyond the Grave

   1. What answers does Nathan‟s father give him? (p.142-143)

   2. What is Kane truly after? (p.145)

   3. Who is Peterson and what is his preoccupation? (p.148)

   4. Vocabulary:
         a. Trepidation (p.150)

   5. Why odes knowledge of the letter put Nathan in danger? (p.151-152)

   6. Why does Lighthouse George say trouble is George, not Dolla Bill? (p.153)

   7. What does Lighthouse George believe about the whales?
Chapter 18: No Pay, No Say

   1. Why does Lighthouse George call the salmon “chief”? (p.154)

   2. Why is Lighthouse George so angry with Kane? (p.156)

   3. Who suffers because of Kane‟s anger? How and why? (p.157-159)

   4. What does Nathan encourage Dolla Bill to do? (p. 159-160)

Chapter 19: Tomorrow will be too Late

   1. Why can‟t Nathan keep his mind on fishing? (p.163)

   2. How do they keep the canoe from splitting?

   3. What is the dogfish skin used for? (p.164)

   4. Why does Nathan go to the trading post? (p.165)

   5. What are two possibilities Nathan arrives at? What is a third possibility? (p.166)

   6. What must Nathan know before he looks for the bones? (p.168)

   7. Why had the forest absorbed sound like a sponge? (p.169)

   8. Why does Nathan continue to search for the ghost canoe? (p. 170-171)

   9. What does the raven symbolize? (p.169-170)
Chapter 20: Too Much Gold

   1. What does Nathan discover in the ghost canoe?

   2. Who follows him?

   3. Who saves Nathan‟s and Lighthouse George‟s lives?

   4. Why do the Makahs follow Kane? (p.179)

   5. What does Kane do with all the gold? Why? (p.182-183)

   6. Why does Nathan feel sorry for Kane?

Chapter 21: Everything Passes, Everything Changes

   1. What is the Makahs‟ wealth? (p.186)

   2. Vocabulary:
         a. Mortally (p.187)
         b. Tuberculosis (p.187)

   3. Why hasn‟t Neah Bay become Nathan‟s home? (p.190)

   4. What did Bim discover on his return?

   5. What did Nathan use for candles? (p.191)

   6. Why can‟t they refuse the ingot? (p.192)

7. Why dose Lighthouse George give Nathan the paddle? (p.193)

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