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					  VOLUME 2, ISSUE 4                    MARCH NEWSLETTER


                               Flashback Prom
  Oh...the high school                                                                      You can dust off your
  prom! What great                                                                          old prom wear, Hit
  memories...friends, fun,                                                                  the thrift store, or
  getting all dressed up                                                                    find something
  and dancing the night                                                                     around your house
  away. Well if you miss                                                                    that reminds you of
  those good ol’                                                                            your favorite
  times...here’s your                                                                       decade!
  APhA– ASP is hosting a                                                                    How do you get tick-
  flashback prom!                                                                           ets?
  There will be games &                                                                     Contact: : Allison
  prizes, a DJ, and a cash bar                                                      (abustar@siue.edu) , Tim
                                        Date: March 28th
  (with ID).                                                                        (tgleaso@siue.edu) or Julia
                                        Time: 8 pm
  What do I wear: It’s a                Where: American Legion in Collinsville
  Flashback! Wear attire
                                              1022 Vandalia St. Collinsville, IL    Tickets are $10 in advance and
  from your favorite decade        .                                                $15 at the door

     St. Baldrick’s
      On Saturday           plastic agents, raised a         United
March 7, 2009 at Helen      total of $563!                   states as
Fitzgerald’s in St. Louis                                    well as in a few other      was great to see so much
                            I would like to person-                                      participation. If you
our APhA—ASP chapter                                         countries. This is the
                            ally thank all those who                                     want further information
did a great thing...some                                     world’s biggest volun-
                            donated and especially                                       about this organization
brave souls shaved their                                     teer-driven fundraising
                            those who lost some                                          or about how to donate
heads to help raise funds                                    event for childhood can-
                            locks for a good cause.                                      to any other
and support for child-                                       cer where people shave
hood cancer research.       The St. Baldrick’s Foun-         their heads to show their   event...check out:
                            dation hosts events such         support and solidarity
Our team, the antineo-                                                                   www.stbaldricks.org
                            as this one all over the         for childhood cancer. It
 Page 2

                           Scholarship Application
                           Do you want free money          scholarships for APhA-          Sure it takes a little time
                           for school?                     ASP members. The ap-            to apply for scholarships
                                                           plication is available on       but just remember...
                           ...Of course you do!            Blackboard and is due           FREE MONEY!
                                                           by March 31st.
Apply by midnight
                           Well here’s how to get it:                                      The award is determined
  on March 31st                                            You can find it under the       based on character,
                           Apply for the APhA-ASP
                           Scholarship!                    “scholarship” tab. The          leadership, and
                                                           directions, application         documented commit-
                           You can win up to $250.         and evaluation rubric           ment to service.
                           We are awarding 2               are posted online.

Undy 5000
                             A Brief Run to Fight Colon Cancer
On March 28th the Colon
Cancer Alliance organization hosts     priately so it’s important to help
several 5K runs in order to work       raise awareness.
towards raising awareness for co-                                               Connie’s husband Bob Carr is get-
                                       This 5K walk/run is held in Forest
lorectal cancer.                                                                ting a team together:
                                       Park and has a fun twist to your
Colorectal Cancer is the 3rd lead-     traditional 5K. In order to raise        Contact Bob if you are interested:
ingcancer killer in the United         awareness you are encouraged to
States. 52,180 American died last      wear your “undies” on the outside.       bobcarr@unitasrepairs.com
year. However this doesn’t have to     This can mean whatever you like          314-537-0993
be the case! We have great             (wearing boxers over your pants,
screening methods to help catch        wearing matching team boxers
this disease in a state which we can   etc… the organization just encour-
treat. This isn’t the case for all     ages up to keep it appropriate as
types of cancer. However, not          this is a race for all ages.
everyone gets screenings appro-
                                       For more information go to:

 Congrats Lacy Gamblin...                                                   Date to Remember:
 She is our National Patient    who participated. It’s won-
 Counseling Competition         derful to know our students
 winner! Lacy will represent    are gaining valuable ex-                    October 1-3, 2009 is the IPhA
 SIUe at our annual meeting     perience counseling pa-                     Conference in Peoria, Illinois. There
 by competing at the na-        tients. If you missed the                   will be special events especially for
 tional level. We’re sure she   opportunity to participate,                 students as well as lots of other great
 will do wonderful and rep-     keep it in mind for next                    sessions including several CEs.
 resent the school well.        year! It’s a great opportu-                 Keep this date in mind as this
 Make sure to congratulate      nity to practice your skills                conference will be a good one to
 her next time you see her!     and win prizes!                             attend! There may also be some
 Congratulations should be      Good work to everyone                       support provided to help reduce cost
 extended to all students       who participated.                           for travel and registration.
                                                                                      VOLUME 2, ISSUE 4
                                                                                                           Page 3

Operation Diabetes was a huge success!
We’ve had 2 big projects        and played fun but educa-       We had several guest
going on recently that fall     tional bingo all about dia-     speakers including nation-
under the umbrella of           betes. The residents have a     ally acclaimed comedi-
“Project Diabetes”, both of     lot of fun and they enjoy our   enne, Phyllis Shulman on
which were much needed          company too.                    hand to present a little
educational experiences                                         comedy as well as presen-
                                The second recent even
for the audience and were                                       tations on various topics
                                was the Diabetes Sympo-
both huge success stories.                                      including, oral
                                sium. We had 20 student
First of all we had Diabetes    pharmacists on hand from
Bingo. This was done twice      APhA and SSHP to provide
                                                                associated with
already and there may be        various screenings includ-
                                                                diabetes, and
one more Bingo session in       ing blood pressure moni-
the works currently.            toring, risk assessments,
                                foot inspections and free       Thank you to
Members of our school and
                                hemoglobin A1c tests.           everyone who
organization went to as-                                        helped plan
                                Over 215 people attended
sisted living homes and                                         and run these
                                this event!
Rosewood Nursing home                                           events!

Members of the Month...
December:                       January:                        February:
Congratulations to…             Congratulations to…             Congratulations to…
Justine Guyton, Kelly           Kris Ochs!                      Phoung Nguyen
Streumph, Shannon
                                Kris has been a very active     Phoung has always been a
Byrne, and Dawn
                                member of our                   big help for our organiza-
                                organization! She has done      tion but she especially did
These ladies worked hard        many great things for our       a great job organizing Dia-
to make sure we had a suc-      chapter especially all her      betes Bingo. She was won-
cessful American Pharma-        hard work organizing the        derful at collecting prize
cist Month. Thank you for       Diabetes Symposium!             donations and making the
all your hard work!                                             event run smoothly!

                                                                  Book Sale:
              Elections                                           I know, I know...the semester isn’t even over
                                                                  yet! But looking ahead to next year...some of
 Want the opportunity to        organizations...it can be a       you especially the P1s will be needing some
 become more involved in        lot of fun and also looks
                                                                  new textbooks. Make sure to keep APhA-ASP
 our organization...run for     great on a CV!
 office and help shape
                                                                  in mind. We sell books at a discounted stu-
                                We will be holding elec-          dent rate!
 exactly what the
 organization will become.      tions on April 30th at our
                                next chapter meetings.            Next year for your Therapeutics class you will
 You have the opportunity       Keep your eyes open for           need to purchase 2 text books...there will be
 to work with the board and     more information about            a new edition coming out and it will be more
 organize events and activi-    each position.                    difficult to find good deals online– don’t for-
 ties.                                                            get to remember your APhA-ASP
                                If you have any question
 It is a great idea to become   about available positions,        chapter...discounted books are part of your
 more involved in               feel free to contact a board      benefits!

Improving medication use. Advancing Patient Care.
                                                                           W E’RE ON THE W EB:
                                                                          W W W . P H A R M AC I S T . C O M

                        Spring Membership Drive
               This Spring Membership Drive is for students in the class of 2010.

  APhA-ASP offers a great review kit for free with your membership fee. You will receive:
  • 2009 Clinical Rotation Prep Kit
  • APhA Complete Review for Pharmacy ($64.95 value)
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • And other online benefits
  This is a great way to get a review kit for the NAPLEX exam! This is such a great deal and in order
  to get it you have to do 2 things. 1. You have to apply for membership (new or renewal) by April
  13th. If you apply for membership after this date you will NOT receive this offer. 2. You will need
  to log onto www.pharmacist.com with your ID number to request your kit and provide the proper
  mailing address. This offer will also renew your membership until October 2010.
                           This is a GREAT opportunity! Don’t let it pass you by!

                                                                                 Going to Annual?
    Lung Walk 2009                                                               Make sure to check your
                                                                                 email for the list Tim
    Lung Diseases including asthma       Currently we are at 15 mem-
    and COPD are a huge health           bers and we’ve raised $320. If          Gleason sent out. Double
    issue in the United States and       you would like to walk with us          check the list and make
    especially in this area…Want to      you can sign up and have fam-
    do something about it?               ily and friend support you by           sure your name is on it.
    Join the APhA-ASP team
    “puffers and pills” in the 2009      http://www.mrsnv.com/evt/               If you aren’t on our offi-
    Lung Walk. I know I know,            home.jsp?id=2346                        cial list you won’t be
    there are 2 “walk-a-thons” in
    one newsletter!
                                         Or contact J. Cody Sanduscky            properly excused from
                                         at: jsandus@siue.edu
                                                                                 class and you won’t be
    This one is on April 18th at the
                                                                                 reimbursed...no one
    Garden’s on SIUe’s campus.
                                                                                 wants that! So make sure
    Last year we had a huge turn-        to see                                  to check the list and let
    out and raised a lot of funds for    you                                     Tim know if your name is
    asthma education. This year          there!
    we’d like to raise at least $1,000                                           missing.
    and have 20 or more people
                                                                                 Have fun and a safe trip to
                                                                                 San Antonio!