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Plan of the Project Comenius Time of the meeting by Larkvorhees


									                                                Plan of the Project Comenius 2008-2010
Time of the meeting: 16.2. – 25.2. 2009                                                                   meeting in Děčín 2008/2009

           Day                       Morning              Afternoon                Evening                night                 notes
                                      (9.00-12.00)        (14.00 – 16.00)        (18.00 – 20.00)

                                                                               arrival, welcome,
   Monday 16th Feb                        journey            journey
                                                                                                        host family

                               Basic information about                      Opening ceremony of the
   Tuesday 17th Feb                   the project        1st workshop         project with parents
                                                                                                        host family

 Wednesday 18th Feb                   Free time          2nd workshop          3rd workshop             host family

  Thursday 19th Feb.              4th workshop           5th workshop         S-centrum-concert         tennis hotel

                                           sports                               Decin Theatre-
    Friday 20th Feb                       (tennis)
                                                            free time
                                                                            Garage club-jazz concert
                                                                                                       Hotel Maxičky

   Saturday 21st Feb                      Prague             Prague                 Prague              host family

  Sunday 22nd Feb                family day              family day           family day                host family

   Monday 23rd Feb                6th workshop           7th workshop              free time            host family

                                                                                 Decin castle-
   Tuesday 24th Feb           8th final workshop            free time       ending ceremony of the      host family
                                                                              project with parents

 Wednesday 25th Feb                   departure              journey                journey                  x

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