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					          Survey Approach – Warm Market

Hi _________________, I was wondering if you could do me a

Great! As you know, with the economy the way it is, people are
losing their jobs at an alarming rate. Unemployment is nearly 10%
now, and I wanted to have a plan B for my family just in

I’ve accepted a spare time position with a NYSE company and one
of my first assignments is to do some marketing research.

My assignment is to get 10 marketing surveys completed this

What I’d like to do is to drop off a DVD, have you watch it
tonight, then tomorrow I’ll call you and ask you the questions on
my survey.

Can you please be one of my ten, so I can move forward with my
new position? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks

What’s the best time to drop by tonight?
Two-Minute SURVEY:

   1. Do you have a Last Will & Testament? ___ Yes ___ No

   2. Has your Will been updated in the last year? ___ Yes ___ No

   3. Have you ever received a speeding/traffic ticket? ___ Yes ___ No

   4. Do you pay monthly for auto/health insurance? ___ Yes ___ No

   5. Do you know about the hole in your auto insurance policy? ___ Yes ___ No

   6. Have you ever been treated unfairly or had a business rip you off? ___Yes ___No

   7. Have you ever signed a contract (buying car, home, cell phone, etc)? ___Yes ___ No

   8. Are you concerned that Identity Theft is the fastest growing white collar crime in America?

       ___Yes ___No

   9. Were you aware of the Federal Law that can hold you financially responsible for all credit

       card/loan fraud caused by an Identity Thief, even if the thief is caught? ___ Yes ___ No

   10. Do you know anyone who has been a victim of identity theft? ___ Yes ___ No

   11. Have you ever hired an attorney? ___ Yes ___ No

   12. What do you think the average hourly rate is nationwide? $_____ /hour

   13. If you did not have to pay these high attorneys fees by the hour, would you use legal experts

       (more often) to help you deal with life events? ___ Yes ___ No

   14. Would you want to get your Will done if there was a way to save the average $500 cost in

       getting it drafted or updated - at no extra cost? ___ Yes ___ No

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Phone:_________________________             Date: ______________________

We would like to thank you for providing us with useful information, & in helping us to provide the
best value to every family in North America.