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					                      Dremel Warranty Policy

   Warranty Cover - General
   Every tool manufactured by Dremel contains moving, and therefore wearable
   parts; for this reason, certain components and faults are not covered by
   warranty due to being subject to ‘fair wear and tear’. However, where
   problems and faults are considered to be the result of manufacturing defect, a
   tool may qualify for repair under warranty.

   Warranty Cover - Electric/Cordless Dremel Products
   Dremel brand electric and cordless products are covered by warranty for two
   years from the date of purchase. Dremel products are covered by a two year
   labour and two years parts warranty.

   How to Obtain a Service Centre Repair
   Contact the Bosch Service Centre and arrange for the electric/cordless
   machine to be collected by courier at no cost to the customer – usually the
   next day. (See the following page for more information)
   To arrange a collection please call 0844 7360109.

   The Bosch Service Centre:
   5-day turnaround & other repairs

With more than 98% of spare part readily available; Bosch aims to provide
a % day turnaround of warranty repairs as follows:

 ► Day 1 – Call to Bosch Service Centre, Denham
 ► Day 2 – Tool collected from dealer / customer
 ► Day 3 – Into workshop for inspection and warranty repair/repair quotation
 ► Day 4 – Conclude repair and dispatch machine
 ► Day 5 – Return of machine to dealer / customer
Repairs collected, repaired & returned
within 5 working days
                                                      Callers to the Bosch Collection Department
(Excluding weekends and bank holidays)                will be asked to pack the tool in a suitable box.
                                                      Failure to comply is likely to result in the
Day 1        Day 2    Day 3      Day 4     Day 5      machine not being collected.
Request      Collect Repair      Dispatch Delivered
collection   from     or         to                   The Collection Department will advise callers
before       dealer       or
                      Estimate   dealer or            of a reference number that must be written on
4pm          Customer            Customer             the box in which the tool is to be transported.
                                                      It is important that callers keep a note of the
                                                      number so that the machine may be identified
                                                      and tracked whilst in process.

                                                      A proof of purchase will be required, for
                                                      example a copy of the receipt or a bank/credit
                                                      card statement that clearly shows the
                                                      purchase date.

Non-Warranty repairs

Repairs that are not covered by warranty, whether due to age of product or nature of
fault, will be chargeable.

If the machine has been collected and is at our workshop at Denham, a quote for the
repair will be sent to the dealer / customer, with three options:

►Go ahead with the repair at the price quoted
►Do not undertake a repair and recycle the machine (at no cost to customer)
►Do not undertake a repair and return the dismantled machine to customer /
dealer (at a small delivery cost)