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									REFERENCE S HEET for TRI CARE Service s to Individuals with Auti sm Spectrum Di sorders
                   in Military District of Washington (MDW) Area

I am an active duty Army officer currently located in the MDW/DC-area, North Region and rec eive
services through National Naval Medical Center (NNMC) at Bethesda and Walter Reed Army
Medical Center (WRAMC) for our son with autism. The web sites for these hospitals are and This sheet explains
what medical services we’ve managed to get for him from TRICA RE and how we got them. I
know that services vary from region to region, even though they should not. I also understand
from personal experienc e that it is very difficult to move into a new area every two to three years
and quickly identify whic h services are available and how to secure them. If you have any
questions or would like me to include additional information that might be helpful to new families
in the area, please feel free to email or phone. My contact information is below.
LTC Scott Campbell at Office phone number is (703) 681-
9426. Home phone number is (703) 241-2640.

Recommended WRAMC and NNMC doctors:

Dr. Ed. Coll, Developmental Pediat rician from NNMC at Office
phone number is (301) 319-4095.

Dr. Lowry Shropshire, Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician from NNMC at Office phone number is (301) 295-4917.

Dr. Jay Montgomery, an Allergist from NNMC at jrmont Office
phone number is (301) 295-4510.

Cheryl Issa, Pediatric Dietician from WRAMC at Office phone
number is (202) 782-9510. Elizabeth Taylor is another Pediat ric Dietician from NNMC. Her office
phone number is (301) 319-4189.

Phone number for Dr. Melissa Fries in Prenatal Genetics at the NNMC ob/gyn clinic is (301) 295 -
4408. Phone number for Dr. Sondra Levin, Geneticist at the WRAMC pediatric clinic is (202)

Another helpful person has been Betty Thomas at from Dewitt
Hospital at Fort Belvoir. She is the chief of utilization management and can be very useful in
finding TRICA RE or MTF services for your kids. Her office phone number is (703) 805 -0764.
Three more helpful folks have been Marcia O’Connor, the Fort Myer Exceptional Family Member
Program (EFMP ) Manager at o’ She has been around the area for
many years and has a great network for advice and cont acts. Her office phone number is (703)
696-3510 or The Fort Belvoir EFMP assistant, Ewa Fabijanczyk
is at (703) 805-5435 or ewa. The other person is Jennie Austin, the
Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS) Program Manager at Walter Reed.
Her office phone number is (202) 782-3859/ 4184.

In JUL 05, we saw Dr. Carolyn Sullivan, a pediatric gastroenterologist at Walter Reed to get help
with our son's alternating constipation and diarrhea problems. She prescribed Miralax / Glycolax
and was very helpful. Her appointment phone numb er is (202) 782-6101/6102. Her
administrative person is Kimberly Buress at (202) 782-3273. We also saw Kirsten Powell, a
speech-language pathologist at Walter Reed to get advice on our son's feeding problems, and
she was surprisingly very knowledgeable on how to help autistic children with feeding issues.
She was recently succeeded by Julia Webb. Her appointment phone number is (202) 782-6676,
and her email address is Julia.webbl@na. If your child has problems wit h these
topics and most do, I highly recommend getting a referral from your military primary care
manager (PCM) or physician.
Recent development is a social skills group for individuals with High Functioning Autism at the
National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. Phone Barbara Eckman, LCSW at (301) 295-
0576 for more information.


The first step in acquiring services in the North Region is to enroll your child in the Exceptional
Family Member Program (EFMP) at one of the local offices. Once that is done, you can enroll in
the Extended Health Care Option (ECHO) program (used to be the Program for Persons with
Disabilities (PFPWD) by completing the Case Management Referral Form at res/5CFD7AB0-E 4C4-49D9-8332-
8B018CC73590/0/02511MedicalManagmentReferralForm.doc . Note that the forms are “fillable”
and can be completed electronically, if desired. Also note that certain sections of the form must
be completed by your physician and by a public official in your county. Therefore, you will need
to make appointments with your military PCM or physician for a referral to a developmental
pediatrician (Dr. Coll’s and Dr. Shropshire’s contact information is listed in the “Recommended
WRAMC and NNMC doctors” section). The program switch happened on 1 SEP 05. Info from
TRICA RE is at http://www.tricare. 294& CID= 0&RID= 3. Info
from Healthnet is at htm, and the booklet at res/93AF4760-B 78B-47C6-AD85-
06F1967A937F/0/ECHO_Brochure_09_06_final.pdf. Registration phone numbers are at More Health Net ECHO
registration info at 0-E4C4-49D9-8332-
8B018CC73590/0/02511MedicalMana gmentReferralForm.doc. I suggest signing up for the
TRICA RE ECHO email newsletters subscription at

For all the int erventions listed below, it helps to have a provider already picked and listed on the
request for all TRICARE requests. Get a copy of referral ASAP aft er it is submitted to preclude
problems with utilization personnel filling it. If any services are not sufficient or adequate at
school, request additional services for “behavioral” or “medical” and not “educational” purposes

Congress created the ECHO program to make services accessible to active duty service
members in one state that are not accessible in another st ate because they are required to move
frequently and are normally not in one area long enough to wait to become eligible for services
through Medicaid waivers in most states. From Section 1.1 of Chapt er 9 for “S pecial Education”,
“Extended Health Care Option (ECHO) is a supplemental program to the TRICARE Basic
Program and provides eligible active duty family members with an additional financial resource for
an integrated set of services and supplies designed to assist in the reduction of the disabling
effects of the beneficiary’s qualifying condition. ” Some services are only accessible through
TRICA RE's ECHO program and not through regular TRICARE. Most notably is Applied Behavior
Analysis (ABA) therapy. However, most services (such as OT, P T and S&L) a re only available
through the regular, basic program, even though some TRICARE folks may state the opposite.
There is monthly co-pay depending on the sponsor’s rank. The program provides up to $2500 of
services per month for each family member enrolled in ECHO, when it started in September,
2005. That figure should go to $36,000 a year (or on average $3000 a month) retroactively from
when the FY09 NDAA budget was signed on 14 October 2008. Unused portions should be able
to be rolled over from month to month until the end of the fiscal year on 30 September of each
year. This program is currently not available to families of retirees, but legislation is pending to
make it available.

Applied Behavior Analysi s (ABA) therapy is a structured one-on-one program to identify and
address problem areas unique to each individual and is currently approved through the ECHO
Program. The initial request stated: “Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy for 15 hours/
week x 12 months and 2 hours/ month for evaluations, training, or team meetings by … from …
through …” Our son was authorized 15 hours per week during the school year and 30 hours a
week during the summer months, along with a two-hour evaluation once a month. However, it
was reduced by the case manager to only 15 hours a month based on the current monthly
funding limit of $2500 and not his medical needs . When this program changed from the PFPWD
to ECHO, the criteria to get ABA changed. They are currently listed in sections 2.2 through 2.4 of
chapter 9 of the TRICARE Policy Manual 6010.54-M at Most
individuals qualify for services under the "Significant Physical Disabilities" at section 2.3 by having
problems with “unaided performanc e” of at least one of the followi ng major life activities is an
ECHO qualifying condition: breathing, cognition, hearing, seeing, and age appropriate ability
essential to bathing, dressing, eating, grooming, speaking, stair use, toilet use, trans ferring, and
walking. ” State all that apply in your request for a referral. Some TRICARE personnel may insist
that the individual must also have a mental retardation (MR) diagnosis too, but that is
ABSOLUTE LY NOT correct. If you run into this problem, ple ase contact me immediately.
TRICA RE will NOT approve ABA therapy for what is viewed as only educational issues, but only
for behavioral or medical problems, which is why you also ha ve to have your school system or
county health agency complete the Public Use Certification Form (Section 5.1 of Chapter 9),
which should be provided by your case manager. Again, a home ABA program is possible, if the
local school system states that they "only provide ABA for educational purposes", if they do that
at all. You will probably also have to provide a copy of your child’s current Individualized
Education Program. The CP T code to be used for ABA therapy has been 99199 for TRICARE
ECHO Program. For more information about what ABA at http://www.poac - e.cgim?template=aba_vb and http://www. A list of certified providers is on
the certificant registry at

Info on 2008 Auti sm Demonstration Project:

Details in Chapter 20 of TRICARE Operations Manual 6010. 51-M at, dated 15 March 2008 with changes on 20 March, 22 April and 17
September. It only cover ABA; no other types of behavioral interventions reimbursable. You
must enroll in EFMP, then in the ECHO Program and then in the Demo. Currently, no more than
$2500 per ECHO-registered beneficiary in any single month.

–       Eligibility (Section 6.0):

–       Diagnoses of only AD, PDDNOS, AS, and CDD.
–       Over age of 18 months and receiving special education under an IEP or IFSP.

–       Providers (Section 4.0):

–        Must be a pediatrics MD, clinical psychologist PhD, BCBA, or BCABA. An authorized
provider list for the Autism Demo P roject in the Tri -North Region is at esources/pdf/1533342083/E IA%20S upervisor%20North
–        Must sign participation agreement and undergo a criminal history review.
–        Tutors employed by or contracted with TRICARE provider.
–        Certify tutor education, training, experience, competency requirements and that have
         successfully completed a criminal background check.
–        Complete Behavior Plan (BP) and E IA Progress Report (EPR) for each child every six
months. (Section 9.1.4). Pay up to $47.65 using CPT 99080.
–        Carry liability insurance of $1M per claim and $3M aggregat e.
–        “Shall organize and direct required quarterly family treatment progress
         meetings ”. (Section 9.1.5). Pay up to $65.08 usi ng CPT 90887.
–        Provider rates: Up to $125/ hour for BCBAs, up to $50/ hour for tutors.

–       Tutors (Section 4.5): (Requirements prior to billing TRICARE)
–       Education- Minimum of 12 semester hours of college coursework in psychology,
        education, social work, behavioral sciences, human development or related field) -or-
        minimum of 48 hours of any college course -or- H.S. diploma or GED and 500 hours of
        ABA service s employment.
–       Classroom training- 40 hours required.
–       Experience and Compet ency- no specific, quantified requirement.
–       Ongoing Supervision- 2 hours of direct supervi sion a month.

–       Parent/ Caregivers training (Section 7.1.4 )- now only provided during billable ABA
        therapy. But, detailed training plan must be included on the semi-annual Behavior

–       TRICARE will not cost share (Section 13.0 )

–       Training for tutors to meet training requirements, or tutor supervision.
–       Program development or administrative services and assessment required for developing
        the EIA Progress Report (EPR) and updating the Behavior Plan (BP).

The following are ABA providers in the MDW area: for Autism Out reach, Inc. (AOI). Their office phone number is
(703) 689-0019 or send an email to Michelle Hurst, M.Ed, BCBA
and her folks are providers to a number of autistic kids of military parents and are very familiar
with working with TRICARE on your behalf. Their office phone number is (703) 689-0019, and
their offic e is in Reston, VA. Her cell phone is (571) 236-1110.

http://www.cent for Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD). Their
office phone number is (703) 256-6383 or 229-0202, or send an email to Mary Ann Cassell at Their office is in Springfield, VA. They are the only authorized
TRICA RE provider under both the ECHO Program and the Autism ABA Demo that I know of in
the area.

Another is Benjamin C. Mauro with Positive Behavioral Dynamics, Falls Church, VA. Their office
phone number is (703) 533-3856 or send an email to Their web site
is at

Another is Adam Spenc er with Priorities ABA from a DC offic e, who only servic es Tric are ABA
clients using LOVAAS ABA techniques. His billing rate is $85/hr. He works through a North
Carolina company, Priorities ABA at (252) 341-4192. They may even bill Tricare directly on our
behalf. for Autism Learning Center (ALC). Their office phone
number is (703) 506-1930, or send an email them at Their office is in Falls
Church, VA. They usually do not provide the ha nds-on therapists.

http://www.beneficialallianc for Beneficial Alliance, an approved DOD-A DP and ECHO
providers. They have B CBAs/EIA supervisors and E IA tutors in the Northern Virginia, Maryland
and DC area. For more info, contact Sonya Dunn at (703) 380-4064, or send an email to her at or for Alternative Behaviors by Nadya Molina, M.Ed, BCBA in
Falls Church, VA. Their office phone number is (703) 732 -2469 or 237-2219, or send an email to
Nady aMolina@AlternativeB

http://www.autismservic esnort for Paul Eschbach at Autism Services North. Their office
phone number is (717) 802-1732 or send an email to paul@autismservices nort or for Matthew’s Center, a TRICARE-authorized ABA provider. For
more info, contact Laurie Heilman, Executive Director at (703) 369-2976, extension 101 or send
an email to

A new provider in Fredericksburg is Toni Haman with Comprehensive Autism Partnership. Their
office phone numbers are (954) 829 -0790 and (540) 371-1407. She has 8 years of training at the
Lovaas replication site in Wisconsin and 2 1/2 years with her company in Florida until she moved

One more new provider is Reaching Potentials in Fredericksburg, which have a main office in
Florida. Their office phone number is (540) 368-8087 or send an email to RP

Another possible provider is Leapahead headed by Talisha Herring, BCABA. Their office phone
number is (703) 392-6166 or send an email to However, they are not
TRICA RE authorized as of SEP 05, but they may be in the future.

Authorized provider list for the Demo P roject in the Tri -North Region is at IA%20S upervisor%20North

For another perspective, lists schools claiming to use
ABA as a primary intervention in the US, Canada and also in other countries.

When in doubt, submit a claim to TRICA RE for anything that you think might qualify. If denied,
appeal right away using the info from their denial letter and the justification from the TRICARE
policy manual at That is true for all the interventions listed below.

Other Benefits Under the ECHO Program:

From Section 11.1 of Chapt er 9, “Transportation of an E CHO beneficiary to or from a facility or
institution to receive otherwise allowable services or items,” such as ABA therapy.

From Section 14.1 of Chapt er 9, “Durable Equipment (DE) is a device or apparatus whic h does
not qualify as Durable Medical Equipment under the TRICA RE Basic Program but which is
essential to the efficient arrest or reduction of functional loss from, or the dis abling effects of a
qualifying condition. ” Examples are adapted car seats, beds and other safety equipment. This is
different from Durable Medical Equipment (DME) explained in Section 2.1 of Chapter 8 and is
allowable since it:

1. Can improve, restore, or maintain the function of a malformed, diseas ed, or injured body part,
or can otherwise minimize or prevent the deterioration of the patient’s function or condition;
2. Can maximize the patient’s function consistent with the patient’s physiological or medical
3. Provides the medically appropriate level of performance and quality for the medic al condition

Examples are wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

From Section 12.1 of Chapt er 9, “ECHO registered beneficiaries are eligible to receive a
maximum of 16 hours of re spite care in any calendar month in which they also receive any other
ECHO-authorized benefit.” Healthnet has stated that you will need to have a new request from a
MD for this "non-skilled nursing" entitlement, so contact your PCM with your choice of local
TRICA RE-authorized providers to put in your request. The request should state “Respite care
through the E CHO Program by "provider's name and address" for up to 16 hours/ month X 12
months … from … through …” The request can and should be for 12 mont hs at a time, even
though Healthnet can only do the authorizations for 6 months at a time. Once you are enrolled in
ECHO for any service, get list of possible providers from E CHO case manager for non-skilled
nursing providers (usually certified nursing assistants). The respite care provider MUS T be a
TRICA RE-authorized "home health care agency" provider, so you CA NNOT use a neighbor,
family member, or anyone like that. To find the nearest one to you, go to px?Portal= bene& Tab=home& TabSeq=1&ps=bp
&frmRegion= N. Under "specialty" go to "home health care agency". Hit search and go to the
provider tab to see who is a TRICARE -authorized "home health care agency" provider in your
area. Then, call whoever comes up to verify that they do accept and bill TRICARE and have non-
skilled nursing providers (certified nursing assistants usually) before determining which provider
would be the best fit for your family. Call possible providers to verify that they do accept and bill
TRICA RE, and have non-skilled nursing providers to determine which provider would be the best.
However, this is only for your disabled child, and they may not also watch any of your other
children, unless you can work out something with the actual respite care provider on th e side.
The Current Procedural Terminology (CP T) code to use is 99600 for res pite care.

Respite Care: In addition to possible respite care through the ECHO Program, some services
also offer it through the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) res pite care available as of
June 2007 for active-Army and AGR families enrolled in EFMP. Marine Corps started a similar
program in August, 2007. The Navy started with five locations for only CA T4 or CA T5 families in
March 2009 through the National Association of Child Care & Resource Referral Agency
( However, the funding source for EFMP
respite care went from using Global War On Terrorism (GWOT) dollars to budgeted, appropriated
funding starting with this fiscal year as of October 2008. That should have been a good thing,
since it better ensures consistent funding for the future. However, those funds are allocated at
the discretion of each garrison commander, so he can fund respit e care fully, a little, or none at
all. If lack of funding is an issue, see the garrison commander or CSM to ex plain why this service
is so vital for your family. A little education can sometimes yield big results. Funding stuff aside;
there will be a reduction for many families getting respite care in the past, since the same amount
of money will probably be spread across more families. Qualifying families may be eligible to
receive up to 40 hours of EFMP respite care monthly for each certified EFM. It is “consumer-
directed”, and the pay and number of hours varies accordin g to the medical needs of the
individual, using a matrix that the EFMP folks have to determine that need. EFMP certification,
respite care qualification and administration of the entitlement are through the local EFMP
manager. For Army Community Service (A CS) EFMP enrollment and more details, contact
Marcia O’Connor at (703) 696-8467/3510 or marcia.a. at Fort Myer or Ewa
Fabijanczyk at (703) 805-5435 or at Fort Belvoir. Sources of
potential respite care providers are at the bottom of the POAC-NoVA web link at new_parent_resource_suggestions . I do NOT
recommend Jesse Kuschner and Professional Education and Respite Service at (888) 664-9886
or www. for ABA therapy or respite. If possible, additional respite care can
be possible through your state Medicaid waiver services.

Defeat Auti sm Now! (DAN!) Doctor: I have gotten a number of referrals through our military
pediatrician to see a DAN! doctor, so we can get some more rec ent, specific medical second
opinions. We requested an "autism specialist to medically evaluate and treat autism" under
section 3.10 on treatment of mental disorders, chapter 7 of the TRICARE Policy M anual 6010.54-
M at However, request a medical autism specialist and specifically
not a DA N! MD, since many military pediatricians seem to have some sort of bias against these
MDs due to their apparent ignoranc e of what a DAN! MD is. You can try to find a DAN! Doctor in
your area by using the Autism Research Institute web site of danusdis.htm
or for within the U.S. and outside the U.S for outside the U.S. Sample questions
for interviewing DA N MDs are at It is good to have the
specific DAN! Doctor listed on the referral, since that makes the authorization proc ess go a lot
faster. Subsequent referrals to “have our son continue to see … for additional developmental
pediatrics services as part of an ongoing treatment plan.” We have ordered another round of
tests each year and began heavy metal chelation (authorized under TRICA RE section 2.7 of
chapter 7) through them. However, DMPS, but not EDTA may be reimbursable. Finding a DA N!
doctor who specializes in autism has been very, very helpful in determining the best and some
overlooked treatment options for our son. We now have him on him on a Coromega omega-3
essential fatty acids supplement, EnZym-Complete/ DPP-IV (multi-spectrum digestive enzyme),
GABA (Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid), Nu-Thera with P 5P (multi-vitamin and mineral) supplement,
Trimethylglycine (TMG), a Vitamin C and D3 supplements, Magnesium Sulfat e cream, Super
ProBio (lactobacillus acidophilus) probiotic supplements, Yeast Aid, and a liquid zinc supplement
from Kirkman Labs as a res ult of these visits. We added MinerAll, when we started chelation. He
is on a few other supplements not from Kirkman, such as: a liquid Glutathione supplement and
Taurine (for more solid poops). One final note is that the person must be a MD, not a dietician for
you to be reimbursed. After getting an aut horization up-front from TRICARE, we have been
reimbursed for most of the costs for these visits. Our regular DA N! doctor is Dr. Pamela Compart
with Heartlight Healing A rts in Columbia, MD. Her office phone number is (877) 641-8472 or
(410) 880-4215, or visit her website at We very highly recommend her as
one of (if not the best) DA N! doctor in the area. Our DAN! doctor for chelation is Dr. Richard
Layton with Allergy Connections in Towson, MD. His office phone number is (888) 337 -2707 or
(410) 337-2707, or visit his website at If you need an excellent
psychologist, I recommend Dr. Jane Barbin with B ehavioral Directions , 626 Grant Street, Suite I,
Herndon, VA. She is also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Her phone number is (703) 855-
4032, email her at behavioraldirections, or visit her website at If you are TRICARE Prime and did not get a prior
authorization for a DA N MD visit, you can still request reimbursement of 80% of the allowable by
putting in a claim for the Point-Of-Service option. Yearly deductible and additional co-pays or
cost-shares, but option to see any TRICA RE-authorized provider wit hout a primary care
manager’s referral or a regional contractor authorization. More info at viewfactsheet.cfm?id=183.

Nutri tional Supplements: Our son is currently on 14 nutritional supplements listed above and 3
prescribed supplements listed below, based on the advice of his DAN! doctors and deficiencies
from testing. On 25 June 2003, I received a letter from the TRICARE Management Activity (TMA)
about my seeking reimburs ement for products ordered from Kirkman Labs , where we get most of
them. TMA is the government agency that oversees all the military medical HMO contractors.
Their letter implies that Kirkman products are not covered as nutritional supplements unless they
are fed only by tube, are ordered by an MD, can be gotten only from a pharmacy and are the
child's primary sourc e of nutrition. Their web site is at, and their
office phone number is (800) 245-8282. As of June 2008, Kirkman is offering a 25% military
discount on its nutritional product line. To get it, call and speak to Rhonda in customer service.
Depending how much you order at a time, also ask for free shipping and handling. With ARI’s
help, we are pushing for a bigger discount, but this is what we have so far. This is ONLY for
military families. However, we used to order all these Kirkman Labs products and most of his
other supplements through the River Wellness Center Apothecary at (410) 992 -4747 or, since they offer a 15% discount on Kirkman Labs products and
free shipping for all orders over $125. Prescribed DMPS (DiMercaptoPropaneSulfonat e), then
EDTA (EthyleneDiamineTetraAcetic Acid) suppositories and Methyl B-12 supplement injections
by Dr. Layton are ordered through Hopewell Pharmacy and Compounding Center in New Jers ey
at (800-792-6670) or We give him the chelation suppositories onc e a
week and the Methyl B-12 supplement injections twice a week after he is sound asleep.

Nystatin, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Laxatives and Toileting: Dr. Coll at Walter Reed wrote a
prescription for Nystatin and lactobacillus acidophilus to counter our son's gastrointestinal yeast
overgrowth problem, which has helped some in 2002. We have also had him on a glut en-free
and casein-free (GFCF) diet for over five years so far, which has been the most significant thing
that they have done for him until Miralax/ Glycolax. As such, we very highly recommend that diet
or one like it, if you can provide the proper amount of intake in vitamins and minerals through
other foods or supplements. However, the lactobacillus acidophilus available from the military
pharmacy has a low concent ration (about 30 million) of live cells, and it probably does not do
much good. You may need to order a higher concent ration product from Kirkman Labs
(information is above). We currently use the 75 billion unit Super Pro -Bio from Kirkman Labs.
You can get more info on GFCF food alternatives from any one of a number of web sites by
putting GFCF or CFGF in any web search engine. Another good source of info on diets and
potential immune deficiency complications is at It has some
very good articles in it. Their office phone number is (818) 343-1010, and their email address is After Nystatin, we had him on Milk of Magnesia for three years,
which helped but did not totally fix the problem of alternating constipation and/ or diarrhea. In
2005, we saw Dr. Carolyn Sullivan from Walter Reed who prescribed Miralax/ Glycolax to clean
out his chronic constipation at that point, which required x-rays since he was so backed up. That
further cleaned out his gut and everything after it, which must be done first using a regular and
consistent schedule. He is now back to as normal as he will probably get, is partially potty-
trained and gained 20 pounds in the process. Potty training involved using a reinforcer initially to
get him to the potty, and then when only he has success on the potty. He started to go there just
to get his reinforcer of long balloons and would sit there for hours if we would let him. We had to
get a padded seat, because he want ed to sit there so long. He is a much happier kid now that he
is not in constant gut pain. Now, he occasionally signs or pulls you to the bathroom when he
needs to go.

Diet: Our son has been on a casein (whole grains ) and gluten (dairy)-free diet since March 2002,
when we deduced that he had a problem before the food panel was done. These problems were
confirmed with a comprehensive food panel done in Marc h 2003 by Great Plains Labs, showing
sensitivity to most nuts, dairy (casein) and whole grains (gluten) products. The normal reaction if
he eats a dairy or whole grains food is increased hyperactivity for a short time after he digests
that food. The only liquid that he usually drinks is vanilla-flavored rice drink, but he is now also
drinking fruit juices. After five years on this diet, he now has a greatly improved food variety and
may soon be slowly taken off of the GF/CF diet. Local commissaries carry glut en-free waffles,
but not soy yogurt. Local Whole foods and Trader Joe's stores are the source for his rice drink,
gluten-free pasta, cereal, and now soy yogurt. They also have a list of all gluten-free foods in
their stores at the service counter. Locations and more info are at
http://www. wholefoodsmark

Testing: Any doctor can order tests for kids with autism for outside labs, but the military lab will
probably insist that they can do tests like them for free and just as well. This is not quite true; we
recommend Great Plains Lab (GPL) or Doctors Data (DD) that do tests specifically for autistic
kids and are TRICARE-authorized. I have had the same test done by a military lab and GPL, with
very different results. The one from the military lab was totally useless, while we got very useful
results from the GPL one. Their office phone number is (913) 341 -8949, or their web site is, or send an email to The Doctors Dat a
web site is, or their office phone number is (800) 323-2784. I believe
that Genova Diagnostics is also TRICARE -aut horized. Quest and Lab Corp are also TRICA RE-
authorized, and tests should be able to be ordered electronically through TRICA RE. Metametrix
Lab is NOT. Ultimat ely, I was reimbursed by TRICARE for all the test costs by GPL when we
were stationed overs eas.

However, you can get these tests done without any payment from you at all. First, you or your
doctor order the appropriate test kits from the lab at no cost to you using their web site or by
phone. Have your doctor sign off on the test request form, and then you send the sample to the
lab using the express package service that they provide. The doctor will need to put the lab
request into TRICARE through the military referral system electronically and list the specific test
and non-network lab to be used, only if it is for Quest or Lab Corp. A military lab will take and
process a blood sample if that is necessary, if you have a valid test request form. You should
verify with TRICA RE claims that they will pay for these tests BEFORE you take the samples and
send it to the lab, just to be sure. Then, complete the form for a direct payment from you (which
will be cheaper) or an insurance payment through TRICARE, which will have to be backed up by
a credit card entry by you in case TRICARE does not pay. However, you usually get more fully
reimbursed if you pay first and then get reimbursed by TRICARE. Do not worry about that, since
TRICA RE has paid for all testing for us in the past five years. TRICA RE has paid for a
comprehensive food allergy test, two microbial organic acid tests, two comprehensive stool with
yeast sensitivity tests and a hair analysis test for our son. Due to chelation, we intend to do CBC
(done by military lab), metabolic profile (Quest or Labcorps), fecal metals (DD), RB C trace
minerals (DD) and fractionated urinary porphyrin (Quest or Labcorps) tests on a regular basis.

Auditory Integration Therapy (AIT), is a twice a day for ten days method of helping kids who
have difficulty handling noises. This was surprisingly approved as a regular TRICA RE Prime OT
request in NOV 02, but I have been told that other families have not been too successful at
getting this sort of request to go through lately. The justification on the doctor's clinical order was
"He is very adverse to certain sounds and needs a formal program to help with sound sensitivities
and aversive behavior responses." It helps to have a provider already picked and listed on the
clinical order. This Berard therapy has helped our son with noises, and he rarely now sticks his
fingers in his ears. We saw Susan Glaub at McLean Speech and Language. Her office phone
number is (703) 734-0211. They are providers to a number of autistic kids of military parents and
are very familiar with working with TRICA RE on your behalf.

Speech and Language PROMPT therapy: In addition, our son rec eives S&L PROMP T therapy
two to three times a week at home. It took a while to get the provider TRICARE -authorized for
this specific type of S&L, but he has responded well to this specific type of S&L. This service is
covered through a regular TRICARE Prime request from our military pediat rician, but our regular
DAN! MD originally suggested it. The continuation referral has read “Continued PROMP T speech
and language therapy from … at three times per week from … through …” Our S&L therapist is
Katrina Brubaker in Arlington, VA. Her office phone number is (703) 536-4115 or send an email
to speech4kidz More info about PROMP T therapy is at parent-resources, including a way to find possible
PROMP T therapists.

Augmentative Communication Device s (ACDs) and Speech Generation Devices (SGDs):
Our son has an ACD from our public school system, and it has been very successful for him in
and out of school. However, that goes away when he ages out of the public school system on his
22 birthday. At that point, we plan to get a replacement one from TRICARE. The TRICA RE
policy on ACDs and SGDs is at Section 23.1 of Chapter 7 of the TRICARE POLICY MANUAL
6010.54-M, AUGUS T 1, 2002 at It states ACDs (also referred to as
speech generating devices (SGDs) and medic ally necessary services and supplies that provide
an individual who has a severe speech impairment with the ability to meet functional speaking
needs are covered. ACDs/SGDs are characterized by:

–       Being a dedicated speec h device, used solely by the individual who has severe speech
–       May have digitized speech output;
–       May have synthesized speech output, which r equires message formulation by spelling
and devic e access by physical contact with the device-direct selection techniques;
–       May have synthesized speech output, which permits multiple methods of message
        formulation and multiple methods of device access; or
–       May be soft ware that allows a laptop computer, desktop computer or personal digit al
assistant (PDA) to function as a speec h generating devic e.

ACDs and SGDs are considered voice prostheses. The prosthesis provisions found at Chapter 8,
Section 4.1 apply. So, this policy should allow for an ACD or SGD for a non -verbal or limited-
verbal individual with autism to “improve, restore, or maintain a medical function or prevent further

Pediatric OT and PT: Our son used to receive both pediatric OT and P T at Walter Reed a
couple times a month. The pediatric OT was Mark Fa rinas at mark.farinas
His office phone number is (202) 782-8449. The pediatric PT is MAJ Lynne Lowe. Her office
phone number is (202) 782-6371. However, we stopped getting these services at Walter Reed in
December 2004, due to their understandably busy schedule with higher priority casualties from
the Mideast. We then got an increase in OT to an hour a week and started getting P T
consultations in school through the IEP process to make up for this short fall.

HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT): We have not done it, since we are doing other
biomedical interventions first. The TRICA RE policy on this is at Section 20.1 of Chapter 7 of the
TRICA RE POLICY MA NUAL 6010.54 -M, AUGUS T 1, 2002 at That
particular section has not been updated since October 7, 1982, so it is very out of date. It states
that “HBO is covered when provided by an approved institutional provider, such as a hospit al or
specialized treatment facility and only when provided as treatment for approved indications listed
by the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Committee of the Undersea Medical Society
( NOTE: The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Committee is the one national
body that regularly reviews all applications.” So, if it is not on the UHMS approved list, TRICA RE
will not cover it. That limited list includes only the conditions shown in the "Indications" pull down
menu in their Resource Library of thei r website. There are no autism or other behavioral or
neurological conditions on that list, so I doubt that TRICA RE will ever cover HBOT.

Sleeping Help at Night: See web site at for more information on Noctium Syrup.
We found this all-natural, homeopathic product while living in France, and it definitely worked for
our son. It is not a drug, so no prescription is needed. Health From The Sun at and VitaNet Health Foods phone number (800) 877-8702 are possible
sources, which is imported from Arkopharma in France. If they stop carrying it, do a search on
Goggle or another web search engine for “Noctium Syrup” or “Noctium Sirop”, which is the
product in French. It costs about $5 for a 4.2 ounc e bottle of this good-tasting, flavored liquid. I
found this all-natural, homeopathic product while living in France, and it definitely worked for
our son. He was sleeping through the night after getting a whole and then a half -teaspoon of this
natural syrup about a half-hour before bedtime for about a month. This was done in conjunction
with the GFCF diet and a very regular and consistent bedtime routine. Milk given at bedtime
would cause him to wake up a few hours later and then laugh out loud for half an hour or more.
We think that the combination of all three things is what got him into an excellent sleep pattern.
E vent ually, he would fall asleep at exactly 2130 (9:30pm) wherever he was, and then we stopped
the syrup a short time later. Now, we tell him that it is time to go to sleep at around that time, he
goes to bed, pulls the covers over his head and promptly falls soundly asleep within a few
minutes with no fuss at all. Of course every child is different, but this was a resounding success
with our kid.

Dental Services: The National Defense Authorization Act of 2007 legislated a change to the
TRICA RE dental benefit to cover anesthesia services and institutional costs for dental treatment
for beneficiaries with developmental, ment al or physical disabilities, and chil dren age 5 or under.
For TRICARE to reimburse claims, beneficiaries must save their bills for medical care occurring
after Oct. 17, 2006. The change does not include the actual dental care services coverage
through the TRICA RE Dental Program and the TRICARE Retiree Dental Program. Once program
officers finalize implementation requirements, TRICA RE will announce when beneficiaries may
submit their bills for reimbursement. This announcement is at
report/tricare-ex pands-childrens-dental-coverage. Before this entitlement, the anesthesia costs
were not covered by United Concordia or TRICA RE, so families would have to cover that
expense themselves. For our son, dental services other than attempts at routine check ups were
not possible without sedation. We have taken our son to the National Naval Medical Center
(NNMC) in Bethesda, MD for all of his dental needs, including routine check ups and sedation
dental services when they are needed for the past five years. A referral from one of the
developmental pediatricians to the dent al clinic can get these services started and done at no
cost to you. Phone number for the NNMC pediatric dent al clinic is (301) 295-1364, and for the
main NNMC dental clinic is (301) 295 -4339/40. Having all dental servic es done at NNMC means
no invoices or claims to deal with and that has turned out to be the easiest services to access for
our son.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid benefits: Beginning on 1 April 2003; 2003
BAH, Combat Zone pay, hostile fire pay, imminent danger pay, hazardous duty pay and
separation pay will be exempt for SSI calculations to qualify a special needs child for SSI
benefits. This will make an incredible difference for those military families who have a dependent
family member with a disability. In the past, the types of income noted above are what typically
what cause a military family to be denied SSI benefits. Those who are already receiving SSI are
expected to receive an increase within the next 60 days. Those who do not should contact the
SSI office at (800) 772-1213. Individuals who have been turned down for SS I benefits in the past
or whose SSI benefits have been cut off will not be notified by the Social Security Administration
of this change. I highly recommend that any military family who has been denied SS I benefits --
and even families who just never applied because they thought their income was too hi gh to
qualify-- complete a new application immediately. Do not wait. Local Army Community Service
(ACS) offices should be able to direct these families to the local Department of Family Services
(or ot her appropriat e health department agency-- each state has a different name for their agency
that handles this). Individuals should begin the process as soon as possible, because payments
are retroactive from the day you apply, not the day you are deemed qualified. If the individual's
family income is below a certain threshold, the individual will receive monthly SSI payments.
These payments defray the costs associated with caring and providing supplies for a person with
a disability. In addition, if an individual qualifies for SSI, he or she will also receive Medicaid
benefits. Medicaid is a form of public healt h "insurance", and it will, in almost all instances, pay
any portion of medic al services and supplies not covered by the individual's other insurance. In
the case of military families, Medic aid will cover in almost all instances, the costs not paid by
TRICA RE. Additionally, Supplemental Security Income Special Rules for Children of Military
Personnel Living Overseas are at

Other Financial Assi stance Source s:

Autism Researc h Institute offers a military family web page at with the following benefits.

FREE "Recovering Auti stic Children” book, a 468 page paperback book, which normally costs
$24.00. To order- print, complete and fax or mail in the form at the web link of, along with a copy of the front of your
military ID card. Please fill out all the blocks, so we can st art a database on what services military
children with autism may be getting from TRICARE. Fax the form to 619-563-6840 with a copy of
your military ID card along with your name and postal address, or mail it to Autism Research
Institute, 4182 Adams A venue, San Diego, CA 92116. There is a strict limit of one copy per
family. Recovering Autistic Children, edited by Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D. and Bernard Rimland,
Ph.D. is the extensively updated and enlarged revision of Treating Autistic Children, which was
published in 2003.

25% di scount on Auti sm Re search Institute's (ARI) Defeat Auti sm Now! (DAN!)
conference s, including this one. To request a military discount for a DA N! conferences, pleas e
email Tanya from ARI at She will then provide simple instructions
as to how to register online and receive the 25% discount. You will need to show your military ID
when picking up your materials at the on-site registration booth at the conferenc e. More info on
this offer is at
Air Warrior Courage Foundation at

Angel Flight at or (800) 296-3797. Mercy Medical at, and Patient Travel at or (800) 296-
1217 offer free air travel for special needs families.

Autism Care and Treatment (A CT) Today at ACT Today !
will begin accepting grant applications in Sept ember 2008. Pleas e submit your grant application
before their annual deadline in October. You will be notified of our decision by December.

Autism Cares at provides up to $1,500. 00 assistance to families who
have 1 or more children wit h autism who make under $65,000 and have had the following issues
occur within 90 days: loss of job by sole wage earner, major disaster, loss of family member
(nuclear family). Please see site for additional information and criteria.

Easter Seals Champions for Children at Families of
medically fragile and special needs children ac ross Georgia are now able to apply for and
receive direct financial assistance and support services from a state-wide nonprofit
collaborative to help cover the costs of caring for their children at home. The $4.87 million,
multi-year grant to Easter Seals Southern Georgia for the Champions for Children with
Exceptional Needs Initiative (Champions for Children) was made possible by a one-time 2006
Georgia legislative allocation.

Grants from Friends of Man at

Heroes With Handicaps may include the following for Military Special Needs Children at

1. Medically documented therapies for autism (i.e., ABA, DIR, IB I, etc.)
2. Therapies not covered by insurance, Tricare, local school districts, or state/federal monies.
Services will be considered on a case-by-c ase basis.

Kirkman Labs at provides a 25% discount on all of their own
products, but not items that they distribute for other folks. However, you MUS T call (800) 245-
8282 to get this discount, since it is NOT available for online orders.

Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy is sponsoring Autism Salutes with any proceeds going to
Heroes With Handicaps. Through this sponsorship, Lee Silsby is offering a $20 savings for first
time military customers (active and retired) and they accept TRICA RE. More info on Autism
Salutes is at

Lend4Health facilitates community-bas ed, interest-free "micro-loans" as a creative funding option
for individuals seeking optimal health. Currently, Lend4Health is facilitating loans for the
biomedical treatment of children and adults with autism spectrum dis orders at

Master Supplements provides a $10 discount per bottle of their Theralac High Potency Probiotic
Supplement by calling in an order to (800) 926-2961, extension 3. More info is at

Project Devin (a partner of Abilities Network Project ACT) at
http://www.abilitiesnet Services to be provided will

   Assist families as they transition into new communities.
   Provide service coordination to families accessing respite care, early intervention, special
    education, or specialized health care services.
   Advocat e for and assist families in navigating complex servic e systems.
   Support children in their nat ural environments including child care, before and after care, and
    in the home.

Grants from the Unit ed Healthcare Children's Foundation at

Educational Resource s: Visit these web sites for special education information:
US DoE website for IDEA 2004 Implementation called "Building the Legac y: IDEA 2004" is at
US DoE Office of Special Educ ation Programs -Reviewed Materials on IDEA 2004 from NICHEY
NICHEY copy of final regulations for IDEA 2004 at IDEA 2004regulations.pdf.
Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) Special Education and Student Services website
especially for parents at http://www.pen.k12.
“Regulations Governing Special Education Programs for Children with Disabilities” (March 2002)
at http://www.pen.k12. Instruction/Sped/ varegs.pdf.
“Extended School Year Services Technical Assistance Resource Document” (August 2000) at
“A Parent's Guide to Special Education” (2001) at
http://www.pen.k12. _guide.pdf.
Three I.E.P. Pop-Up Tool Charts from the National Center for Learning Disabilities and National
Cent er on Low-Incidence Disabilities at view/974/456131, articles/education/popup/pop_index.html, and

The Department of Defense (DoD) Special Needs Parent Tool Kit at TAIL_1?section_id=20.40.500.
570.0. 218947 contains 110 pages of comprehensive information and
tools geared towards helping military families with special needs children navigate the maze of
medical and special education services, community support and benefits and entitlements. Each
module contains valuable resources and important facts; record keeping tools and sample letters
have also been incorporated. The Tool Kit is divided into six colorful modules that can be easily
downloaded and printed or saved on to a CD.

Other helpful web site s for a ssi stance within Virginia, Maryland and DC include:

The first place to go for Virginia is to the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Servic es web
site at http://www.dmas. They have a very good Road Map to Services, a resource
guide for people with disabilities, long term illnesses and the elderly. The guide can be found at
http://www.dmas. downloads/pdfs/Road_Map_to_Va_services.pdf or you can order a
free copy by phoning (804) 780-0076 and request a copy of the Road Map to Services, and your
name, address and phone number.

http://www.AbilityUnleas for info on the Virginia's Developmental Delay (DD) Waiver
Program, which can provide additional services while you’re stationed in Virginia. The services
are provided through Medicaid, but approval is NOT income bas ed. Apply as soon as possible;
the waiting list is extremely long. Their email address is at JJac obs@A The
application and associated information can be found under “DD Waiver” on Nort hern Virginia’s
Autism Society of America main web page listed below. Phone (703) 497-1580 or email them at for more info. for The Arc of Northern Virginia, which offers a great “Family
Resource Guide” at no cost, if you call them at (703) 532 -3214 or under the Info/Referral menu
on their web site. Phone Lynn Ruiz at (703) 532 -3214, extension 201, or email her at for more info. They also occasionally offer respite care through the
Annandale United Methodist Church at 6935 Columbia Pike, Annandale 22003. They have
Saturday (11: 00 to 3:00) morning events for a $10 registration fee throughout the year for ages 2
through 12. Siblings cost only $5 more to register.

http://www.autism- 1200&pg=main& JServS essionIdr001=0k6hfwfv71.app27a for the
Nort hern Virginia Chapter of the Autism Society of America. Call Christine Hoch at (703) 495-
8444 or email her at choch@c for more info. Their resource directory is at Default.htm for Canine
Companions for Independence trains working dogs for individuals with all sorts of disabilities,
including children wit h autism. Contact them if you are interested in the Capital Chapter. for the Commonwealth Autism Service, formerly known as The Autism
Program of Virginia (TAP -VA) which is a statewide program providing services to families,
consumers, agencies/ organizations, and professionals through the following: information and
referral; technical assistance in the form of consultation, as well as training, workshops and in -
services (training for school personnel); net working; follow-along; collaboration and leaders hip.
Phone (800) 649-8481 or email them at information@autismva. org. for the Community Services for Autistic Adults and Children, with servic es
including an Intensive Early Intervention program, Individual and Family Support Servic es,
several residential and day school sites, adult/child residential houses, vocational, and
recreational programs in Maryland. Phone (800) 735-2258 for more info.

http://www.cfpf. net for the Cons umer and Family Participation Fund which makes supplement al
funds available to support consumers and family members’ attendance at conferences,
workshops, other training and service opportunities, so that people with developmental and other
disabilities can become better informed about disability issues and participate more fully in their
community. Funding is based on income levels after you pay for all your child’s bills, so I even
qualified based on this criteria. Phone (866) 625-2373 or email them at info@c for more

http://www.dmv.state. to download the form to fill
out for a blue handicapped plac ard for your car. Autism is specifically listed as a permanent
disability for a Virginia handicapped placard. The form must be signed by an MD, but you can
mail it in with a $5 check to get a placard good for five years.

http://www.dsanv. org for the Down Syndrome Association of Northern Virginia which have many
of the same issues as families with children with autism. Phone (703) 569-5547 for more info. for the ENDependenc e Center of Northern Virginia which is a community -
based resource and advoc acy center managed by and for people with disabilities. ECNV
promotes the independent living philosophy and equal access for all people with disabilities.
Phone (703) 525-ECNV (3268) or email them at info@ecnv. org for more info. for the Fairfax-Falls Churc h Community Services
Board’s Infant & Toddler Connection which provides evaluations and early intervention services
to eligible infants and toddlers who have a developmental del ay and who are younger than three
years old. Families concerned about their child's development are encouraged to phone (703)
246-7121 for more info.
http://www. for the Fairfax Area Disability Services Board has a lot of good
community info for persons wit h disabilities and their families. There are sites like this one for
almost every county in the country. Phone (703) 324-5421 or email them at
disabilityservices for more info.

http://www. for adaptive swimming classes. These are
safety and swimming classes in which parents are allowed/encouraged to be in the pool with their
children. Six weekly classes are $70 ($10 discount if you register early). To register, go to and
click "Find a Class" then "Adapted Leisure Services." More info on other services for individuals
with disabilities is available at fairfax. Trs/trschart.htm or at (703) 324-
5532. They also have a number of other programs, including Leisure Enrichment Opportunities,
Project Success and an Adult Social Club. In Arlingt on County, Jon Wiger, a teacher at the
Cent er for Autism Researc h and Development (CARD) is also an adaptive swim
instructor through Arlington County Parks and Recreation. He offers private and semi-private
swim lessons for children of all ages. He has over 10 years of experience. For more
information, contact Jon Wiger at (612) 875-3794 or email him at

http://www. fcps.k12. va. us for the Fairfax County Public Schools. I have been very successful in
getting appropriate services through the public school system for our son. If you live in Fairfax
County, the Department of Special Services in FCPS has developed a wonderful web site at their
Parent Resource Center, which is full of a variety of excellent information at
http://www. Information on their ABA/ VB autism programs for pre-K through the
elementary grades can be found at http://www. This is starting to expand in the
middle school grades with the 2005 -06 school year. The Special Education Leadership Team
meets quarterly with a parent team from POAC -NoVA to continue improvements in the quality
and quantity of public education for students with autism in Fairfax County.

http://www. for Families for Intensive Autism Treatment is a Maryland state-wide, non-
profit parent organization. FIA T is dedicated to pro viding information and support to families
implementing int ensive behavioral intervention programs for their children with autism or related
disorders, operating from Olney, MD. Phone (301) 419-8037 or email them at
for more info.

http://www. for the Maryland Family Net works, a comprehensive online
resource for disability-related information and supports. for the Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education has some very
good publications on inclusion at for the Howard County (MD) Chapter of the Autism Society of
America, which are very active in the area for autism issues and has a resource directory for
Maryland at Phone (410) 760-5595 or
email them at for more info. for the Maryland State Department of Education. for the Organiz ation for Autism Researc h is an independent
source of grants for autism res earc h in the area and organizer of an excellent conference each
October on the results of that research. Phone (703) 351 - 5031 or email them at for more info. for the Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center who believes children
with disabilities reach their full potential when families and professionals enjoy an equal,
respectful partnership. Phone (703) 923-0010 or email them at for more info.
http://www. vc for the Partnership for People wit h Disabilities, formerly known as
the Virginia Institute for Developmental Dis abilities (VIDD), is the Virginia Commonwealth
University’s center for excellence in development al disabilities. Phone (804) 828 -3876 or email
them at jmhall2@vc for more info. for P athfinders for Autism which is a parent sponsored non -profit
organization incorporated to generate funding for research, services and education directed
toward improving the lives of individuals with autism and their families, operating from Towson,
MD. Phone (410) 769-9500, (301) 551-9500, or (866) 806-8400 or email them at
info@pathfinders for more info. offers ABA and other training workshops throughout the year. We
have monthly parent support group and information meetings with speak ers on the third Saturday
of each mont h from 1 to 4PM. Please contact us or visit our website at http://www. poac-nova. org
for the exact location of eac h meeting in Fairfax County. The web site has a number of useful
resources, including one on ABA, one with links to over 100 other education web sites, one for
new parents to autism at http://www.poac- e.cgim?template=new_parent_resource_suggestions and one on autism safety
issues for parents at Contact
me for more info. for Special Needs Assistance Program for Children is a new non -profit
organization that has been stood down due to health problems by its founder, but check it out
once in while to see if they come back on line since they had a great program.

Training Fund for Consumers and Families Members (TFCFM) provides funds for individuals with
developmental disabilities and/or their families to attend local, state or national conferences,
meetings, and workshops. The event MUS T be disability related. The TFCFM may only provide
some of the funding necessary for you to attend a conference, so you may need to identify other
funding to assist you in attending the event. Applications MUS T BE submitted before the event (at
least 30 Days prior to attending in order to receive funds prior to the conference). The Virginia
Board for People wit h Disabilities funds the TFCFM. Their point if contact is Janet Bixby in
Winchester, VA. Phone her at (540) 662 -4452 for more info. for Special Needs Kids Info for the greater DC
area. It has a lot of great info! for the Virginia Alliance Information a nd Referral System which is a statewide
association of organizations, agencies and individuals committed to ensuring that all Virginians
have access to quality health and human service information. Phone (800) 230-6977 to reach a
center that serves your area.

http://www. for the Virginia Autism Resource Center who can help children and adults
with autism spectrum disorders find solutions to problems in your home, community or school.
Free services include information and referral, including a lending library, individual case
consultation, and training and technical assistance. Phone them at (877) 667 -7771 or (540) 542-
1723, or email them at for more info. They are also affiliated with the Grafton
School, which can provide unique services to children with autism and their families living in
Virginia, and their web site is at vaautismresourc.htm.

http://www. for the Virginia Board for People with Dis abilities which serves as
Virginia’s Developmental Disabilities (DD) Planning Council. DD Councils are in every state and
territory of the United States. They work for the benefit of individuals wit h DD and their families to
identify needs and help develop policies, programs and servic es that will meet these needs in a
manner that respects dignity and independence. Phone (804) 786-1118 or email them at
Karen.Lindley@vbpd. for more info.
http://www. vc vtcc for the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Virginia Treatment
Cent er for Children (V TCC). They run a registry with a listing of names and information about
children with autism in Virginia. The information you provide will be used to improve the
understanding and treatment of autism and discover causes. By enrolling your child in the autism
registry, you and your child will have the opportunity to share your family's experienc e with autism
and to contribute to research. Phone (866) 628 -2268 or (804) 628-2268 for more info. They are
also affiliated with the Faison School, which can provide unique services to children with autism
and their families living in Virginia, and their web site is at
http://www. vc vtcc/FaisonSchool_new_page_1.html

http://www.pen.k12. for the Virginia Department of Education's Special
Education and Student Services. For your possible use, the Virginia Department of Education
provides their recent guidance on “P rocedural Safeguard Requirements under the IDEA” at
http://www.pen.k12. Other parent res ourc es are at
http://www.pen.k12. Also potentially useful is “A Parent’s Guide
to Special Education” at http://www.pen.k12. Instruction/Sped/parent_guide.pdf. for the Virginia Department of Education's Training/Technical Assistance
Cent ers (T/ TAC) For Persons Serving Children and Y outh With Disabilities which has regional
centers that can offer assistance in Virginia. Use their website to reach a center that serves your
area. for the Virginia Disability Commission which serves as the
primary forum for disability issues in Virginia. Their web site is a link to a large number of other
national and Virginian disability and education websites.

http://www. for the Virginia Human Services Information and Referral
System which operates through regional centers with the main office in Roanok e, VA. Phone
(540) 982-2345 or email them at for more info.

http://www. vopa.state. for the Virginia Office for Protection and Advoc acy which helps with
disability-related problems like abuse, neglect, and discrimination. We also help people wit h
disabilities obtain servic es and treatment. All callers receive help wit h these problems.
Individuals with problems, targeted in our program goals, may also receive advoc acy services
and/or legal representation. Phone (804) 225 -2042 or (800) 552-3962 or email them at
general. vopa@vopa. for more info.

http://www. for the Virginia V oices in Action which is support group for
parents of children, youth and adults with disabilities and their families in Central Virginia. has lots of info for autistic kids living in the
District Of Columbia. has lots of info for autistic kids living in
Maryland. va.htm has lots of info for autistic kids living in Virginia.

Sports Acti vities:


Arlington Special Olympics Basketball in Arlington, VA with a school -age junior and senior team.
Practices are on Monday and Thursday evenings at Oakridge Elementary School, 1414 24th St
S, Arlington, VA. Phone Bernie Woolfley at (202) 973-4543 or (703) 528-0066 or email him at for more info. acy+and+Outreach/Sports+and+Recreation/default.aspx for the
Blaze Sports Club of Washington, DC, which has Basketball, Tennis and Quad Rugby for
individuals with disabilities. Phone Brenda Gilmore at (240) 460-5741, (202) 877-1434, or (202)
877-1819; or email her at for more info on their teams.

For BASEBALL: for the Pioneer Baseball/ Softball League in Alexandria, VA. Phone Scott
Keith at 703 933-2389 or email him at for more info on their league. for the Arlington Little League Challenger Baseball in
Arlington, VA for ages 5 to 22. The Spring 2008 cost is $55 to 65 per player. They meet on
Sunday afternoons from 2: 00 to 3:30pm at the Barcroft Park in Arlington. Phone Lucia Claster at
(703) 276-0748 or email her at or email for
more info on their league. News%20Minors-A/38635.html for the Chantilly Youth
Association Challenger Bas eball in Chantilly, VA for ages 5 to 18. Phone Sean Fitzsimmons at
(571) 334-7066, or email for more info on their league. the Fairfax Challenger Baseball in
Fairfax, VA. Phone Michael Kimlick at (703) 323-1043 or (202) 329-9940, or email for more info on their league. for Buddy Ball in Herndon, VA for ages 6 to 13.
Registration and uniforms are free for their six games each Spring. Phone Jay McMann at (703)
404-0166 or (703) 481-7828, or email or for more
info on their league. for the Reston Little
League Challenger Baseball in Reston, VA costs between $60 to $140, depending on the age
and skill level of the player. Phone Jodi King at (703) 713-0036 or email her at, or phone Linda Washington-Robinson at (703) 318-7414 or email her at
Noahsark for more info on their league. for the Springfield Challenger Baseball in Springfield, VA for
ages 4 to 21 in the Spring and Fall of each year. It only costs $50 per family in the Spring and
$30 per family in the Fall, which includes the uniform and end-of-the-season picnic. They also
offer two free nights in a hotel in the Norfolk area for the annual challenger baseball "tournament"
each May. Phone (703) 551-0652 or (703) 304-2330, or email Eddie Garretson at for more info on their league.

http://www. for the Vienna Little League Challenger Baseball in Vienna, VA meets at Black
Field in Nottoway Park. Phone Bill Levitt at (703) 916-7350 or Katy Levitt at (703) 283-9979 or
email her at for more info on their league.


http://www.bikes at for bicycles for special needs individuals at Bikes at Vienna, 128A
Church St, NW, Vienna, VA. Phone John Brunow at (703) 938-8900 or email him at
john@bikesat for more info or to reserve your special bike. for Los e the Training Wheels bike riding training program. Phone
John Lord at (703) 734-1118 or email him at for more info
on this program.

For DA NCE: for Arlington County Therapeutic Recreation and Arlington Dance
Theat re in Alexandria, VA for children and teens with developmental disabilities. Email Cindy
Leiva from Arlington County Therapeutic Recreation at cleiva@arlingtonva. us or call Arlington
Danc e Theatre at (703) 524-4750 for more info. for Expressive Therapeutic Movement in Springfield, VA for
ages 3 to young adults. They use movement therapy to promote the integration of the "whole"
child by providing the tools to understand the language of movement and discover true movement
potentials. Phone Lynne Bauer at (703) 218-0751 or email her at for
more info.

For FISHING: for C.A.S.T. for Kids Fishing. Phone Sarah Phillips at 703 730-8205 or
email her at Sarah.Phillips @dcr. or castforkids for more info on their
annual fis hing event in early September.

lassesClasses.aspx for adapted gymnastics classes in Arlington County. Phone Jennifer Groner
at (703) 228-1809 or email her at jgroner@arlingt; or Shaeron King at (703) 228-4731 or
email at; or Carly Meyer at (703) 228-0707 or email at
cmeyer@arlingtonva. us for more info.

http://www. or http://www. parks/ada/ada-
gym.htm for adapted gym nastics classes for ages 5 to 12 in Fairfax County. It is done at Cardinal
Gymnastics in Fairfax, VA. Their phone number is (703) 323-0088. Eight weekly classes are
$145 ($10 discount if you register early). Phone Gary Logue at (703) 324-8727 or email him at for more info. for GMS Institute and their adapted gymnastics programs in
Manassas, VA. Phone Dr. Parviz Youssefi or Sara Conlin at (703) 392-5055 or email them at for more info. 27 for JW Tumbles Gym in Ashburn, VA.
Phone Michael Lee at (703) 729-3880 or 786-3687, or email him at for
more info. for Northern Virginia Gymnastics Academy in Sterling. Phone Mike Comini
at (703) 430-5434 for more info.
For HOCKEY: for Cool Cat's Hockey. Special Goals is a new program sponsored
by the Potomac Valley Amateur Hockey Association and the Washington Capitals in conjunction
with Special Hockey Washington. The Cool Cats "adaptive" ice hockey team is based in
Ashburn, VA; but they have received donated ice time at Ashburn, Reston and in Laurel. The
program uses "buddies" to allow individuals with disabilities to participate in weekly games or
practices, special events, tournaments. Contact Randy Brawley, Head Coach at or Bob Banach, Hockey Director at or at (703)
395-6278 or (703) 536-4131 or Bertra McGann at for more info.

Helen Rose also does figure skating and speed skating classes at Skatequest in Reston. Phone
her at (202) 431-4797 or email her at for more info.

For HORSEBA CK RIDING: for the Therapeutic Riding Association of Virginia. Phone Mary Jo
Beckman at (703) 508-7046 or email her at mjbeckman@gmailcom for more info. for the Golden Dreams Riding in Middleburg, VA. Phone
Sue Bell at (540) 687-5800 or email her at Sue_B for more info. for Lift Me Up therapeutic riding program in Great Falls, VA began in
1975. Phone (703) 759-3833 or (703) 759-6221 or email info@liftmeup. org for more info. for Loudoun Therapeutic Riding Foundation in Le esburg, VA. Phone (703)
771-2689 or email jhart for more info. for the Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Program in Clifton, VA began in
1980. Phone Brianna Vornhorst at (703) 764-0269 or email for more info.

http://www.phxrisingcenter. org for the Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Equestrian Program in
Marshall, VA. Phone (540) 359-5074 or email phxrisingc for more info. for the Rainbow Center Therapeutic Equestrian Program in
Manassas, VA began in 1985. Phone (703) 754-6159 or email for
more info.

One more is Seven Stars Therapeutic Center. Phone Gloria Combs at (540) 234-0661 or email
her at for more info. for Simple Changes in Lorton, VA began in 2004, and we us ed
their program with our son for a couple of months. Phone Corliss Wallingford or Jenny Spain at
(703) 402-3613 or email her at info@simplec or for
more info.


Jhoon Rhee Institute contact is Chun Rhee at (703) 237 -7433 or email him at for
more info.

https://www.leadbyexamplet for Lead By Example Tae Kwon Do. Phone Robin
Moyher at (703) 391-1754 or (703) 273-1100 or email her at or email Tommy
Light foot at for more info.
For SKIING: and Cont act explain the
adaptive ski school at Liberty Mountain Resort, near Gettysburg, PA. Phone the answering
machine for Leslie or Dick White for the adaptive program at (717) 642-8282, extension 3479 or
email them at to make a reservation. I am a ski patrol instructor there, an d Deb,
my wife has been an adaptive skiing instructor there since 2005 after being a ski patroller for 13
years, so that we can encourage our son to enjoy this sport. We also coordinat e a snow tubing
day once each season there for the autism groups. Go to to look over this family fun, which takes no athletic
ability at all. Three other places with a good adaptive skiing programs are Wintergreen Resort,
Massanutten Resort and Snows hoe Resort. Wintergreen is about two or so hours further away
than Liberty, but they have a bigger program. Phone (434) 325-2007, email, or
visit for more info. Massanutten is also about two or so hours further away, but
they can be contacted at (434) 295 -3973, email, or visit for more info. Snowshoe is further in West Virginia, and they
can be contacted at (304) 572-6708, email or visit for more info.

For SOCCE R: for the Alexandria TOP Soccer Association in Alexandria, VA at TC
Williams High School on Sundays. Phone Bill Dwyer at (703) 549-6535 or email him at
julesbill@comc for more info. for the Arlington TOP Soccer
Association in Arlington, VA at Woodlawn Park for ages 4 to 19. Phone Joe Lerner at (703) 522-
5866 or (703) 395-7379 or email him at for more info.

Arlington Special Olympics Soccer in Arlington, VA. Phone Bernie Woolfley at (202) 973-4543 or
(703) 528-0066 or email him at for more info. TOPS occer for Burk e TOP Soccer with the Burke Athletic Club
at White Oaks Elementary on S aturdays for ages 5 to 19. Phone Kat hy Skocik at (703) 978-7961
or email her at for more info. for Chantilly TOP Soccer with the Chantilly Youth Association.
Phone Susan Mulligan at (703) 222 -1048 or email her at, or Genevieve
McManus at (703) 378-8787 or email her at for more info. for Loudoun TOP Soccer with the Loudoun Youth Soccer Association. Phone
Jayne Hope at (703) 771-3203 or email her at for more info. _E.html for Manassas TOP Soccer in
Manassas, VA. Email Bill Van Wickler at for more info. 1601&topid=11&leftid= 4 for McLean Youth
TOP Soccer in McLean, VA. Phone Eric Olson at (571) 633-0730 or email for more info. for Reston
TOP Soccer Association in Reston, VA for ages 4 to 19. Phone Colleen Hale at (703) 391-1938
or email or more info.
http://www. for Vienna TOP Soccer in Vienna, VA. Phone Richard Montano at (703) 534-
0022 or (703) 624-7234 or email ric or more info.

lassesClasses.aspx for Arlington County Special Olympics Track and Field. Phone Shaeron King
or Theres e Smith at (703) 228-4740 for more info. acy+and+Outreach/Sports+and+Recreation/default.aspx for Blaze
Sports Club of Washington, DC for Basketball, Tennis and Quad Rugby. Email Brenda Gilmore
at, or Joan Joyce at joan.p.joyce@medstar. net, or phone them at
(240) 460-5741, {202) 877-1434, (202) 877-1819, or (202) 877-1420 for more info.

http://www.specialolympics va. org for Special Olympics- Virginia. The link to the Nort hern Virginia
chapter is at http://www.novasova. org. Phone (703) 273-6530 or (703) 425-8510, or email
chairman@novasova. org or ac@novasova. org for more info. Also, phone Beth Frank at (800)
526-6131 or email her at bfrank @specialolympics, and also T. Patrick Hammek e at (703)
300-5211 or email him at phammeke@fins

http://www.loudouns for Loudoun County Special Olympics. Phone Caitlin
Marcotte at (703) 777-0438 or email her at for more info.

lassesClasses.aspx for adaptive swimming classes in Arlington County. For more info, phone
Jennifer Groner at (703) 228-1809 or email her at jgroner@arlingtonva. us; or Shaeron King at
(703) 228-4731 or email at

http://www. or http://www. parks/ada/ada-
aquatics.htm for adaptive swimming classes in Fairfax County. These are safety and swimming
classes in which parents are encouraged to be in the pool with their children. Six weekly classes
are $44 ($10 discount if you register early). To register, go to and click "Find a Class" then
"Adapted Leisure Services." More info on other servic es for individuals with disabilities is
available at fairfax. Trs/trschart.htm or phone Jean Skinner at (703) 324-
8565 for more info or email her at Another swimming
opportunity is the FCPA Paralympic Swim Development Squad, which is a competitive swim team
for persons over age 8. For more info, phone Ben Viellieu at (202) 781 -3786 or email him at

http://www.herndon-va. gov/ parks.html for adapted aquatics programs at the Herndon Community
Cent er. For more info, phone (703) 787-7300, extension 2122 for adapt ed aquatics programs at
the Herndon Community Center.

http://www.loudoun. gov/ Default.aspx?tabid=804 for adaptive swimming classes in Loudoun
County. For more info, phone Shayle Cavalli at (703) 771-5010 or email her at vsiwebtrac.html for adapted aquatics programs at the
Reston Community Center. For more info, pho ne Joe Leary at (703) 390-6151 or email him at for Swim Kids schools in Woodbridge, Lake Ridge, Manassas and
Fredericksburg. For more info, phone Angela Baker at (703) 396 -SWIM (7946) or (540) 446-
KIDS (5437) or email her at
Also in Arlington County, Jon Wiger, a teacher at the Center for Autism Research and
Development (CA RD) is also an adaptive swim instructor through Arlington County Parks and
Recreation. He offers private and semi -private swim lessons for children of all ages. He has over
10 years of experience. For more information, contact Jon Wiger at (612) 875 -3794 or email
him at

FOR YOGA: for Journey Yoga. Phone Susan at (703) 822-1638 or email to get more info. for Sama Yoga. Email Sabrina Huffman at to get
more info.

Respite Care and Recreation Sources: The Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board
(CSB) for mental retardation and autism services is also a potential source of grant monies, but
they currently have very limited funding for their services and will have to put you on a waiting
list. Nancy Arnold is a case manager there. Her offic e phone number is (703) 324 -4442 or 4400.
However, you can apply for reimbursed respite care (babysitting) monies with the Hart wood
Foundation, once you have completed the intake processing through the Fairfax -Falls Church
Community Services Board. The Res pite Care Coordinator is Kathy Evans (spouse o f retired
military). Her office phone number is (703) 914-3910, extension 27 or email her at This foundation can provide about $1000 a year of res pite care
reimbursements per family, once you register and fill out all necessary, additional forms through
this office and go through a separat e intake interview in your home with Kat hy. They do not
currently have a web site, but they provide a great list of other respite care providers. The CSB
also accepts grant applications once a year for up to $1000 in reimbursement for direct services,
once you are on the MR waiting list.

Access Ministry at McLean Bible Church also provides respite care through two programs.
Breakaway is a respite care program for children with special needs living at home, from infants
to young adults. Breakaway is held two Saturdays a month from 10:00am - 3:00pm, which allows
parents a much needed break. The program includes a variety of activities. On site are pediat ric
nurses to administer medicines and handle pertinent medical issues. Breakaway is staffed by
volunteers from the community and McLean Bible Churc h. The cost for Breakaway is $20 for the
first child and $10 for each additional child of special needs. More info is at Break Out is a fun respit e care
program provided by Access Ministry. Designed for families with children of special needs and
their siblings, Break Out allows parents a much needed "break" for personal time. Break Out is
held twice a month on designated Friday evenings from 6:30-10:00pm. The cost for the evening
is $15 for the first child and $5 for each sibling, paid at the time of check-in. More info is at They also have an Access Parent
Support Group that meets monthly and has child care available. Phone Jackie Mills at (703) 770-
2942 or email her at for more info on their Friendship Club,
McLean Bible Churc h’s Disability Ministry. Phone Lisa Daoust at (703) 770-2918 or email her at for more info on the child care. for ArtStream, an inclusive theatre company. Phone Pat ricia
Woolsey at (703) 975-1008 or email her at info@art -stream. org for more info. is a non-profit respite care provider in Maryland. Contact
Mona Freedman at (410) 549-5707 Office or (866) CARING -4 Toll Free for more info. offers respite care and in-home servic es to families of children with
disabilities. Chimes of Virginia is at 3957 Pender Drive, Suite 103, Fairfax, VA. Their phone
number is (703) 267-6558 or (888) CHIMES4. for a recreational program for kids and teens with special needs in
Fairfax County. They also sponsor the Springfield Challenger Baseball program in the Spring
and Fall of each year. We heartily recommend this club. Phone (703) 551-0652 or (703) 304-
2330 or email Eddie Garretson at for more info.

http://www.katemcclain. org for social skills groups as an opportunity for your child to improve
social skills in a small group of 3 to 5 similar-age peers. Phone (202) 550-7785 or email Kate
McClain at for more info. for Kids Enjoy Exercise Now (KEEN), which a volunteer-run,
nonprofit organization headquartered in the Washingt on, DC area. KEEN’s recreational
activities, which include basic ball skills, soccer, basketball, swimming, and general fitness -- are
provided free one-to-one recreational opportunities for children and young adults with mental and
physical disabilities. At each KEEN session, a participating Athlete is paired with a volunteer
Coac h for a variety of age-appropriate recreational activities. Phone (301) 770 -3200 or email
them at for more info. is a source of nannies, if you need that level of support. Their phone
numbers are (703) 250-0700 or (800) 526-2669 or email them at info@MyStaffingS is another source. Special Care Nannies is in McLean, VA.
Their phone number is (703) 356-3118. A unique agency that locates full-time or part-time
nannies for families with special needs children, including autism, Asperger's syndrome, AD/HD,
Down's Syndrome and related disorders.

http://www.sparcont heweb. org/index.html for SPecially Adapted Resource Clubs. Phone Donna
Goldbranson at (703) 338-6185 or email her at for more

Another occasional source of respite care is the Saturday Leisure Program offered by Fairfax
County’s Therapeutic Recreation Services at 12011 Government Center Parkway, Suite 1050,
Fairfax 22035. They have three sessions a year for a $15 registration fee. Each session lasts for
three hours a day on five or six Saturdays (9:00 to 12:00). The childcare center is on the first
floor at the Pennino Building at the address above. Phone them at (703) 324-5532 or go to Trs/satleisr.htm.

For general info on Fairfax County’s Therapeutic Recreation Services, phone Sandi Dallhoff at
(703) 324-5532 or email her at For info on their Access
Program to get inclusion assistance for Community and Recreation Services (CRS ),
visit For info on their After School Motor Skills
Program for grades 1 through 6, phone (703) 324 -5587 or visit Trs/aftrschl.htm. It costs $40 for 8 sessions. For info on their
Teens On Their Own Program, visit rec/ Trs/tensnown.htm. For info
on their P roject Success inclusive service learning program, phone Mary Wolfe at (703) 324-5539
or email her at, or go to
http://www. For info on their ADA leisure coaches,
phone Gary Logue at (703) 324-8563 or 505-5948 or email him at,
or go to http://www. parks/ada/ada-prog.htm

For more info on their Summer RecPac Inclusion Program for grades 1 through 6, visit Trs/Recpac.htm. For more info on their Summer Adventure
Program for ages 5 through 12, visit rec/ Trs/adventure.htm. For
more info on their Summer Leis ure Program for ages 5 through 21, visit
http://www. Trs/leisure.htm. For more info on their Summer Explorers
Program for ages 5 through 21, visit rec/ Trs/explorers.htm. For
Teens (ages 14-18) with Asperger's Syndrome/ High Functioning Autism, they have a Leisure
Exploration Program at http://www.

For more info on their Wheelchair Sports (Fairfax Falcons) for ages 6 through 22, phone their
hotline at (703) 324-8371 or visit fairfax. TRS/ whlchr.htm.

Fairfax County also offers help in finding child care through the Child Care Resourc e System.
Phone (703) 449-9555 or go to fairfax. for more info.

Alexandria City offers some therapeutic recreation services and fitness programs. Phone Jackie
Person at (703) 519-3353 or email her at jackie.person@alexandriava. gov, or go to for more info.

Arlington County offers some therapeutic recreation services, fitness programs, danc e classes,
camps, afterschool programs and social clubs. Phone Becky Suttell at (703) 228-4740 or 228-
4741, or 228-4743 or email her at or Michael Swisher at or go to ationScriptsC
lassesClasses.aspx for more info.

Loudoun County offers some adaptive recreation programs at
http://www.loudoun. gov/ prcs/adapt.index.htm. Phone Maria Auger or Shayle Cavalli or Caitlin
Marcotte at (703) 771-5010 or 771-5013 or email them at or or for more info. They also have info
on Adaptive Recreation Camps at, and a VSA
Integrated vis ual and performing a rts program at vsa.htm. For
more on the VSA arts program, phone Jennifer Gibson at (703) 737-8837 or email her at has info on a national organiz ation called
Student Sitters. This is another option. Contact them at for more

www. has respite services and summer camp information for
Virginia by region in the Virginia Respit e Services Directory from Virginia Commonwealth

The only respite care provider that I do NOT recommend is Jesse Kuschner and Professional
Education and Respite Service at (888) 664 -9886 or www. He is an
authorized TRICA RE ABA and res pite provider, but I would never recommend him due to his very
questionable business practices.

While I try to keep all the information in this reference sheet up to date, I am sure that I am not
100% successful. This is particularly true when it comes to the web site information. As such, if
you have found any errors in any part of this information, please let me know, so I can fix it for
folks that read it after you. Thanks!

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