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About Guide Dogs for the Blind by wnh56963


to a Presentation About
      Guide Dogs!
Did you know…
Every seven minutes, someone in America will become
blind or visually impaired?*

The number is expected to almost double by the year

* American Foundation for the Blind, 2006
** National Institutes of Health, 2006
What‟s it like to have a Guide Dog?
• Interdependence
• Trust
• Loyalty
• Companionship
“By the time we had completed our second
block together, I had tears in my eyes and I
was overwhelmed at how gracefully we
moved down the sidewalk, gliding around
obstacles and people. I remember saying to
my instructors that it was just like dancing.”
– Patricia Pace and Myra
It takes a community
   Professional Staff


K9 Buddies help visually
impaired children…

• Gain confidence
• Learn responsibility
• Be motivated to master other
skills that are key to being
successful and independent
My role in the Guide Dogs community
We want every blind person in the U.S. and
   Canada to know about our services
Guide Dogs for the Blind:

Connecting people through
our communities of support
A „Checklist‟ for learning more about and
becoming involved with Guide Dogs:

  •Get on our mailing list
  •Visit our website at
  •Tell someone who is blind about Guide Dogs

   (800) 295-4050

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