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					                                       2009/2010 Articling Recruitment
                                       Summary of Important Dates
Career Development Office

The following overview is a summary of important dates to keep in mind for the 2009/2010
articling recruitment process. Dates do vary between provinces & cities. The large downtown
firms tend to hire earlier than most other employers. The recruitment guidelines outlines in the
first half of this handout indicate the earliest dates that articling recruitment can occur in that
region. Many articling employers wait to hire student during their third year of law school.

Postings for 2009/2010 Articling Positions based on information received by firms and the
Quicklaw National Articling Database Survey are available on the CDO website Keep checking for updates.

The last part of this handout (starting on page 8) includes provincial bar admission
requirements, tips for approaching your legal job search and a list of resources.

Most of the large and medium firms in downtown Vancouver recruit according to the Vancouver
Bar Association Guidelines. These firms tend to hire earlier than the medium and smaller firms
in Vancouver and elsewhere in BC. Articling recruitment will continue throughout a student’s
third year of law school.

** See the NEW Vancouver Bar Association (VBA) guidelines available on the VBA website Hard copies are in the CDO Resource Room. Significant
changes were made to the guidelines in February 2008. The guidelines are still “voluntary”
meaning that firms could opt out. The intention is that all of the downtown Vancouver firms will
abide by these guidelines for the 2009-2010 articling recruitment period.

Application Deadline
   • The Vancouver Bar Association (VBA) will set an application deadline for articling
       recruitment (June 30, 2008 for the 2009-2010 articling recruitment period)
   • It is better to submit applications earlier rather than wait until the end of June;
       applications can be submitted after full second year transcripts are available in mid May
“Call Day”
   • There is now a universal “call day”. All interviews will be arranged on or after the
       interview call day (July 15, 2008). A time for firms to start calling has not been set, but
       it will likely happen in the morning. Make sure your application includes current contact
       information and check your email regularly
   • There is two-week recruitment blackout period prior to interview week. This means firms
       will not conduct interviews or hold any interview-like events, including cocktail
       receptions, dinners or firm tours.

       1                                                                                        CDO
                                                                                       February 2008
Interview Period
    • The VBA sets a week in August of each year for Vancouver firms to conduct interviews
        of students who have not yet begun their third year of studies for regular articling
        positions for the following year. Typically it will be the 2nd or 3rd week in August and the
        same week as Toronto’s interview week (Toronto’s interview week starts
        August 11, 2008)
    • The VBA will release a list of firms who agree abide by the guidelines in April/May –
        watch CDO emails regularly for this list
    • Note: Firms that do not abide by the VBA Guidelines may choose to conduct their
        interview anytime throughout the summer (most non-VBA tend to interview late July or
        early August). The changes to the guidelines predict that all firms will abide by the VBA
        guidelines for the 2009-2010 articling recruitment period
    • The revised VBA Guidelines sets an offer date at 8:00am (Pacific time) on the Thursday
        of the designated interview week (Thursday, August 14, 2008). Firms may make offers
        of articles to their own summer students and Co-op students in advance of the interview
    • The Law Society of BC sets an “offer date” for firms located in downtown Vancouver
        (north of False Creek and west of Carrall St); firms located in this area must keep offers
        open until the specified offer date which is normally the Monday following the August
        interview week (Monday, August 18, 2008) suggested by the VBA. This is a BC Law
        Society rule and not part of the VBA guidelines
    • All offers of summer articles by a firm abiding by the VBA guidelines must remain open
        for at least 24 hours after the time and date made
    • Students should not hold on to more than two offers at a time. Other students (including
        your classmates) and the firms are anxious to fill these positions

Victoria & BC Other
   • A good timeframe to follow for applications to locations in BC outside of Vancouver is
       anytime after you have received your 2nd year winter session transcripts (mid-May)
   • There are no specific application deadlines for Victoria firms; some firms do their hiring
       around the same time as Vancouver, while many others do not determine whether they
       require a student until the fall or later
   • Firms located outside downtown Vancouver (including Victoria) are not bound by the BC
       Law Society’s offer rule
   • Do not hesitate to contact firms to determine if they are hiring; if you are looking in
       Victoria you must be proactive; many Victoria firms do not necessarily advertise their
       articling positions, so it is suggested that you obtain a list of Victoria firms from the
       Employer Database, Canadian Law List (, the BC
       CBA Directory, or the Yellow Pages and contact the firm directly to inquire if they are
       hiring and when they would like to see applications
   • If you are looking for articles in Victoria NETWORKING is really key; get involved in the
       local bar through activities such as the subsections of the CBA. CBA Membership forms
       are available in the Career Resource Room
   • Some firms in the Interior, Prince George and the Lower Mainland have deadlines early
       in the spring after second year (May) and do their interviewing in June or July; other
       firms may conduct their interviews in August or wait until the fall
   • Check the Job Postings on the Career Development website, firm websites, Quicklaw’s,
       National Articling Database (NAD) or contact firms directly for firm specific application

2                                                                                      CDO
                                                                                 February 08
    •   The Canadian Directory of Legal Employers (CDLE) is a new resource for students and
        is scheduled to go public at the end of March 2008. This resource is endorsed by all of
        the Canadian Law School Career Services Offices

The Law Society of Alberta sets procedures that govern articling recruitment of law students by
legal employers in Calgary and Edmonton. The rules provide for a recruitment period (normally
the beginning of June) and a date that offers can be made. The Law Society of Alberta will
advise by April 15th of each year for the exact dates of the recruitment period (these are
normally the same dates announced by the Match Program). The rules are designed to apply to
students who have completed second year law school applying for articling with firms in Calgary
or Edmonton. These rules may be found on the Law Society's website at (Publications and Policies - “The Rules of the Law Society of
Alberta” – Part 2, Division 2, Students-at-Law – Recruitment).

   • The majority of large downtown Calgary firms participate in a computerized matching
      program administered by National Matching Services
   • During the matching process students apply directly to the firms they wish to interview
      with and firms select the students whom they wish to interview
   • During the interview period firms are not permitted to make offers to students and at the
      end of interviews the firms and students submit a Rank Order list of their preferred
   • A computerized match places students with their most preferred firm from the rank order
      list that has extended an offer to the student, and each firm is placed with the most
      preferred students on it’s list who have not received offers from higher ranked firms on
      the student’s list
   • All students applying for positions at firms participating in the Match program must
      participate in the Match program unless they are exempted by rules set the Law Society
      of Alberta available at
   • The law society rule exempts 3rd year students, 2nd year students employed by the
      offering employer on a regular and continuous basis during law school or for a
      substantial period during the summer after first year law school (unless the student
      chooses to participate in the match or the firm requires it); the Match does apply to out-
      of-province students and students seeking an articling position with a participating firm
      following the completion of a clerkship with a court
   • Students must register with National Matching Services Inc. which administers the Match
      Program by downloading a Student Agreement at and
      returning it by May 16, 2008; the Agreement forms are only available on-line, and a list
      of participating firms is available on the website

Application Deadlines
   • There is no deadline set by the Law Society or Match Program – check firm specific
   • It is suggested that students applying to Calgary submit applications at the end of April
       or by May 1st even though the Agreement Forms are not due until mid May - submit
       your Match Student Agreement forms earlier so that you can indicate your match
       number on your applications to Calgary firms

3                                                                                   CDO
                                                                              February 08
Summary of Important Calgary Match Dates for the 2009-2010 recruitment period:

MAY 16, 2008
     Recommended date for students to return Student Agreement forms to National
     Matching Services Inc. to register for the Matching Program.

May 30, 2008
      By this date, instructions for submitting Rank Order Lists and obtaining match results will
      be provided to students and firms registered to participate in the Matching Program.

JUNE 2, 2008
      Interviews by firms shall commence no earlier than 8:00 am MDT on Monday, June 2,
      2008. Students who will not be available for interviews in Alberta from June 2 through
      June 13 due to exceptional circumstances may interview before June 2, 2008; however,
      where practicable, firms and students should restrict interviews to the June 2 through
      June 13 recruitment period.

       No communication of ranking intentions is permitted prior to 8:00 am MDT on June 2,

JUNE 2-13, 2008
      Interviews between students and firms are held during the recruitment period from
      Monday, June 2 at 8:00 am MDT to Friday, June 13 at 5:00 pm MDT. No offers are
      made to students by participating firms. Voluntary communication of ranking intentions is
      permitted during this recruitment period.

       Firms that are not participating in the Matching Program may make offers to students
       only on the following days, between 8:00 a.m. MDT and 5:00 pm MDT: Tuesday, June
       10 to Thursday, June 12. Such offers must remain open for acceptance until 12:00 noon
       MDT on the day following the day the offer is made.

JUNE 13-16, 2008
      All recruitment activity by firms, and all communication between firms and students, must
      cease at 5:00 pm MDT on Friday, June 13, 2008. The blackout period runs from Friday,
      June 13 at 5:00 pm MDT to Monday, June 16 at 5:00 pm MDT.

JUNE 16, 2008
      Students and firms must submit their Rank Order Lists for the match by 5:00 p.m. MDT
      on Monday, June 16, 2008. No Rank Order Lists or Agreements can be accepted
      after this deadline.

       Once a student submits a Rank Order List he/she is accepting an offer from any of the
       firms on his/her list.

       Non-participating firms may make offers to students any time after the end of the
       blackout period at 5:00 p.m. MDT on Monday, June 16, 2008. However a student who
       has submitted a Rank Order List for the match may not accept an offer from any firm
       prior to the announcement of the match results, and if matched must enter into articles
       with the firm with which the student is matched.

4                                                                                   CDO
                                                                              February 08
JUNE 23, 2008
      Results of the match are released to participating students and firms. Information about
      participating firms with available positions will be provided to unmatched students, and
      information about unmatched students will be provided to firms with available positions.
      Information on which firm students are matched with will also be provided to law firms
      and law schools.

Edmonton & Other Alberta
  • The Law Society rules about the timing of recruitment of 2nd year students do apply to
     Edmonton, therefore interviews with Edmonton firms are expected to take place during
     the two week period in June
  • Edmonton firms do not participate in the Match process but the timeframe for
     applications and articling interviews is the same as Calgary; check firm specific
     deadlines on the CDO website, the Quicklaw National Articling Database or firm
  • Firms located outside Calgary and Edmonton have no restrictions when they can
     conduct articling interviews

    •   Voluntary guidelines are set by the Articling Committee at the College of Law at the
        University of Saskatchewan to which most employers adhere
    •   The application deadline is normally the second Friday in May and interviews are
        conducted the end of the May. The deadline to apply for 2009-2010 articles is May 9,
        2008. Interviews will be conducted Thursday, May 22, 2008 to Friday May 23, 2008
        (usually the last Thursday, Friday and Saturday in May – but only 2 days in 2008) with
        second interviews to be held Saturday May 24, 2008 (typically the Monday immediately
        proceeding the last Thursday/Friday/Saturday in May – but is on Saturday for 2008)
    •   Offers will be made at 10:00 am CST on Monday, May 26, 2008
    •   Check the Saskatchewan College of Law website for a copy of the guidelines (usually
        available late March each year)

The “Match” system, as it was previously known as, has been abandoned and will be replaced
with a “Connecting Point” process. A summary of the guidelines is below. A detailed copy of
the guidelines is available in the Career Resource Room or at
    • Candidates must register for participation by emailing Monina Glowacki
        ( with student name, student number and phone
        number by Monday, May 5, 2008
    • Firm and organization profiles and other pertinent information will be posted on the
        University of Manitoba, Faculty of Law website ( by
        Monday, April 21, 2008.
    • Candidate’s resumes and covering letters must be received by firms/organizations by
        Monday May 5, 2008
    • Interviews will take place from Tuesday, May 20, 2008 to Friday, May 23, 2008 inclusive.

5                                                                                  CDO
                                                                             February 08
    •   Students must rank the firms/organizations they have been interviewed by and are
        prepared to accept an articling position with, and submit their ranking form (available on
        the U of M, Faculty of Law website) by 4:00pm on Monday, May 26, 2008
    •   Students will be advised of the placements on Tuesday, May 27, 2008
    •   Students may contact firms/organizations directly to fill any remaining articling positions
        during the week following the initial placements

    •   The recruitment of articling students is heavily regulated by the Law Society of Upper
        Canada (LSUC)
    •   The LSUC’s Articling Recruitment Procedures for the 2009-2010 Articling Term sets out
        deadlines, rules and recruitment guidelines that firms and students must follow
    •   Although, a summary of important dates from the draft procedures is provided in this
        handout; students applying in Ontario should review the procedures for all of the details.
        The procedures are available on the LSUC website at
    •   Note: there is NO Match Program in Toronto, contrary to what you may read
        elsewhere. The Toronto match program was discontinued in 2002.

Toronto’s LSUC Procedures (Summary)
Application Deadline
    • Toronto Employers cannot set an application deadline earlier than July 11, 2008
“Call Day”
    • Employers cannot communicate the time and date of interviews prior to 8:00 am
        (Eastern time) Friday, July 25, 2008 (this is 5:00 am Pacific time)
    • Employers can communicate that they will be offering a student an interview prior to this
        time, but the interview can not be scheduled until the call day (some employers may
        send emails or letters indicating an intention to call a student on call day)
    • Students should plan to schedule interviews with their top firms in the earliest available
        time slot. You should have a tentative plan for your schedule prior to Interview “Call Day”
Interview Week
    • Interviews shall not be scheduled prior to 8:00 am (Eastern time) on Monday, August
        11, 2008
    • Students are to allow at least an hour-and-a-half on the premises of the interviewing firm
    • Note that most interviewing will take place on the Monday & Tuesday of the interview
        week – some conduct second interviews on the Wednesday & smaller employers may
        conduct interviews on the Wednesday and the rest of the week
    • If you are going to Toronto for interviews you should plan to be there from Monday to
        Thursday morning & be reachable during the important offer times
    • No communication of offer can be made prior to 5:00 pm EST on Wednesday, August
        13, 2008
    • All offers made on August 13th at or after 5:00 pm must be left open until noon, Thursday
        August 14th
    • Exception: Firms may communicate their intentions to make offers to summer students
        employed with their firm during summer 2008 prior to August 13th. Students receiving
        communications of intent may voluntarily communicate their own intentions.

6                                                                                      CDO
                                                                                 February 08
    •   Any offers made after noon on Thursday, August 14th shall be left open for a reasonable
        period of time
    •   Students shall deal with offers received as expeditiously as possible, and shall
        immediately notify firms who they have an outstanding offer from or who they have a
        scheduled interview with once they accept an offer

Regional Municipality Ottawa-Carleton
Deadline for Applications
   • Employers shall not set a deadline earlier than Tuesday, May 20, 2008, but some
       employers may indicate they like to see applications in early May.

June 23, 2008**       No communication of offers of employment shall be made before
                      Monday, June 23, 2008 at 8:00 am (Eastern time) and all offers shall be
                      left open until 9:00 am on Tuesday, June 24, 2007. All offers made
                      between midnight Monday, June 23 and 5:00 pm Thursday, June 26,
                      2008 shall be left open for 24 hours. Any offers made after the 26th shall
                      be left open for a reasonable period of time.

** This likely means that Ottawa firms will do interviewing the beginning of June prior to the June
23th offer date. Most conduct interviews over a 2-week period

County of Middlesex (London) & Hamilton
*The procedures provide for different rules for London & Hamilton but the dates are the same
for both cities

Application deadline:
   • Firms cannot set a deadline earlier than May 9, 2008, but like Ottawa some London &
       Hamilton employers may indicate they like applications around May 1

May 26, 2008          Interview Week
                      * Out-of-province candidates may be interviewed prior to May 26, but no
                      early offers can be made

June 2, 2008          No communication of offers by firms to be made prior to 8:00 am (Eastern
                      Time), Monday, June 2, 2008. (rules also provided for a time period that
                      offers must remain open)

Firms Located Outside Toronto & Where No Other Dates Are Specified in the Procedures
MAY 9, 2008        Where no other date is set in the regulations, firms may not set a deadline
                   for articling applications prior to May 9, 2008

                      Interviews shall not take place prior to the application deadline. In
                      addition, interviews may not take place until after a student has
                      completed all the requirements of second year law school

MAY 22, 2008          Where no other offer date is stipulated, communication of offers of
                      employment shall not be made prior to Thursday, May 22, 2008 at
                      5:00pm (Eastern Time). Offers must remain open until 9:00am on Friday,
                      May 23, 2008.

7                                                                                     CDO
                                                                                February 08
Province                    Length of   Required Course Work & Exams
British Columbia            9 months                    10 week Professional Legal Training Course (PLTC)
                                        offered 3 times/yr (May, Sept, February) 4 assessments &
                                        2 qualification exams
                                        - PLTC can be taken at the beginning, middle or end of
                                        articling period
Alberta                     12 months               - CPLED Program runs roughly 5 months, completed
                                        throughout articles
                                        - number of modules, some on-line and others in a

                                        Note: In Alberta students can register in the CPLED
                                        Program without a secured articling job, but must have
                                        articles before starting the program.
Saskatchewan                12 months                    - 8 weeks in class training
                                        - 3 skills assessments
                                        - 3 comprehensive exams

                                        Note: In Saskatchewan students can register in the
                                        CPLED Program without a secured articling job
Manitoba                    12 months                    - 7 month session with 8 modules
                                        - 3 classroom modules, 5 on-line modules to be completed
                                        while working at your articles

                                        Note: In Manitoba students can register in the CPLED
                                        Program without a secured articling job
Ontario                     10 months
(Law Society of Upper                   Note that the Licensing Process changed in 2006
Canada)                                 Skills and Professional Responsibility Program:                          - mandatory 5 week skills and professional responsibility
                                        phase taken first before articling (only offered in May)
                                        - followed by barrister and solicitor licensing exams which
                                        are to be written during your articling term

                                        Note: In Ontario students can register in the Bar
                                        Admissions Course without a secured articling job & LSUC
                                        will offer assistance in the articling search
New Brunswick               44 weeks    8 weeks broken up into four 2-week sessions, with exams
www.lawsociety-                         after each session

8                                                                                    CDO
                                                                               February 08
Nova Scotia                  12 months                                                - Bar Admission Course consists of two
                                                       components: a six-week Skills Training Course
                                                       and the Bar Examination
Prince Edward Island *       12 months                                               - Bar Admission Course consists of two
                                                       components: a two-week course offered in the
                                                       province and a seven-week Bar Admission
                                                       Course in Nova Scotia
*Note: Students who wish to be called to the bar of PEI must have taken the following courses in law
school: Administrative Law, Canadian Constitutional Law; Civil Procedure; Commercial Law, Contracts;
Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure; Ethics and Professional Responsibility; Evidence;
Family Law; Property Law; Torts; and Wills and Trusts
Newfoundland & Labrador      44 weeks                  8 weeks (Oct-Nov) with 6 exams

Yukon                        10 months               - students take the BC PLTC course

Northwest Territories        10 months               - students take the Alberta Bar Admission’s                                 course
Nunavut                                              - Law Society of Nunavut is working to put                              together a student-at-law admissions package
                                                     - students who can find a lawyer called to the
                                                     NWT or Nunavut bar for 5 years to act as a
                                                     principal can take the Alberta bar admission and
                                                     be called to the Nunavut Bar

    1. Be Prepared & Research
       Only you can plan your own unique job path. Do your research to find out about all of
       the options that might be right for you. Self-assessment is a key part of any career
       planning – start by using some of the career resources provided by the CDO.
       Responsibility for developing your career goals and finding employment is ultimately

    2. Get Involved and meet people with similar interests (AKA Networking)
       Get involved in some law school activities – it may be a way to explore some of your
       interests in law. Come out to career sessions. You will have an opportunity to meet
       lawyers and find out what the practice of law is like. Join the CBA and participate in the
       mentor program and join sections such as the Young Lawyers Section. This is especially
       important if you want to article in a smaller community such as Victoria

    3. Be Proactive and Persistent
       Finding an articling job really can be a lot of work at times and you may need to be
       patient. The process can be competitive and at other times arbitrary. It may be the first
       time that you face rejection. But, remember there may only be “one” job interview that
       goes perfectly and if you are offered the job all past rejections will not matter at that

9                                                                                        CDO
                                                                                   February 08
     4. Keep in touch with the CDO
        Don’t hesitate to come see the CDO when you have questions or you just need some
        reassurance in preparing for a job interview. The door is always open to you. If it is a
        busy time of year, you may need to schedule an appointment. Remember to let the CDO
        know if you accept a position somewhere.

Career Development Office
   Emails from the CDO – watch for our emails to the student listservs with important
   recruitment information – file for later reference. A weekly email will be sent as a summary
   Career Information Sessions, listed on the CDO website under Upcoming Events
   Resume and Interview Workshops
   Events (Career Options: Beyond Large Firms, BC Employers Wine and Cheese, On-
   Campus Interviews, Vancouver Firms Open House, etc)

Career Development Office Website –
*Password: available from the CDO or in the resource room
   Student Information
   • Bar Admissions – Links to Canadian Law Societies and their associated bar admission
   • Career Research – Legal career research links
   • Government Information – Links to Government employment websites
   • CDO Handouts
   Job Postings Database including summer, articling and other positions (clerkships,
   internships, etc.)
   Employer Database with over 900 legal employers across Canada with links to firm websites
   Upcoming Events hosted by the Career Development Office

Career Resource Room – Room 140 Fraser
   CDO Handouts (cover letter and resume writing, interview tips, applications tips, volunteer
opportunities, summering and articling guidelines, UVic mentor list, etc.)
   Articling handbooks from other law schools
   Extra brochures on shelves which may be taken
   Legal Magazines: Lexpert, Canadian Lawyer, The National, Career Verdict
   Old Canada Law List and BC Lawyers Listing (current copies available in the Law Library)
   Clerkship Postings and Information

   Canadian Directory of Legal Employers (CDLE) – scheduled to launch in late March 2008
   Quicklaw’s National Articling Database (db NAD)
   Career Materials on Reserve in Library – Articling Handbooks from other law schools
   Phonebook and Yellow Pages
   Membership in the Canadian Bar Association – great for networking
   Other UVic Law students and alumni
   Professors, friends and family

10                                                                                  CDO
                                                                              February 08
Do not hesitate to come see us if you need help getting started.

       Jennifer Moroskat                                   Shawna McNabb
       Career Development Officer                          Career Development Assistant                          
       Office: Room 140C                                   Office: Room 140
       Phone: (250) 472-4719                               Phone: (250) 721-8790

                           Contact Shawna if you need the password

                               Office Hours: 8:30am – 4:30 pm
                           To book an appointment, contact Shawna

11                                                                               CDO
                                                                           February 08