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									                                     Urgent / Time limit

EA Spl.Cell 73201/07/DHS                                     Directorate of Health Services
                                                                         Dated: 09-04-2010.

       Sub: Estt: HSD- Implementation of Specialty cadre / Administrative Cadre – Special
             Rules 2010- judgment in WP(C) no. 8194/10 – fresh option from Medical
             Officers – Called for –reg
       Read. 1. G.O(P) No. 69/10/H&FWD Dated 17-2-2010
               2. Directions dated 9-4-10 from the Hon’ble high court of Kerala in WP(C)
                  No. 8194/10- filed by Dr. Ambili Kumari and others.
       The Hon’ble High Court of Kerala has directed to give time for exercising option in
pursuant to the new Special Rules read as 1st above within one week from 9-4-2010 to the
Medical offices who were in service as on 31-12-2006

       Hence the Medical Officers who entered service as on 31-12-2006 are instructed to
exercise their options in the prescribed form appended on or before 15-04-2010

        All the Medical Officers are requested to comply with the court direction and
exercise their option within the time limit. Copy of Special Rules G.O(P) No. 69/10/H&FWD
Dated 17-2-2010 will be available at Directorate of Health Services , all District Medical
Offices(Health) and also www.arogyakeralam.gov.in

         The DMO(H) are requested to make necessary arrangement to carryout the options
by the Medical officers under his / her district as per the instructions in the option form. The
duly filled up options should be submitted to the Director of Health Services by the
DMOs(H) before 16-04-2010 by special messenger. Wide publicity should also be given
about the option through local dailies and other modes.

                                                                    Director of Health Services
Encl: Option form
       All Concerned

Copy to
       1.   All DMO(H)s
       2.   CA to DHS / Addl. DHS / Sr. AO
       3.   State Public Relation Officer
       4.   Supdt. EA , EB section
       5.   The State Mass Media Officer / Editor – for publicity
       6.   Arogyakeralam Web Site
       7.   The President, KGMOA, Thiruvananthapuram
       8.   File / S/F

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