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					Double Decker 2009 Special Edition · April 23-30, 2009 · Read at Maximum Volume · www.TheLocalVoice.net · Oxford, Mississippi

 April 25, 2009: Double Decker Fest
Oxford, Miss, (OCVB)—Robert Randolph & the Family Band
will play at the 14th annual Double Decker Arts Festival, which
will be held on the Courthouse Square on Saturday, April 25,
   “We are really excited about this year’s line-up,” says Mary-
Kathryn Milner, festival coordinator, “We work to provide a line-
up that is diverse and has a wide appeal, and I certainly think this
year will be no exception to that.”
   Robert Randolph & the Family Band’s concerts are known for
their lively stage performance. The group’s sound is inspired by
successful 1970s funk bands such as Earth, Wind & Fire and Sly
& the Family Stone. The band uses a blend of music genres from
guitar-driven rock to sanctified soul. Randolph and the Family
Band are known to be a fierce live band through their rock and roll
energy and their righteous funk sound.
   Frontman Robert Randolph was listed as #97 on Rolling
Stone’s 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time list in September 2003.
The band members are Marcus Randolph, on drums, Danyel
Morgan, bass and vocals, and Jason Crosby, on Hammond organ
and piano. The Family Band has opened for Dave Matthews
Band for shows on their 2002-2007 tours. Robert Randolph &
the Family Band also opened for Eric Clapton and was one of
four featured artists on the Music Builds Tour.
   The first Robert Randolph & the Family Band album, Live at
the Wetlands, was recorded live in 2002. Unclassified was their
studio debut album released in August 2003.The last album,
Colorblind, was released October 2006.The song “Ain’t Nothing        Charlie Mars will perform on the North Stage at 4:30 pm. His new album, Like a Bird, Like a Plane is
Wrong With That” was used in The Game Plan, Grey’s Anatomy,                                  available in stores and on iTunes. photo by Danny Clinch
Stomp the Yard, Discovery Channel and many commercials for NBC.
The track “Thrill of It” made appearances in Saturday Night
Football and NBA Live 07.
   Other musical performers that will be joining Randolph & the
Family Band at the festival include Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe,
Jason Isabell and the 400 Unit, George McConnell, Charlie
Mars, The Dynamintes featuring Charles Walker, Kenny
Brown, and many more.
   The Oxford Double Decker Arts Festival brings together visi-
tors and residents for a daylong celebration of music, food, and the
arts. The festival gets its name from the town’s authentic double
decker bus imported from England in 1994. Attendees enjoy a rich
variety of vendors including potters, glass craftsmen, woodwork-
ers, painters, and various other artists, all selected by a jury put
together by the Yokanpatawpha Arts Council. A “Taste of A highly energized funk machine, Karl Denson’s
Oxford” food court will feature a mouth-watering sampling of Tiny Universe perfoms at 6:30 on the North Stage             Shannon McNally is on South Stage at 12:30pm.
culinary treats form local restaurateurs.

  Get out early and catch Five and Dime on the North                     Bloodkin returns to Oxford                   Dickey Do & The Don’ts bring pop country covers
                  Stage at 10:00 am.                                    on the North Stage at 2:00 pm.                        to the South Stage at 10:30 am.
                                       ENTERTAINMENT CALENDAR:
                                                                                                                   sponsored by

                                        Double Decker Weekend
                                                           and beyond...
                                       Saturday 04.25.2009                                    Thursday 04.23.2009
                                                                                               Brass Monkey: ($2 Shot Night)

                                       Double Decker                                           Bouré: (2-for-1 Margaritas and Crawfish Boil)
                                                                                               The Cellar: Happy Hour 8-10
                                                                                               Hat Trick Bar: Ladies’ Night (Half-off Mixed Drinks)
                                       Budweiser: North Stage                                  The Lyric: Wilco (sold out)
                                            10:00 Five and Dime                                Murff’s: Big E & The Hounddogs (Crawfish Boil)
                                            11:00 Hemptones                                    Proud Larry’s: Rocket 88
                                            12:15 Art Vendor Awards Announced                  Red House: (Thirsty Thursday 4 pm-close)
                                            1:00 Kenny Brown                                   Rooster’s: Gearshifter
                                                                                               Taylor’s Pub: All Clear Liquor $3.50
                                            2:00 Bloodkin
                                            3:00 John Paul Keith & The 145s
                                                                                              Friday 04.24.2009
                                            4:30 Charlie Mars                                  Brass Monkey: ($1.50 Domestic Drafts)
                                            6:30 Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe                   Hat Trick Bar: (2-for-1 Top-Shelf Mixed Drinks)
                                                                                               The Lyric: Robert Earl Keen
                                       AT&T: South Stage                                       Proud Larry’s: George McConnell & The Nonchalants
                                             10:30 Dickey Do and the Don’ts                    Red House: The Reviews
                                                                                               Rooster’s: Jay’s Rockin’ Blues Band
                                             11:30 Sleeping Bulls                              Volta: (Crawfish Boil)
                                             12:30 Shannon McNally
                                             2:00 Charles Walker & The Dynamites              Monday 04.27.2009
                                             3:30 Trombone Shorty                              Brass Monkey: ($1.50 Miller Lite & $1 High Life)
                                             5:00 Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit                Blind Pig: ($2 Domestics & $3 Mimosas)
                                             7:00 George McConnell                             Boure: (Happy Hour All Night Long)
                                             9:00 Robert Randolph & The Family Band            Powerhouse: Oxford Songwriters’ Association
                                                                                               Proud Larry’s: William Fitzsimmons
                                                                                               Taylor’s: Cheap Date Night ($1 Pints)
                                       Blind Pig: The Rebel Stage rocknroll
                                             1:00 The Reviews
                                                                                              Tuesday 04.28.2009
                                             2:15 Silas Reed
                                                                                               Brass Monkey: (Ladies Night: $2 Pitchers, 2-for-1 Wells)
                                             3:30 Tyler Keith & The Apostles                   Boure: ($2 Pint Night)
                                             5:00 The Cooters                                  Blind Pig: (2-for-1 Wells)
                                             6:15 Megacooter                                   Hat Trick Bar: (2-for-1 Domestics & Wells)
                                             7:30 Stork & Nick B.                              Proud Larry’s: Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons
                                                                                                          (2-for-1 Wells, Domestics, Burgers, and more)
                                             8:45 Kill The Ego
                                                                                               Rooster’s: Open Mic Night & Jam Session
                                             10:00 Bass Drum of Death                          Square Pizza: Family Night: (1 Large + 4 Drinks $18.50)
                                             11:15 The Sleepwalkers                            Taylor’s: S.I.N. - Service Industry Night
                                                                                               Two Stick: Trivia Night ($5 to play, win cash prizes)
                                       Rooster’s: Blues Stage
                                            1:00 Big Jack Johnson                             Wednesday 04.29.2009
                                            4:00 Kenny Brown Acoustic                          Brass Monkey: ($2 Wine Glasses, $1.50 Coors Light)
                                                                                               Boure: (Wine-O Wednesday)
                                            6:00 Jay Lang Band
                                                                                               Blind Pig: ($3 Whiskey Drinks)
                                            9:00 Kenny Brown Band                              The Cellar: Ladies’ Night (1/2 Price Bottle Service)

                                       Double Decker Night
                                                                                               Hat Trick Bar: Beer Pong Tournament ($3 Bud Light Pitchers w/ Entree)
                                                                                               Proud Larry’s: The New Mastersounds with DJ Logic and Moon Taxi
                                                                                               Rooster’s: Big Fish Blues Band
                                       Brass Monkey: ($3 Shots of Jager & Rumplemintz)         Taylor’s Pub: $3 Whiskey Drinks
                                       The Cellar: ($3 Mimosas, Bloody Marys, Screwdrivers)
                                       The Lyric: Ole Miss Baseball vs. Georgia (day)         Thursday 04.30.2009
                                                  Thompson Ward (day)                          Brass Monkey: ($2 Shot Night)
                                                                                               Boure: 2-for-1 Margaritas and Crawfish Boil
                                                  DJ Mario (night)                             The Cellar: Happy Hour 8-10
                                       The Lyric: Charles Walker & The Dynamites               Hat Trick Bar: Ladies’ Night (Half-off Mixed Drinks)
                                       Proud Larry’s: Blue Mountain                            Murff’s: Crawfish Boil
                                       Red House: The Kings of the Delta                       Proud Larry’s: Zoogma
                                       Taylor’s Pub: John Michael Skinner (daytime)            Red House: Thirsty Thursday 4pm-close
                                                                                               Rooster’s: Stacy Mitchhart
2 THE LOCAL VOICE DOUBLE DECKER 2009                 Rusty Lemon (night)                       Taylor’s Pub: All Clear Liquor $3.50
Double Decker 2009:   Food and Art Vendors
         Robert Randolph
                & The Family Band
live at the AT&T South Stage 9 pm
We wanted to take our time and find
ourselves, says Robert Randolph.
“Find out what was really inside of me
and the band and bring that out. Really try
to come up with the best songs, dig deep with-
in, and let all of the experiences that we have had
in the last three years come out in the music.”
    With Colorblind, Randolph and the Family Band have taken
the difficult leap from being great performance artists to being
great recording artists. Since emerging from a House of God
church in Orange, New Jersey, steeped in the sacred steel tradi-
tion, Randolph’s astonishing pedal steel playing has had a revo-
lutionary impact. Like a mere handful of musicians like Louis
Armstrong, Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Wonder, he has actual-
ly been able to redefine the sonic possibilities of his instrument.
Randolph’s string wizardry is the focal point of the Family
Band’s legendary live appearances, and led to guest spots with
artists ranging from the Blind Boys of Alabama to Ozzy
    But even Randolph admits that the Family Band’s previous
recordings have focused more on capturing their onstage magic
than on making an album for the ages. On
the last record (2003’s Unclassified), he says,
“We had some ideas, wrote as we went
along, and we were out of there in three
weeks and that’s cool. But in working with
so many people and getting advice from
Eric Clapton, Steven Tyler, and the guys
from Dave Matthews Band, they all say,
‘We’d love to see your talent showcased
within the context of a great song.’ I was
always caught up in the show, because I’m
comfortable as a performer,” Randolph con-
tinues. “But Carlos Santana said to me, ‘If
you ask fifty people which they remember
most, a show or a record, forty-eight of
them will say a great record. Because you
live with a record, you can pick it up fifty
years later and still listen to those songs.”
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Sleeping Bulls
live on the AT&T South Stage
Saturday, April 25th 11:30 am
Name: Mark Adamec
Age: 29
Music Style/Genre: The Year in Heaven.
Hometown: Oxford.
Early music experience: Unacceptable.
Favorite musicians/bands? Janet Baker.
Music schooling: Unschooled.
Favorite style/genre: Schooled.
Favorite instrument: Vibes.
Where do you practice? Country.
Have you ever been hassled for practicing? Practice is
What was the first concert you witnessed? Jerry Clower.
What bands have you played in? Wasted Lonelys, Jolly
  Green Bastards, Herb Flow, ElfHerder, Green
  Sticky(urban). Glanton Gang.
One thing you would like to change about Oxford’s
  music scene: Scenes should be taken “as is” mostly.
Most famous person you’ve jammed with: Joe Nettles.
Are you an artist or do any other creative arts? Nope.
Do you have a “day job”? If so, where? Yes,Tupelo.
Where do you hang out in Oxford? Pig.
Aspirations: Keeping my dreams in the rainbows.
Got a website? Sleepingbullsmusic.com

       Trombone Shorty
                live at the South Stage 3:30 pm
Every once in a blue moon
along comes someone who can
merge the forces of virtuosity and
exuberance and unleash them on
an unsuspecting public. The latest in
this exclusive line of blue moon arrivals is
Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews.
   Andrews plays trombone and trumpet. He is a man to be
reckoned with on both. A product of New Orleans’ culturally
rich Treme neighborhood, Andrews was a bandleader by the
age of six.
   While Andrews was navigating New Orleans as a young-
ster with his band in tow, he was also absorbing lessons at the
knee of his older brother James, a dynamic musical performer
known as “Satchmo of the Ghetto.” It is safe to say that by the
time Andrews hit his early teens, he had a PhD in the ways of
the streets, which you can still hear in his music. But he has
also grown into a performer emanating elegance and class;
gleaned from his successful studies at the prestigious New
Orleans Center for the Creative Arts (NOCCA). As a gradu-
ate he joined the ranks of other grads like Wynton and
Branford Marsalis, Harry Connick Jr., and Nicholas
Payton.                                                           garnered honors as Best Contemporary Jazz Performer.
   In 2005, Andrews was tapped by Lenny Kravitz to be a              The here and now finds Andrews a fully developed per-
featured member of his horn section for a world tour—a tour       former locked, loaded and bursting into international con-
that shared billing with acts such as Aerosmith.                  sciousness. His current project is Orleans Avenue, a
   In London, during the summer of 2006, Andrews began            funk/pop/hip-hop mix populated with musicians like
working with producer Bob Ezrin and U2 at Abbey Road              Andrews who are young in age only. Orleans Avenue brings
Studios. This association led to Andrews performing with U2       the heat winding audiences up in merry confusion. Jazz fans
and Green Day during the re-opening spectacular of the New        shake their heads in unexpected delight while the funksters
Orleans Superdome for the NFL Monday Night Football               shake what they got with glee. Things reach a fever pitch as
pre-game show. The show aired live on ESPN and was broad-         Andrews starts his circular breathing, one note sustained in
cast internationally by Westwood One.                             pristine beauty while the band vamps on a second line beat
   To wrap up 2006, Andrews made his acting debut on the          and sax player James Martin dances so ugly it’s funky.
NBC television series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Leading a       Virtuosity and exuberance, Orleans Avenue effortlessly
group of New Orleans musicians, his musical performance of        combines both. With Mike Ballard on bass, Pete Murano on
the holiday classic “O Holy Night” drew such an enthusiastic      guitar, Dan Oestreicher on baritone sax, Joey Peebles on
response from viewers that NBC released the single for free       drums, and Dwayne Williams on percussion , their perform-
download on their web site.                                       ances transcend the boundaries of generations and classifica-
   Kicking off 2007, New Orleans’ premier music magazine,         tion. Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue is high energy,
Offbeat, named Andrews their Performer of the Year. He also       high octane and highly contagious.
George McConnell
                                              George McConnell picked up
                                           his first guitar at age fifteen, and he’s
                                           been picking them up ever since. As
                                           both a player and purveyor of gui-
                                           tars, he has amassed quite a collec-
live at the South Stage 7:00 pm            tion of sounds, songs, and stringed
                                           instruments. He’s served as lead gui-
                                           tarist in the bands Beanland,
                           Kudzu Kings, and Widespread Panic. In his spare
                           time, he helmed a vintage guitar store on the his-
                           toric Oxford Square.
                               McConnell first learned the ways of the world
                           under the careful teaching of a truck driver named
                           Lulu. When he was just ten years old, McConnell
                           worked on the back of a beer truck with Lulu, trav-
                           eling to juke joints and pool halls delivering deli-
                           cious Falstaff in the Mississippi Delta.
                               McConnell grew up in the river town of
                           Vicksburg, Mississippi, halfway between New
                           Orleans and Memphis. Thus began exposure to the
                           wide swath of music that inhabits the Mississippi
                           soul. Over the years he crossed paths with musi-
                           cians from the worlds of jazz, soul, blues, country
                           and, rock n roll; in effect, McConnell couldn’t help
                           but become the player that he is blurring these
                           styles of music together. These experiences led him
                           to become a full time musician, worse than that—a
                           singing guitar player; despite his family and friends’
                           wishes for a better life. This is music that can only
                           be called rock n roll.
                               Lulu would be proud.

                                                                                       THE LOCAL VOICE DOUBLE DECKER 2009   7
  Nominate your favorite: thelocalvoice@thelocalvoice.net

Tyler Keith &
The Apostles
live at The Rebel Stage
on patio at The Blind Pig
Saturday, April 25th 3:30 pm
Name: Tyler Keith
Age: 38
Music Style/Genre: Rock n’ Roll/Folk
Hometown: Gulf Breeze, Florida
Early music experience: Viola & Bluegrass
Favorite musicians/bands? Jerry Lee Lewis, The Kinks,
  Hank Williams, CCR, Gun Club, Lightnin’ Hawkins,
  Abner Jay, Rock n’ Roll Trio
Music schooling: Some guy showed me Johnny B. Goode
Favorite style/genre: Rock n’ Roll, Folk, Blues, Country
Favorite instrument: Guitar, maracas
Where do you practice? Tamke’s house
Have you ever been hassled for practicing? Yes, often.
What was the first concert you witnessed? Bill Monroe
What bands have you played in? Meager Existence, Sky
  Pilots, Recession Hookers, The Cooters, The
  Neckbones, Preacher’s Kids, Jenny Jeans, Hot Pursuit,
  The Apostles, and many more
One thing you would like to change about Oxford’s
  music scene: I don’t know
Most famous person you’ve jammed with: Bob Weird
Are you an artist or do any other creative arts?
  Driftwood sculpture
Do you have a “day job”? If so, where? Bartender at The
  Blind Pig
Where do you hang out in Oxford? The Blind Pig
Aspirations: Songs, albums, books, production
Got a website? Apostle TK—MySpace

                                                                                 thing with white       pants and jean jackets.     started playing with colin
                                                                                 will sleeps upside down every night, and thats     and we all started playing
                                                                                 why they say he can’t be killed by conventional    together. it wasn’t until
colin shneeed says:                                                              weapons. thom’s the man. so, here’s to the         the summer we found out.
    andrew and i met in physics class. we were studying to        rebel stage—I just toasted, did you? rock n' roll is not dead,    our particle blasted friend, hank, had returned and was
work at cern in switzerland, but we fell in love instantly and    its only dying, and you’re the only one who can save it. five     bringing hellfire and fury. tom was back from painting
pursued our many interests, such as sports (broom-board-          dollars isn’t that much to ask. nothing worthwhile is free,       broom boards and joined our cause. we played rock shows
ing, stapler fights) and rock n' roll. obviously the latter won   five dollars helps us bring you the best we can on at least       to defeat particle blasted hank. sometimes we can’t stand
out, and we taught ourselves how to play rock n' roll guitars     a semi-regular basis, and you’ve got five dollars, i know it.     after we play. but it’s not right to be standing after you play,
and formed the worst band with the best drummer—thom              i’ve seen you doing those patron shots at the bar, so buy me      sometimes.
satan —called the make out bandits. we played two shows,          a shot and keep supporting local arts. my band is called the          we continued playing rock shows and still do sometimes.
broke one homemade stage, pissed off a couple of baseball         sleepwalkers. my name is colin. goodnight and good luck.          We call ourserlves the sleepwalkers. colin said all the stuff
players. then i think we broke up. then i think we did it                                                                           about the intricate soap opera details. So here this is just
again, then I think we broke up and i stole hal michael, who      andrew mulligans says:                                            a scientific perspective. john and will cole join our forces
we had met through one of those eyes-wide-shut style par-             ultimately the cern venture failed when our 5th period        as the bandit and the buddha pirate. each lineup and show
ties (he was wearing a fox mask). i took hal michael back to      theatre war antics were disrupted when a particle blaster         takes out enough people to satisfy me. colin’s chainsaw is
his house and showed him the ways of the rock n' roll gods,       unwittingly destroyed our friend hank’s brain. dismayed at        holding up well. i am just strumming along. thom satan is
to which he scoffed and proceeded to light his bass guitar on     our loss of hobby, guitar seemed like the only viable teenage     basically, to our band, water when it's thrown on a mogwai
fire and peed it out. i found this dude named brian to play       option. colin would always come into physics class fifteen        to turn it into a gremlin. we need him to truly melt face.
drums, and he was a champ, and i asked andrew to cover my         minutes late. some bullshit excuse about immigrant song or        everyone pretty much just goads the other into just hurting
ass while i played rippin’ guitar solos                                                                something coming on the      their instruments. a lot of people have bled and some have
(think queensryche) with a wah                                                                         radio. which is bullshit     unknowingly micterated on a vegan’s mattress. it’s been
pedal and like... 15 amps. andrew                                                                      because we know noth-        really fun.
begrudgingly said yes and came on                                                                      ing good comes on the            it would be awesome to defeat the particle blasted one
board. our friend tom came back in                                                                     radio, except led zepplin,   before reaching the kill screen.
town and we had to say goodbye                                                                         which, arguably, could           the rebel stage has always been the better place to be at
to brian, and we reunited with tom                                                                     prove my point. anyway,      double decker. i, personally, despise lawn chairs and have no
and did all kinds of cool shit, like                                                                   we made a balloon car        interest in being around them. they attract acoustic guitars
blowing up death stars and cutting                                                                     that went nowhere at         and they are displeasing to my ear drums. we had been
the arms off of wampas. i think will                                                                   all really fast. meaning,    going to the rebel stage since high school. it was one of the
cole got jealous and moved back                                                                        we won the acceleration      few places a year high schoolers could see good music in
into town to play drums with us,                                                                       prize but barely made the    oxford. colin sold his soul to newt to get us to play it the
but he was all “i can’t handle all                                                                     distance category.           first time. i remember a few years go when we played for
this!” and had to leave, and we cried                                                                      tom was my neigh-        the first time it was attacked by an angry lady. the magician
dragon tears. local animal rights                                                                      bor. we burned down the      couldn’t make his balloons for the kids because we were so
activist john barrett stepped in and                                                                   backyard. he got drums.      loud. or something. i can’t quite remember. anyway, i just
saved us from becoming like the                                                                        i got a bass. john got       picture crying kids because we were so loud. it has always
dodo and we once again prospered                                                                       thrown into the mix. he      been the place to see the good bands, which happen to be
like the flamingo. then john had to                                                                    had a system of a down       the local bands.
go and tom came back. then tom had to go and john came            record on a field trip to the delta. we were on a bus and
back. then will came back for a breath and then left, only to     that trip sucked and i thought it was cool he had that at the     hal micahelz says:
get busted for speeding on the way back from rosedale (we         time. we all played together and formed a band. it was called        although i was wearing a fox mask that evening most
told you, will). at some point we recorded the worst 7” in        random access. then someone made a joke about it. could           people know me through my personality as a wolf, which i
the world with the best physics major in the world—bobby          have been colin, who was in offcenter at the time. then we        wear when i am feeling more masculine and in balance with
lirette—and wrecked ‘em wreckords put it out, but don’t tell      changed it to no comment. then to die dinosaur. tom moved         the universe. the fox represented a stage of weakness when i
your mom it’s called wrecked ‘em records. tell her its called     away. colin and I formed hindu and the honkeys. tom came          needed the knowledge of rock and/or roll which mage colin
something like, flowers for orphans records. she’ll respect       back and we had the makeout bandits that totally ruled face       showed me. he took me on a journey around the world as
that. newt from the cooters gave us our first big break, play-    until, well just until.                                           his apprentice, we made love to demons, angels, horses,
ing at the rebel stage way back like...two years ago, and the         thom had moved away to take up broom boarding pro-            and Gallagher... who becomes very slippery when covered
cops tried to shut us down, but we were all, “get outta here,     fessionally. i was entering full time zombie awareness train-     in olive oil.
blue-shirts, and just let us play rock n' roll!” and of course    ing and colin had lost his arm in some war, maybe against            Once we tamed the Gallagher rock n’ roll was but a fath-
they couldn’t argue with that, so we finished our set in the      zombies. anyway, we both failed and worked in a bookstore.        om from our grasp. we teamed up with andrew, and i don’t
face of this lady who was telling stories like a mile away. we    we started talking about playing music together. he needed        even know what was going on with all the drummers, but
played the rebel stage again, and didn’t get the cops called      an arm. we both liked bruce campbell and talked about how         we took full force. it was a powerful collision of zombies,
on us, but i passed out in the middle of a song, which was        cool a chainsaw would sound playing guitar. ultimately, he        blood, cross dressing, and insanity that bonded us together...
almost as fun. tyler keith picked me up.                          optioned to travel to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away   but it was what was necessary for we had no control over
    so i owe all my success with the ladies and the men to        to get a cyborg arm. or something.                                any of this. this is what Oxford had deemed appropriate to
newt and tyler (for picking me up). andrew owes his success           to make matters less simple. i had known will cole since      show its dark side through, it is a force greater than all of us
to his bad-ass haircuts and really good posture. hal Michael      birth. his back yard was a snake pit. there was a rope swing.     and bonded by blood (and semen).
has found a way to pee into a cup and it turns into drinking      it was awesome. he lived in jackson. hal michael did too. they       hal also says that andrew’s quote ... “i,
water, like kevin costner in waterworld. john’s got this whole    had a band and when hal moved here we played together. he         personally, despise lawn chairs and have no
                                                                                                                                    interest in being around them” is the best
                                                                                                                                    thing ever said. just make              this
                                                                                                                                    the headline... i have
                                                                                                                                    never laughed out
                                                                                                                                    loud so hard just by
                                                                                                                                    reading something..

                                                                                                                                              IN CASE OF
                                                                                                                                                       aim for the head.
                                          John Paul Keith & The 145s
                                          Live on the Budweiser North Stage at 3 pm
                                            John Paul Keith grew up outside of
                                        Knoxville, the son of a truck driver. He learned to
                                        sing in church and he learned to play guitar when
                                        he was ten and his father gave him an acoustic
                                        and a copy of Chuck Berry’s Golden Hits and The
                                        Best of B.B. King. It was the first music he ever
                                        heard that wasn’t country or spirituals. He didn’t
                                        hear the Beatles until he was nearly in high
                                        school. By the time he was seventeen, he was
                                        drawing big crowds in Knoxville as a member of
                                        the Viceroys, and then quit the band when they
                                        got signed because he didn’t like the direction the
                                        music was headed. By twenty-one, he had moved
                                        to Nashville and formed his own band, and got
                                        signed to Sire within months. It was a meteoric
                                        rise by a kid everyone in the industry had their
                                        eyes on and wanted their hooks in.
                                            John Paul Keith can sum up the rest in just a
                                        few lines. He tells you nearly everything you need
                                        to know about him in the first thirty seconds of
                                        Spills and Thrills, his humble, freewheeling mas-
                                        terpiece of a record, featuring songs so timeless
                                        and well crafted you’d swear they were obscure
                                        honky-tonk b-sides. Over a swinging drumbeat
                                        and a stinging Telecaster, Keith sings, “Well, I’m
                                        right on the money, but I’m never on time / One
                                        step ahead, two steps behind / And I’ve never
                                        been lucky, and I’ve never been hip / Got a whole lotta               where he met drummer John Argroves and bassist Mark E.
                                        headaches when I opened my lip.”                                      Stuart. They started playing together, and when they were
                                            Though the loyal following who pack his Memphis shows             joined by guitarist Kevin Cubbins, piano player Al Gamble,
                                        with his crack band the One Four Fives might beg to differ            and multi-instrumentalist John Wittemore, the One Four
                                        about never being hip, truer words have never been sung.              Fives were born. Taking their name from the I-IV-V musical
                                        Blessed and cursed with rare talent and common Southern               progression that forms the foundation of all blues and rock and
                                        stubbornness, Keith would have gone a lot further in the              roll, the band gave Keith the one thing he was missing for all
                                        music industry if he only had a little less brains and a lot less     those years: A group of sympathetic musicians who could
                                        integrity. A blistering guitarist and singer, and the kind of         match his talent and his integrity. They brought true power
                                        songwriter who makes great melodies and incredible lyrics             and muscle to Keith’s songs, but stayed true to the spirit of his
                                        sound effortless, he certainly seems like a sure-thing—the kind       influences.
                                        of artist you just need to hit play and record on and let rip.            The band built a loyal following in Memphis—both from
                                            Instead, Keith spent more than a decade at near constant          fans, and from the city’s close-knit scene. Supported by such
                                        odds with bands, managers and executives eager to                            Memphis stalwarts as Jack Oblivian and Harlan T.
                                        water down and compromise his music in order                                     Bobo, John Paul Keith and the One Four Fives built
                                        to chase the latest trend. With each fight—                                        a reputation as one of Memphis’ most ferocious bar
                                        whether it was a shady manager badgering him                                        bands, capable of delivering two, three, even four
                                        to metal up his guitar playing on the major-                                        hour sets of blistering, beer-spilling rock and roll.
                                        label debut that never got released, or losing his                                  With this spirit of open-minded acceptance, sup-
                                        whole band to an Americana prima donna—the                                        port and encouragement, so special to Memphis,
                                        sheer joy of making music was replaced with the                                Keith began to write the best songs of his life.
                                        drudgery of trying to stay true to yourself in an indus-                      That raucous excitement and inspiration is all over Spills
                                        try full of exploiters and those ecstatic to be exploited. From       and Thrills, Keith’s debut album for Big Legal Mess Records.
                                        Knoxville to Nashville, New York to Birmingham, and back              Part of the legendary Fat Possum family, which championed
                                        again, Keith struggled to stick to his guns and create the kind       and gave a home to such incredible artists as R.L. Burnside
                                        of music that would hold up to the records that made him              and Junior Kimbrough, Big Legal Mess is proudly preparing
                                        want to play music in the first place. By 2005, he’d had about        Spills and Thrills for an April 09 release. The album, which was
                                        enough. Alone, with no band and no prospects, he moved to             recorded mostly live at Young Ave Sound and the legendary
                                        Memphis and declared himself washed-up at 29.                         Ardent Records in Memphis, captures the spirit and energy of
                                            Somebody should have told John Paul Keith that Memphis            John Paul Keith and the One Four Fives’ live shows, and show-
                                        is the wrong place to go if you’re looking to give up music. A        cases Keith’s incredible singing and songwriting. This is the
                                        veritable island of great musicians and music lovers, with a          sound of real rock and roll—fast and fun and loud, with songs
                                        scene that is dismissively and blissfully oblivious to the obses-     that fly by so quick you want to listen to them two or three
                                        sive flights of the music industry, the city is an outsider’s para-   times in a row. It’s around about the third listen the realization
                                        dise. Tapped by an acquaintance to fill in for an absentee gui-       comes: These songs are incredible. From the crafted, bouncing
                                        tarist, Keith was introduced to Beale Street. Dead broke, he          melodicism of “Lookin’ For a Thrill” to the more-poignant-
                                        started busking for tourists’ tips in W Handy park and sit-
                                                                                 .C.                          than-you-think tearjerkers “Rock and Roll Will Break Your
                                        ting in at places like the Rum Boogie Café. Not only did it give      Heart” and “Otherwise,” this is the work of one of the best
                                        him enough money to eat—or, more likely, keep him in sweet            songwriters going. Spills and Thrills is rock and roll brilliance

                                        tea and cigarettes—the spirit of the city and the camaraderie of      the way it used to be, back when it was danceable and catchy,
                                        the musicians on Beale rekindled Keith’s faith in playing music       before brilliance became synonymous with self-indulgence and
                                        for its own sake. He fell in love with his guitar again, and the      experimentation and arrogance. So if you’re looking for one of
www.twitter.com/thelocalvoice           next thing he knew, he was writing songs.
                                            Obsessed with his Telecaster, Keith started hanging around
                                                                                                              the best records of the year, here it is. It took John Paul Keith
                                                                                                              half his life to get the chance to be himself, but it was worth
10 THE LOCAL VOICE DOUBLE DECKER 2009   the now-closed Taylor’s Music store in midtown Memphis,               the wait.
                                          Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit
                                                    Live on the AT&T South Stage at 5 pm
                                              For a comparatively brief moment in the mid-1960s,
                                          Muscle Shoals, Alabama, was the unlikely epicenter of a
                                          major American songwriting renaissance. Here are some of
                                          the names: Arthur Alexander, Donnie Fritts, Eddie
                                          Hinton, Dan Penn, Spooner Oldham, O.C. Smith, Joe
                                          South, Tony Joe White. Toss Bobbie Gentry into that mix,
                                          on style if not geography, and the list is not complete, regard-
                                              Style matters, for in those turbulent times these writers
                                          and their collaborators fused the vocal passion of African-
                                          American soul and gospel to an Anglo-Saxon storytelling tra-
                                          dition which goes back at least to Beowulf: Tough, hard, pas-
                                          sionate, unflinching songs, unrepentant in their sense of place
                                          and direct in their stubborn Southernness.
                                              That is a powerful pile of names to spade across the work
                                          of Jason Isbell, as his second solo album, named for his
                                          band, is, well, only his second solo album. And he’s almost
                                          30. It’s not simply that he lives in Florence, Alabama, just
                                          outside Muscle Shoals, nor that he recorded Jason Isbell And
                                          The 400 Unit at the famed FAME studio there. That guaran-
                                          tees nothing.
                                              The songs will stand on their own.                             no matter how far he distances himself, no matter that
                                              The opening “Seven-Mile Island” manages simultaneous-          “Soldiers Get Strange” is mostly his imagination at work try-
                                          ly to evoke the long-ago sounds of Traffic (who have their         ing to make sense of how those returning from Iraq and
                                          own Muscle Shoals connection) and to serve as an oblique           Afghanistan feel. No matter that “Cigarettes And Wine”
                                          eulogy to the regionally famous harmonica player Topper            claims, midway through painting a very direct vignette, “I
                                          Price, and yet it’s about a failed father, a birthing mother, an   know that ain’t much of a line/But it’s the Gods’ own truth.”
                                          island on which banished Native Americans congregated, a               That’s enough. Leave the songs to be found, to talk for
                                          place where Jason and his dad used to go to collect arrow-         themselves. But let Jason explain, just a bit. “I always say that
                                          heads. All of those things said eloquently in just over four       writing a song, first and foremost, to me, is a way of teach-
                                          minutes, and there are layers unexamined by that long sen-         ing myself how I feel about something,” he says. “And that’s
                                          tence.                                                             the purpose it serves, really, more than anything else.”
                                              That’s the only song that sounds just like that, says those        But the last thing Jason says about his new record is this:
                                          things (“Good,” for example, has the rock urgency of Big           “I want it to be known that it’s a band record. I want it to be
                                          Star, “No Choice In The Matter” is classic soul, complete          known that it’s something we all did together. Even though
                                          with horns), though they all come from deep within Isbell,         I wrote the songs, it was a very inclusive project.”
                                                                                                                 Meet the band, then. Keyboard player Derry deBorja
                                                                                                             comes from the Baltimore area, and matriculated into the
                                                                                                             400 Unit from a stint in Son Volt, which is where Jason met
                                                                                                             him. Guitarist Browan Lollar turned up at a party, turns out
                                                                                                             to have just the right knack for Jason’s songs. And bassist
                                                                                                             Jimbo Hart? “He’s from Sheffield,” Jason says. “I’ve known
                                                                                                             him since I was sixteen. My first image of Jimbo is him
                                                                                                             marching in a uniform playing bass with this huge kid behind
                                                                                                             him pushing his amp trying to keep up.”
                                                                                                                 It was also a much more coherent recording process than
                                                                                                             the four years it took to stitch together his 2007 debut, Sirens
                                                                                                             Of The Ditch (New West). They spent a week cutting tracks
                                                                                                             at FAME, went on the road for a week, came back and spent
                                                                                                             another week finishing up. And it’s clear from the credits that
                                                                                                             the 400 Unit made this album, together. They produced it,
                                                                                                             with Centromatic/South San Gabriel drummer Matt Pence
                                                                                                             both on the kit and behind the mixing board. Simple enough.
                                                                                                                 Here’s the story of the band name, because it’s a good
                                                                                                             story and deserves telling, and the telling says what needs fin-
                                                                                                             ishing here. Jason begins, “There is a mental treatment facil-
                                                                                                             ity here in Florence called The 400 Unit. About once a week
                                                                                                             they would drive downtown and take, I guess, the six or
                                                                                                             eight healthiest people in the facility and let ‘em go down-
                                                                                                             town. Give ‘em all like $15 apiece to go get some lunch.
                                                                                                             You’d immediately recognize who it was and why they were
                                                                                                             there; they all had nametags on, saying kinda strange stuff to
                                                                                                             everybody. And trying to get a sandwich at the same time.
                                                                                                                 “When I started thinking about a band, and how we get

The Local Voice
                                                                                                             to a new town and everybody gets $15 and gets out of the
                                                                                                             van, goes out and tries to get a sandwich, it kinda reminded
                                                                                                             me of that.”
                                                                                                                 Yeah, it’s a sad record, but he’s laughing. And it’s a good
Oxford’s #1 Entertainment Guide                                                                              sound, all around.

Thank you for supporting local culture!                                                                      THE LOCAL VOICE DOUBLE DECKER 2009 11
                                               Also at Double Decker
                                        Spring Run                                                        Shuttle Service
                                           Start the day with the Chamber of Commerce 10K run &       Shuttles will run from the Oxford Conference Center to to
                                        5K walk. With courses winding through the University of City Hall. Shuttles will run continuously from 10am until
                                        Mississippi campus and nearby Oxford neighborhoods, the 11pm. The charge is $5 per adult (round-trip), children are
                                        two courses are fun for both beginning joggers and experi- free.
                                        enced athletes. For more information call Oxford-Lafayette
                                        County Chamber of Commerce at 662.234.4651.
                                        Children’s Square Fair                                                 The OUT (Oxford-Lafayette Transit System) will be run-
                                                                                                            ning free of charge. There will be alternate routes Friday and
                                           The children’s Square Fair, sponsored by AT&T, will again Saturday, April 24 and 25.
                                        feature magic shows, face painting, clowns, storytelling, a pet-
                                        ting zoo, and musicians to keep both children and their par-
                                        ents entertained. The highlight of the afternoon is the Best      Double Decker Road Ride
                                        Dressed Pet Contest when participants, hoping to win the cov-          The routes this year are 10, 24, 50, and 66 mile loops that
                                        eted first prize, parade their dogs, cats, rabbits, and even chick- meander through the rolling hills of Lafayette County. The
                                        ens dressed in elaborate costumes. This year the Square Fair ride will be fully supported with pre-ride bike maintenance,
                                        will move down Van Buren Avenue to St. Peter’s Episcopalian three full service rest stops and rolling sag support for any
                                        Church.                                                             mechanical issues or tired riders. Pre and post ride refreshe-
                                                                                                            ments available. The ride starts at 9 am leaving you lots of
                                                                                                            time to enjoy the festival. For more information and registra-
                                                                                                            tion visit www.DoubleDeckerRide.com.

                                         Oxford BBQ Throwdown to Give Away
                                            Grill at Double Decker Festival
                                        Between browsing the art vendors,                                    The Weber Grill, donated by Sears, and four VIP passes to
                                                                                                          the 3rd Annual Oxford’s Town BBQ Throwdown will be
                                        listening to the great music                                      raffled off at the Double Decker Arts Festival. To register, visit
                                                                                                          the Oxford’s Town BBQ Throwdown tent, located on Van
                                        and sampling the food at the                                      Buren Avenue by the Lyric Theatre. The winner will be
                                        “Taste of Oxford,”                                                announced from the AT&T South Stage at before George
                                                                                                          McConnell takes the stage at 7:00. You don’t have to be pres-
                                        patrons at the 14th Annual                                        ent to win, so everyone should register.
                                                                                                             “We very excited to give this grill away,” said Kelly
                                        Double Decker Arts Festival                                       Houston, organizer of the Oxford’s Town BBQ Throwdown,
                                        also need to be sure and stop                                     “We hope a lot of people stop by the Oxford’s Town BBQ
                                                                                                          Throwdown booth at the Double Decker Festival.”
                                        by the Oxford’s BBQ Throwdown                                        In addition to the raffle, team applications and limited
                                                                                                          Oxford’s Town BBQ Throwdown Merchandise will be avail-
                                        tent and register to win a free grill.                            able at the tent as well. The 3rd Annual Oxford’s Town BBQ
                                                                                                          Throwdown will be held September 25-26, 2009.

                                            Double Decker Wins Awards Again
                                                             The Square is really picturesque.
                                         Oxford, Miss (OCVB) - The Oxford Convention and                  happy to have the opportunity to honor the winners of these
                                         Visitor’s Bureau was presented the Best Large Festival of        awards as we truly appreciate their dedication not only to our
                                         the Year award for the Double Decker Arts Festival by the        organization but to the entire tourism industry,” said Bill
                                         Mississippi Tourism Association (MTA) at their annual            Seratt 2008-2009 President of the MTA.
                                         awards ceremony for tourism achievement during the                  In addition to state recognition, Southeast Festivals and
                                         Governor’s Conference on Tourism held February 17-18 in          Events awarded the OCVB multiple prestigious Kaleidoscope
                                         Hattiesburg, Mississippi.                                        Awards, sponsored by RCS Productions, for their contribu-
                                            “We are very excited to have received this award,” says       tion to the festivals and events industry at their annual con-
                                         Mary-Kathryn Milner, Coordinator of the Double Decker            ference held in Knoxville, Tennessee, February 16-18. The
                                         Arts Festival, “the award is a tribute to the hard work of the   OCVB was awarded Best Event Program or Brochure and
                                         staff and volunteers and the community support that makes        Best Other Merchandise for the Double Decker Arts Festival.
                                         Double Decker possible.”                                            Further, the OCVB and Double Decker Festival were rec-
                                            The awards program recognizes outstanding contributions       ognized in the Best T-Shirt, Best Website, Best Promotional
                                         to the advancement of tourism by members of the 450+             Poster, and Best Marketing Campaign categories.

The Local Voice ONLINE                   member private sector organization as well as honoring trav-
                                         el media, community volunteers and governmental friends of
                                                                                                             The Oxford Double Decker Arts Festival will host the
                                                                                                          fourteenth annual event Saturday, April 25, 2009. The festi-

www.TheLocalVoice.net                    the industry. Awards were presented in ten categories, each
                                         focusing on a different aspect of the hospitality industry or
                                                                                                          val takes its name from the town’s authentic double decker
                                                                                                          bus imported from England in 1994. The unique festival
www.twitter.com/thelocalvoice            individual achievement.
                                            “Special recognition should be given to our tourism indus-
                                                                                                          brings together visitors and residents alike for a daylong cele-
                                                                                                          bration of music, food and the arts held on the picturesque
12 THE LOCAL VOICE DOUBLE DECKER 2009    try leaders for their outstanding accomplishments. We are        Courthouse Square.
                                                                        LOCAL MUSICIANS
                                                                          Nominate your favorite: thelocalvoice@thelocalvoice.net

                                                                        Stevie Woolworth
Don’t Read This                                                         live with Five & Dime
    This is the story the board of Aldermen don’t want you to
                                                                        at the Budweiser North Stage
hear. It might be the biggest secret in all of Mississippi, but I’m
going to tell you in hopes that my honesty and storytelling abili-      Saturday, April 25th 10am
ty will inspire someone to give me a free ticket to the sold out        Name: Stevi Self Woolworth
Wilco concert at the Lyric. This story starts at Oxford’s notorious     Age: Older than I look, thank God
hotdog stand back when Jamo owned this late night institution.          Music Style/Genre: I don’t know… what are my choices??
I was his employee at the time and thus was able to witness many        Hometown: Greenwood, Mississippi
strange and fascinating events.                                         Early music experience: My first instrument was the piano. I
    There was an older, white haired and pudgy-gutted man hang-            played for about three years until I realized that it wasn’t
ing around the cart one evening. I don’t think he ate a hotdog             cool. So, I started skipping my piano lessons at school and
that night but he bought many of them. Almost every girl that              hiding out in the girl’s bathroom instead. When I finally got
walked up to the cart was offered a hotdog by this man. Many of            caught my parents sold my piano and grounded me indefi-
the scantily clothed women allowed this man to buy them a dog              nitely.
even while he flashed his large roll of money and talked about the      Favorite musicians/bands? My favorite musicians are the ones
hotel room he had two blocks away. I had him pegged as a dirty             I know. You can’t throw a rock without hitting someone tal-
loser right away but many of the girls seemed enamored and flirt-          ented around here. I think it’s something in the water.
ed back. With the guy buying all the dogs but not tipping I start-         Unfortunately I live in the county so we are on a different
ed to get pissed, but then he mentioned donuts. He told a couple           water system…
of girls that he had some fresh Krispy Kreme donuts in his truck        Music schooling: Other than those piano lessons I mentioned
and he asked them if they wanted to go get one.                            earlier, I haven’t had any formal music training…unless you
    “Hey creepy guy,” I finally hollered. “I think you should get          count that year that Dave gave me “Libido-less Guitar
the hell out of here and stop trying to get these girls to sleep with      Lessons” from Bryan Ledford as a Christmas present.
you by offering them donuts.”                                           Favorite style/genre: I don’t think I have a favorite style. I like
    The guy scowled at me and I thought an altercation was about           music that’s raw and real.
to go down but then a cop walked by and the creepy guy walked           Favorite instrument: Guitar.
off to try and rape a squirrel or something. When Jamo got back         Where do you practice? Well, I’ve found that the acoustics are
to the cart I told him about the guy and he said he thought it was         usually better in the bathroom.
probably the guy who stood at the front of the stage and drooled        Have you ever been hassled for practicing? My children com-
when 2 Live Crew played at the Library a few years before. Then            plain sometimes that I’m too loud when they’re trying to go
he told me the story that I’m sure the Aldermen don’t want to me           to sleep. So, I go play in the bathroom.
to share.                                                               What was the first concert you witnessed? Either Alabama or
    My hotdog boss told me that the Double Decker Festival was-            Conway Twitty …seriously …I was young. It was not my
n’t named after the stupid bus that people ride around on.                 fault…
Allegedly the original idea was for Oxford to host an eating con-       What bands have you played in? The Sweetbush Revival, Five
test. Several of the Aldermen really loved to eat and they thought
                                                                           and Dime.
that the best way bring tourism dollars into our fair city was a
                                                                        One thing you would like to change about Oxford’s music
unique eating contest. Instead of the standard hotdog or apple pie
                                                                           scene: I don’t know.
our civic leaders thought the world would watch grown men eat-
                                                                        Most famous person you’ve jammed with:                      Dave
ing double cheeseburgers, which they called double deckers, until
they puke. The debate rage for several meetings and fistfights
                                                                        Are you an artist or do any other creative arts? I have a pot-
nearly broke out. A small but vocal group of Aldermen were con-
                                                                           tery studio at my house that is covered in cobwebs, but
vinced that the idea was ridiculous and eventually they convinced
                                                                           when I find the time I like to make things out of clay.
enough of the board members to create an art and music festival
                                                                        Do you have a “day job”? If so, where? I am the co-owner of
instead. As part of the compromise the festival would be called
                                                                           Southern Star Yoga Center in the Midtown Shopping
The Double Decker and the rest is Oxford history.
    But this story doesn’t end there, my hotdog boss told me.
                                                                        Where do you hang out in Oxford? I hang out at the yoga
Each of the Aldermen who were convinced that an eating contest
                                                                           studio most of the time, and I have tea at Big Bad Breakfast
was the best thing for our little town have a tradition all their
                                                                           nearly every morning.
own. Each year during the Double Decker these Aldermen gath-
                                                                        Aspirations: I want to reach Samadhi (with or without my gui-
er on the top floor of the courthouse and cook a bunch of burg-
ers. Then they see who can eat the most double cheeseburgers
                                                                        Got a website? Yes, but it has nothing to do with my music…
without puking. It’s their own little protest. Supposedly the
record is seventeen, so while you’re enjoying your Saturday, see if
you can smell the cheeseburgers being grilled at the top of the
courthouse and listen for sound of grown men heaving.

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Jay Lang Band
live at Rooster’s
Friday, April 24th 10pm-close
Rooster’s Blues Stage
 Saturday, April 25th 6-9pm
Name: Jay Lang
Age: 32
Music Style/Genre: Drinkin’ & Fightin’ Music
Hometown: Greenville, Mississippi
Early music experience: Running open mic at One Block
Favorite musicians/bands? The Ramones, R.L. Burnside,
  Jr Kimbrough, Skip James, Lemmy, Mark Sandman,
  Mississippi Fred McDowell
Music schooling: Mills Hwakins
Favorite style/genre: Blues and Rock n’ Roll
Favorite instrument: Guitar
Where do you practice? At the house and Rooster’s
Have you ever been hassled for practicing? No.
What was the first concert you witnessed? John the
  Marine’s mama took me, Mills, and Ryan to see Stevie
  Ray Vaughn when he played Bluesfest in Grenville.
What bands have you played in? Three Legged Dog, Jay
  Lang’s Rockin’ Blues Combo
One thing you would like to change about Oxford’s
  music scene: Higher cover charge! We are in a recession
  and I need some stimulus!
Most famous person you’ve jammed with: Mickey
Are you an artist or do any other creative arts? Little bit
  of writing
Do you have a “day job”? If so, where? Paint houses. Call
Where do you hang out in Oxford? Wherever good music
  and cold beer are served, usually Rooster’s!
Aspirations: To break even
Got a website? F**k no. Just come to the show and get