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									                Arts, Humanities & International Funding Opportunities

1. Program: Fellowships for Graduate and Postdoctoral Research in Turkey

Agency: American Research Institute in Turkey

Next Deadline: Nov 01, 2009

Support scholars and advanced graduate students engaged in research on ancient, medieval,
or modern times in Turkey in any field of the humanities and social sciences. Stipends generally
range from $4,000 to $16,000 for residencies of two months to one year. Hostel, research, and
study facilities are available at ARIT's branch centers in Istanbul and Ankara. Deadline is
November 1 annually. See for details.


Contact:            Nancy Leinwand, Executive Director
                    University of Pennsylvania Museum
                    3260 South Street
                    Philadelphia, PA 19104-6324

2. Program: Asian Art, Fellowships for Advanced Asian Language Study & Refresher Grants

Agency: Blakemore Foundation

Next Deadline: Dec 30, 2009

Asian Art Grants (temporarily suspended) support programs, exhibits, or publications to
improve understanding of Asian fine arts in the US. Limited to China, Japan, Korea, Burma,
Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos,Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Tibet, Philippines, & Mongolia.
Fellowships for Advanced Asian Language Study are for those pursuing academic, professional
or business careers that involve a modern East or SE Asia language. Must have undergraduate
degree & advanced language proficiency. Blakemore Refresher Grants also available. See for details.


Contact:            Cathy Scheibner, Administrative Assistant
                    Attn: Griffith Way/c/o Perkins Coie LLP
                    1201 Third Avenue, Suite 4800
                    Seattle, WA 98101

3. Program: Visiting Scholars Program

Agency: Canadian Centre for Architecture

Next Deadline: Dec 01, 2009

Visiting Scholars (scholars & architects conducting research at post-doctoral or more advanced
academic levels) are in residence at the Study Centre to pursue individual research supported
by CCA's library. Program encourages innovative research in the history, theory & criticism of
architecture, in broadest sense, particularly historical & critical research proposals on theory &
practice of contemporary design culture & related social issues. Candidates in contemporary
professional practices also eligible. See for details.


Contact:            Study Centre
                    1920 rue Baile
                    Montreal, QC H3H 2S6

4. Program: Canadian Studies Faculty Enrichment Program for Course Development

Agency: Canadian Embassy

Next Deadline: Dec 01, 2009

Provides up to $6,000 to tenure-track faculty who are developing or modifying a course that has
substantial (at least one third) Canadian content. Priority is for projects focusing on Canada-US
relations issues such as border security, trade and economics, and the environment, as well as
Canada-focused projects on strengthening social foundations, building a robust 21st century
economy, and restoring Canada's role of pride and influence in the world. See
programmes.aspx?lang=eng for details.


Contact:            Daniel Abele, Academic Relations Officer
                    Academic Relations
                    501 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
                    Washington, DC 20001

5. Program: Junior Fellowships in Ancient Greek Studies

Agency: Center for Hellenic Studies

Next Deadline: Oct 23, 2009

Offers both residential and non-residential fellowships to scholars working on various aspects of
ancient Geek civilization. Program is designed for applicants who hold the Ph.D. and are at the
early stages of their careers. The maximum stipend for residential fellowships is $34,000 plus
free housing and other benefits. Non-residential fellowships provide scholars with varying levels
of financial support depending on the nature of their proposals and needs. See for details.


Contact:            Gregory Nagy, Director
                    3100 Whitehaven Street, NW
                    Washington, DC 20008

6. Program: Venetian Research Program

Agency: Delmas (Gladys Krieble) Foundation

Next Deadline: Dec 15, 2009

Awards up to $19,900 for a full academic year support pre- & postdoctoral research in Venice
on the history of Venice and the Venetian Empire. Areas of consideration include: archaeology,
architecture, art, bibliography, economics, history, law, literature, music, political science,
religion and theater. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, and if graduate students, have
completed all requirements except the dissertation. Other programs are available. See for details.


Contact:            Program Staff
                    521 Fifth Avenue
                    Suite 1612
                    New York, NY 10175-1699

7. Program: Berlin Program for Advanced German & European Studies

Agency: German Studies Association

Next Deadline: Dec 01, 2009

Supports 12 months of comparative & interdisciplinary study in the economic, political & social
aspects of modern & contemporary German & European affairs at Freie Universitat in Berlin.
Program supports anthropologists, economists, political scientists, & scholars in other fields. At
the dissertation level, applicants must have completed all requirements (except the dissertation)
for the Ph.D. At the postdoctoral level, applicants must have received the Ph.D. degree in the
last two years. U.S. & Canadian citizens & permanent residents are eligible. See for details.


Contact:            Program Officer
                    Freie Universitat Berlin
                    Garystr. 45
                    Berlin, 14195

8. Program: Scientific Research and Archiving and Preservation Projects

Agency: Grammy Foundation

Next Deadline: Oct 01, 2009

Scientific Research Projects support research on the impact of music on the human condition.
Examples might include the study of the effects of music on mood, cognition and healing, as
well as the medical and occupational well-being of music professionals and the creative process
underlying music. Archiving and Preservation Projects support efforts that advance the archiving
and preservation of the music and recorded sound heritage of the Americas. October deadline
refers to required letter of inquiry. To view upcoming dates, guidelines, or to apply for the
2009/2010 grant cycle please see .


Contact:            Sami Bradley, Program Officer
                    3402 Pico Blvd
                    Santa Monica, CA 90405

9. Program: Research Fellowships in Humanities (Predoctoral and Postdoctoral)

Agency: Huntington Library & Art Gallery

Next Deadline: Dec 15, 2009

Supports over 100 short-term & long-term awards per year for scholars in most areas of the
humanities, including American studies, law, and the history of science, for research in
residence at the Huntington Library for various lengths of time and with varied stipends. The
Huntington is an independent research center with holdings in British and American history,
literature, art history, the history of science and medicine. See for details.


Contact:            Robert Ritchie, Director of Research
                    Research Office
                    1151 Oxford Road
                    San Marino, CA 91108

10. Program: Humane Studies Fellowships

Agency: Institute for Humane Studies

Next Deadline: Dec 31, 2009

Awards fellowships of up to $12,000 for a year to support the research of undergrad & grad
students from a libertarian perspective that will contribute to advancing a free society. Areas of
interest include: volunteerism, individual rights, free trade, market economics, & migration &
peace. Over 100 fellowships covering tuition & stipends are awarded each year to outstanding
undergrad/grad students, law students, & professional students who are interested in the
classical liberal tradition. See for details.


Contact:            Amanda Brand, Director of Academic Programs
                    George Mason University
                    3301 N. Fairfax Dr., Suite 440
                    Arlington, VA 22201-4432

11. Program: Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program

Agency: Institute of Museum and Library Services

Next Deadline: Dec 15, 2009

Supports efforts to recruit & educate the next generation of librarians & the faculty who will
prepare them for careers in library science. Also supports grants for research related to library
education & library staffing needs, curriculum development, & continuing education & training.
All types of libraries, except federal & for-profit libraries, may apply. Awards will range from
$50,000-$1 million. GRC members have been awardees. See for details & sample applications.


Contact:            Kevin Cherry, Senior Program Officer
                    Office of Library Services
                    1800 M Street NW, 9th Floor
                    Washington, DC 20036

12. Program: Journalism Program

Agency: John S. & James L. Knight Foundation

Next Deadline: Oct 15, 2009

Supports education for current and future journalists, free press around the world, and
approaches to quality journalism across all forms of media under four initiatives: Education and
Training, Press Freedom and Freedom of Information; News and Newsroom Diversity; Digital
Media and News in the Public Interest. LOIs may be submitted at any time; full proposals by
invitation only. October deadline is for Knight News Challenge program that supports
innovations that use new or available technology to distribute content in local communities. See


Contact:            Eric Newton, VP/Journalism Program
                    Wachovia Financial Center, Suite 3300
                    200 South Biscayne Boulevard
                    Miami, FL 33131-2349

13. Program: The Schomburg Center Scholars-in-Residence Program

Agency: New York Public Library

Next Deadline: Dec 01, 2009

Supports research on black history, literature, & culture with access to resources at both the
Schomburg Center as well as other NY Public Library research units. Projects must focus on the
history, literature, and culture of peoples of African descent from a humanistic perspective or on
other fields related to the center's collections and program activities. Studies in the social
sciences, arts, science & technology, psychology, education, & religion are also eligible.
Stipends are $30,000 for 6 months or $60,000 for a year. See for further information.


Contact:            Program Staff
                    New York Public Library
                    515 Malcolm X Boulevard
                    New York, NY 10037-1801

14. Program: American and French University Partnerships

Agency: Partner University Fund

Next Deadline: Dec 15, 2009

Promotes innovative partnerships in research and higher education between American and
French institutions of higher learning and research. PUF supports emerging transatlantic
partnerships with a potential to be sustained after the phasing out of the grant. Projects need to
be jointly submitted by at least one American and one French university. See


Contact:            Pascal Delisle, Executive Director
                    French Embassy
                    4101 Reservoir Road
                    Washington, DC 20007

15. Program: Grants for Poetry-Related Projects

Agency: The Witter Bynner Foundation for Poetry

Next Deadline: Dec 31, 2009

Organizations may apply for grant support from $1,000 to $10,000 for a max of three years for
projects in the following areas: individual poets (selected by the Poet Laureate); developing the
poetry audience; translation of poetry from languages not currently available to English readers;
& the uses of poetry (dramatic, educational, therapeutic, etc.) Preference goes to applications
for seed money. LOIs are required and are due 12/31 each year. Foundation will invite full
proposals. See for details.


Contact:            Executive Director
                    Executive Office
                    P.O. Box 10169
                    Santa Fe, NM 87504-0169

16. Program: Resident Fellowship Program

Agency: Virginia Foundation for the Humanities

Next Deadline: Dec 01, 2009

Supports two residential programs at the University of Virginia: Humanities in the Public Interest
supports scholarly work on subjects with strong public interest in any field of the humanities.
Program also encourages projects on the South Atlantic U.S., folklife, African American history,
& Virginia. Special Initiative on Violence and Survival supports projects that address the spiritual
dimensions of violence & survival, & the issue of how mass violence changes everyday views of
the world. Stipends provide up to $15,000 per semester. Proposal assistance is available. See


Contact:            Hilary Holladay, Fellowship Program Director
                    Fellowships Office
                    145 Ednam Drive
                    Charlottesville, VA 22903-4629

17. Program: East European Studies (EES)

Agency: Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Next Deadline: Dec 01, 2009

EES supports research on Eastern & Southeast Europe, or projects that can be linked to issues
in the Western Balkans. Research Grants provide up to four months of support for new
researchers or for scholars whose careers have been interrupted or delayed (12/31). The
Junior Scholars' Training Seminar Program supports junior scholars to attend a seminar in
Washington (4/16). Short Term Grants allow scholars residency for one month to use the library,
archival and other resources (3/1, 6/1, 9/1, 12/1). See for details.


Contact:            Martin Sletzinger, Director
                    One Woodrow Wilson Plaza
                    1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
                    Washington, DC 20004-3027


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