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                                                                                                                   Religion           1
                                                                     along with her family obtains salvation once her city of
                                                                     Jericho is destroyed.
                                                Religion                   The story of Jael in Judges 4:17-23 has commonly
                                                                     been read as Jael’s violent act of killing Sisera, King Jabin’s
                                               Biblical Studies      commander in chief, with a tent peg to his temple while he
                                                                     was asleep. She is also perceived as someone who fails to
                                                                     fulfill the hospitality codes of her society.
     Daniel in the Context of the Hebrew Bible                             The story of Jephthah and his unnamed daughter in
         By Michael B. Shepherd                                      Judges 10:6-12:7 describes the tragic event in which
         PB | $39.95 | 176 pages | 978-1-4331-0539-5                 Jephthah makes a foolish and horrible vow offering his
         Studies in Biblical Literature; 123                         innocent daughter in sacrifice to God. Typically this text is
                            Commentators have long set the           read as Jephthah being immensely irresponsible and his
                            book of Daniel within the context of     daughter being the poor victim who pays for her father’s
                            world history and the genre of apoca-    oath.
                            lyptic literature. The present volume          These stories’ interpretations are widely accepted with-
                            argues that the primary context for      in the scholarly biblical guild. But perhaps there are also
                            the book is the composition of the       other ways in which they can be read. In this book, I pro-
                            Hebrew Bible as a whole. Daniel in       pose that the stories of Rahab, Jael, and Jephthah can be
                            the Context of the Hebrew Bible has      particularly enriched and give hope to contemporary con-
                            implications for every major herme-      texts of hardship when they are read through the Cuban
                            neutical issue in Daniel including the   notion of resolviendo (survival). I read these biblical stories
                            four kingdoms, the son of man, and       using narrative criticism along with different contemporary
                            the prophecy of seventy sevens. In       approaches to the texts including feminist and post-colonial
                            the final analysis, the Hebrew Bible     approaches. I hope that my readings of the biblical narra-
                            and the book of Daniel are decidedly     tives from a perspective of resolviendo can offer insights in
                            messianic, eschatological, and faith-    the struggle for survival many Cubans face today. Last, I
                            oriented.                                explore the implications that a reading through the notion
                                                                     of resolviendo or survival can have for other contexts in
                                                                     contemporary societies where survival is at stake.
     The old Testament as Authoritative Scripture in
     the early Churches of the east
         Edited by Vahan S. Hovhanessian                             Anti-Roman Cryptograms in the new Testament
         CB | $63.95 | 148 pages | 978-1-4331-0735-1                 Hidden Transcripts of Hope and Liberation
         Bible in the Christian Orthodox Tradition; 1                   By Norman A. Beck
     The Old Testament as Authoritative Scripture in the Early          PB | $39.95 | 208 pages | 978-1-4331-0656-9
     Churches of the East represents the latest scholarly research      Studies in Biblical Literature; 127
     in the field of Old Testament as Scripture in Eastern           The first basic thesis of Anti-Roman Cryptograms in the New
     Christianity. Its twelve articles focus on the use of the Old   Testament: Hidden Transcripts of Hope and Liberation is that
     Testament in the earliest Christian communities in the East.    the Jesus of history and his earliest and closest followers
     The collection explores the authoritative role of the Old       during his lifetime and during the decades after he had
     Testament in the churches of the East and its impact on the     been crucified by the Romans had not only a deep longing
     church’s doctrine, liturgy, canon law, and spirituality.        for eternal life with God beyond the limits of this world,
                                                                     but also a strong desire for liberation from Roman political,
                                                                     economic, and social oppression. The second basic thesis of
                                                                     Anti-Roman Cryptograms in the New Testament is that within
     Narratives of Survival in the Hebrew Bible and in
                                                                     the Christian Scriptures there are more hidden transcripts,
     Cuba Today
                                                                     coded messages (anti-Roman cryptograms) of hope and lib-
         By Cristina García-Alfonso                                  eration, for “freedom now” within this life, than we have
         CB | 978-1-4331-0704-7                                      realized throughout most of the history of interpretation.
         Studies in Biblical Literature; 132                         Hidden transcripts of hope and liberation are coded so that
     The story of Rahab in Joshua 2 has traditionally been inter-    oppressed people are able to communicate to their fellow
     preted as the account of a foreign woman and low-status         oppressed people in ways in which their message and their
     prostitute who changes the course of her life when she con-     intent are shielded from the perceptions of their oppressors.
     verts to Yahweh. In return for her faithful act of saving the   These messages by the Jesus of history and by the writers of
     spies sent by Joshua to search the land of Canaan, Rahab        New Testament and related literature use the language of

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    2    Religion

        faith, of salvation, of Deity, and of adversaries of Deity, giv-   This book critically surveys the doctrine of scriptural per-
        ing words that are commonly used by the oppressed people           spicuity from the beginning of the Church in the first cen-
        new and double meanings. Within interaction with other             tury (noted as early as John Chrysostom) through the sev-
        scholars who are publishing studies of hidden transcripts,         enteenth century, examining its impact on the current
        this book is an analysis of hidden transcripts within each of      debates concerning competing hermeneutical systems, read-
        the New Testament documents. The book is designed to be            er response hermeneutics, and the debates in conservative
        used in New Testament Studies courses at undergraduate             American Presbyterianism and Reformed theology on sub-
        and/or graduate levels, by study groups, and by all persons        scription to the Westminster Confession of Faith, the length
        who desire a more adequate understanding of the Jesus of           of “creation days,” and other issues.
        history, his closest followers, and their oral and written
        communications during the first three centuries C.E.
                                                                           The Vanishing Hebrew Harlot
                                                                           The Adventures of the Hebrew Stem ZNH
        The Cultic Motif in the Book of Daniel                                By Irene E. Riegner
           By Winfried Vogel                                                  CB | $74.95 | 258 pages | 978-0-8204-7276-8
           CB | $78.95 | 284 pages | 978-1-4331-0703-0                        Studies in Biblical Literature; 73
        This unique study of the theology of the book of Daniel            This research has two goals: 1) to recover the core meaning
                                examines the cultic motif within the       of the Hebrew stem ZNH as a designation for a complex of
                                book as it relates to space and time.      non-Yahwist rituals, deities, institutions and beliefs; and 2)
                                Numerous references and allusions          to understand how this core meaning came to be encrusted
                                to cult are investigated with linguis-     with adultery, a captial crime, with promiscuity, with prosti-
                                tic, literary, and contextual analyses.    tutution, and with destructive theological consequences. In
                                The findings are then related to the       the biblical texts, the stem ZNH, which encompasses a
                                main theological themes of the book        complex of religious practices, operates in a powerful,
                                such as judgment, eschatology, king-       adversarial relationship to the Yahwist complex of religious
                                dom, and worship. It is evident that       practices. Since non-Yahwist sacrifices signify the repudia-
                                the idea of cult plays a dominant          tion of Yahweh, non-Yahwist sacrifices arouse fierce opposi-
                                role in Daniel, and that it demon-         tion. The prophets Jeremiah and Hosea grasp this adversari-
                                strates the intention of the author to     al relationship and in their advocacy for Yahweh infuse non-
                                present the issue of conflict of two       Yahwist praxis with provocative sexual images and destruc-
                                opposing systems of cult and wor-          tive ritual contamination, all of which leads to the devasta-
                                ship. For all who are interested in an     tion of Israel and Judah and to the exile of their inhab-
                                exegesis of Daniel that pays dutiful       itanats. The new structure of ZNH that emerges with
        attention to the theology of Daniel, The Cultic Motif in the       Hosea and Jeremiah is one that begins to incorporate sexual
        Book of Daniel is a must-read.                                     imagery and theological contamination into the core signifi-
                                                                           cation of non-Yahwist praxis. However, the stem ZNH does
        Scriptural Perspicuity in the early english                        have a sexual signification in contexts independent of and
        Reformation in Historical Theology                                 distinct from cultic contexts. The stem ZNH is examined
           By Richard M. Edwards                                           in its Ancient Near Eastern environment, but the thrust of
                             PB | $48.95 | 344 pages | 978-0-              this reasearch is the analysis of ZNH in its Hebrew textual
                             8204-7057-3                                   environment using concepts from cognitive linguistics: net-
                             Studies in Biblical Literature; 65            work of associations, associated commonplaces, and
                                 A consistent, indigenous English
                                 doctrine of scriptural perspicuity
                                 correlates with a commitment to the       The Trickster Revisited
                                 availability of the vernacular scrip-     Deception as a Motif in the Pentateuch
                                 tures in English and supports the            By Dean Andrew Nicholas
                                 English roots of the Early English           CB | $70.95 | 144 pages | 978-1-4331-0226-4
                                 Reformation (EER). Although polit-           Studies in Biblical Literature; 117
                                 ical events and figures dominate the
                                                                           The Trickster Revisited: Deception as a Motif in the Pentateuch
                                 EER, its religious component
                                                                           explores the use of deception in the Pentateuch and uncov-
                                 springing from John Wyclif and
                                                                           ers a new understanding of the trickster’s function in the
                                 streaming throughout the tradition
                                                                           Hebrew Bible. While traditional readings often “whitewash”
                                 must be recognized more widely.

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                                                                                                                         Religion           3
     the biblical characters, exonerating them of any wrongdo-
                                                                           Moving Beyond Symbol and Myth
     ing, modern scholars often explain these tales as significant
                                                                           Understanding the Kingship of God of the Hebrew
     at some earlier point in Israelite tradition. But this study
                                                                           Bible Through Metaphor
     asks the question: what role does the trickster have in the
     later pentateuchal setting? Considering the work of Victor               By Anne Moore
     Turner and the mythic function of the trickster, The                     CB | $83.95 | 350 pages | 978-0-8204-8661-1
     Trickster Revisited explores the connections between trick-              Studies in Biblical Literature; 99
     sters, the rite de passage pattern, marginalization, and limi-        For hundreds of years, scholars have debated the meaning
     nality. Marginalized individuals and communities often find           of Jesus’ central theological term, the ‘kingdom of God’.
     trickster tales significant, therefore trickster stories often fol-   Most of the argument has focused on its assumed eschato-
                               low a similar literary pattern. After       logical connotations and Jesus’ adherence or deviation from
                               tracing this pattern throughout the         these ideas. Within the North American context, the debate
                               Pentateuch, specifically the patriar-       is dominated by the work of Norman Perrin, whose classifi-
                               chal narratives and Moses’ interaction      cation of the kingdom of God as a myth-evoking symbol
                               with Pharaoh in the Exodus, the             remains one of the fundamental assumptions of scholarship.
                               book discusses the meaning these sto-       According to Perrin, Jesus’ understanding of the kingdom
                               ries had for the canonizers of the          of God is founded upon the myth of God acting as king on
                               Pentateuch. The author argues that          behalf of Israel as described in the Hebrew Bible.
                               in the Exile and post-exilic period, as          Moving Beyond Symbol and Myth challenges Perrin’s
                               the canon was forming, the trickster        classification, and advocates the reclassification of the king-
                               was the perfect manifestation of            dom of God as metaphor. Drawing upon insights from the
                               Israel’s self-perception. The cognitive     cognitive theory of metaphor, this study examines all the
                               dissonance of prophetic words of            occurrences of the ‘God is king’ metaphor within the liter-
                               hope and grandeur, in light of a mea-       ary context of the Hebrew Bible. Based on this review, it is
                               ger socio-economic and political real-      proposed that the ‘God is king’ metaphor functions as a
                               ity, caused the nation to identify          true metaphor with a range of expressions and meanings. It
     itself as the trickster. In this way, Israel could explain its        is employed within a variety of texts and conveys images of
     lowly state as a temporary (but still significant) “betwixt           God as the covenantal sovereign of Israel; God as the eter-
     and between,” on the threshold of a rise in status, i.e. the          nal suzerain of the world, and God as the king of the disad-
     great imminent kingdom predicted by the prophets.                     vantaged. The interaction of the semantic fields of divinity
                                                                           and human kingship evoke a range of metaphoric expres-
      “My Share of god’s Reward”                                           sions that are utilized throughout the history of the Hebrew
     Exploring the Roles and Formulations of the Afterlife                 Bible in response to differing socio-historical contexts and
     in Early Christian Martyrdom                                          within a range of rhetorical strategies. It is this diversity
                                                                           inherent in the ‘God is king’ metaphor that is the founda-
         By L. Arik Greenberg                                              tion for the diversified expressions of the kingdom of God
         CB | $72.95 | 252 pages | 978-1-4331-0487-9                       associated with the historical Jesus and early Christianity.
         Studies in Biblical Literature; 121
     “My Share of God’s Reward” refers to a quote from Ignatius
                                                                           Romans 4 and the new Perspective on Paul
     of Antioch, speaking of the desired compensation for his
                                                                           Faith Embraces the Promise
     impending martyrdom. The author investigates the roles
     and widely varying conceptions of the afterlife presented in             By Gerhard H. Visscher
     early Christian martyrdom accounts and concludes that per-               CB | $76.95 | 280 pages | 978-1-4331-0537-1
     sonal immortality is integral to the functioning of these                Studies in Biblical Literature; 122
     texts, as the anticipated reward for a martyr’s death.                As the vigorous debate over the New Perspective on Paul
     Accordingly, the very diverse conceptions of the afterlife            will only be decided by means of careful consideration of
     presented in them are indicative of the frequently ignored            the relevant Scripture passages, Romans 4 and the New
     theological diversity and experimental spirit prevalent in            Perspective on Paul makes a significant contribution to the
     both early Christianity and late Second Temple Judaism.               discussion. Interpretations by scholars promoting the New
     The discussion also incorporates a unique definition of               Perspective approach are reviewed in detail and contrasted
     martyrdom that recognizes the genealogical and develop-               with those of scholars who are critical toward this method.
     mental connections between Christian martyrdom and its                A detailed analysis of the context and exegesis of Romans 4
     antecedents.                                                          completes the work. By suggesting a more nuanced exegesis
                                                                           of Romans 4, this book is able to offer a careful critique of

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    4    Religion

        the New Perspective while still noting the positive aspects of
                                                                         The Significance of the Ark narrative
        the latter approach.
                                                                         Literary Formation and Artistry in the Book of
        The Shepherd-Flock Motif in the Miletus                             By James M. Street
        Discourse (Acts 20                                                  CB | $67.95 | 184 pages | 978-1-4331-0663-7
        17–38) Against Its Historical Background                            Studies in Biblical Literature; 129
           By Bernard Aubert                                             The Significance of the Ark Narrative: Literary Formation and
           CB | $89.95 | 424 pages | 978-1-4331-0570-8                   Artistry in the Book of Chronicles argues that there is only
           Studies in Biblical Literature; 124                           one author responsible for the second part of the ark narra-
        The Shepherd-Flock Motif in the Miletus Discourse (Acts          tive (1 Chr 15–16). The lists and unique material that are
        20:17–38) Against Its Historical Background provides a com-      found within the narrative play an important literary role in
        prehensive survey of the use of the shepherd-flock motif in      the work. Other parts of the book of Chronicles, such as
                                 the ancient world for the readers of    the genealogies (1 Chr 1–9) and David’s organization of the
                                 the New Testament. This review of       cult and civil servants (1 Chr 23–27) are also open to redac-
                                 Ancient Near Eastern, Jewish,           tion criticism. The findings suggest that they also require a
                                 Greco-Roman, and Christian sourc-       single author. This makes the role of the clergy one of the
                                 es is guided by a motific approach      Chronicler’s own emphasis, which means that David’s orga-
                                 that integrates the concept of meta-    nization of the clergy portrays Israel as a cultic community.
                                 phor, Semantics, and the compara-       It is worship planned by David and carried out under the
                                 tive method. A chief concern of this    authority of the Levites and priests that is consistently
                                 study is to apply this knowledge to     emphasized throughout the book. Therefore, the ark narra-
                                 the study of Luke-Acts, especially      tive should be viewed as the thematic and theological foun-
                                 the Miletus Discourse (Acts 20:17–      dation of the book.
                                 38). The shepherd-flock motif
                                 appears to be central in this speech
                                                                         A Word Fitly Spoken
                                 and helps to integrate other motifs
                                                                         Poetic Artistry in the First Four Acrostics of the
                                 and themes in this discourse, such as
                                                                         Hebrew Psalter
                                 the kingship motif. The Shepherd-
        Flock Motif in the Miletus Discourse (Acts 20:17–38) Against        By Les D. Maloney
        Its Historical Background is indispensable to the study of          CB | $75.95 | 200 pages | 978-1-4331-0388-9
        motifs in the New Testament and contributes meaningfully            Studies in Biblical Literature; 119
        to the scholarly research on Luke-Acts.                          A Word Fitly Spoken explores significant poetic devices with-
                                                                         in the four alphabetic acrostic psalms found in Book I of
        The Christian gospel and its Jewish Roots                        the Psalter. The majority of scholarly opinion has been that
        A Redaction Critical Study of Mark 2:21-22 in Context            these acrostics are poetically and artistically deficient due to
                                                                         the writers’ and editors’ preoccupation with the alphabetic
           By Joseph F. Mali                                             pattern. In contrast to this view, A Word Fitly Spoken pro-
           CB | $71.95 | 206 pages | 978-1-4331-0702-3                   poses that the acrostic pattern contributes to, rather than
           Studies in Biblical Literature; 131                           detracts from, the poetic artistry of these psalms. In an
        Against the tendency to interpret Scripture in ways that         effort to promote a holistic, canonical reading of the four
        separate Christianity and Judaism, Joseph F. Mali, through       acrostic poems within Book I of the Psalter, this study also
        a redaction-critical analysis of the two sayings on the “new”    examines the linguistic and grammatical connections within
        and the “old” (Mark 2:21-22), argues that Mark does not          the text. Such a close reading repeatedly demonstrates the
        leave his readers with a complete break between Jesus and        emotive power and the imagination of this literature in con-
        his Jewish heritage. Rather, the Evangelist opens a ray of       tradiction to its supposedly stiff, wooden nature. A Word
        hope that the gospel and its Jewish soil are ultimately recon-   Fitly Spoken is attuned to the frequent plays on word and
        cilable, not fatally antagonistic. His thorough and incisive     sound that occur throughout these four poems and as such
        study inform Mali’s conclusion that standing at the literary     would be useful in graduate courses on biblical interpreta-
        center of the controversy series (Mark 2:1 - 3:6), the loca-     tion, Hebrew poetry, or the Psalms.
        tion of the two sayings on “new” and “old” (Mark 2:21-22)
        corresponds to their function of making a condensed state-
        ment for Mark, the Evangelist, of the meaning and impact
        of the whole conflict section.

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                                                                                                                      Religion           5

     granville Sharp’s Canon and its Kin                                                                Religion & Theology
     Semantics and Significance
         By Daniel B. Wallace
         CB | $69.95 | 370 pages | 978-0-8204-3342-4                     Post-Metaphysics and the Paradoxical
         Studies in Biblical Greek; 14                                   Teachings of Jesus
                                                                         The Structure of the Real
     Granville Sharp’s Canon and Its Kin explains that the seman-
     tics of the article-substantive-KAI-substantive construction           By Cameron Freeman
                              (TSKS) have been largely misunder-            CB | 978-1-4331-0861-7
                              stood and that this misunderstanding          American University Studies VII: Theology and
                              has adversely impacted the exegesis of        Religion; 301
                              several theologically significant texts.   Post-Metaphysics and the Paradoxical Teachings of Jesus:
                              This issue is addressed from three         The Structure of the Real uncovers the authentic voice-
                              angles: historical investigation, lin-     print of Jesus’ teachings on the Kingdom of God and there-
                              guistic-phenomenological analysis of       by outlines a new approach to theological language after the
                              the construction, and exegetical           ‘end of metaphysics’. By showing that the paradoxical ‘deep
                              implications. The reasons for the          structure’ of Jesus’ most radical teachings survives the Death
                              misunderstanding are traced histori-       of God and the deconstruction of metaphysics in twentieth-
                              cally; a better comprehension of the       century continental philosophy, this book aims to recon-
                              semantics of the construction is           struct the original teachings of Jesus in a way that can begin
                              established by an examination of pri-      a new conversation on what it means to be a Christian in a
                              mary literature in the light of linguis-   post-Christian world, while drawing on a remarkable range
                              tic theory; and the implications of        of supporting material, including John D. Caputo’s award
     this analysis are applied to a number of passages in the New        winning theological appropriation of Derrida’s deconstruc-
     Testament.                                                          tion, the pioneering work of John Dominic Crossan on the
          Historically, the treatment begins with a clear gram-          parables of Jesus, the novel insights of Jesus Seminar schol-
     matical principle articulated by Granville Sharp, and it ends       ars Robert Funk and Branden Scott. Questions surround-
     with the present-day confusion. This book includes a                ing the onto-theological origins of Western philosophy and
     detailed examination of the New Testament data and other            the ‘end of metaphysics’ in Martin Heidegger’s existentialist
     Ancient Greek literature, which reveals that Sharp’s rule has       philosophy are addressed, as well as the ethico-political
     a general validity in the language. Lastly, a number of exe-        dimension of Derrida’s work and the question of post-meta-
     getically significant texts that are affected by the linguistic-    physical theology, negative/mystical theology in the
     phenomenological investigation are discussed in detail. This        Christian tradition. Nicholas of Cusa’s notion of God as the
     enlightening text is a valuable resource for undergraduate          coincidence of opposites are discussed as are Buddhist
     and graduate students of religion, linguistics, history, and        genius Nagarjuna’s dialectic of un-qualifiable Emptiness, the
     Greek.                                                              Hindu concept of non-duality, Taoist philosophy, and twen-
                                                                         tieth-century Japanese philosopher Nishida Kitaro.
     legal Friction                                                      Analyses of Molmann’s [shouldn’t it be Mol t mann?]work
     Law, Narrative, and Identity Politics in Biblical Israel            on the crucified God, Kierkegaard and the Absolute
                                                                         Paradox, as well as aspects of Nietzsche, Thomas Aquinas,
         By Gershon W. Hepner                                            Plato, Aristotle, Meister Eckhart, G. K. Chesterton, Slavoj
         CB | 978-0-8204-7462-5                                          Zizek, and Ken Wilber complete the volume.
         Studies in Biblical Literature; 78

                                                                         Communication Habits for the Pilgrim Church
     The So-Called Mixed Text                                            Vatican Teaching on Media and Society
     An Examination of the Non-Alexandrian and Non-
     Byzantine Text -Type in the Catholic Epistles                          By Warren A. Kappeler III
                                                                            CB | $76.95 | 266 pages | 978-1-4331-0543-2
         By Clinton S. Baldwin                                              American University Studies VII: Theology and
         CB | 978-1-4331-0755-9                                             Religion; 287
         Studies in Biblical Literature; 133
                                                                         Communication has become an important theme and heu-
                                                                         ristic concept in practical theology for Roman Catholics
                                                                         during the ecumenical age. Communication Habits for the
                                                                         Pilgrim Church explains why the moral order is given priori-

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    6    Religion

        ty in Vatican teaching about communication and the rea-           ney to the afterlife. Exploring the characteristic features of
        sons for Catholic social teaching to make moral judgments         Indo-Iranian religions provides a better understanding of
        about these new realities. Attention is given in the book to      the development of eschatological beliefs in later religions
        the historical context of Vatican Councils I and II. The first    in the same way that the Zoroastrian apocalyptic beliefs
        chapter shows that behind the pilgrim Church lies an              point to genetic historical relations among Judaism,
        emerging vision of the threefold ecclesial offices of priest,     Zoroastrianism, Christianity, and Islam. This comparative
        prophet, and king. Chapter two examines the text and con-         study enriches our understanding of the antecedents of
        text of the Second Vatican Council’s pastoral decree “Inter       afterlife beliefs and creates enthusiasm for further in-depth
        Mirifica.” Chapter three provides a documented history of         research into the Indo-Iranian religion as a system, acknowl-
        the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Social Communication         edging its genetic historical connections with both earlier
        and its teachings. In chapter four we return to the threefold     and subsequent traditions. Eschatology in the Indo-Iranian
        office and examine the contribution of Pope John Paul II. It      Traditions has wide-ranging appeal to upper undergraduate
        includes an analysis of how the politics of the Magisterium       and graduate courses in comparative religion, Asian studies,
        shapes Catholic social teaching. Chapter five develops major      philosophy, and Indian and Iranian studies.
        tenets of a critical analysis of the communication of the
        post-Vatican II Church: attention is given to the discursive
                                                                          An ecofeminist Perspective
        aspects of religious authority, argumentation, bureaucratiza-
                                                                          on Ash Wednesday and lent
        tion, and market culture. Chapter six takes a step toward
                                                                             By Sylvia A. Sweeney
        examining the pragmatics of contemporary Vatican teach-
                                                                             CB | 978-1-4331-0739-9
        ing. For Roman Catholic moral theology, religious ethics is
                                                                             American University Studies VII: Theology and
        now deeply concerned with providing moral teaching and
                                                                             Religion; 297
        guidance on ethical questions raised by the social conditions
        of globalization and media communication. Communication           An Ecofeminist Perspective on Ash Wednesday and Lent
        Habits for the Pilgrim Church concludes that there are three      develops a conversation between classical historical Lenten
        basic sociological and theological aspects of the pilgrim         practices and contemporary Christian Ecofeminism.
        Church. These include a ritual approach to religious com-         Building on David Tracy’s definition of a religious classic, it
        munication, the generational experience of Catholics and          includes a historical examination of the development of
        their respective attitudes toward Church teaching, and the        Lent and the Ash Wednesday rites beginning from well-
        important link in the faith’s praxis between reflexivity and      springs in the early church traditions of penance, catechu-
        forming habits of communication.                                  menal preparation, and asceticism through medieval and
                                                                          reformation expressions of the rite to their twentieth-centu-
                                                                          ry Episcopal iteration in the 1979 Book of Common
        eschatology in the indo-iranian Traditions                        Prayer. In the discussion of ecofeminism, women’s death
        The Genesis and Transformation of a Doctrine                      experiences and current ecofeminist writings are used to
           By Mitra Ara                                                   develop an ecofeminist hermeneutic of mortality.
           CB | $73.95 | 272 pages | 978-1-4331-0250-9
           American University Studies VII: Theology and
           Religion; 275
                                                                          Doing good, Departing from evil
                                                                          Research Findings in the Twenty-First Century
        Eschatology in the Indo-Iranian Traditions traces the roots of
                                                                             Edited by Carole J. Lambert
                                the belief in life after death from the
                                                                             CB | $72.95 | 264 pages | 978-1-
                                earliest religious beliefs of the Indo-
                                European people, through its first
                                                                             American University Studies VII:
                                textual emergence among the Indo-
                                                                             Theology and Religion; 279
                                Iranians. Tracing the Indo-Iranian
                                concepts of the nature and constitu-      Doing Good, Departing from Evil:
                                tion of man, with special reference       Research Findings in the Twenty-First
                                to the doctrine of the Soul and its       Century emphasizes that goodness
                                transmigration, the book demon-           must be actively enacted, not abstract-
                                strates the profound nature of the        ly discussed, that evil is present and
                                physical, ethical, spiritual, and psy-    must be fought, and that in-depth
                                chological ideals embodied in these       research into problems provides wis-
                                thought systems as preserved in the       dom to proceed with that battle in the
                                Indian and Iranian scriptures. The        new century. Eleven scholars investi-
                                central issue was death and the jour-     gate problematic topics and offer

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                                                                                                                   Religion          7
     potential guidance about racism, propaganda, marital ten-
                                                                       The Sacramentality of Preaching
     sions, educational inequities, college dropouts, elders’
                                                                       Homiletical Uses of Louis-Marie Chauvet`s Theology
     depression, neglect of the disabled, and even peacemaking
                                                                       of Sacramentality
     between faith-based and secular social work agencies as well
     as Israelis and Palestinians. This collection offers no easy         By Todd Townshend
     answers to complex problems, but points the way to poten-            CB | $75.95 | 254 pages | 978-1-4331-0516-6
     tially positive modes of mending the world, and invites              American University Studies VII: Theology and
     readers to share in this challenging task.                           Religion; 286
                                                                       In the time of the church, transfor-
     Religious Truth and Religious Diversity                           mation, renewal, and the process of
         By Nathan S. Hilberg                                          coming-to-faith rely on the symbolic
         CB | $62.95 | 178 pages | 978-1-4331-0335-3                   efficacy of speech, where God is
         American University Studies VII: Theology and                 encountered as a word. The
         Religion; 288                                                 Sacramentality of Preaching examines
                                                                       the thought of Louis-Marie Chauvet
     Interpreting religion poses a dilemma: realist interpretations    and incorporates it into contempo-
     of religion face the philosophical problem of religious diver-    rary homiletical theory in order to
     sity and irrealist interpretations of religion are revisionary.   bolster and renew Christian procla-
     The author explores the implications of this dilemma and          mation that has an intentionally sac-
     also clarifies the confusions caused by two abiding prob-         ramental character. Liturgical preach-
     lems: those stemming from, first, the concern over which          ers will find practical pathways,
     religious beliefs are true rather than attending to what it       frameworks, and common language
     means for a belief to be true, and, second, the failure to        through the use of this innovative sacramentology.
     acknowledge two fundamentally different forms of religious
     irrealism, anti-realism and non-realism. Providing critical
     assessment of the relevant works of John Hick, William            Kabbalah and Postmodernism
     Alston, Alvin Plantinga, Peter van Inwagen, and Ludwig            A Dialogue
     Wittgenstein and his followers, this book is appropriate for         By Sanford L. Drob
     upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses in philoso-           CB | $83.95 | 356 pages | 978-1-4331-0304-9
     phy of religion and religious theory.                                Studies in Judaism; 3
                                                                       Kabbalah and Postmodernism: A Dialogue challenges certain
     Knowing and naming the Triune god                                 long-held philosophical and theological beliefs, including
     Elizabeth Johnson and Karl Barth in Conversation                  the assumptions that the insights of mystical experience are
         By Cherith Fee Nordling                                       unavailable to human reason and
         CB | 978-0-8204-7863-0                                        inexpressible in linguistic terms, that
         Issues in Systematic Theology; 13                             the God of traditional theology either
                                                                       does or does not exist, that “systemat-
     Elizabeth Johnson seeks to develop a way of thinking and          ic theology” must provide a univocal
     speaking about God and the world in panentheistic relation        account of God, man, and the world,
     that takes into account feminist concerns and contemporary        that “truth” is “absolute” and not
     trends in Trinitarian theology. This book is a critical assess-   continually subject to radical revision,
     ment of Johnson’s own feminist methodology and episte-            and that the truth of propositions in
     mology, her panentheistic relational ontology and her             philosophy and theology excludes the
     Trinitarian God-talk. It does so in specific relation to          truth of their opposites and contra-
     aspects of Karl Barth’s theology, since Barth is a foil against   dictions. Readers of Kabbalah and
     which Johnson and her colleagues argue for a different way        Postmodernism will be exposed to a
     of knowing and naming the Triune God of Christian faith.          comprehensive mode of theological
     Due to Karl Rahner’s strong influenceJohnson’s transcen-          thought that incorporates the very
     dental epistemology, Christology and Trinitarian theology,        doubts that would otherwise lead one
     Rahner is also brought into the dialogue. This book seeks to      to challenge the possibility of theology and religion, and
     continue the conversation by asking what it is that provides      which both preserves the riches of the Jewish tradition and
     the warrants for the Church’s speech about the Triune God         extends beyond Judaism to a non-dogmatic universal phi-
     and how this language is, and is not, like other kinds of         losophy and ethic.
     symbolic or metaphorical language.

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    8    Religion

                                                                         are authentically African and Christian, socially oriented
        empirical Tradition in American liberal
                                                                         and pastorally engaged.
        Religious Thought, 1860–1960
           By W. Creighton Peden
           CB | 978-1-4331-0809-9                                        The Presbyterian Church of east Africa
           American Liberal Religious Thought; 10                        An Account of Its Gospel Missionary Society Origins,
        The focus of this book is to introduce the empirical tradi-      1895-1946
        tion in American liberal religious thought, from 1860 to            By Evanson N. Wamagatta
        1960, by exploring the thought of significant individual            CB | $76.95 | 272 pages | 978-1-4331-0596-8
        contributors. The first section will focus on four individuals      American University Studies VII: Theology and
        in the last half of the nineteenth century who were partici-        Religion; 290
        pants in the Free Religious Association of 1867, which sup-      With over four million members, the
        ported free religion, the scientific method and evolution.       Presbyterian Church of East Africa
        These four are F. E. Abbot, W. J. Potter, D. A. Wasson, and      (PCEA) is one of the major denomi-
        M. J. Savage. The second section will focus on the empirical     nations in Kenya. It was established in
        tradition as expressed by eight scholars from the “Chicago       1946 after the Gospel Missionary
        School” in American liberal religious thought. These are S.      Society (GMS) from the United States
        Mathews, G. B. Foster, E. S. Ames, G. B. Smith, S. J. Case,      of America and the Church of
        A. E. Haydon, H. N. Wieman and B. E. Meland.                     Scotland Mission (CSM) from
                                                                         Scotland merged. The two missionary
        Mission, Communion and Relationship                              societies had been working indepen-
        A Roman Catholic Response to the Crisis of Male                  dently in central Kenya since 1898.
        Youths in Africa                                                 Consequently the GMS became the
                                                                         only mission in Kenya that failed to
           By Peter Addai-Mensah
                                                                         leave behind its own functioning self-
           CB | $75.95 | 254 pages | 978-1-4331-0498-5
                                                                         propagating, self-governing, and self-
           American University Studies VII: Theology and
                                                                         supporting church with links to its
           Religion; 283
                                                                         American mother church. The Presbyterian Church of East
        Mission, Communion and Relationship addresses the urgent         Africa is, therefore, a study of the missionary work of the
        need for the churches in Africa to positively respond to the     GMS from its inception in 1895 to 1946 when it merged
                                crisis confronting the continent’s       with the CSM in order to establish why the mission gave
                                young men. It calls for the church to    up the struggle to establish its own church when victory
                                commit itself to providing alterna-      seemed imminent. The book also uses the GMS as a case
                                tives to the various crises confront-    study to analyze not only how Christian missions in colo-
                                ing male youths in Africa (disloca-      nial Africa struggled to win souls for Jesus Christ, but also
                                tion, illiteracy, streetism, unemploy-   some of the major problems that they encountered and how
                                ment, emigration, crime, imitation       they tried to solve them.
                                of foreign cultures, consumerism,
                                drug abuse, promiscuity and HIV/
                                                                         eduard Böhl’s (1836-1903) Concept for a
                                AIDS). Mission, Communion and
                                Relationship argues that communion       Re-emergence of Reformation Thought
                                and solidarity with male youths is a       By Thomas R. V. Forster
                                missiological imperative of the            CB | $77.95 | 294 pages | 978-1-4331-0354-4
                                Roman Catholic Church in Africa,           American University Studies VII: Theology and
                                                                           Religion; 278
                                which must work in concert with
                                other Christian denominations, as        Nineteenth-century continental theology is usually associat-
                                well as Muslim and African               ed with the classic liberal Protestantism of Schleiermacher
        Traditional Religion leaders. This interdisciplinary book        and Ritschl. On the other side of the theological divide
        brings together insights from ecclesiology, church history,      there was the Dutch Neo-Calvinist school, a sharp reaction
        theological anthropology and the social sciences as well as      to liberalism. Yet the theological realm of that era also
        African and Western philosophy with concrete ecclesial and       included the Kohlbrügge school, which founded its theo-
        human experiences. Mission, Communion and Relationship           logical method upon the “Older Testament” and re-read
        sets forth a framework for dealing with the cultural forma-      and applied the documents of the Reformation for its time.
        tion and religious development of male youths in ways that       The most important representative of this school is Eduard

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                                                                                                                   Religion            9
                             Böhl (1836–1903), who advocated a
                                                                      The Shame That lingers
                             return to Reformed doctrine and
                                                                      A Survivor-Centered Critique of Catholic Sin-Talk
                             church order and a strong
                             Christological reading of the Old           By A. Denise Starkey
                             Testament. He also rejected historical      PB | $39.95 | 216 pages | 978-1-4331-0676-7
                             criticism, for which he was subjected       American University Studies VII: Theology and
                             to censure. Moving into the field of        Religion; 293
                             systematics, Böhl suggested a new        In The Shame That Lingers: A
                             reading of “the image of God.” His       Survivor-Centered Critique of Catholic
                             peculiar understanding of the imago      Sin-Talk, A. Denise Starkey argues
                             Dei was also his biggest contribution    that the dominant legal model of sin
                             to theological anthropology; this in     in the Catholic Church is inadequate
                             turn influenced his views on             for hearing the experience of sin for
                             Christology and salvation. Although      survivors of childhood and domestic
                             Böhl saw himself as a Reformed           violence because it functions to
                             theologian, he would cross swords        shame rather than to heal. A univer-
     with those who claimed the same for themselves. Böhl espe-       sal understanding of the sinner, as
     cially valued the teachings of Martin Luther, whom he held       found in mainstream Catholic
     as a better exegete than the Genevan Reformer. Böhl’s the-
                                                                      sin-talk and confession, impedes
     ology is best captured as Reformation theology within the
                                                                      human flourishing by silencing radi-
     context of the Kohlbrügge school. Although the names of
                                                                      cal suffering in ways that make survi-
     Luther and Calvin are well known in church history, and to
                                                                      vors complicit for the harm done to
     a lesser degree, so is Kohlbrügge’s, Böhl’s is not. This his-
                                                                      them. Starkey argues that a shame-free theology of sin is
     torico-theological account of Böhl’s life and work sheds
                                                                      necessary if survivors are to encounter the profound love of
     some rare but much-needed shafts of light on a theologian
                                                                      God. Understanding sin from the perspective of the sinned-
     who has wrongfully fallen into oblivion.
                                                                      against makes possible a transformative solidarity with the
                                                                      other by reinvisioning the roles of speaker and listener.
     islam and the Métropole
     A Case Study of Religion and Rhetoric in Algeria
                                                                      Sin and Politics
         By Ben Hardman                                               Issues in Reformed Theology
         CB | $77.95 | 286 pages | 978-1-4331-0271-4
                                                                         By Jeong Kii Min
         American University Studies VII: Theology and
                                                                         CB | $76.95 | 278 pages | 978-1-4331-0372-8
         Religion; 276
                                                                         American University Studies VII: Theology and
     Islam and the Métropole is an exploration of the colonial           Religion; 280
     policies of France regarding Islam and the effects they had
                                                                      Sin and Politics: Issues in Reformed Theology is an overview of
     on religion in the early days of Algerian independence.
                                                                      the relationship between sin and politics from the reforma-
     Following the colonization of Algeria in 1830, the French
                                                                      tional point of view. This short theological history is com-
     authorities adopted a manipulative policy regarding the phi-
                                                                      prised of three parts: politics without
     losophy and practice of Islam. This was based on nine-
                                                                      sin (creational politics), politics with
     teenth-century theories of progress elucidated by Saint-
                                                                      sin (fallen politics), and politics
     Simonian thought and the philosophy of Auguste Comte,
                                                                      beyond sin (redeemed politics). As a
     which posited religion as a symbolic language that could be
                                                                      creation of human culture, politics
     geared toward political ends in the name of “progress.” The
                                                                      have been tainted with sinful distor-
     ensuing use of Islamic language and a simultaneous effort to
                                                                      tion in this world, but will be recov-
     depict traditional Islam as backward while using the lan-
                                                                      ered in the future Kingdom by the
     guage of “progress” to legitimate colonial repression created
                                                                      eternal kingship of the Lord of Lords.
     a complex dissonance that was reflected in the Muslim
                                                                      Sin and Politics includes a summary
     opposition to colonial rule. This dissonance continued in
                                                                      and commentary on political discus-
     the early days of Algerian independence as the government
                                                                      sions by various Reformed theolo-
     sponsored its own idiosyncratic version of “Progressive
                                                                      gians. It uncovers the Reformed tra-
     Islam” as the religion of state. The contradictions underly-
                                                                      dition’s positive regard for politics
     ing this vision of religion were never sufficiently resolved,
                                                                      and the profound theological root of
     resulting in the violent failure of the state’s ideology.

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10    Religion

                                                                      Japanese Christians understood the emperor-focused mod-
     The Christology of John Macquarrie
                                                                      ern state from the time of the first Protestant missionaries
        By Vernon L. Purdy
                                                                      in the mid-nineteenth century
        CB | $83.95 | 366 pages | 978-1-4331-0389-6
                                                                      through the climax and demise of fas-
        American University Studies VII: Theology and
                                                                      cism during the Pacific War. Stressing
        Religion; 281
                                                                      verse 5’s admonition to “conscience”
     The Christology of John Macquarrie comprehensively scruti-       as the reason for obedience,
     nizes the life and writings of Scottish-born systematic theo-         Miyata provides a clear and polit-
     logian and philosopher John Macquarrie (1919–2007) in            ical perspective grounded in his life-
     an attempt to comprehend and evaluate his Christology.           long engagement with German politi-
                              The author examines the people          cal thought and theology, particularly
                              (e.g., Heidegger, Schleiermacher),      that of Karl Barth and Dietrich
                              the philosophical and theological       Bonhoeffer, as he calls for a conscien-
                              positions, and the writings that        tious citizenry in his modern society.
                              formed Macquarrie’s thinking. One       Showing both Christians’ complicity
                              major influence was his commit-         with the state and the empire—in-
                              ment to modern critical theology        cluding the formation of a unified
                              including the premise that, in the      church, the Nihon Kirisuto Kyōdan—
                              modern world, the only acceptable       and their attitude toward Christians in Asia, and the com-
                              Christological tenets are those that    plexity of the critical voices of Christians like Uchimura
                              can stand up to the scrutiny of mod-    Kanzō, Kashiwagi Gien, Nanbara Shigeru, and many others
                              ern critical reasoning. The work        less well known—Miyata’s work aims not at exposing cul-
                              concludes that this commitment          tural particularity but at showing how the modern Japanese
                              profoundly shaped Macquarrie’s the-     Christian experience can give meaning to a theology and a
                              ology, especially his Christology.      political theory of how to live within the “freedom of reli-
                                    The book also discusses           gious belief.”
                              Macquarrie’s evaluation and criti-
     cisms of the Christology of other theologians (e.g.,
     Kierkegaard, Moltmann, Pannenberg, and others), conclud-         Dialectic of Sedimentation and innovation
     ing that Macquarrie’s understanding of the Christian faith       Paul Ricoeur on Creativity after the Subject
     and the person of Jesus Christ is consonant with modern             By Mabiala Justin-Robert Kenzo
     liberal Anglo-Catholicism. This idea furthers the argument          CB | $78.95 | 292 pages | 978-1-4331-0567-8
     that Macquarrie’s reluctance to accept traditional incarna-         American University Studies VII: Theology and
     tional categories suggests that his Christology is a modern         Religion; 289
     form of Adoptionism.                                             One of the most important developments in the episteme
                                                                      of our time is the recognition that all being and all knowing
     Authority and obedience                                          are socially conditioned. This recognition raises the ques-
     Romans 13:1-7 in Modern Japan                                    tion of subjective creativity: Is creativity or innovation pos-
                                                                      sible? What is the locus of creativity? Is it the subject or the
        Translated by Gregory Vanderbilt
                                                                      structure of the structures of being of which the subject is
        CB | $72.95 | 224 pages | 978-1-4331-0679-8
                                                                      part? Any notion of creativity that takes seriously the condi-
        American University Studies VII: Theology and
                                                                      tion of being is therefore bound to deal with the perennial
        Religion; 294
                                                                      issue of freedom and determinism. Dialectic of
     Despite famously small numbers, Christians have had a dis-       Sedimentation and Innovation examines the contribution of
     tinctive presence in modern Japan, particularly for their        Paul Ricoeur to this question for the purpose of theological
     witness on behalf of democracy and religious freedom. A          consumption. Ricoeur’s philosophical reconstruction of the
     translation of Ken’i to Fukujū: Kindai Nihon ni okeru Rōma-      subject as self creates a space midway between the modern
     sho Jūsan-sho (2003), Authority and Obedience is “a personal     self-positing subject and the postmodern deconstructed sub-
     pre-history” of the postwar generation of Japanese Christian     ject where reason rules but does not tyrannize. It is from
     intellectuals deeply committed to democracy. Using               this space that he proposes a view of humanity that argues
     Japanese Christians’ commentary on Paul’s injunction in          that to be human is to be homo voluntas, homo lingua, and
     Romans 13: 1–7, the counsel to “let every person be subject      homo capax. Dialectic of Sedimentation and Innovation seeks
     to the governing authorities; for there is no authority except   to theologically appropriate these notions for Africa’s quest
     from God…,” Miyata offers an intellectual history of how         for a new creative identity.

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                                                                                                                 liTeR ATuRe            11
                                                                       greater contemporary debate about the subject’s encounter
     Meditation from Buddhist,
                                                                       with the other. This book argues that for Levinas, Gutiérrez
     Hindu, and Taoist Perspectives
                                                                       and Sobrino, commitment to the neighbor is the necessary
         By Robert Altobello
                                                                       context for “understanding” God. They posit the human
         CB | $75.95 | 258 pages | 978-1-4331-0692-7
                                                                       other as the possibility of the subject’s subjectivity. To be
         American University Studies VII: Theology and
                                                                       human is to act with love toward one’s neighbor. Thus, in
         Religion; 296
                                                                       this book, the author articulates the possibility to read
     Meditation from Buddhist, Hindu, and Taoist Perspectives          Levinas’ philosophy as a revalidation of one of the truths of
     engages readers with its original philosophical and pragmat-      Christianity: the concern for humanity of every human per-
     ic analysis of traditional Asian religions, philosophy, medita-   son as expressed in Christian theology in general and libera-
     tion practice, and the supreme spiritual ideals associated        tion theology in particular. In order to show the relevance
                                    with the Hindu, Buddhist, and      of Levinas’ philosophy for Christian theology in general, the
                                    Taoist traditions. The text        author discusses three Christian scholars, Enrique Dussel,
                                    boldly bridges the theory/prac-    Jean-Luc Marion, and Michael Purcell, who, while chal-
                                    tice distinction. A central        lenging some aspects of Levinas’ philosophy, still see its sig-
                                    underpinning of Meditation         nificance for Christian theological anthropology. The dis-
                                    from Buddhist, Hindu, and          cussion concludes by proposing Levinas’ philosophy and
                                    Taoist Perspectives rests on the   liberation theology’s turn to the neighbor as significant for
                                    assumption that meditation         addressing contemporary sub-Saharan Africa socio-political
                                    practice without theory is         and ethnic conflicts.
                                    groundless and that theory
                                    without practice is useless.
                                    Robert Altobello identifies and
                                                                       Augustine and the Catholization of Roman
                                    analyzes common elements           Africa 391-408
                                    found across traditions in         Self-Understanding, Social Order, and Rhetoric with
                                    which the practice of medita-      Special Reference to the Dobeau Sermons of
                                    tion plays a central role in       Augustine
                                    human development, and read-          By Horace Six-Means
     ers will find a wealth of detailed reflection on the relation-       CB | 978-1-4331-0804-4
     ship between spiritual growth and meditation practice from           Patristic Studies; 10
     the Hindu, Buddhist, and Taoist perspectives. In the spirit
     of these traditions, the exploration of meditation practice
     requires examination of the principal elements that sustain
     the core worldviews as well as the metaphysical, epistemo-
     logical, and ethical presumptions that animate these tradi-                                          l i t e R at u R e
     tions. Throughout the text, the author demonstrates why
     these philosophies are all best understood as psychologies of
     happiness and/or contentment and that by viewing them as
     such, practitioners can reap the great promises of all these
     traditions without the need to accept any compromising            ode Consciousness
     metaphysical assumptions.
                                                                          By Robert Eisenhauer
                                                                          CB | $75.95 | 274 pages | 978-1-4331-0733-7
     emmanuel levinas’ Conceptual Affinities                              Studies on Themes and Motifs in Literature; 100
     with liberation Theology                                          Ode Consciousness examines a preeminent literary form in its
         By Alain Mayama                                               three-thousand-year history, navigating between philosophy
         CB | 978-1-4331-0654-5                                        and literature, offering cross-cultural perspectives on a poet-
         American University Studies VII: Theology and                 ic logic informed by polar intensities of sensuous cognition.
         Religion; 292                                                 Making a double incision on the corpus, Robert Eisenhauer
     Emmanuel Levinas’ Conceptual Affinities with Liberation           interprets works by Henry Vaughan and the modernist
     Theology establishes some conceptual affinities between the       Frank O’Hara, foregrounding the text, but also the text(-ile)
     philosophical project of Emmanuel Levinas and liberation          message, and the dialogical weave of enunciation. The
     theology. It analyzes Levinas’ work in relation to two impor-     ancient Chinese ode, translated by Karlgren and estranged
     tant liberation theologians, Gustavo Gutiérrez and Jon            by Pound, anchors sentience in the flora and fauna of phys-
     Sobrino, whose work, like his, needs to be brought into           ical nature, and the I Jing or Book of Changes offers insights

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12    liTeR ATuRe

     on poetry, psychoanalysis, and aleatoriness per se. The rise       “thought experiments,” philosophical discussion, and
     of the ode in the West is contemporary with that of a philo-       alchemical speculation.
     sophical discourse concerning clarity and obscurity of             Not previously available in English, Black Banners is an
     thought. While Milton widens the esoteric scope, Lovelace          entertaining, provocative, and worthy addition to any col-
     concretizes ode consciousness through the image of a frozen        lege or graduate school curriculum. Students will benefit
     grasshopper (“green ice”), whose non-longevity is contrasted       from reading Black Banners in upper-level courses devoted
     with the human capacity for survival through friendship.           to art and literature, and especially to the works of August
     Translating the “Polish Horace” (Sarbiewski), Coleridge pre-       Strindberg (and his contemporaries); to 19th- and 20th-
     pares the ground for the lyricism of Keats and Shelley, rais-      Century European, Scandinavian, Swedish, or Comparative
                              ing the neural stakes through passag-     literature; and to the late 19th-Century Decadent
                              es of lingering, delay, and intoxica-     Movement in European Art and Literature.
                              tion. A negative capability inclusive
                              of desire as well as nihilation inhab-
                              its Jalal al-Din Rumi and the Arabic      Postnational Feminisms
                              qasida.                                   Postcolonial Identities and Cosmopolitanism in the
                                    Affliction, a key concept for the   Works of Kamala Markandaya, Tsitsi Dangarembga,
                              Baroque, is discussed in the context      Ama Ata Aidoo, and Anita Desai
                              of film noir, while Hegel’s privileg-        By Hena Ahmad
                              ing in the Aesthetics of Schiller’s          CB | $69.95 | 160 pages | 978-0-8204-5247-0
                              “Song of the Bell” is seen as part of        American University Studies XXVII: Feminist Studies; 8
                              a larger attempt to censure the radi-
                                                                        Postnational Feminisms: Postcolonial Identities and
                              cal re-Pindarization and revolution-
                                                                        Cosmopolitanism in the Works of Kamala Markandaya, Tsitsi
                              ary retexting of the ode, most nota-
                                                                        Dangarembga, Ama Ata Aidoo, and Anita Desai offers a sig-
                              bly in Klopstock and Hölderlin. The
                                                                        nificant contribution to the field of postcolonial and Third
                              author analyzes the role played by
                                                                        World feminist studies. It reevaluates the ways in which
     impersonality in Yeats’s attempt to recrystallize Keatsian and
                                                                        Third World women writers interrogate the relationship
     Confucian sensibility through “annotated seeing” and the
                                                                        between woman and nation in the postcolonial context.
     opening of windows of clairvoyant perception. Eisenhauer
                                                                        Hena Ahmad brings forth the concept of “postnational fem-
     also suggests parallels between O’Hara’s autumnal glimpses
                                                                        inism,” which she deploys to show how these major writers
     of New York City at the height of modernism and Keatsian
                                                                        challenge the role of women as signifiers of national cul-
     sensibility. Ode Consciousness concludes by examining the
                                                                        tures in their works. This innovative concept illuminates the
     return of the repressed in the graphic novels of Osamu
                                                                        ambivalence of these uniquely positioned writers as Ahmad
     Tezuka, thereby enriching our understanding of the ode’s
                                                                        explores the connection between postnationalism and Third
     perennial relevance.
                                                                        World feminism.

     Black Banners, genre Scenes from the Turn of
                                                                        literary orientalism, Postcolonialism, and
     the Century
        Translated by Donald K. Weaver III
                                                                           By Abdulla Al-Dabbagh
        CB | 978-1-4331-0783-2
                                                                           CB | $64.95 | 150 pages | 978-1-
        Studies on Themes and Motifs in Literature; 101
     Swedish playwright August Strindberg settled more than a              Postcolonial Studies; 9
     few scores in 1904 when he brought out his roman à clef,
                                                                        A number of the greatest classics (both
     Black Banners, featuring a gallery of thinly veiled portraits
                                                                        old and modern) of English literature,
     of his former associates in the world of newspaper and book
                                                                        extending from Antony and Cleopatra
     publishing. With biting wit and satire, he portrays them as
                                                                        to A Passage to India, contain a sympa-
     decadents and degenerates, corrupted in the pursuit of
                                                                        thetic portrayal of the East, which
     money and power. He saved his most withering attacks,
                                                                        connects them to each other in a way
     though, for the pretentious hacks engaged in “the business”
                                                                        that justifies the term “literary orien-
     of literature. Even so, revenge was not Strindberg’s sole
                                                                        talism.” Literary Orientalism,
     motivation. The novel pointedly contrasts the venal movers
                                                                        Postcolonialism, and Universalism
     and shakers of the publishing world with a handful of char-
                                                                        describes this clearly discernable tradi-
     acters who turn their backs on its seductions and corrup-
                                                                        tion and examines certain key texts of
     tions to pursue a life of greater spirituality, engaging in
                                                                        oriental literature for the strong

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     impact that they have had on English literature and for the
                                                                        Migrant Form
     striking manner in which they have been absorbed and
                                                                        Postcolonial Aesthetics in Joyce, Rushdie and Ray
     appropriated into British culture. The Arabian Nights stands
     foremost among these works, which include the Maqamat,                By Gaurav Majumdar
     Ibn Tufayl’s Hayy Bin Yaqdhan, as well as the oriental sourc-         CB | 978-1-4331-0503-6
     es of courtly love. Literary Orientalism, Postcolonialism, and        Postcolonial Studies; 4
     Universalism then moves from literary orientalism to a dis-        Migrant Form examines Joyce’s, Rushdie’s, and Satyajit
     cussion of postcolonialism and postcolonial discourse. It          Ray’s works for the anti-colonial arguments in their unset-
     argues, principally, that the time has come to go beyond           tled, and sometimes unsettling, aesthetics. Among the
     orientalism and postcolonialism to a more universalist             questions it engages are the following: What are the aesthet-
     approach. The inadequacies of the term “postcolonial,” in          ic moves through which art expresses its resistance to domi-
     particular, and the Eurocentric and Westernist perspective it      nance and demands for conformity? How can we define
     implies, affirm the need for a renewed, modern form of             anti-colonial aesthetics? How do these aesthetics manifest
     humanism, a new humanist universalism.                             themselves in different media such as literature and film?
                                                                        Contending that Joyce inaugurates an anti-colonial “aesthet-
     Three Voices from the galilee                                      ics of reconstitution,” the book mines such aesthetics in
     Selected Short Fiction by Mohammad Naffaa,                         Ulysses and Finnegans Wake to propose a formal model for
     Zaki Darwish and Naji Daher                                        postcolonialism in its opening section. Its next section
                                                                        draws on that exercise to consider how Rushdie extends a
         Translated by Jamal Assadi                                     play with reconfigured forms into an overt politics in two of
         CB | 978-1-4331-0942-3                                         his novels (Midnight’s Children and The Satanic Verses).
                                                                        Turning its attention to film, the study contests the com-
     in-Between Two Worlds                                              mon view of Ray as a gentle realist and examines a formal
     Narratives by Female Explorers and Travellers                      restlessness in Ray’s earlier work, Charulata (The Lonely
     1850-1945                                                          Wife), before demonstrating how Ray stages his preference
                                                                        for restlessness in his final film, Agantuk (The Stranger).
         Edited by Béatrice Bijon and Gérard Gâcon
         CB | $72.95 | 208 pages | 978-1-4331-0597-5
         Travel Writing Across the Disciplines: Theory and              Postcolonial Romanticisms
         Pedagogy; 14                                                   Landscape and the Possibilities of Inheritance in the
     Fourteen essays provide a challenging outlook on narratives        Work of Jamaica Kincaid, Garrett Hongo, and Derek
     by women explorers and travellers from five different conti-       Wolcott
     nents, spanning nearly one century from 1850 to 1945.                 By Roy Osamu Kamada
     The map thus drawn enables one to revisit, restore, and               CB | 978-1-4331-0818-1
     reassess the content and the originality of these narratives by       Postcolonial Studies; 10
                              women. The essays are relevant to the
                              fields of travel writing and gender
                                                                        Movement and Belonging
                              studies, and all draw from referential
                                                                        Lines, Places, and Spaces of Travel
                              contemporary theoretical and critical
                              works (Michel Foucault, Homi                 By Carol E. Leon
                              Bhabha, Edward Said, Roland                  CB | $76.95 | 264 pages | 978-0-8204-7254-6
                              Barthes, Michel de Certeau, Gilles           Travel Writing Across the Disciplines: Theory and
                              Deleuze, Sara Mills, Kristi Siegel, and      Pedagogy; 11
                              Jane Robinson). The main interest         The uncertainties and newness that surround us today
                              and originality of the volume result      prompt radical questions about ourselves and our relationship
                              from the perspectives adopted by the      with the external world. How do and can we belong to the
                              different authors. The text-oriented      places and spaces of today? Movement and Belonging: Lines,
                              analyses rely on close reading, thus      Places, and Spaces of Travel describes current realities and sug-
                              definitely providing accurate and per-    gests ways in which you can define yourself in an ever-chang-
                              ceptive critical insights into the nar-   ing world. Using the travel writings of V. S. Naipaul, Michael
     ratives. Such perspective precludes erasing the differential       Ondaatje, Patrick White, and D. H. Lawrence, Movement
     features characterizing each geographical space and each           and Belonging demonstrates that “authentic” travel—embrac-
     travelling subject. It also moves away from any temptation         ing changing boundaries and cultures—enables you to create
     at creating a naturalized mythical image of these women.           sites of belonging where you can find your sense of self.

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     Parody                                                               Between noble and Humble
     The Art That Plays With Art                                          Cao Xueqin and the Dream of the Red Chamber
        By Robert Chambers                                                   Edited by Ronald R. Gray & Mark S. Ferrara
        CB | 978-1-4331-0869-3                                               CB | $74.95 | 260 pages | 978-1-4331-0407-7
        Studies in Literary Criticism and Theory; 20                         Asian Thought and Culture; 62
     This study, an extreme departure from existing analyses of           Between Noble and Humble: Cao Xueqin and the Dream of
     parody, is, nonetheless, highly accessible and designed to be        the Red Chamber (曹雪芹新传, literally New Biography of
     of major interest not only to scholars but to general readers        Cao Xueqin) is a translation of a scholarly work by the
     and to professional writers as well. It is particularly suited for   famous mainland Chinese critic Zhou Ruchang. Written for
     readers interested in modernism, postmodernism, meta-art,            the Western reader, it historicizes the life and times of the
     criticism, satire, and irony. Parody is revealed, not as a           Chinese novelist Cao Xueqin (c. 1715–1763) and compre-
     genre, but as an über-technique, a principal source of inno-         hensively introduces the origins of the novel Dream of the
     vation and invention in the arts. The technique is defined           Red Chamber (Honglou meng). This
     in terms of three major variations that bang, bind, and              translation is unique because it offers
     blend artistic conventions into contrasting pairings, the            the first book-length biography of Cao
     results of which are upheavals of existing conventions and           Xueqin in English. Zhou carefully his-
     the formation of unexpected and sometimes startling and              toricizes the decline of the once illus-
     revolutionary new configurations. Parodic art fashions a             trious Cao clan, and he demonstrates
     galaxy of contrasts, and from these stem an illusionistic            how Cao Xueqin’s own childhood
     sense of multiplicity and an array of divergent meanings             experiences in a wealthy bondservant
     and interpretive paths. The study, finally, aims to explode          family during the Qing dynasty pro-
     the near-universal belief that parody is a copycat genre or that     foundly informed the encyclopedic
     it consists of a collection of trivial and derivative forms.         narrative that he would later write. In
                                                                          Between Noble and Humble, Zhou also
                                                                          offers intriguing and controversial the-
     Father and Son
                                                                          ories about Honglou meng based on
     Selected Short Fiction by Hanna Ibrahim Elias and
                                                                          decades of careful research, for
     Mohammad Ali Saeid
                                                                          instance, that the famous commenta-
        Translated by Jamal Assadi                                        tor Red Inkstone was in fact a female relative of Cao
        CB | $62.95 | 142 pages | 978-1-4331-0638-5                       Xueqin.
     Father and Son is a collection of short stories byHanna
     Ibrahim Elias and Mohammad Ali Saeid, who have man-                  Disguise, Deception, Trompe-l’oeil
     aged to compel into unity the contradictions of being Israeli        Interdisciplinary Perspectives
     citizens and sons of the Palestinian people. These stories
     span over fifty years and so faithfully record the rise and             Edited by Leslie Boldt-Irons, Corrado Federici & Ernesto
     development of the various aspects of what is called, para-
                                                                             CB | $79.95 | 330 pages | 978-1-4331-0422-0
     doxically, Israeli-Palestinian life.
                                                                             Studies on Themes and Motifs in Literature; 99
           Readers of this volume will encounter serious stories
     strewn with light and humorous scenes, stories of intense            The essays in Disguise, Deception, Trompe-l’œil:
                               love mixed with stories of the             Interdisciplinary Perspectives investigate the subject of decep-
                               unusual. Story after story advocates       tion and falsehood from various perspectives. Classical,
                               a different choice in terms of point       modernist and postmodern texts and art forms, both visual
                               of view, gender, and setting. Each         and performative, are examined in frames of reference that
                               character is exciting, moving, and         range from aesthetics and literary theory to cognitive sci-
                               convincing. Casual readers will taste      ence. In some cases, deception and falsehood are seen to
                               the flavor of a different culture,         have positive connotations, and, in other cases, their nega-
                               while scholars interested in Arabic        tive dimensions are highlighted. The complexity of these
                               literature will be provided with new       terms and their relationship with truth and truthfulness are
                               fields for academic evaluations and        put on display by the contributors to this volume.

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     Women and Contemporary World literature                            The life of Augustine of Hippo
     Power, Fragmentation, and Metaphor                                 Doctor of Grace, 411-430, Volume III
         By Deborah Weagel                                                 Translated by Frederick Van Fleteren
         CB | $61.95 | 144 pages | 978-1-4331-0483-1                       CB | 978-1-4331-0283-7
         American University Studies III: Comparative
         Literature; 62
                                                                        The Achillean Hero in the Plays of Tirso de
     Many women in cultures throughout the world exhibit                Molina
     resilience and power in the face of obstacles and vicissi-            By Nina Shecktor
                             tudes. From colonial New Spain to             CB | $60.95 | 134 pages | 978-0-8204-3310-3
                             postcolonial Africa and India, Women          Currents in Comparative Romance Languages and
                             and Contemporary World Literature             Literatures; 44
                             examines ways in which women in
                                                                        Tirso de Molina has been the subject
                             literature function within their spe-
                                                                        of less than half as much scholarly
                             cific culture and circumstances to
                                                                        research as either of his Golden Age
                             confront the challenges they encoun-
                                                                        counterparts, Lope de Vega and
                             ter. In spite of fragmentation in their
                                                                        Calderón de la Barca. Tirso’s only
                             lives—much like quiltmakers—they
                                                                        mythological play, El Aquiles, remains
                             piece together the scraps of their exis-
                                                                        one of the least studied of his plays,
                             tence to form an integrated and com-
                                                                        and when studied, is generally con-
                             plete whole. With its focus on power,
                                                                        sidered in isolation from the rest of
                             fragmentation, and metaphor, and a
                                                                        his dramatic production. The
                             strong interdisciplinary approach,
                                                                        Achillean Hero in the Plays of Tirso de
                             this book offers a unique perspective
                                                                        Molina traces the development of the
     to scholars, teachers, and students of comparative literature,
                                                                        figure of the Achillean hero in three
     contemporary world literature, colonial and postcolonial lit-
                                                                        of Tirso’s plays, El Aquiles, La vida y
     erature, women’s studies, interdisciplinary studies, and liter-
                                                                        muerte de Herodes, and La venganza
     ature and cultural studies.
                                                                        de Tamar, and in doing so connects the early mythological
                                                                        play to the dramatist’s later works.
                                                                        Athena’s Justice
     Approaches to Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey                            Athena, Athens and the Concept of Justice in Greek
         Edited by Kostas Myrsiades                                     Tragedy
         CB | $76.95 | 268 pages | 978-1-4331-0885-3                       By Rebecca Futo Kennedy
         American University Studies XIX: General Literature;              CB | $74.95 | 186 pages | 978-1-4331-0454-1
         38                                                                Lang Classical Studies; 16
     Approaches to Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey consists of ten orig-      Athena is recognized as an allegory or representative of
     inal essays on the Iliad and Odyssey by established Homeric        Athens in most Athenian public art except in tragedy.
     scholars and university professors of Greek literature and         Perhaps this is because tragedy is rarely studied as a public
     culture. The anthology offers not only fresh approaches to         art form or, perhaps, because her character is not static in
     reading, appreciating, and understanding these Homeric             tragedy. Although Athena’s characterization changes to fit
     epics, but also attempts to make a case why these works are        the needs of a particular drama, her clear connection with
     still relevant in the twenty-first century. Both epics are         justice remains true throughout and suggests that she is
     required reading in most college/university general and            always the representative of the city and its institutions.
     world literature courses, as is evident from their inclusion in    Athens, the city Athena protected, experienced a dramatic
     part or in whole in many standard world literature antholo-        transformation in the fifth century: its political institutions,
     gies. These ten new approaches to the first literary works of      physical landscape, military power and international pres-
     Western culture are intended as reading aids for both              tige underwent dynamic change. Athena, its goddess and its
     instructors and students in any college/university classroom       symbol, simultaneously transformed as well, although not
     in which either of these two Homeric epics are taught.             always for the better.
                                                                             Athena’s Justice follows the question of civic identity
                                                                        and ideology in Athenian tragedy, focusing specifically on
                                                                        the link between tragedy and its influence upon identity

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     creation and promotion during the period when Athens was
                                                                         Russian love Stories
     asserting itself as an imperial power. Through examination
                                                                         An Anthology of Contemporary Prose
     of tragedies in which Athena appears, this book traces the
     process by which Athens came to identify itself with its legal         Edited by Nadya L. Peterson
     system, symbolized by Athena on stage, and then suffered               CB | $75.95 | 250 pages | 978-1-4331-0717-7
     the corruption of that system by the exercise of imperial              Middlebury Studies in Russian Language and Literature;
     power. Athena’s Justice is essential reading not just for classi-      31
     cists and ancient historians, but for anyone interested in the      Russian Love Stories offers a broad range of narrative styles,
     interaction between art and politics and the process by             philosophical agendas, and points of view from writers who
     which human beings in any period seek to shape their iden-          insist on making love (be it familial
     tity as a people.                                                   love or between strangers, carnal or
                                                                         platonic, real or imagined) central in
                        eastern european literature                      the lives of their characters. Although
                                                                         all the authors represented were born
                                                                         in the Soviet period, each was molded
     literature in exile of east and Central europe                      by a particular set of shared practices
        Edited by Agnieszka Gutthy                                       and beliefs, and all offer a distinctive
        CB | $74.95 | 242 pages | 978-1-4331-0490-9                      perspective on their experience. The
        Middlebury Studies in Russian Language and Literature;           selections are evenly divided between
        30                                                               men and women writers and those
     Literature in Exile of East and Central Europe is a collection      working in Russia or abroad. This
     of articles discussing authors whose homelands range from           anthology is anchored in the period
     the former Soviet Union to the former Yugoslavia. For the           from the middle of the twentieth cen-
                              purposes of this book, East and            tury to the present, offering the reader
                              Central Europe comprise Russia,            an insider’s view of Soviet and post-Soviet life. Yet the writ-
                              Poland, Germany, Czech Republic,           er’s position—sometimes from within that time, sometimes
                              Romania, and former Yugoslavia.            from the perspective of a backward glance at the past—is
                                   These writers were exiled as a        emphatically that of an outsider.
                              result of unbearable political cli-
                              mates—be it nations of the                 Kuno Francke’s edition of The german Classics
                              Communist block, including former          (1913-15)
                              Yugoslavia torn by its civil wars, or      A Critical and Historical Overview
                              in the case of Poland, its partition-
                                                                            By Jeffrey L. Sammons
                              ing by neighboring powers in the
                                                                            CB | $82.95 | 318 pages | 978-1-4331-0677-4
                              nineteenth century. No other book
                                                                            New Directions in German-American Studies; 6
                              has collected such a variety of dis-
                              cussions from this geopolitical            The twenty-volume edition of The German Classics:
                              region, featuring authors who chose        Masterpieces of German Literature Translated into English was
     exile over the extinguishment of their individuality.               edited by Kuno Francke of Harvard (1855–1930), the most
     Organized by theme and geography, this book will be of              prestigious professor of German in America at the time.
     interest to a wide group of readers: from the topic of exile        While it bears the imprint dates 1913
     to research in Slavic (Czech, Polish, Russian, and post-Yu-         and 1914, it was not completed until
     goslav), Romanian, German, and comparative literature.              mid-1915, just in time for the subma-
     Literature in Exile of East and Central Europe is a valuable        rine sinking of the passenger liner
     supplement to courses in Eastern and Central European his-          Lusitania in May of that year. The edi-
     tory, as well as a primary text for courses in East and             tion was publicized with great fanfare
     Central European literature.                                        and was well received at first, but with
                                                                         the outbreak of the European war in
                                                                         1914 and the entry of the United
                                                                         States into it in 1917, American senti-
                                                                         ment turned against all things
                                                                         German. The reviews became hostile;
                                                                         the edition was nearly pulped; its pub-
                                                                         lisher went bankrupt; and Francke felt
                                                                         obliged to to resign his Harvard pro-

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     fessorship. Kuno Francke’s Edition of The German Classics
     (1913–15) describes the origins of the edition; recounts the                Romance languages & literature
     careers of the editors and some fifty professional contribu-
     tors; seeks to identify approximately 115 translators; and
     comments on the nearly 500 illustrations, mostly German
                                                                      Visible et invisible
     art of the nineteenth century. This book also introduces the     The Female Body and Its Global Representations
     selections from the 114 featured authors, almost a third of         By Cybelle McFadden and Sandrine Teixidor
     whom were still alive at the time of publication, and evalu-        CB | 978-1-4331-0803-7
     ates the critical commentary. The edition emerges from the          Francophone Cultures and Literatures; 56
     study as a laboratory of the high prestige of German litera-
     ture and culture in the United States before it fell into per-   Fra Francesc Moner’s Bilingual Poetics of love
     manent decline at the time of World War I.
                                                                      and Reason
                                                                      The “Wisdom Text” by a Catalan Writer of the Early
     Shadows of the Past                                              Renaissance
     Austrian Literature of the Twentieth Century                        By Peter Cocozzella
         Edited by Hans Schulte and Gerald Chapple                       CB | 978-1-4331-0805-1
         CB | $78.95 | 286 pages | 978-1-4331-0648-4                     Currents in Comparative Romance Languages and
         Austrian Culture; 42                                            Literatures; 173
     How did Austrian writers grapple with their country’s prob-      Fra Francesc Moner (1462/3–1491/2) is a Catalan author,
     lematic twentieth-century history? Nine scholars investigate     who flourished in Barcelona during the second decade sub-
     how the complex role of the national past changed the con-       sequent to the marriage in 1469 of Ferdinand of Aragon
     tent and context of Austria’s literature. Contributions range    and Isabella of Castile. Moner’s extant production amounts
     from Klaus Zeyringer’s aggressive argument for an authenti-      to seventy-four pieces, a collection of poems and prose
                           cally Austrian literature, to the late     works of various genres, written some in Catalan, some in
                           Harry Zohn’s autobiographical              Castilian. A comprehensive study that profiles the creativity
                           insights of a transplanted Viennese.       of a whole career is a rare occurrence for a Hispanic author
                           Probing essays examine the writers of      like Moner, whose lifetime straddles the boundaries between
                           the Liberal and the National-Socialist     the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. In featuring such a
                           era, in exile, and in their roles as       study the present monograph highlights the two main
                           post-war social critics.                   aspects of Fra Francesc’s contribution: first, the resourceful
                                                                      bilingualism stemming from Moner’s mastery of not only
                           This book has a second approach:
                                                                      his native Catalan but also Castilian, the language that in
                           part two puts the authors themselves
                                                                      the late 1400s kept gaining the ascendancy and prestige of
                           in the spotlight. A “mini-reader”
                                                                      officialdom throughout the Spanish realm; second, the fash-
                           complements the literary history in
                                                                      ioning of an iconic text of subjectivity in the wake of the
                           part one with fifty pages of hard-hit-
                                                                      landmark innovations brought about by Ausiàs March, the
                           ting as well as humorous narrative
                                                                      Valencian luminary of the first half of the fifteenth century.
                           texts. Written by Barbara Frischmuth,
                                                                      Following in the footsteps of the bard from Valencia,
                           Elisabeth Reichart, and Erich
                                                                      Moner develops a love-centered poetics that integrates the
     Wolfgang Skwara, the six texts are accompanied by helpful
                                                                      distinctive strains of multiple traditions: the passionate mal-
     introductions to each author.
                                                                      ady, exemplary suffering, and sublimating desire typical of
     As a further aid for English-speaking readers, the literary      fin’amors; the inner conflict that harks back to Prudentius’s
     and critical texts originally in German were translated espe-    notion of psychomachia; the enigmatic affectio that some
     cially for this volume. This will help students of European      outstanding champions of ascetic or mystical literature per-
     culture and comparative literature, to experience a dramatic     ceive as a paradoxical blend of ruinous and redemptive
     century in Austrian literature and history.                      impulses all in one.

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     Disguise in george Sand’s novels                                    Amistades Peligrosas
        By Françoise Ghillebaert                                         El discurso homoerótico en el teatro de Lope de
        CB | $79.95 | 296 pages | 978-0-8204-4932-6                      Vega
        Currents in Comparative Romance Languages and                       By Julio González-Ruiz
        Literatures; 94                                                     CB | $59.95 | 146 pages | 978-1-4331-0413-8
                              Sandian heroines swirl around men             Ibérica; 40
                              in their sororal and sartorial disguis-    Amistades peligrosas examina el discurso homoerótico que
                              es like moths around candle flames.        subyace a varias comedias de Lope de Vega y ofrece un con-
                              However, as Disguise in George             texto histórico, sociológico y legal de la homosexualidad en
                              Sand’s Novels illustrates, the disguise    la época del genial dramaturgo a partir de la corresponden-
                              is not an instrument to seduce men         cia epistolar de éste con su mecenas, el duque de Sessa. Se
                              but rather to assert the heroines’ true    analiza la figura del monstruo que utiliza Lope en La prueba
                              selves. The portrayal of female and        de los ingenios (1617) para codificar la relación homoerótica
                              androgynous protagonists in Rose et        entre las dos protagonistas, Laura y Florela. Esta comedia
                              Blanche (1831), Indiana (1832),            funciona además como metáfora del
                              Lélia (1833/39), Gabriel (1839),           espacio teatral que Lope establece con
                              Consuelo (1842), and La Comtesse de        su revolucionario Arte nuevo de hacer
                              Rudolstadt (1844) is a metaphor to         comedias. En La boda entre dos maridos
                              demonstrate the continuity of iden-        (1595–1601), Lope lleva el tópico
     tities before and after the disguise as George Sand stipulates      (neo)platónico de la amistad ideal
     in her theory of the ménechme. Disguise in George Sand’s            entre dos hombres, Lauro y Febo, a
     Novels explores the maturation process of Romantic and              los extremos de una relación homo-
     artistically inclined heroines and highlights the spiritual         erótica. En El mesón de la corte (1588–
     meaning of the disguise as a rite of passage for the birth of a     1595), la protagonista vestida de hom-
     new type of protagonist: spiritual, self-assertive, and dedi-       bre para restaurar su honor provoca
     cated to erasing gender inequality and helping the poor.            una serie de confusiones de tinte sexu-
                                                                         al que desafían las premisas funda-
                                                                         mentales de la sociedad patriarcal. En
     Fragments et obstacles                                              conclusión, mediante una comedia
     Mallarmé et le ‘génie’ du Livre inachevé/Poésie et                  nacida de los gustos y necesidades de su tiempo, Lope
     dédoublement esthétique                                             plantea un discurso repleto tanto de lo oficial como de lo
        By Gloria Melgarejo Granada                                      prohibido, de lo canónico y lo revolucionario. Ese tercer
                                                                         espacio creado por Lope se ha revelado con el paso de los
        CB | $63.95 | 180 pages | 978-1-4331-0087-1
                                                                         siglos como un discurso visionario que anticipaba los
        Currents in Comparative Romance Languages and
                                                                         adelantos contemporáneos en la lucha por la igualdad de
        Literatures; 159
                                                                         sexos y sexualidades.
     Fragments et Obstacles porte sur l’œuvre de Stéphane
     Mallarmé, le Maître de la Poésie symboliste en France au
     XIXe siècle, et analyse ces poèmes considérés comme                 Faber suae fortunae
     «achevés», par opposition à ceux qui ont été laissés inachevés      L’autoformation du sujet chez Mme de Lafayette,
     par l’auteur, où parfois l’inachèvement est tout simplement         Marivaux et Stendhal
     ‘suggéré’ par l’emploi original de l’espace entre fragments à          By Lilia Coropceanu
     l’intérieur d’un poème. La lecture des fragments mallarméens           CB | $67.95 | 182 pages | 978-1-4331-0738-2
     demande un travail de synthèse ou de finition par les lecteurs         Currents in Comparative Romance Languages and
     ou artistes. Toute son œuvre devient ainsi un rêve ultime (et          Literatures; 172
     inachevé) présentant un éventail de possibilités, comme on          Ayant comme point de départ la corrélation étroite entre les
     peut apprécier dans les versions d’Un Coup de dés jamais            domaines de la subjectivité, de l’historicité et de la littéra-
     n’abolira le hasard par André Masson, Ellsworth Kelly, Marcel       ture, Faber Suae Fortunae se donne pour objectif d’analyser
     Broodthaers, Christiane Vielle et Liliana Spadavecchia, parmi       les particularités distinctives du processus de
     d’autres. Par le contact direct avec des artistes contemporains,    l’autoformation du sujet à partir d’un corpus de textes litté-
     cet ouvrage témoigne d’une lecture de Mallarmé qui rend             raires de la fin du dix-septième siècle jusqu’au début du
     hommage à sa vision de la littérature, car le poète ne cesse de     dix-neuvième siècle. La lecture des romans de Mme de
     confirmer que le Livre est un héritage universel, qui engage le     Lafayette, de Marivaux et de Stendhal révèle par conséquent
     créateur et visionnaire esthétique aussi bien que l’illustrateur,   des modes distincts de subjectivation, c’est-à-dire différents
     le peintre ou l’artisan.                                            modes d’être que les personnages choisissent en vue de «

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                                                                                                                    liTeR ATuRe           19
     faire œuvre de soi », de se constituer comme sujets éthiques.       que les sirve a ambos para solucionar
     En suivant cette piste, on pourrait ajouter à la définition         la “insuficiencia lingüística” de la que
     existante de la notion du moi selon laquelle « le moi désigne       parece adolecer la literatura romántica
     le sujet en tant qu’il se pense lui-même », un composant            europea.
     conceptuel supplémentaire : le sujet en tant qu’il se forme              A la zaga de los teóricos del color
     lui-même, qu’il s’engage dans une pratique d’autoformation.         decimonónicos, principal-mente
                                                                         Goethe y su libro Zur Farbenlehre
                                                                         (Hacia una teoría de los colores), de
     Regards français sur l’Amérique                                     1810, el estudio semántico del uso
     De l’Entre-deux-guerres à la Guerre froide                          del color azul en ambos poetas per-
         By Edward Dawley                                                mite una clasificación entre usos
         CB | $63.95 | 172 pages | 978-1-4331-0394-0                     “oníricos” y “no oníricos” de dicho
         Currents in Comparative Romance Languages and                   color, que sitúa a Bécquer en un más
         Literatures; 168                                                apropiado lugar en el panorama de
                                                                         los románticos europeos.
     Regards français sur l’Amérique: de l’Entre-deux-guerres à la
     Guerre froide se conçoit comme une analyse des réactions de
     divers intellectuels français à certains aspects de la culture et   listening Well
     politique américaines. Basé en grande partie sur les écrits de      On Beethoven, Berlioz, and Other Music Criticism in
     l’équipe rédactionnelle des Temps modernes, une revue fon-          Paris, Boston, and New York, 1764-1890
     dée par Jean-Paul Sartre et Simone de Beauvoir en 1945, cet            By Ora Frishberg Saloman
     ouvrage examine les observations cueillies à l’égard des               CB | $75.95 | 270 pages | 978-1-4331-0357-5
     Etats-Unis par les susmentionnés fondateurs de cette revue,
     ainsi que celles de maints collaborateurs des Temps mod-            The twelve essays in Listening Well illuminate aesthetic, edu-
     ernes. De plus, cet ouvrage établit une comparaison entre les       cative, and evaluative strategies utilized by writers in Paris,
     impressions divulguées à propos de cette même thématique            Boston, and New York to guide listeners in confronting the
     par l’équipe rédactionnelle des Temps modernes et les percep-       challenges of musical modernity between 1764 and 1890.
     tions des Etats-Unis proposées par des penseurs français, y         They interpret criticism from treatises, journals, and news-
     compris Alexis de Tocqueville, André Siegfried, Georges             papers for its importance in cultural
     Duhamel, Robert Aron, Arnaud Dandieu, Vladimir Pozner,              history and consider the reception of
     Frantz Fanon, et Bernard-Henri Lévy, parmi d’autres. Le             major works by Beethoven and by
     propos de ce projet est d’examiner les observations de ces          Berlioz. The essays explore contrast-
     penseurs sur plusieurs aspects de la vie américaine, en abor-       ing responses to new operas and sym-
     dant des thèmes tels que le puritanisme, la littérature, la         phonies by composers, librettists,
     question raciale, la musique, et l’anticommunisme. En vue           authors, critics, and conductors as
     de l’approche de ce livre, on peut juger qu’il s’agit ici d’une
                                                                         well as by writers including
     étude sur la perception transculturelle et les écueils épisté-
                                                                         Chabanon, Lacépède, Berlioz, Urhan,
     mologiques posés par ce genre de perception. Ce livre est
                                                                         D’Ortigue, Dwight, Fuller, Watson,
     destiné aux individus cherchant à élargir leurs connaissances
     sur les attitudes et les prises de position des Français envers     and Hassard. Readers interested in
     les Etats-Unis, et à ce titre il s’avère utile comme manuel         perceptions of Classicism and
     pour tout cours traitant de ce sujet.                               Romanticism in music as they relate
                                                                         to French, German, and American
                                                                         literature and criticism will discover
     el color del romanticismo                                           how audiences on both sides of the
     En busca de un arte total                                           Atlantic were encouraged to listen attentively to the new
         By Carlos Miguel-Pueyo                                          and controversial in music of the eighteenth and nineteenth
         CB | $64.95 | 184 pages | 978-1-4331-0387-2                     centuries.
         Currents in Comparative Romance Languages and
         Literatures; 167
                                                                         Writing Tangier
     Por primera vez en la historia de los estudios sobre Gustavo           Edited by Ralph M. Coury & R. Kevin Lacey
     Adolfo Bécquer, El color del romanticismo presenta un nuevo            CB | $71.95 | 212 pages | 978-1-4331-0399-5
     punto de vista basado en un doble análisis comparativo: por            Currents in Comparative Romance Languages and
     un lado, entre el romanticismo alemán, en la persona de                Literatures; 169
     Novalis, y el español, en la persona de Bécquer; y por otro
                                                                         Writing Tangier discusses an array of topics relating to the
     lado, entre literatura y pintura, pues ambos escritores usan
                                                                         literature on Tangier from the seventeenth century to the
     el color, especialmente el azul, como instrumento pictórico

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20    liTeR ATuRe

     present. Major questions include: Why has Tangier come to
                                                                         Conventional and original Metaphors in
     play an important role in contemporary world literary histo-
                                                                         French Autobiography
     ry as a signifier in the literary imagination; what is the nature
                                                                            By Madalina Akli
     of the inter-textual output produced through Paul Bowles’
                                                                            CB | $77.95 | 284 pages | 978-1-4331-0324-7
     translations of the oral tales of a circle of uneducated story-
                                                                            Currents in Comparative Romance Languages and
     tellers (including Mohammed Mrabet and Larbi Layachi)
                                                                            Literatures; 165
     and the text (For Bread Alone) brought to Bowles by the liter-
     ate Mohamed Choukri; how do academics, artists, and writ-           This book studies three autobiographies, each of which is at
     ers who have been based in the city or who have written             least partially devoid of chronological structure: Sartre’s The
     about it assess the various socio-economic, political, and cul-     Words, Perec’s W or The Memory of Childhood, and Sarraute’s
     tural factors that have shaped its cultural production and the      Childhood. Calendar-based order, traditionally associated
     relationship of this production to the celebrated hybrid            with autobiography, fails to provide the coherence the read-
     aspects of its identity; does the success of the literature of      ers expect. Hence, readers must create a sense of coherence
     Tangier reflect a truly new multicultural cosmopolitanism, or       at another level by using their conceptual resources.
     does it stem from the fact that this literature is congenial to     Conventional and Original Metaphors in French
     Westerners, that it is understood in terms that they them-          Autobiography reveals that in these literary texts coherence is
     selves define, and that much of it (including productions in        maintained based on the exploitation of conventional meta-
     Arabic prepared with the expectation of translation) has even       phors taken from everyday language, which the autobiogra-
     been “written to measure” for them?                                 phers transform in a creative yet familiar manner. These
                                                                         common metaphors offer guidance to readers and establish
                                                                         coherence between the shared life experiences of reader and
     Mothers and Masters in Contemporary                                 autobiographer. In the course of reading, the autobiogra-
     utopian and Dystopian literature                                    phers’ and the readers’ life experiences overlap through
        By Mary E. Theis                                                 familiar metaphors, which serve as organizational devices in
        CB | $76.95 | 192 pages | 978-0-8204-2818-5                      writing and as guiding principles in reading.
        Currents in Comparative Romance Languages and
        Literatures; 33
                                                                         Sor Juana/Música
     Because advances made by science and technology far out-
                                                                         How the Décima Musa Composed, Practiced, and
     stripped improvements in human nature, utopian dreams of
                                                                         Imagined Music
     perfect societies in the twentieth century quickly metamor-
     phosed into dystopian nightmares, which undermined indi-               By Pamela H. Long
     vidual identity and threatened the integrity of the family.            CB | $63.95 | 154 pages | 978-1-4331-0269-1
     Armed with technological and scientific tools, totalizing              Ibérica; 39
     social systems found in literature abolish the distinction          In her lost treatise on music which she titled El caracol, Sor
     between public and private life and thus penetrate and cor-         Juana Inés de la Cruz addressed the image of the spiral as a
     rupt the very core of all utopian blueprints and visions: the       metaphor for musical harmony, an image which she dis-
     education of future generations. At the heart of the family,        tilled in one of her romances.
     mothers as parents transmit their diverse cultural traditions       Singing in the choir of the
     while socializing their children and thus compete with ideo-        Templo de San Jerónimo, Sor
     logically driven systems that usurp their role as educators.        Juana and the other nuns of her
     Mothers and Masters in Contemporary Utopian and Dystopian           convent were raising the tone of
     Literature focuses, therefore, on the thematic importance of        their musica humana to be in
     this and other maternal roles for generic metamorphosis:            accord with the music of the
     the shift to dystopia invariably is signaled by the inversion
                                                                         heavenly choirs, which the nuns
     of traditional maternal roles. The longevity of the utopian-
                                                                         were imitating in their singing.
     dystopian literary tradition and persistence of the maternal
                                                                         Octavio Paz theorizes a “triple
     model of human relationships serve as points of reference in
                                                                         interés” in music in Sor Juana’s
     this post-modern age of relative cultural values. Meta-
                                                                         works: “práctico, teórico, filósof-
     utopian exploration of this thematic tension between utopia
                                                                         ico.” Numerous poems allude to
     and dystopia reminds us that “no place” may not be home,
                                                                         the theoretical and philosophical
     but we need to keep going there.
                                                                         problems of music, resulting in
                                                                         many levels of metaphor and metonym concerning music,
                                                                         especially in the loas and villancicos. Not only does Sor
                                                                         Juana’s work address the metaphysical aspects of music, the

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                                                                                                                liTeR ATuRe            21
     musica speculative so popular in the sixteenth and seven-        de la expresión subjetiva. Con estos presupuestos se analizan
     teenth centuries, but it broaches important questions on the     los poemas individuales y la construcción unitaria y secuen-
     practical applications of new theories of musical harmony:       cial del conjunto. Finalmente se reproducen los poemas y se
     the musica practica. A talented poet, playwright, scientist,     realiza un análisis textual que considera las ediciones de
     and mathematician, Sor Juana also explored musical instru-       1907, 1913, 1920 y 1930 para clasificar las variantes y
     ments and theory. Sor Juana/Música investigates the musical      describir el proceso de la versión definitiva.
     aspects of Sor Juana’s literary achievements, exploring the
     dense metaphorical interplay of musical and literary images,        Caribbean & latin American literature
     and places her works within the musicological ambience of
     her time. With its interdisciplinary approach, Sor Juana/
     Música contributes not only to the understanding of Sor          Borges y Revista Multicolor de los Sábados
     Juana’s literary works, but also to the degree that literature   Confabulados en una escritura de la infamia
     underpins the other arts as it illuminates the musicological
                                                                         By Raquel Atena Green
     times in which she lived.
                                                                         CB | 978-0-8204-3467-4
                                                                         Wor(l)ds of Change: Latin American and Iberian
     Memory in My Hands                                                  Literature; 32
     The Love Poetry of Pedro Salinas                                 El ya establecido vínculo de los primeros relatos de Jorge
         Translated by Ruth Katz Crispin                              Luis Borges publicados en Historia universal de la infamia
         CB | $82.95 | 334 pages | 978-1-4331-0624-8                  (1935) con las contribuciones que hizo anteriormente a la
         Currents in Comparative Romance Languages and                Revista multicolor de los sábados (1933-1934), suplemento
         Literatures; 171                                             literario del diario Crítica, sigue siendo de gran interés para
     Pedro Salinas (1892–1951), one of the greatest modern            todo estudioso del escritor argentino. Con el fin de satisfac-
     poets of any country, is unquestionably the preeminent love      er a un diverso público lector, tan insaciable de noticias
     poet of twentieth-century Spain. Memory in My Hands              como gustoso de la exageración, los editores, ensayistas, tra-
     includes an ample selection of his three books of love poet-     ductores y reseñadores contribuyentes a Revista multicolor
     ry—The Voice I Owe to You [La voz a ti debida], A Reason         ejercieron una abierta complicidad en cuanto a la práctica
     for Love [Razón de amor], and Long Lament [Largo lamen-          “infame” de la escritura. Dentro de este contexto literario, la
     to] in English translation alongside the Spanish original.       lectura de los primeros relatos borgeanos revela dependen-
     This trilogy of love poems, the last (posthumous) of which       cias intertextuales y juegos narrativos que más tarde
     has never been translated before, are of a nature to win a       definirían al Borges narrador del cuento fantástico.
     large and devoted audience: they are at once passionate, elo-          Este volumen será de gran utilidad para todos aquellos
     quent, and whimsical. The introduction to Memory in My           interesados en la unicidad crítica y narrativa de Borges.
     Hands sets the poems in context, providing the story of the
     love affair that inspired the poems. It also raises the ques-
     tion of the nature of autobiographical poetry and considers
     this collection in the tradition of poetic sequences such as
     Philip Sidney’s Astrophil and Stella.

     Aromas de leyenda de Valle-inclán
                     Paisaje, mito, representación
                            By Soledad Pérez-Abadín Barro
                            CB | $73.95 | 226 pages | 978-1-
                            Galician Studies; 1
                            Aromas de leyenda de Valle-Inclán
                            sigue la tradición de las Églogas de
                            Virgilio para ofrecer un libro bucóli-
                            co al que se adaptan las leyendas y el
                            paisaje de la tierra natal. El estilo y
                            los ecos modernistas tamizan la influ-
                            encia clásica y contribuyen al realce

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22    liTeR ATuRe

                                                                      fiction in particular; Zee Edgell’s Beka Lamb, Merle
     national Trauma in Postdictatorship latin
                                                                      Hodge’s Crick Crack, Monkey, and Merle Collins’ Angel,
     American literature                                              were among the first Caribbean novels that made effective
     Chile and Argentina                                              use of this rich, informative position. Furthermore, the
        By Irene Wirshing                                             aforementioned decades were times when certain Caribbean
        CB | $64.95 | 154 pages | 978-1-4331-0555-5                   countries themselves, weaned from their colonial mother
        Latin America: Interdisciplinary Studies; 17                  countries, began to experience their own growing pains.
                                                                      Hence, the dual theme of “adolescent” growth and self defi-
     Chile and Argentina continue to struggle with collective
                                                                      nition found in these selected works makes them distinc-
     national trauma. National Trauma in Postdictatorship
                                                                      tive, and arguably, ripe for fresh scholarly exploration in
     Latin American Literature: Chile and Argentina examines
                                                                      Traversing Caribbean Thresholds: Coming of Age Stories in
     the traumatic experiences of Chile and Argentina under
                                                                      Selected Works of Anglophone Fiction.
                              authoritarian regimes and argues
                                                                            This text is designed to be accessible to multiple audi-
                              that in order for postdictatorship
                                                                      ences within Humanities disciplines, in particular, persons
                              countries to successfully implement
                                                                      interested in English and Area Studies. New readers of
                              transitions to democracy, they must
                                                                      Caribbean literature, as well as ardent scholars of the litera-
                              confront the past. This book
                                                                      ture who are interested in a new analytical perspective will
                              employs the research of psycholo-
                                                                      find Traversing Caribbean Thresholds appealing.
                              gists Bessel van der Kolk, Judith
                              Herman, Donald Dutton, Elizabeth
                              Loftus, and Cathy Caruth, in order      la caída del Hombre nuevo
                              to better understand the emotional      Narrativa cubana del Período Especial
                              and psychological effects of national
                                                                         By Sonia Behar
                              trauma in the works of Chileans
                                                                         CB | $64.95 | 172 pages | 978-1-4331-0485-5
                              Diamela Eltit and Ariel Dorfman,
                                                                         Caribbean Studies; 24
                              and Argentines Ricardo Piglia and
                              Griselda Gambaro. The themes and        La caída del Hombre Nuevo refleja una
                              characters transcend national bound-    aproximación sociológica al estudio de
     aries. The abuse, torture, paranoia, anguish, and shame are      la narrativa cubana que comienza a
     those of all human beings oppressed by tyranny. The inclu-       desarrollarse en la última década del
     sion of theater is necessary in global times for the art of      siglo XX, época que recibe el rótulo de
     drama has the power to ignite a repressed consciousness to       Período Especial en Tiempos de Paz.
     emerge and contribute to progress and change. National           El estudio demuestra que las condi-
     Trauma in Postdictatorship Latin American Literature:            ciones socio-políticas y económicas
     Chile and Argentina proceeds with the reality that it is pos-    que se dan en el período en cuestión
     sible to heal from past trauma and become once again--dig-       son una suerte de catalizador para un
     nified citizens of the world.                                    nuevo tipo de narrativa en la literatura
                                                                      cubana. Los aspectos literarios que se
     Traversing Caribbean Thresholds                                  analizan en este trabajo incluyen el
     Coming of Age Stories in Selected Works of                       lenguaje, los temas, y la ideología. La
     Anglophone Fiction                                               caída del Hombre Nuevo demuestra
                                                                      que tanto el lenguaje irreverente, como los temas recurr-
        By Alison D. Ligon
                                                                      entes de la nostalgia y el exilio, así como el surgimiento de
        CB | 978-1-4331-0629-3
                                                                      una nueva ideología del cuestionamiento son las característi-
        Caribbean Studies; 25
                                                                      cas principales de la narrativa cubana del Período Especial.
     Since the 1950s, the greater Caribbean women’s literary
     body has expanded beyond the historical confines of male
     authorial dominance. During the late 1970s and early             excess Baggage
     1980s in particular, numerous works of fiction created by        A Modern Theory and the Conscious Amnesia of
     Anglophone Caribbean women authors emerged and gained            Latin Americanist Thought
     critical recognition throughout the African Diaspora.               By Jonathan Pitcher
     Interestingly, many of the novels from those decades                CB | $76.95 | 264 pages | 978-1-4331-0440-4
     focused narrowly upon the tropes of migration, identity,            American University Studies XXII: Latin American
     and gender politics. However, few novels broached these             Literature; 29
     themes from the vantage point of young people, especially
     adolescent female protagonists. Nonetheless, three works of      Excess Baggage investigates how we read modern theory, how
                                                                      we apprehend Latin American culture through that theory,

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                                                                                                                  liTeR ATuRe            23
                             why this approach is flawed, and how
                                                                        Homogeneidad dentro de la heterogeneidad
                             our reading could be different. It is a
                                                                        Un estudio temático del Modernismo poético latino-
                             study of modernity’s supersessive,
                             paradoxical attempts to outthink
                             thought. This methodology, never              By Rigoberto Guevara
                             autochthonous to any context despite          CB | $71.95 | 240 pages | 978-1-4331-0353-7
                             its claims, is traced through one of its      Latin America: Interdisciplinary Studies; 16
                             more extreme moments, the                  Homogeneidad dentro de la heterogeneidad: Un estudio
                             Enlightenment, and then through the        temático del Modernismo poético latinoamericano estudia
                             work of Freud, Nietzsche, and Marx         detalladamente la poesía modernista latinoamericana de más
                             (and their more recent postmodern          de dos decenas de poetas y con más de una centena de poe-
                             acolytes) to the Reformation.              mas ilustra tanto las similitudes como las vastas diferencias
                             Although these thinkers are self-dif-      entre la temática modernista. Con este enfoque se combate
                             ferentiating, the divisions are artifi-    la tan persistente actitud crítica de
                             cial, for each, even in present for-       reducir a un par de frases lo que fue
     mats, references a preternatural origin that is subsequently       en realidad una amplia producción
     projected into the future, disavowing history’s ability to per-    artística encaramada entre el tumul-
     ceive itself as anything other than revolutionary.                 tuoso crucero de los siglos diecinueve
          This book traces post-1960 Latin Americanism                  y veinte. Nuestro detallado enfoque
     through readings by its critics-cum-theorists, as dictatorially    en el texto poético, además, vuelve a
     assigning a univocal reading to a continent’s cultural pro-        lo que muy recientemente estaba en
     duction, regardless of how ethical the theory may itself           boga rechazar: el texto en sí. En tér-
     seem. Though predominantly a metacritical work, a reading          minos de la religión y la divinidad, el
     of philosophy and its Latin Americanist manifestations,            amor, la existencia, la sociedad, el
     there is also comparative reading of European, North               poeta y el arte, los modernistas sigui-
     American, and Latin American literature.                           eron en buena parte las mismas vetas
          Meaning has always existed in all such contexts, but is       temáticas que en muchos casos se
     either eradicated or misread by the premises of our critical       contradecían; contradicciones que en
     equipment. In fact or fiction, Excess Baggage appeals for an       realidad permean el Modernismo
     admission of contextualized mnemotechny, inevitable in             porque era una crisis de los artistas que buscaban expresar
     thought regardless, and the real danger in the present             en el mejor verso posible una realidad que les tormentaba.
     milieu.                                                            Aquí encontramos a los modernistas preocupados por su
                                                                        realidad: la impureza del amor, la corrupción social, la
     Dependence, independence, and Death                                injusticia económica, la indiferencia hacia el arte (especial-
     Toward a Psychobiography of Delmira Agustini                       mente la poesía), la identidad hispánica en peligro, la pérdi-
                                                                        da de la fe, la distancia entre los hombres y la divinidad, y
         By William James                                               sobre todo, una crisis existencial que los llevó a la desesper-
         CB | $67.95 | 184 pages | 978-1-4331-0260-8                    ación y la búsqueda de refugio donde en muchos casos
         Latin America: Interdisciplinary Studies; 14
                                                                        acudían a lo mismo que repudiaban: la sociedad podrida, el
     Dependence, Independence, and Death: Toward a                      amor impuro, el dios menguo, el anhelo a lo material; y en
     Psychobiography of Delmira Agustini depicts the life of            fin, al escapismo.
     Uruguayan poet Delmira Agustini (1886–1914) based on
     her poems and other writings. These works give evidence of
                                                                        Confronting Patriarchy
     two constructs related to a psychological conflict in her life.
                                                                        Psychoanalytic Theory in the Prose of Cristina Peri
     The first is a dependence/independence dichotomy, thema-
     tized as a polarized love relationship between speaker and
     Other, who can represent two individuals or dual aspects of           By Mary Boufis Filou
     the poet’s self. The second involves the poet’s fascination           CB | $63.95 | 140 pages | 978-1-4331-0270-7
     with death, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy when             Latin America: Interdisciplinary Studies; 15
     she is murdered by her ex-husband at the age of twenty-            Confronting Patriarchy: Psychoanalytic Theory in the Prose of
     seven.                                                             Cristina Peri Rossi examines three works of the contempo-
                                                                        rary Uruguayan author who lives in exile as she dialogues
                                                                        with the psychoanalytic discourse endemic to patriarchal
                                                                        society. Peri Rossi’s prose, structured like unconscious pro-

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24    liTeR ATuRe

     ductions that give free expression to desire and passion as
     emanating from the forbidden recesses of the psyche, pow-                             American & British literature
     erfully reveals the message as a treatment for an “ill” society.
     The language in the three works studied facilitates and
     reveals the male protagonist’s interaction with the desired
                                                                         Flannery o’Connor and Teilhard de Chardin
     female object as a regression to a semiotic, pre-oedipal state      A Journey Together Towards Hope and
     in a type of “return of the repressed” of consuming desire          Understanding About Life
     that has been written out of mainstream patriarchy and that            By Steven R. Watkins
     serves to challenge its rational, symbolic order. It is from           CB | $71.95 | 172 pages | 978-1-4331-0666-8
     this vantage point that the author attempts to re-write the            American University Studies XIX: General Literature; 37
     conclusions obtained through Lacanian and patriarchal dis-          Flannery O’Connor, the renowned short-story writer, lived
     course so that woman can emerge as a subject in her own             and fought a tumultuous battle with lupus erythematosus
     right.                                                              most of her adult life. In her last five
                                                                         years, she sought insightful and help-
     Critical nostalgia and Caribbean Migration                          ful sources to alleviate her struggle
        By J. A. Brown-Rose                                              with the disease. Among these sources
        CB | $57.95 | 106 pages | 978-1-4331-0462-6                      were the ideas and thoughts of a
        Caribbean Studies; 23                                            Jesuit-paleontologist-mystic by the
                                                                         name of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin,
     The literature of Caribbean writers living in the United
                                                                         an individual who opened doors of
     States embodies a duality, an awareness of multiple sites of
                                                                         witness to the secular world and
     identity as well as conflict of place and space. Easily
                                                                         attracted suspicious questioning from
     grouped with African Americans, Caribbean peoples and
                                                                         his Catholic superiors. Like a moth
     other immigrants from the African Diaspora make up the
                                                                         drawn to a flame, Flannery O’Connor,
     quasi-political face of Black America. But as immigrants
                                                                         a devoted Thomist, increasingly
     from a former colonized community, Caribbean writers
                                                                         admired the ideas of Teilhard de
     carry with them a historical experience that differentiates
                                                                         Chardin to the point that she incorpo-
     them from African Americans—they stand on the border of
                                                                         rated his ideas into her last six short stories in the collection
     two spaces. What impact does this duality have on
                                                                         Everything That Rises Must Converge. This book adds signifi-
     Caribbean literature written by writers who have left the
                                                                         cantly to the neglected study of Teilhard de Chardin’s influ-
                              “home” space for American soil?
                                                                         ence in the later literary development of Flannery
                                   As many writers have suggested,
                                                                         O’Connor. This book would be a valuable asset to students
                              Caribbean writers are continuously
                                                                         and scholars focusing on American literature, Southern lit-
                              looking back to home in an attempt
                                                                         erature, twentieth-century Southern female writers, and
                              to understand who they are and
                                                                         Flannery O’Connor.
                              where they belong. This book postu-
                              lates that it is through nostalgia, or
                              an attempt to renegotiate the past,        Sanctuaries of light in nineteenth Century
                              that the Caribbean writer attempts         european literature
                              to reconcile his/her duality.                 By Hugo G. Walter
                              Nostalgia can be directly linked to           CB | 978-1-4331-0913-3
                              an understanding of, and by exten-            Studies on Themes and Motifs in Literature; 102
                              sion a critique of, American social        This series of insightful and provocative essays explores the
                              and political practices as well as an      theme of sanctuaries of light in nineteenth-century European
                              appraisal of colonial influences in        literature, especially in selected works of William
     the Caribbean. Thus the discourse of Caribbean writers liv-         Wordsworth, E. T. A. Hoffmann, Joseph von Eichendorff,
     ing in America operates on different levels: Although               and Charlotte Bronte. These sanctuaries of light, natural
     Caribbean migratory writers are continuously looking back           beauty, and serenity comfort, nurture, and revitalize the
     to “home,” this nostalgia is tied to a reevaluation of              heart, mind, and soul of the individual and inspire creative
     American and island consciousness. The texts discussed in           expression.
     this work are, in effect, engaged in critical analysis; the texts         This book will be of interest to professors, teachers, and
     “perform criticism” of the “home” country and “that man’s           scholars in the fields of English literature, German literature,
     country”—the United States.                                         European literature, Comparative literature, and Cultural

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     Real and imagined Women in British                                 Technology and Postmodern Subjectivity in
     Romanticism                                                        Don Delillo’s novels
         By Gaura Shankar Narayan                                          By Randy Laist
         CB | $72.95 | 214 pages | 978-1-4331-0411-4                       CB | 978-1-4331-0841-9
         Studies in Nineteenth-Century British Literature; 27              Modern American Literature: New Approaches; 52
     This book uses feminist ideology and deconstructive criti-         More than any other major American author, Don DeLillo
     cism to reconstruct the cultural context embedded in some          has examined the manner in which contemporary American
     representative Romantic canonical texts. To achieve this           consciousness has been shaped by the historically unique
     end, it undertakes a close textual study of these texts and        incursion into daily life of information, military, and con-
     places them in the intellectual context of Mary                    sumer technologies. In DeLillo’s fictions, technological
     Wollstonecraft’s critique of culture. In this book, as a result    apparatuses are not merely set-pieces in the characters’ envi-
     of intellectual contextualizing as well as theoretical applica-    ronments, nor merely tools to move the plot along, they are
     tions, the Romantic imagination, as represented by                 sites of mystery and magic, whirlpools of space-time, and
     William Wordsworth and John Keats, emerges as the place            convex mirrors of identity. Television sets, filmic images,
     where gender division and gender certitude break down.             automobiles, airplanes, telephones, computers, and nuclear
     This book intervenes in the traditional critical debates           bombs are not simply objects in the world for DeLillo’s
     about the Romantic imagination to show that the Romantic           characters; they are psychological phenomena that shape the
     imagination, as set forth in these texts, registers the vigorous   possibilities for action, influence the nature of perception,
     cultural politics of gender and aesthetics that defined the        and incorporate themselves into the fabric of memory and
     1790s and continued to exert influence for decades.                identity. DeLillo is a phenomenologist of the contemporary
                                                                        technoscape and an ecologist of our new kind of natural
                                                                        habitat. Technology appears to DeLillo’s characters as a
     Disenchanted Modernity in Robert Kroetsch’s
                                                                        kind of hypostasized human dream, which in turn, or
     The Studhorse Man
                                                                        recursively, influences the kind of dreams they have, and so
     Biology and Culture; Sex and Gender; Eugenics and
                                                                        the ones they realize in technological form. Through a
     Contraception; Writing and Reading                                 close reading of four DeLillo novels, Technology and
         By Francis Zichy                                               Postmodern Subjectivity in Don DeLillo’s Novels examines
         CB | 978-1-4331-0833-4                                         the variety of modes in which DeLillo’s fictions illustrate
     This book undertakes a detailed reading of Robert                  the technologically mediated confluence of his human sub-
     Kroetsch’s The Studhorse Man [1969], examining this                jects and the field of cultural objects in which they discover
     Canadian novel in its transnational historical and socio-cul-      themselves. The model of interactionism between human
     tural context. Key subject headings are biology and culture,       beings and technological instruments that is implicit in
     sex and gender, eugenics and contraception, writing and            DeLillo’s writing suggests significant applications both to
     reading. The overarching theme is “disenchanted moderni-           the study of other contemporary novelists as well as to con-
     ty” in the twentieth-century, the systematic displacement of       temporary cultural studies.
     the divine and natural order by a humanly ordained social
     regime, and by forms of social engineering that brought to         Modern and Postmodern narratives of Race,
     bear the full force of modern science, invasively to alter the     gender, and identity
     most fundamental conditions of human life. The more                The Descendants of Thomas Jefferson and Sally
     immediate literary frames of reference are Greek mythology,        Hemings
     early Christian debates on the body and marriage, and the
     lore of the North American Aboriginal trickster, as these are         By Yoriko Ishida
     deployed and alluded to in Kroetsch’s novel. In establishing          CB | 978-1-4331-0875-4
     the sources and contexts of The Studhorse Man, this study             Modern American Literature: New Approaches; 53
     examines Robert Kroetsch’s early drafts of the novel, and his      The alleged affair between Thomas Jefferson, the third
     many notes taken and clippings assembled during its com-           President of the United States, and his slave, Sally Hemings
     position. An effort has been made to appeal to a wide              was been proven to be a fact by the 1998 DNA analysis.
     range of general and academic readers alike by avoiding spe-       While most historians continue to deny the affair, a few
     cialized jargon and adopting a cross-disciplinary approach.        scholars have accepted the love affair between Jefferson and
     This book will be of interest to scholars of literature and lit-   Hemings as a historical fact. Since the 1998 DNA results,
     erary theory, and of use in courses on literature and the          many historical omissions regarding the affair have been
     novel, on masculinity and gender studies, and on cultural          revised, but the dignity and identity of the Hemings family,
     history in the twentieth century.                                  which were deleted from the official history, has been

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     restored not only by science, but also by literature. This        famous soprano. The Deptford trilogy is discussed in terms
     book examines how African American writers have depicted          of Northrop Frye’s “confession” form as it appears in Fifth
     race, gender, and identity of Sally Hemings and her descen-       Business, and in variations of that form in The Manticore
     dants in modern novels.                                           and World of Wonders. Although Davies’ Jungian enthusi-
                                                                       asms produced certain flaws to which readers have objected,
                                                                       Murther & Walking Spirits is by no means a failure; it is best
     Blake and lacan
                                                                       understood as an implicit spiritual history of Canada which
        By Mark Lussier
                                                                       is adumbrated in the generational experience of a single
        CB | 978-0-8204-9507-1
                                                                       Canadian family. The Cunning Man concludes Davies’
        Studies in Nineteenth-Century British Literature; 25
                                                                       career with a narrative as rewardingly complex as any of the
     Blake and Lacan explores the intellectual and theoretical         Cornish trilogy novels.
     affinities and differences between the visionary art and poet-
     ry of the early Romantic painter, printer, and writer
     William Blake (1757-1827) and the psychoanalytic theory           C.P. Snow’s Strangers and Brothers as Mid-
     of Jacques Lacan (1901-81), a leading figure in develop-          Twentieth-Century History
     ment of French Structuralist and Post-Structuralist thought.         By Terrance L. Lewis
     The work is designed to supplement past works of literary            CB | $71.95 | 218 pages | 978-1-4331-0662-0
     analysis which sought to assess the achievement of William           American University Studies IV: English Language and
     Blake through the application of ideas and concepts associ-          Literature; 197
     ated with Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. However, Blake             This book studies C.P. Snow’s eleven-volume series of nov-
     and Lacan argues that the linguistically based psychoanalyt-      els (Strangers and Brothers) as documents detailing the social
     ic methods that emerge in the theoretical work of Jacques         and political life of mid-twentieth-century Britain, and
     Lacan (through his famous, well-attended and well-docu-           points out the uses for the novels in the academic study of
     mented seminars) provide sharper critical tools than prior        that time period. Both Snow and his central character,
     efforts for assessing the efficacy and insight of the mytho-      Lewis S. Eliot, started from unremarkable origins in terms
     poeic efforts of the illuminated books of William Blake,          of their mutual background in the lower reaches of the
     whose fusion of talents as an artist, painter, poet, printer,     middle class, their dreams of success in their teen years, and
     and prophet placed him at the nexus of almost every aes-          their early professional education in a
     thetic, literary, philosophical, political, and social develop-   new, struggling academic institution
     ment in the ‘age of revolution’ (specifically the American        in the mid-1920s. Neither could really
     and French revolutions). As well, this work partakes of the       be considered typical for men of their
     energetic application of Lacanian thought to read the             class. Eliot’s working life would
     vibrant field of culture and so strives to position itself in a   include being a very minor town
     line of thinking associated most recently with Slavoj Žižek,      clerk, a barrister, an advisor to a pow-
     the most intense reader of Jacques Lacan currently writing        erful industrialist, a Cambridge don, a
     in the field of critical theory.                                  moderately powerful civil servant, and
                                                                       finally, in early retirement, a writer.
                                                                       Eliot would befriend members of both
     Aspects of Robertson Davies’ novels
                                                                       the traditional and Jewish upper class-
        By Victor J. Lams
                                                                       es, scholars and brilliant scientists,
        CB | $81.95 | 318 pages | 978-1-4331-0544-9
                                                                       powerful behind-the-scenes civil ser-
                             Completing the survey begun in            vants, second-tier British and Nazi
                             Lams’ Cornish Trilogy volume,             politicians, financiers and industrial-
                             Aspects of Robertson Davies’ Novels       ists, Communists, and writers and artists, providing a fairly
                             discusses the Salterton and Deptford      broad overview of parts of the middle class and ruling elites
                             trilogies along with Davies’ last two     of the periods.
                             novels, Murther & Walking Spirits               Snow’s sequence of novels is therefore useful to the his-
                             and The Cunning Man. The appren-          torian of twentieth-century Britain, both in understanding
                             tice effort Tempest-Tost and the jour-    the period as it recedes away from common experience and
                             neyman’s success Leaven of Malice         in presenting the period in the classroom. Snow was a clas-
                             were followed by Davies’ first genu-      sic twentieth-century writer who presented a more balanced
                             inely fine novel, A Mixture of            account of the British “governing classes” of the middle
                             Frailties, the story of a talented        third of the twentieth century than did the upper-class (and
                             Salterton girl who becomes a world-       would-be upper-class) or working-class writers of the same

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     period. His novels provide an insight that every student of        plexities in plays such as Orra and
     twentieth-century Britain must have on hand.                       The Trial to its conflict with domestic
                                                                        ideology as an alternative means of
                                                                        reform in plays such as The Dream,
     The Beat generation and Counterculture
                                                                        Ethwald, The Phantom, and
     Paul Bowles, William S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac
                                                                        Witchcraft. This analysis of Baillie’s
         By Raj Chandarlapaty                                           project reveals how she ultimately
         CB | $77.95 | 190 pages | 978-1-4331-0603-3                    overcomes the difficulties inherent in
         Modern American Literature: New Approaches; 51                 her project by asking her audiences to
     The Beat Generation and Counterculture examines three              take responsibility for their moral
     authors associated with the “Beat Generation”—Paul                 reform rather than relying upon the
     Bowles, William S. Burroughs, and Jack Kerouac—and the             domestic woman to change society
                             relevance of their attempt to travel,      and by asking her audiences to
                             learn, and write about exotic non-         ground their interpretations in the
                             Western cultures and repressed             basic truths of Christianity.
                             minority cultures in the United            Understanding Baillie’s moral project
                             States, projecting the influence of his-   and the discourses that influenced it and then seeing how it
                             tory, premodern religious practices,       is enacted throughout her plays will allow teachers and
                             and postcolonial social and intellec-      scholars to appreciate even more fully the complexities of
                             tual problems into the written devel-      this British Romantic playwright.
                             opment of countercultural ethos and
                             praxis. The Beat Generation and            With What Persuasion
                             Counterculture underscores T. S.           An Essay on Shakespeare and the Ethics of Rhetoric
                             Eliot’s emphasis on “earning
                             tradition”—that is, in order for the          By Scott F. Crider
                             corrupt, decultured, and unimagina-           CB | $80.95 | 224 pages | 978-1-4331-0312-4
                             tive West that had been ruined by             Studies in Shakespeare; 18
                             World War II to survive, it would          Although there are a number of book-length studies of rhet-
                             have to internalize and project the        oric in Shakespeare’s plays, With What Persuasion discerns a
     value of distant cultures that had been misunderstood and          distinctly Shakespearean ethics of the art of rhetoric in
     racialized for centuries. This book also addresses the fre-        them. In this interdisciplinary book, Scott F. Crider draws
     quent criticism that these authors were “orientalist,” white       upon the Aristotelian traditions of poetics, rhetoric, and
     writers who freely translated non-Western culture without          ethics to show how Shakespeare addresses fundamental ethi-
     giving any credit to its creators.                                 cal questions that arise during the
                                                                        public and private rhetorical situa-
                                                                        tions Shakespeare represents in his
     Joanna Baillie and the Art of Moral influence
                                                                        plays. Informed by the Greek,
         By Christine A. Colón
                                                                        Roman, and English poetic and rhe-
         CB | $73.95 | 222 pages | 978-1-4331-0536-4
                                                                        torical traditions, With What
         Studies in Nineteenth-Century British Literature; 28
                                                                        Persuasion offers close readings of a
     Joanna Baillie and the Art of Moral Influence explores the         selection of plays—Hamlet, Julius
     project of moral reform that Baillie sets out for herself in       Caesar, Henry the 5th, All’s Well That
     the Introductory Discourse to her first volume of Plays on         Ends Well, Othello, Measure for
     the Passions (1798). It begins by revealing the foundation         Measure, and The Winter’s Tale—to
     that Baillie creates for her project as she combines her own       answer universal questions about
     unique theology with eighteenth-century moral philosophy           human speech and association,
     and seventeenth- and eighteenth-century discourses on the          answers that refute a number of con-
     theatre’s potential to reform audiences. This book argues          temporary literary and rhetorical the-
     that Baillie uses this eclectic mix to craft a potentially radi-   ory’s assumptions about language and
     cal social critique in the midst of a seemingly conservative       power. Crider argues that this
     moral project. Using examples from fifteen of her plays as         Shakespearean ethics could assist us in our own historical
     well as from her prefaces and her religious tract, the book        moment as we in the liberal, multicultural West try to
     traces Baillie’s moral project from its direct representations     refound, without coercion, ethical principles to bind us to
     in De Monfort and Henriquez through its dangerous com-             one another.

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28    liTeR ATuRe

                                                                       tions in addition to what has been previously ob-served in
     Destinies of Splendor
                                                                       Buero’s theater. Simultaneously, the study metonymically
     Sexual Attraction in D. H. Lawrence
                                                                       evokes the depth and breadth of the plays not studied here-
        By Douglas Wuchina                                             in, suggesting they yet hold unexplored treas-ures for pro-
        CB | $74.95 | 250 pages | 978-1-4331-0665-1                    spective explorers of the playwright’s theater.
        Studies in Twentieth-Century British Literature; 6
     Frieda Lawrence once remarked, “Nobody seems to have an           Contemporary latina/o Performing Arts of
     idea of the quality of Lawrence’s and my relationship, the        Moraga, Tropicana, Fusco, and Bustamante
     essence of it.… The deep attraction was there and that was
                                                                          By Leah Garland
                              what counts.” This insightful and
                                                                          CB | $60.95 | 124 pages | 978-0-8204-7429-8
                              original study investigates how one         Modern American Literature: New Approaches; 44
                              of the finest literary minds of the
                              twentieth century experienced deep       Contemporary Latina/o Performing Arts of Moraga, Tropicana,
                              sexual attraction. In close readings     Fusco, and Bustamante demonstrates the crucial significance
                              of all of D. H. Lawrence’s major         of looking at theatrical performance for rethinking critical
                              novels, Douglas Wuchina charts the       inquiry. Leah Garland closely analyzes the theoretical tools
                              growth of sexual attraction between      with which prominent theater artists—Cherríe Moraga,
                              Lawrencian couples as it affects both    Carmelita Tropicana, Coco Fusco, and Não Bustamante—
                              body and spirit. The theoretical         challenge neocolonial parameters for self-examination.
                              framework is not Foucault’s or           Garland shows how the self-affirmative maneuvers that
                              Lacan’s or Bakhtin’s but Lawrence’s      these artists deploy reconceptualize the subject in literary
                              own, with frequent reference to his      theory.
                              innovative theory of the chakras and
                              his rejection of modern partnership      irish Women Playwrights, 1900-1939
                              marriage in favor of “blood” attrac-     Gender and Violence on Stage
     tion. Drawing on a variety of sources, psychological and
                                                                          By Cathy Leeney
     sexological in addition to literary—this is one of the first
                                                                          CB | 978-1-4331-0332-2
     studies to make extensive use of revealing drafts that have
                                                                          Irish Studies; 9
     only recently become available in the Cambridge edition of
     Lawrence’s works—Destinies of Splendor persuasively               Irish Women Playwrights 1900-1939 is the first book to
     argues that the familiar strategies of Freudian pathologiza-      examine the plays of five fascinating and creative women,
     tion and feminist denigration of Lawrence are not viable          and their work for theatre in the crucial decades of the Irish
     and that it is possible to reaffirm Lawrence’s romantically       cultural renaissance, up to the social consolidation and con-
     sensitive vision of the sexual bond between man and               servatism of the 1930s. The playwrights are Augusta
     woman.                                                            Gregory, Eva Gore-Booth, Dorothy Macardle, Mary
                                                                       Manning, and Teresa Deevy.
                                                                            The book examines key works by each writer in terms
                                                                       of their theatrical value in performance. How these play-
                                                                       wrights dramatize violence and its impacts in political,
     Approaching the Theater of Antonio Buero                          social and personal life is the central interest of this book.
     Vallejo                                                           They re-model theatrical form, re-structuring action and
     Contemporary Literary Analyses from Structuralism                 narrative, and exploring closure as a way of disrupting audi-
     to Postmodernism                                                  ence expectation. The plays create stage spaces and images
                                                                       that expose relationships of power and authority, and invite
        By Eric W. Pennington                                          the audience to see the performance not as illusion, but as
        CB | 978-0-8204-8840-0                                         framed by the conventions and limits of theatrical
     Universally proclaimed the most important Spanish play-           representation.
     wright of the last half of the twenty century, at his death in         The book is new in two ways:
     2000 Antonio Buero Vallejo was deemed by a Madrid the-              •	 it is the first exploration of the work of women play-
     ater critic to be the greatest author of theater since Calderón        wrights in Ireland during this crucial period that plac-
     de la Barca (1681). This book explores ten of Buero’s thirty           es their plays in co-relation, suggesting a parallel tradi-
     plays, utilizing literary approaches ranging from the tradi-           tion that reframes the development of Irish theatre
     tional to the radical. It breaks new ground by indicating              into the present day.
     how contemporary analy-ses can extrapolate vital interpreta-

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       •	 it deals with these plays as performance, examining           his third and fourth books. It
          how they work on the stage, their dramaturgy, use of          includes refreshingly new treatments
          space, voice and image.                                       of Summer and Smoke, Three Sisters,
          Irish Women Playwrights 1900-1939 takes the plays of          Hamlet, Tartuffe, and The
     the women who are footnotes in conventional accounts of            Misanthrope, among others. Efros
     the development of Irish theatre, and puts them centre             also writes with perception and feel-
     stage.                                                             ing about Stanislavsky and
          The book is suitable for courses in Irish Theatre;            Nemirovich-Danchenko, as well as a
     Women in Theatre; Gender and Performance; Dramaturgy;              broad range of theatre issues in need
     Irish Drama in the Twentieth Century, and for those inter-         of reform or re-thinking in the West
     ested in women’s work in theatre, and in Irish theatre in the      as well as in Russia. Beyond Rehearsal
     twentieth century.                                                 centers on “the absurd things in our
                                                                        work that have not disappeared yet,”
                                                                        “complex questions of art,” and the
     Buffoonery in irish Drama                                          “celebratory” aspects of working in
     Staging Twentieth-Century Post-Colonial Stereotypes                the theatre.
         By Kathleen Heininge
         CB | $70.95 | 200 pages | 978-1-4331-0546-3
                                                                        expressionism and its Deformation in
         Irish Studies; 11
                                                                        Contemporary Chinese Theatre
     Generations of Irish playwrights have tried to assert the rep-        By Yuwen Hsiung
     utation of the stage Irish figure as other than comic, but            CB | 978-1-4331-0535-7
                             each effort was in its turn assailed as       Asian Thought and Culture; 63
                             buffoonery. Using post-colonial and
                             performative theory, Buffoonery in
                             Irish Drama demonstrates the ways
                             the Irish struggled to create a sense of
                             identity in a colonial structure, and it   The Semiotics of Rape in Renaissance
                             explores the distortion and appropri-      english literature
                             ation of that new identity that elicit        By Lee A. Ritscher
                             further calls to eradicate negative ste-      CB | $67.95 | 134 pages | 978-0-8204-9737-2
                             reotypes. Demonstrating the perva-            Berkeley Insights in Linguistics and Semiotics; 66
                             siveness of the reclamation efforts,
                             Buffoonery in Irish Drama covers a         The Semiotics of Rape in Renaissance English Literature traces
                             wide range of well-known and               the development of laws regarding rape in pre- and early
                             obscure plays to show the trajectory       modern England, including Anglo-Saxon, Norman, and
                             of twentieth-century drama that            Tudor changes to the legal code and how legal code, societal
                             brings us into a globalized twenty-        expectations of virtuous women, and medical theory inter-
     first-century Ireland.                                             act to coerce silence from early modern rape victims. These
                                                                        forces come to play in the literary texts under examination,
                                                                        including poetry from Sir Philip Sidney and George
     Beyond Rehearsal                                                   Gascoigne and drama by William Shakespeare and Thomas
     Reflections on Interpretation and Practice, Continued              Heywood.
         Translated by James Thomas
         CB | $81.95 | 324 pages | 978-1-4331-0716-0                    The Phonology / Paraphonology interface and
     Anatoly Efros (1925-1987), one of the most admired and             the Sounds of german Across Time
     original directors of post-war Russia, directed at the Central        By Irmengard Rauch
     Children’s Theatre, Malaya Bronnaya Theatre, Lenkom                   CB | $75.95 | 252 pages | 978-1-4331-0115-1
     Theatre, Moscow Art Theatre, Taganka Theatre, the                     Berkeley Insights in Linguistics and Semiotics; 67
     Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis and the Toen Theatre in             The Phonology / Paraphonology Interface and the Sounds of
     Tokyo. He taught directing at the Russian Academy of               German Across Time is an excursion into the phonology of
     Theatre Arts and wrote several influential books about dra-        the German language in the present, the remote prehistoric
     matic interpretation and practice. His productions received        past (Indo-European and Germanic), and throughout the
     numerous international awards for excellence.                      almost thousand-year historical era. It accordingly addresses
          Beyond Rehearsal is a compilation of selections from

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30    liTeR ATuRe

     all eras pertaining to the study of the German language in
                                                                       Cent ans de français cadien en louisiane
     its innermost core, namely, its phonology. This book makes
                                                                       étude sociolinguistique du parler des femmes
     accessible to linguists and non-linguists alike the elements
     of acoustic and articulatory phonetics. It provides the reader       By Carole Salmon
     with insight into phonological methods from the Prague               CB | $69.95 | 142 pages | 978-1-4331-0455-8
     Structuralism and Chomskyan Generativism of the last sev-            Berkeley Insights in Linguistics and Semiotics; 72
     enty-five years to an array of today’s non-linear approaches      Cet ouvrage original revisite les idées reçues sur le français
     by applying them to given phonological changes that act as        cadien et se pose comme une analyse complète de la réalité
     leitmotifs in the research of German sounds through time.         contemporaine de cette communauté linguistique. A ce
     The dynamic acts that infuse the structure of German pho-         jour, aucune œuvre consacrée au français cadien n’a étudié
     nology, such as ablaut, umlaut, and various other assimila-       cette langue de façon aussi systématique et à une aussi large
     tions, diphthongizations, monophthongizations, and conso-         échelle. Le français cadien est comparé à son cousin cana-
     nant shifts, are all woven into the book.                         dien, le français acadien des provinces du Nouveau-
           In each of the three time frames, the interface with        Brunswick et de la Nouvelle-Ecosse, qui bénéficie d’un sou-
     ample paraphonological data allows the reader to experience       tien institutionnel inexistant en Louisiane, plaçant ainsi ces
     “flesh and blood” phonology, that is, how it occurs and to        deux variétés dans un continuum suggéré par leurs appella-
     what purpose in the mouth / ear of the speaker / listener of      tions. Pour la première fois, cette étude retrace les variables
     the German language. Not least, the reading of a piece of         phonétiques étudiées depuis le latin jusqu’au français con-
     literature, be it a Runic inscription, the Old High German        temporain en France, au Canada et en Louisiane. La
     Otfrid, a Middle High German dawn song, the Early New             méthodologie sociolinguistique, qui a été rigoureusement
     High German Ackermann aus Böhmen, or a Rilke poem,                suivie, consiste en une étude empirique de type quantitatif,
     adds delight to the understanding of the sounds that belong       basée sur un échantillon de locutrices dont plus de 20,000
     to our most vital and prized human possessions.                   occurrences ont été codifiées, analysées, puis vérifiées par
                                                                       une étude acoustique.
                                                                            Cette analyse s’intéresse au parler des femmes cadiennes
     The Proverbial “Pied Piper”                                       afin de mieux comprendre leur rôle dans cette communauté
     A Festschrift Volume of Essays in Honor of Wolfgang               où la renaissance culturelle de la fin des années soixante a
     Mieder on the Occasion of His Sixty-Fifth Birthday                plutôt mis en valeur le rôle des hommes, accusant même
        Edited by Kevin J. McKenna                                     parfois les femmes d’avoir abandonné le français, en arrêtant
        CB | $81.95 | 322 pages | 978-1-4331-0489-3                    de le transmettre à leurs enfants. Les résultats obtenus mon-
     With more than one hundred-fifty books and three hun-             trent pourtant qu’elles s’avèrent être, à l’inverse, de farouch-
     dred published articles on proverb studies that have attract-     es gardiennes du parler traditionnel grâce entre partie à leur
     ed wide attention of folklorists around the world, it is little   exceptionnelle habilité à l’accommodation stylistique face à
     wonder that international scholars look upon Wolfgang             diverses situations de communication.
     Mieder as the modern-day Pied Piper of paremiology. For                Tous les lecteurs pourront ainsi découvrir et mieux
     this festschrift, some of the world’s leading proverb and         comprendre les mécanismes linguistiques et sociaux qui ont
     folklore scholars have come together to commemorate               permis à cette variété de français unique de parvenir intacte
     Mieder’s sixty-fifth birthday. Authors from Russia, Eastern       jusqu’à nous.
                              and Western Europe, Israel, and the
                              United States have contributed           “Yes We Can”
                              essays representative of the scope       Barack Obama’s Proverbial Rhetoric
                              and breadth of Mieder’s own impres-
                                                                          By Wolfgang Mieder
                              sive scholarship. The Proverbial “Pied
                                                                          PB | $32.95 | 368 pages | 978-1-4331-0667-5
                              Piper” honors Wolfgang Mieder’s
                                                                          HC | $99.95 | 978-1-4331-0668-2
                              legendary contributions to the study
                              of proverbs and contains new schol-      As President Barack Obama outlined his promise for change
                              arship by some of the best paremiol-     during the presidential campaign, he made effective use of
                              ogists in the world.                     proverbs and proverbial phrases, and invented many quot-
                                                                       able epithets that have all the makings of future proverbs.
                                                                       This book examines how Obama’s natural and authentic
                                                                       reliance on traditional metaphors enhances his impressive
                                                                       rhetoric, rather than reducing it to mere sound bites.
                                                                       Proverbs, with their often colorful metaphors, add expres-
                                                                       siveness and emotion to his communications, giving people

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                                                                                                                liTeR ATuRe            31
                            the opportunity to follow his prag-       may not be conscious of the social or psychological signifi-
                            matic or philosophical arguments          cance of these signs, they are the stealth aspect of conversa-
                            through common language. No mat-          tion. One goal of this book is to demonstrate that address,
                            ter the subject, Obama’s prose con-       self-disclosure, seating, eye contact, and touch are the five
                            tains metaphorical language that          vital signs of conversation. Another goal of this book is to
                            makes his rhetoric and oratory uni-       increase the reader’s awareness of the fact that whatever the
                            versally accessible.                      topic of a conversation, interlocutors are also expressing
                                  This book contains detailed         their attitudes and emotions by means of these five vital
                             analyses of the proverbial rhetoric in   signs. A final goal is to show the reader that the use of these
                             Obama’s books Dreams from My             signs varies with ethnicity, gender, and relationship. To
                             Father (1995) and The Audacity of        accomplish these goals, this book provides relevant scientific
                             Hope (2006). A section looks at his      information in a popular style that makes it accessible to a
                             proverbial language in 229 speeches,     broad-spectrum of readers concerned with interpersonal
                             news conferences, interviews, and        communication.
                             radio addresses, and the final section
     presents in-depth studies of his seven most significant          Versatility in Versification
     addresses. It includes a comprehensive contextualized index      Multidisciplinary Approaches to Metrics
     of 1714 proverbial texts found within the writings and
                                                                         Edited by Tonya Kim Dewey & Frog
     speeches from Obama’s political beginnings to his memora-
                                                                         CB | $81.95 | 314 pages | 978-1-4331-0578-4
     ble inaugural address.
                                                                         Berkeley Insights in Linguistics and Semiotics; 74
                                                                      Versatility in Versification grew out of an international con-
     Translating Contemporary Mexican Texts                           ference organized by the University of Iceland and the
     Fidelity to Alterity                                             Nordic Society for Metrical Studies and held at Reykholt,
         By Anna Maria D’Amore                                        Iceland, the thirteenth-century home of Snorri Sturluson.
         CB | $74.95 | 260 pages | 978-1-4331-0499-2                  Although medieval Icelandic poetic culture was highlighted
         Berkeley Insights in Linguistics and Semiotics; 73           at the conference, the range of subjects remained diverse
     Translating Contemporary Mexican Texts: Fidelity to Alterity     and discussion became dynamic. Similarly, this volume
     addresses an area of research that has received little if any    brings together the work of a broad range of scholars who
     attention in translation theory: the translation into English    embark on a discourse across disciplines, addressing aspects
     of contact neologisms and code-switching in Mexican              of poetry and poetics within the Germanic language family
     Spanish. The translator of Mexican texts is invited to review    in particular. The subjects range from runic metrical
     the historical background and the sociopolitical and linguis-    inscriptions to literature and poetics of the modern day, the
     tic factors that have led to the emergence of new varieties of   medieval period becoming a nexus of attention through
     English and Spanish, in particular the mixed varieties and       which the various subjects in this historical scope are inter-
     code-switching common to parts of Mexico and the United          woven and united. Approaches range from theoretical lin-
     States, often known collectively as Spanglish. Since transla-    guistics and generative metrics to cognitive theory and folk-
     tion should not consist of effacing the Other, Translating       loristics. The discourse initiated at the conference has both
     Contemporary Mexican Texts provides conceptual tools and         continued and expanded during this volume’s evolution,
     practical advice for carrying out foreignizing translations      and it has significantly enriched the development of the
     that allow for a degree of preservation of linguistic and cul-   individual chapters, which variously treat meters, their rela-
     tural differences through the employment of heterogeneous        tionships to language, and poetics in application. These
     discourse.                                                       diverse subjects and approaches form remarkable constella-
                                                                      tions of complementary relationships and continue to
                                                                      engage in a discourse to the immense benefit of the reader.
     The Five Vital Signs of Conversation
     Address, Self-Disclosure, Seating, Eye-Contact, and
         By Norman Markel
         CB | $60.95 | 120 pages | 978-1-4331-0736-8
         Berkeley Insights in Linguistics and Semiotics; 75
     How we address people, where we sit, what we disclose
     about ourselves, how we make eye contact, where and when
     we touch are signs of attitudes and emotions. Because we

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32    HiSToRY

                                                                     German period generally was marked by harsh laws and
                                                                     punishments, arbitrary and excessive taxation, and resis-
                                               HistoRy               tance to the colonial administration. Present-day oral histo-
                                                                     rians in Ghana, however, remember German rule in mostly
     The Russian Protocols of Zion in Japan                          positive ways, recalling the era as one of “honesty,” “order,”
     Yudayaka/Jewish Peril Propaganda and Debates in                 and “discipline.” In contrasting these memories with written
     the 1920s                                                       accounts – some extolling German Togoland as a “model
                                                                     colony” and others condemning it as a violent regime per-
        By Jacob Kovalio
                                                                     sistently opposed – Laumann argues that oral history not
        CB | $60.95 | 132 pages | 978-1-4331-0609-5
                                                                     only provides African perspectives on the colonial era, but
        Asian Thought and Culture; 64
                                                                     conveys issues and themes often missing in the archival
     This work is about the swift process of acculturation of        sources. Remembering the Germans in Ghana presents this
     antisemitism in Japan—a Shintoist/Buddhist society with         oral history, examines its historical development and con-
     no Jews—in the decade following the First World War due         temporary expression, and investigates its relationship to the
                            to the impact of The Protocols of the    formation of ethnic and regional identities in Ghana. These
                            Elders of Zion. Major Japanese pri-      memories are further contextualized in an innovative analy-
                            mary sources related to the subject      sis of the function of “German Scholars” – local oral histo-
                            are introduced in detail and analyzed    rians known for their expertise on the German period – the
                            in the book for the first time in any    public performance of oral history, and the remains and
                            language: the 1921 Imai Tokio–           reminders of the German past in today’s central Volta
                            Yoshino Sakuzō impromptu debate,         Region. Laumann also offers a critical discussion of the
                            Higuchi Tsuyanoske’s best-seller         methodology of collecting oral history on colonialism.
                            Yudayaka [The Jewish Peril], the
                            March 1929 roundtable on the
                                                                     genesis of the Rising 1912-1916
                            “Jewish Problem” organized by the
                            Heibon publishing house, and writ-
                                                                     A Transformation of Nationalist Opinion
                            ings by Ariga Seika, Soebe                  By Christopher M. Kennedy
                            Inchinoske, Yamanaka Minetarō,              CB | $81.95 | 326 pages | 978-1-4331-0500-5
                            Kinoshta Masao, and others. This is         Irish Studies; 10
                            also the case with most materials        The Easter Rising of 1916 had a lasting effect upon Ireland,
                            mentioned in the section on              with many viewing it as a watershed in the history of mod-
     Japanese awareness of antisemitism before and during the        ern Ireland and concurring with Yeats that a “terrible beauty
     First World War. In addition, the author proposes, defines,     was born.” Seeking to clarify the state of nationalist opinion
     and demonstrates the applicability of the term “Conspiracy      in the period before the Rising, Genesis of the Rising is as
     and Scapegoating Antisemitism” to both non-Japanese and         much an undertaking in social psychology as it is a social
     Japanese milieux.                                               and political history. It strives to
                                                                     debunk many longstanding theories,
     Aspects of governing the Finns                                  most significantly the turning of the
        By George Maude                                              tide thesis, which asserts that British
        CB | 978-1-4331-0713-9                                       blunders in the wake of the failed
        Studies in Modern European History; 66                       Rising turned the tide in public opin-
                                                                     ion toward the course envisioned by
     In this work, the author surveys the impact on Finland of       the Rebels. Genesis of the Rising con-
     certain domestic and international forces, both political and   tends that as early as 1912, with the
     economic. The survey extends from the revolution of 1918        introduction of the Third Home Rule
     to the present-day uneasy form of an ever-encroaching           Bill, through the start of the Great
     capitalism.                                                     War, and right up to Easter 1916, the
                                                                     tide in nationalist opinion had been
     Remembering the germans in ghana                                turning, albeit silently, and that the
        By Dennis Laumann                                            Rising was a catalytic force that accel-
        CB | 978-0-8204-8621-5                                       erated an already ongoing process. It reveals a dichotomy in
        Society and Politics in Africa; 16                           nationalist opinion between covert views and misleading,
                                                                     overt opinion when it suggests that it was the Rising and
     The central Volta Region of eastern Ghana was part of the
                                                                     the executions that subsequently forced nationalist opinion
     German Togoland colony from roughly 1884 to 1914. The

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                                                                                                                      HiSTo RY          33
     to show its true colors. In effect, the tide had begun to turn      the First World War, the Soviet state was plunged immedi-
     long before Easter 1916; and constitutional nationalism, as         ately into a civil war which included foreign intervention by
     represented by the Third Home Rule Bill and the Irish               American, British, French, Japanese, and Czech soldiers.
     Parliamentary Party, was giving way to some aspect of phys-         The fires had not yet been extinguished when conflict with
     ical-force nationalism.                                             Poland further threatened its existence. Pragmatism vied
                                                                         with ideology, as the Soviets mobilized the population to
                                                                         unheard of levels through fundamental reforms, simply to
     French investment in Colonial Cameroon
                                                                         survive these early years of revolution and war.
     The FIDES Era (1946-1957)
         By Martin Atangana
         CB | $65.95 | 194 pages | 978-1-4331-0464-0                     Media, nASA, and America’s Quest for the
         Society and Politics in Africa; 20                              Moon
                                                                            By Harlen Makemson
     French Investment in Colonial Cameroon: The FIDES Era
                                                                            CB | $74.95 | 272 pages | 978-1-4331-0300-1
     (1946–1957) analyzes French investments in Cameroon
                                                                            Mediating American History; 4
     during the era of the program for the development of
     French colonies known as FIDES. It offers not only a                When Apollo 11 landed on the moon
     description of the economic structures of colonial                  in July 1969, it capped not only the
                              Cameroon, but also an analysis of          most remarkable engineering feat in
                              French public and private investment       history, but also a decade-long battle
                              in Cameroon, the Franco-                   over how much access the press and
                              Cameroonian economic and financial         public should have to the manned
                              relationship, the contribution of          space program. Now, forty years after
                              Cameroon to the dynamics of French         an awed world watched Neil
                              capitalism, and the role played by         Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin bounce
                              French capitalism in the economic          across the surface of the moon, this
                              development of Cameroon. It is par-        book tells the behind-the-scenes story
                              ticularly useful for its detailed finan-   of how NASA and the U.S. media
                              cial evaluation and assessment of the      were often at odds, but ultimately
                              various effects of FIDES investment        showed extraordinary cooperation in
                              in Cameroon and includes numerous          bringing the story of lunar conquest
                              tables and figures. French Investment      to the world. Drawing upon rich historical sources from
                              in Colonial Cameroon: The FIDES            NASA, journalists, and television networks, this book sheds
                              Era (1946–1957) is based on a vari-        new light on how media shaped how we saw America’s great
     ety of sources collected in Cameroon, France, and the               adventure in space, and raises contemporary questions
     United States and will be useful for instructors teaching           about the role of information in a free society.
     courses related to colonial, modern, or contemporary
     Africa, the economic history of Africa, and French colonial         A Dubious Science
     history, and to all interested in these subjects.                   Political Economy and the Social Question in 19th-
                                                                         Century France
     Reform in Revolutionary Times                                          By Elizabeth M. Sage
     The Civil-Military Relationship in Early Soviet Russia                 CB | $68.95 | 184 pages | 978-1-4331-0630-9
         By Vasilis Vourkoutiotis                                           Studies in Modern European History; 65
         CB | $73.95 | 220 pages | 978-1-4331-0210-3                     A Dubious Science tells the story of nineteenth-century
         Studies in Modern European History; 59                          French political economy, an academic discipline that
     How does a state effectively mobilize its citizens for armed        aspired to the status and authority of a “hard” science
     conflict? Why do citizens allow themselves to be placed in          alongside such disciplines as physics and chemistry. It
     harm’s way? The military relationship between the state and         chronicles political economists’ encounter with “the social
     its citizens, in terms of rights and obligations, remains as        question”—all those unexpected social consequences of
     important today as it did when Europe first moved from              nineteenth-century industrialization—which offered con-
     under the shadow of the Ancien Régime. Reform in                    crete evidence that industrial capitalism showed few signs of
     Revolutionary Times explores the evolution of the civil-mil-        guaranteeing happiness and economic success to all produc-
     itary relationship during one of the more unique periods of         tive members of society. The social question forced econo-
     modern European history. Born through revolution during             mists to admit that their theoretical assumptions were not

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34    HiSToRY

     working in practice the way they were supposed to in theo-       and students interested in architectural, urban, and social
     ry and to confront the possibility that their science might      trends in twentieth-century France.
     be less certain than they had believed. This book explores
     the relationship between the unexpected socio-economic
                                                                      Circles of Resistance
     realities of an industrializing society and the disciplinary
                                                                      Jewish, Leftist, and Youth Dissidence in Nazi
     formation and self-protection of an aspiring human science,
     and it links political economy’s aspirations to governmental-
     ity, that peculiarly modern type of power explored by               By John M. Cox
     Michel Foucault. Like other “dubious” human sciences dur-           CB | $72.95 | 214 pages | 978-1-4331-0557-9
     ing the nineteenth century, French political economy was            Studies in Modern European History; 62
     embroiled in a network of interventionist strategies, admin-     Circles of Resistance: Jewish, Leftist, and Youth Dissidence
     istered both from inside and outside the state, designed to      in Nazi Germany analyzes resistance networks of young
     produce docile bodies, obedient souls, and a content and         German Jews and other young dissidents during the Nazi
     productive population. A Dubious Science should prove            dictatorship. Young German-Jewish radicals created an
     valuable in courses on economic thought and its history;         intellectually and politically vibrant subculture in Berlin,
     the history of the human sciences; the history and sociology     the geographical focus of this study. The youths analyzed
     of the professions; as well as the broader history of            here were reacting not only to Nazi oppression: they were
     European industrialization and its consequences.                 also driven to develop new modes of action and politics by
                                                                      their estrangement not only from German society, but also
     French urban Planning, 1940-1968                                 from the traditional left parties and their post-1933 under-
     The Construction and Deconstruction of an                        ground organizations, and even from large segments of
     Authoritarian System                                             Berlin’s Jewish community, where radical activism was often
                                                                      regarded as counter-productive and needlessly provocative.
        By W. Brian Newsome                                           At the center of this study are the Herbert Baum groups,
        CB | $76.95 | 268 pages | 978-1-4331-0400-8                   led by members of Germany’s Communist Party (KPD).
        Studies in Modern European History; 61                        While the Baum groups were the largest, they were but one
     French Urban Planning 1940–1968 explores the creation            of several resistance operations that were situated partially
     and progressive dismantling of France’s centralized, authori-    within the milieu created by Communists, Socialists,
     tarian system of urban and architectural planning.               Trotskyists, and radical Jewish youths. Based on archival
     Established in the wake of World War II to facilitate the        research in Germany, Paris, Amsterdam, and Jerusalem, and
     reconstruction and expansion of cities, this planning pro-       interviews with veterans of the anti-Nazi resistance, Circles
     gram led to the evolution of large suburban housing estates      of Resistance analyzes the overlap of these diverse social and
     plagued by inter/intra family conflict, juvenile delinquency,    political dimensions among dissident circles and offers a
     and other social difficulties, which sociologists connected to   reconsideration of traditional thinking on leftist and Jewish
     poor planning and design. Critics began calling for the          resistance and youth subcultures of the Third Reich. Circles
     democratization of planning to remedy design problems,           of Resistance will be useful for undergraduate as well as
     and the government of Charles de Gaulle started reforming        graduate courses on Jewish history, Nazi Germany, and the
                             planning procedures in the late          Holocaust, as well as courses devoted to the history of
                             1950s and early 1960s. This book         European socialism.
                             moves beyond technical and political
                             issues to explore forces of religion,
                                                                      An environmental History of Postcolonial north
                             gender, and class that affected plan-
                             ning practices. Key critics and state
                                                                      The Himalayan Tarai in Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal
                             officials emerged from the Catholic
                             Left. Some were women from work-            By Eric A. Strahorn
                             ing-class backgrounds, and they             CB | $67.95 | 182 pages | 978-1-4331-0580-7
                             manipulated gender stereotypes to           Postcolonial Studies; 2
                             insert working- and middle-class         An Environmental History of Postcolonial North India is a
                             women into the design process.           study of an increasingly important part of the Indian land-
                             Sometimes in opposition, but often       scape. It examines the social process of accelerated land use
                             together, these reformers initiated      as it has been affected by political and epidemiological fac-
                             the most significant change of archi-    tors and pays particular attention to the shifting representa-
     tectural and urban planning until the introduction of            tions of the landscape. As a contribution to the literature of
     François Mitterrand’s decentralization reforms in the 1980s.     the environmental history of India, this book examines the
     French Urban Planning 1940–1968 will appeal to scholars

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                                                                                                                PHiloSoPHY              35
     questions of agricultural colonization, wildlife conservation,    invasions (between 1204 and 1757) was the Islamization of
     and disease control.                                              Bengal. Often there were conflicts between Sanskritization
                                                                       and Islamization. Then, Bengal became a British colony in
                                                                       1757. Colonization of Bengal in British India led to a pro-
     Women’s Concerns
                                                                       cess of Anglicization. This Anglicization created a new mid-
     Twelve Women Entrepreneurs of the Eighteenth and
                                                                       dle class in Bengal which, in turn, created a form of elitism
     Nineteenth Centuries
                                                                       among the Bengali Hindu upper caste. British rule ended in
         By Jill Jepson                                                1947, and since then, Bengali culture has lost its elitist sta-
         CB | $73.95 | 234 pages | 978-1-4331-0423-7                   tus in South Asia and has undergone severe marginalization.
         American University Studies XXVII: Feminist Studies;          One consequence of this marginalization is the emergence
         11                                                            of vigilante groups in both parts of what was Bengal.
     In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, women’s busi-         Political instability and economic insufficiency, as indicated
     nesses—from small local concerns to financial empires—of-         by many quantitative and qualitative indicators, are com-
                            fered women independence, support-         mon. These cultural conditions contribute to pervasive
                            ed their families, and supplied essen-     unemployment, alienation, and instability in the entire
                            tial goods and services to their com-      region.
                            munities and the world. They also
                            contributed to much-needed legal           The Public and Private english-german Schools
                            and social change and set the stage
                                                                       of Baltimore
                            for the female entrepreneurs who
                                                                       1836 to 1914
                            would come later. All this was
                            accomplished despite immense finan-           By Dimitri Katsareas
                            cial barriers, an inequitable legal sys-      CB | 978-0-8204-3386-8
                            tem, and the widely held belief that          New German-American Studies/Neue Deutsch-
                            women had no business in business.            Amerikanische Studien; 13
                            Women’s Concerns explores the lives
                            of twelve women who owned and
                            operated businesses in the eighteenth
                            and nineteenth centuries. It focuses
                            on the ways they created personal                                           P H i lo s o P Hy
     and public identities and managed the contradictions
     between their entrepreneurial ambitions and deeply
                                                                       Paul Ricoeur on Hope
     entrenched attitudes about women’s roles.
                                                                       Expecting the Good
                                                                          By Rebecca K. Huskey
     Designing for Democracy                                              CB | $72.95 | 222 pages | 978-1-4331-0614-9
     Weimar’s New Frankfurt, 1926-1932                                    Phenomenology and Literature; 6
         By Susan Henderson                                            In order to examine fully the nature of human beings, Paul
         CB | 978-1-4331-0587-6 |                                      Ricoeur crossed disciplinary boundaries in his work, mov-
         Studies in Modern European History; 64                        ing from phenomenology to social
                                                                       and political thought, hermeneutics,
     A Story of Ambivalent Modernization in                            and ethics. Running throughout
     Bangladesh and West Bengal                                        Ricoeur’s work—particularly Fallible
     The Rise and Fall of Bengali Elitism in South Asia                Man, Time and Narrative, Oneself as
                                                                       Another, and his shorter pieces on
         By Pranab Chatterjee
                                                                       hermeneutics, ethics, and religion—is
         CB | 978-1-4331-0820-4
                                                                       a theme of the human capacity for
         Asian Thought and Culture; 65
                                                                       hope. According to Ricoeur, hope is a
     This is a monograph about how Bengali culture (in both            capacity of expectation, oriented
     Bangladesh and West Bengal) has evolved since antiquity.          toward some future action, which
     First, the culture evolved as a periphery to Hindu civiliza-      aims at a good for self and others.
     tion based in North India, and was subjected to various           The conditions for the possibility of
     forms of Sanskritization. Then, from 1204 on, there were          hope are the unity and difference that
     invasions after invasions, and one consequence of these           exist within the self in transcendental,

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36    PHiloSoP HY

     practical, and effective realms, and the self ’s ability to nar-   cal polis/city for disputation, rhetoric, performance, cere-
     rate, which is made possible by the self ’s existence within,      mony and the carnivalesque -- for political theory and his-
     and understanding of, time. Our capacity for hope is under-        tory. The second part develops the concept of the “artful
     stood via the symbols of good and evil found in myths and          firm” derived from contemporary firm and management
     sacred writings. Furthermore, hope is not limited to those         theories on “the art firm” and “artful making” to argue for
     who are religious; atheists may be just as hopeful as the          further convergences in related areas of aesthetics and man-
     devout. Exploring the nature of hope in Ricoeur’s work             agement. The volume also begins and ends with essays on
     allows for a greater understanding of hope and a greater           the twin ancient Hellenic concepts of “thalassocracy” and
     ability to cultivate hope in oneself and others.                   “theatrocracy” in their relations to orthodox contemporary
                                                                        theories of political democracy.
     Competing interpretations of Husserl’s noema
     Gurwitsch versus Smith and McIntyre                                The Viennese Socrates
        By Peter M. Chukwu                                              Karl Popper and the Reconstruction of Progressive
        CB | $72.95 | 220 pages | 978-1-4331-0457-2                     Politics
        Phenomenology and Literature; 5                                    By Philip Benesch
                             Edmund Husserl introduces the                 CB | 978-1-4331-0556-2
                             term “noema” in Ideas I in order to           Major Concepts in Politics and Political Theory; 28
                             explicate his theory of intentionality.    The Viennese Socrates: Karl Popper and the Reconstruction
                             Given the ambiguities in Husserl’s         of Progressive Politics examines Popper’s attempt to develop
                             own usage of the noema, it is no           a political theory that draws upon Socratic fallibilism and
                             surprise that the term is the subject      commitment to ethical autonomy while preserving progres-
                             of conflicting interpretations by          sive sociological insights and commitment to activism.
                             scholars. This book undertakes a           Benesch argues that Popper’s critique of Marxist theory is
                             critical assessment of two such inter-     largely an endeavor to separate its progressive-activist core
                             pretations: the gestalt psychological      from its positivist and uncritical-rationalist entanglements.
                             interpretation of Aron Gurwitsch           The author defends Popper against the charges of positivism
                             and the linguistic philosophical           and scientism leveled by the Frankfurt School, among oth-
                             interpretation of the Frege scholars,      ers. While in no sense an apologist for Popper’s commen-
                             David Woodruff Smith and Ronald            tary on the classical tradition of philosophy, Benesch con-
                             McIntyre. The author argues that           tends that Popper’s philosophical contribution is of classical
                             the ambiguities in Ideas I can only        breadth and significance, and that it continues and advances
     be resolved by appeal to Husserl’s other works, especially his     “the great conversation” that is the substance of the classical
     newly published texts and research manuscripts.                    tradition.

     unis vers Cythère                                                  The ontological Status
     Aesthetic-Political Investigations in Polis Thought                of the Transcendental Self
     and the Artful Firm                                                A Comparative Study of Kant and Saîkara
                             By Josef Chytry                               By Ramon Sewnath
                             CB | $75.95 | 274 pages | 978-1-              CB | 978-0-8204-7404-5
                             4331-0732-0                                   Asian Thought and Culture; 59
                             Unis vers Cythère forms a continua-        The Ontological Status of the Transcendental Self: A
                             tion of the ongoing project to dis-        Comparative Study of Kant and Saîkara explores the notion
                             seminate a new faculty of thought          of the transcendental self from a comparative perspective.
                             called cytherics which is defined as       Drawing on the insights of Kant and Saîkara, it considers
                             the sighting and siting of aphrodi-        the different states of consciousness and suggests that
                             sian -- aesthetic-erotic -- environ-       knowledge of original consciousness, as one’s very mode of
                             ments. The volume consists of two          being, is not possible in the reflexive state of consciousness.
                             parts. The first part proposes “polis      It carefully examines the limitations of the reflexive state of
                             thought” as a subdivision for politi-      consciousness and reveals the subtle link between the onto-
                             cal theory which would encourage           logical significance attached to the self and our epistemolog-
                             attention to the polis element -- i.e.     ical assumptions. The book is highly accessible, and the dis-
                             the openness furnished by the classi-      cussion throughout is both instructive and provocative.

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                                                                                                                 PHiloSoPHY              37

     Dialogues Concerning natural numbers                               Pro-Justice ethics
         By Charles Sayward                                             From Lament to Nonviolence
         CB | $69.95 | 138 pages | 978-1-4331-0780-1                       By Richard A. Hughes
                            Dialogues Concerning Natural                   CB | $77.95 | 284 pages | 978-1-4331-0525-8
                            Numbers advances a thesis made sev-            American University Studies V: Philosophy; 205
                            eral years ago by Rudolph Carnap:           Pro-Justice Ethics: From Lament to Nonviolence is an origi-
                            The sentence “There are numbers” is         nal work within Christian social ethics and is based upon
                            a trivial truth if construed as an asser-   the civil rights movement, the philosophy of nonviolence,
                            tion from within mathematics. As            and the biblical lament tradition. The author formulates the
                            such it cannot possibly divide philos-      justice imperative as an ethic of duty and defines justice as
                            ophers of mathematics. It lacks sense       an act of protesting, preventing, and remedying injustices
                            if construed as an assertion outside of     that cause human suffering. Formally, injustice is the viola-
                            mathematics. Unfortunately, the             tion of fairness, equality, and dignity, but in its primal form
                            truth and importance of Carnap’s            injustice is child abuse. Birth and death are discussed from
                            thesis has not been fully appreciated       a justice perspective beyond the dichotomy of pro-life and
                            by philosophers of mathematics. The         pro-choice. Special attention is devoted to the injustices of
                            six dialogues that compose Dialogues        globalization, international human rights abuses, and cor-
                            Concerning Natural Numbers were             porate violations of the natural rights of water in the earth
                            formed to bring attention and praise        commons.
                            to Carnap’s theory.

                                                                        Defining Species
     From Spinoza to lévinas                                            A Sourcebook from Antiquity to Today
     Hermeneutical, Ethical, and Political Issues in Modern
                                                                           By John S. Wilkins
     and Contemporary Jewish Philosophy
                                                                           CB | $74.95 | 238 pages | 978-1-4331-0216-5
         By Ze’ev Levy                                                     American University Studies V: Philosophy; 203
         Edited by Yudit Kornberg Greenberg
                                                                        Defining Species: A Sourcebook from Antiquity to Today
         CB | $69.95 | 198 pages | 978-1-4331-0697-2
                                                                        provides excerpts and commentary on the definition of
         Studies in Judaism; 4
                                                                        “species” from source material ranging from the Greeks,
     In From Spinoza to Lévinas, Ze’ev Levy discusses the pivot-        through the middle ages, to the modern era. It demon-
     al ideas of the most influential Jewish thinkers in modern         strates that the logical meaning of species is in direct con-
     times including Spinoza, Mendelssohn, and Lévinas. Levy            trast to the use of kind terms and concepts in natural histo-
     accounts for the political foundation of the philosophies of       ry and biology, and that the myth that biologists or natural
     Spinoza and Mendelssohn and the role of hermeneutics in            historians were ever essentialists about kinds is mistaken.
     the writings of Spinoza and Maimonides. He traces the his-
     tory of modern philosophical and biblical hermeneutics and
     considers issues pertaining to death and dying in light of         noetics
     traditional Jewish and contemporary concepts of the body              Edited by Cyril Levitt
                             and soul. Finally, Levy focuses on the        CB | 978-1-4331-0762-7
                             thought of Emmanuel Lévinas, argu-
                             ably one of the most important             lev Shestov and Benjamin Fondane
                             Jewish philosophers in the second          Existential Philosophers or Religious Thinkers
                             half of the twentieth century. By
                                                                           By Michael Finkenthal
                             articulating and responding to con-
                                                                           CB | 978-1-4331-0448-0
                             temporary ethical and political chal-
                             lenges and dilemmas, Levy succeeds
                             in contributing to the rich legacy of
                             Jewish thought.

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38    Fine ARTS

                                                                        A History of installation Art and the
                                             Fine aRts                  Development of new Art Forms
                                                                        Technology and the Hermeneutics of Time and
                                                                        Space in Modern and Postmodern Art from Cubism
     Arcadian Waters and Wanton Seas                                    to Installation
     The Iconology of Waterscapes in Nineteenth-Century
     Transatlantic Culture                                                 By Faye Ran
                                                                           CB | $75.95 | 266 pages | 978-1-4331-0519-7
        By Arne Neset
        CB | $67.95 | 296 pages | 978-1-4331-0297-4                     Art mirrors life; life returns the favor.
        American University Studies XIX: General Literature;            How could nineteenth and twentieth
        36                                                              century technologies foster both the
                                                                        change in the world view generally
     The nineteenth century was the great age of landscape              called “postmodernism” and the devel-
     painting in Europe and America. In an era of rapid indus-          opment of new art forms? Scholar and
     trialization and transformation of landscape, pictures of nat-     curator Faye Ran shows how interac-
     ural scenes were what people wanted most to display in             tions of art and technology led to cul-
     their homes. The most popular and marketable pictures,             tural changes and the evolution of
                                often degenerating into kitsch,         Installation art as a genre unto
                                showed a wilderness with a pond or      itself—a fascinating hybrid of expand-
                                a lake in which obtrusive signs of      ed sculpture in terms of context, site,
                                industry and civilization had been      and environment, and expanded the-
                                edited out.                             atre in terms of performer, perfor-
                                      Inspired by Romantic ideas of     mance, and public.
                                the uniqueness of the nation, picto-
                                rial and literary art was supposed to
                                portray the “soul” of the nation and    Proust/Warhol
                                the spirit of place, a view commonly    Analytical Philosophy of Art
                                adopted by cultural and art histori-       By David Carrier
                                ans on both sides of the Atlantic.         CB | $58.95 | 142 pages | 978-1-4331-0433-6
                                Arcadian Waters and Wanton Seas            American University Studies XX: Fine Arts; 37
                                argues that nationalistic or excep-
                                                                        Two of the most important modernist artists, Marcel Proust
                                tionalist interpretations disregard
                                                                        and Andy Warhol, also developed aesthetic theories. Proust
                                deep-rooted iconological traditions
                                                                        presents imaginary artists—a composer, a painter, and a
                                in transatlantic culture. Depictions
                                                                        novelist. Warhol made paintings and sculptures; created art
     and ideas of nature go back to the classical ideas of Arcadia
                                                                        history writing, fiction, and films; and
     and Eden in which fountains, ponds, lakes, rivers, and
                                                                        sponsored a rock group. Warhol most
     finally the sea itself are central elements. Following their
                                                                        likely never read Proust, but because
     European colleagues, American artists typically portrayed
                                                                        their ways of thinking contrast dra-
     the American Arcadia through the classical conventions.
                                                                        matically, much can be learned about
           Arcadian Waters and Wanton Seas adopts the interdis-
                                                                        both men’s art by comparing: the
     ciplinary and comparative methodological perspectives that
                                                                        imaginary painting described by
     characterize American studies. The book draws on art histo-
                                                                        Proust to Warhol’s Marilyn Diptych;
     ry, cultural history, literature, and the study of the produc-
                                                                        the ways that Proust and Warhol
     tion and use of visual images, and will serve well as a text-
                                                                        understand art-making; how Proust
     book for courses on American studies or cultural history of
                                                                        and Warhol define art; and the ways
     the Western world.
                                                                        that Elstir’s studio differs from
                                                                        Warhol’s factory. Also discussed is the
                                                                        relationship of their homosexuality to
                                                                        their art. Proust/Warhol: Analytical
                                                                        Philosophy of Art employs three key
                                                                        intellectual tools: the aesthetic theory of Arthur Danto, the
                                                                        account of Proust by Joshua Landy, and the analysis of the
                                                                        art of living by Alexander Nehamas. Proust/Warhol con-

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                                                                                                           legAl S TuDieS        39
     cludes with a discussion of an issue of particular importance
                                                                      The nigerian legal System
     for Warhol, the relationship between art and fashion.
                                                                      Volume 2: Private Law
                                                                         By Charles Mwalimu
                                                                         CB | $149.95 | 1114 pages | 978-0-8204-7126-6
                                                                      The Nigerian Legal System covers the
                               legal studies                          whole spectrum of Nigerian law and
                                                                      en-compasses source materials and
                                                                      analyzes them in a manner unprece-
     Seeking Viable grassroots Representation                         dented by any work on the Nigerian
     Mechanisms in African Constitutions                              legal system. Volume I, Public Law
     Integration of Indigenous and Modern Systems of                  has thirteen chap-ters on constitu-
     Government in Sub-Saharan Africa                                 tional development, customary law
         By Charles Mwalimu                                           with regards to human rights, and
         CB | $109.95 | 738 pages | 978-1-4331-0782-5                 criminal law and procedure among
                            In this book Charles Mwalimu              others. Volume II has twenty-five
                            explores viable grassroots representa-    chapters on private law that includes
                            tion mechanisms in African constitu-      inheritance and succession, com-mer-
                            tions in order to positively integrate    cial business, trade and investments,
                            indigenous and modern systems in          and intellectual property. Volume III
                            Sub-Saharan Africa. A comparative         focuses on international law.
                            study method is used to examine the
                            constitutional principles of chieftain-
                            cy and local government and their
                            impact on human rights. To establish
                            and prove lack of positive integration                          C o m m u n i C at i o n
                            Mwalimu connects this failure to
                            poor constitutionalism, development
                                                                      Anti and Pro-Social Communication
                            and stultified growth and human
                                                                      Theories, Methods, and Applications
                            rights violations. This book proposes
                            remedial actions to build nondiscrim-        Edited by Terry A. Kinney and Maili Pörhölä
     inatory constitutional regimes eradicating violations of            CB | $69.95 | 218 pages | 978-1-4331-0232-5
     human rights.                                                       Language as Social Action; 6
                                                                      This is an interdisciplinary resource
                                                                      guide for scholars, researchers, gradu-
     Philosophy of law for Africa
                                                                      ate students, and advanced under-
     Volume I: Dynamic Jurisprudential Thought in
                                                                      graduates who study aspects of com-
     Comparative Constitutionalism: Cross Cultural
                                                                      munication and relationships. It
     Governmental Tenets for Sub-Saharan Africa Under
                                                                      brings together essays by an array of
     God: “A Nation Under God” (working title)
                                                                      scholars currently working in the
         By Charles Mwalimu                                           areas of anti and pro-social commu-
         CB | 978-1-4331-0848-8                                       nication to examine the theories,
     Philosophy of Law for Africa, Volumes 1-4 is an in-depth,        methodologies, and applied issues
     four-volume study that sets forth a plan, strategies, and        that define communication research
     solutions to completely eliminate human rights violations        broadly. Each chapter focuses on a
     through the proposed theory of the divinity of God as the        different aspect of communication,
     source of Law. This divinity, in turn, positively impacts the    examining how and why it affects our
     divinity of humanity in the systems of government humani-        perceptions, relationships, health, and
     ty creates. Dr. Mwalimu focuses on the creation of the           social behavior.
     National State of Africa (NSA) as the case study.

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40    CulTuR Al S TuDieS

                                                                         political ideologies: liberalism, nationalism, and Islamism.
     Forging the Bubikopf nation
                                                                         By providing a critical analysis of the work of major Arab
     Journalism, Gender and Modernity in Interwar
                                                                         intellectuals/activists (namely, Abdallah Laroui, Mohamed
                                                                         Abed al-Jabri, and Abdessalam Yassine), Arab Modernities
        By Marina Vujnovic                                               brings together three political ideologies that have hitherto
        CB | $74.95 | 248 pages | 978-1-4331-0628-6                      been considered competing and even incompatible in the
        American University Studies XV: Communications; 5                Arab world. This much-needed intervention is also best
     The era between World Wars I and II set East-Central                understood as an inquiry into one of the central paradoxes
     Europe on a path of a modernization that was opening up             of post-colonial Arab societies (and Middle Eastern societies
                                numerous possibilities for challeng-     more generally): the rise of Islamism and Islamist funda-
                                ing the region’s traditional politics    mentalism at a time when global neo-liberalism has declared
                                and established gender roles. In         “the end of history.” Arab Modernities is a sophisticated
                                interwar Yugoslavia, questions of        attempt to “name” contemporary Islamism and Arab
                                ethnically driven nationalism domi-      nationalism and liberalism—to delineate the social, cultural,
                                nated the public discourse, but the      economic, and political conditions under which they first
                                modernizing processes of industrial-     emerged, evolved, and ultimately failed, and thereby to shed
                                ization and rising consumerism also      light on Arab-Islamic societies at the current historical con-
                                opened up a small public space for       juncture. Arab Modernities argues against facile analyses
                                the development of the women’s           that attribute the rise and subsequent decline of liberalism
                                press. The intuitive and change-driv-    and nationalism, as well as the current rise of Islamism, to
                                en Croatian journalist and novelist      purely cultural, religious, or ideological factors and provides
                                Marija Jurić Zagorka led this parallel   a rigorous, complex materialist critique, where Arab ideolo-
                                and alternative public discourse in      gies of modernity are placed in the context of the particular
                                Yugoslavia’s most popular interwar       historical formation within which they have developed and
                                women’s magazine, Ženski list.           to which they have responded.
     Forging the Bubikopf Nation is a book about this maga-
     zine, its editor, and its readers as well as about the alterna-     le dimore di giorgio Vasari
     tive visions of modernity that they were offering to the               By Liana De Girolami Cheney
     magazine’s readers, both throughout Yugoslavia and within              CB | 978-1-4331-0800-6
     the diasporic communities in the United States and Canada
     during the thirteen years of the magazine’s existence from
     1925–1938. Sensitively written, but researched with great           Haram in the Harem
     methodological rigor and from a range of theoretical per-           Domestic Narratives in India and Algeria
     spectives, this is a must-read book for all of those who are           By Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar
     interested in mass communication, history, gender, and pol-            CB | $62.95 | 132 pages | 978-1-4331-0712-2
     itics and for those who want to better understand this piv-            Postcolonial Studies; 8
     otal time in the history of a highly complex and intriguing
                                                                         Haram in the Harem focuses on the differences in national-
     part of the world.
                                                                         ist discourse regarding women and the way female writers
                                                                         conceptualized the experience of
                                                                         women in three contexts: the middle-
                                                                         class Muslim reform movement, the
                                                                         Algerian Revolution, and the Partition
                       C u lt u R a l s t u d i e s                      of India. During each of these periods
                                                                         the subject of women, their behavior,
     Arab Modernities                                                    bodies, and dress were discussed by
     Islamism, Nationalism, and Liberalism in the Post-                  male scholars, politicians, and revolu-
     Colonial Arab World                                                 tionaries. The resonating theme
                                                                         amongst these disparate events is that
        By Jaafar Aksikas                                                women were believed to be best pro-
        PB | $37.95 | 192 pages | 978-1-4331-0534-0                      tected when they were ensconced
        Postcolonial Studies; 1                                          within their homes and governed by
     Arab Modernities is a critical interrogation of some of the         their families, particularly male
     ideologies of so-called modernity and modernization in the          authority, whether they were fathers,
     post-colonial Arab world, with a specific focus on three            brothers, or husbands. The threat to

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                                                                                                      CulTuR A l STuDieS               41
     national identity was often linked to the preservation of
                                                                      Media and the Apocalypse
     womanly purity. Yet for the writers of this study, Ismat
                                                                         Edited by Kylo-Patrick R. Hart & Annette M. Holba
     Chughtai (1915–1991), Assia Djebar (1936–), and Khadija
                                                                         CB | $89.95 | 224 pages | 978-1-4331-0419-0
     Mastur (1927–1982), the danger to women was not in the
     public sphere but embedded within a domestic hierarchy           Responding to a plethora of media
     enforced by male privilege. In their fictional texts, each       representing end times, this antholo-
     writer shows how women resist, subvert, and challenge the        gy of essays examines pop culture’s
     normative behaviors prescribed in masculine discourse. In        fascination with end of the world or
     their writings they highlight the different ways women           apocalyptic narratives. Essays discuss
     negotiated private spaces between intersecting masculine         films and made-for-television mov-
     hegemonies of power including colonialism and native             ies—including Deep Impact, The
     patriarchy. They demonstrate distinct literary viewpoints of     Core, and The Day After Tomorrow—
     nation, home, and women’s experiences at particular histori-     that feature primarily [hu]man-made
     cal moments. The choice of these various texts reveals how       catastrophes or natural catastrophes.
     fiction provided a safe space for female writers to contest      These representations complement
     traditional systems of power. Bringing into focus the voices     the large amount of mediated litera-
     and experiences of women—who existed as limited cultural         ture and films on religious perspec-
     icons in the nationalist discourse—is a common theme             tives of the apocalypse, the Left
     throughout the selected stories. This book showcases the         Behind series, and other films/books
     fluidity of literature as a response to the intersections of     that deal with prophecy from the
     gender, race, and nation.                                        Book of Revelation in the Bible. This book will be useful in
                                                                      upper-level undergraduate/graduate courses addressing mass
                                                                      media, film and television studies, popular culture, rhetori-
     gambling and gender                                              cal criticism, and special/advanced topics. In addition, the
     Men and Women at Play                                            book will be of interest to scholars and students in disci-
         Edited by Deborah K. Phillips & Vicki A. Wilson              plines including anthropology, history, psychology, sociolo-
         CB | $66.95 | 184 pages | 978-1-4331-0522-7                  gy, and religious studies.
     There are two distinct strands in the literature on gambling:
     one that focuses on how to play and win the various games        Partisan Sex
     of chance and one that focuses on gambling compulsion            Bodies, Politics, and the Law in the Clinton Era
     and addiction. Gambling and Gender forges a new direc-
                                                                         By Fedwa Malti-Douglas
                            tion, studying gambling as more
                                                                         CB | $79.95 | 216 pages | 978-1-4331-0542-5
                            communication than compulsion,
                                                                         Major Concepts in Politics and Political Theory; 27
                            more recreation than deviance, more
                            sociology than psychology. Within         Sex, politics, and the law characterized the Clinton era,
                            that framework it seeks to explore        which began with the emergence of Bill Clinton as a presi-
                            several aspects of gender: How do the     dential candidate with a train of sex scandals and ended
                            gambling behaviors of men and             with the attacks of September 11, 2001. The Monica
                            women differ? How have women              Lewinsky affair was the climax of the phenomenon, and the
                            adapted to and/or changed the his-        resulting scandal had far-reaching effects. Politics became
                            torically male dominance of the gam-      the language and the means for battles over sex. Sex and
                            bling arena? What gambling activities     politics became metaphors for each other as American soci-
                            have women claimed as their own           ety struggled to come to terms with its sexual and political
                            and used to develop uniquely female       anxieties. Partisan Sex: Bodies, Politics, and the Law in the
                            relationships? How have recent trends     Clinton Era explores the high-cultural anxieties of the left
                            in technology and mass media              and the masculinity hang-ups of the right, the exploitation
                            changed the ways in which men and         of romance imagery and hot sauce bottles, the obsessions
                            women claim—or reject—their gen-          with Hillary Clinton’s breakfasts, and the rise of a society of
     der identities? The authors use a variety of research strate-    voyeurs.
     gies, including content analysis, survey research, interviews,
     and participative observation, to shed new light on this fas-
     cinating subject and to suggest ways to explore it further.

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Introducing several new series !!

         Postcolonial studies                                 edited by: maria C. Zamora

The Postcolonial Studies series will explore the enormous variety        books informed by a variety of theoretical perspectives. While
and richness in postcolonial culture and transnational literatures.      seeking the highest standards of scholarship, the Postcolonial Studies
The series aims to publish work which explores various facets of         series is thus a broad forum for the interrogation of textual, cultural
the legacy of colonialism including: imperialism, nationalism,           and political postcolonialisms. The series welcomes both individually
representation and resistance, neocolonialism, diaspora,                 authored and collaboratively authored books and monographs as
displacement and migratory identities, cultural hybridity,               well as edited collections of essays.
transculturation, exile, and geographical and metaphorical                    Areas explored in this exciting new series include:
borderlands. This series does not define its attentions to any single    HistoRy :: CultuRal studies :: liteRatuRe
place, region, or disciplinary approach, and we are interested in

Bible in the Christian orthodox Tradition                                            edited by: Vahan Hovhanessian

This series aims at exploring and evaluating the various aspects         in critical examination of issues raised by contemporary biblical
of biblical traditions as studied, understood, taught, and lived         research. Scholars in the fields of biblical text, manuscripts, canon,
in the Christian communities that spoke and wrote—and some               hermeneutics, theology, lectionary, Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha
continue speaking and writing—in the Aramaic, Arabic, Armenian,          will have an enormous opportunity to share their academic
Coptic, Georgian, Romanian, Syriac, and other languages of the           findings with a worldwide audience. Manuscripts and dissertations,
Orthodox family of churches. A particular focus of this series is the    incorporating a variety of approaches and methodologies to studying
incorporation of the various methodologies and hermeneutics used         the Bible in the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox traditions—
for centuries in these Christian communities, into the contemporary      including, but not limited to, theological, historiographic,
critical approaches, in order to shed light on understanding the         philological and literary—are welcome.
message of the Bible. Each monograph in the series will engage

         galician studies                            edited by: Kathleen march

Galician Studies serves as a forum for specialists in Galicia, one of    interdisciplinary and may address cultural productivity in Galician,
the autonomous regions and one of four historical nationalities of       Spanish and Portuguese languages, or others that are directly relevant
Spain. Titles in this series may cover social, political, historical,    to the understanding of the past, present, and future of Galicia.
literary, music, art, and linguistic themes. Approaches may be

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  44          AuTHoR inDex

                                         au t H o R i n d e x
Addai-Mensah, Peter               8    Ferrara, Mark S.               14     Lacey, R. Kevin                19    Purdy, Vernon L.                10
Agnieszka Gutthy,                      Filou, Mary Boufis             23     Laist, Randy                   25    Rajakumar, Mohanalakshmi 40
  Agnieszka                      16    Finkenthal, Michael            37     Lambert, Carole J.              6    Ran, Faye                       38
Ahmad, Hena                      12    Fleteren, Frederick Van        15     Lams, Victor J.                26    Rauch, Irmengard                29
Akli, Madalina                   20    Forster, Thomas R. V.            8    Laumann, Dennis                32    Riegner, Irene E.                2
Aksikas, Jaafar                  40    Freeman, Cameron                 5    Leeney, Cathy                  28    Ritscher, Lee A.                29
Al-Dabbagh, Abdulla              12    Frog                           31     Leon, Carole E.                13    Sage, Elizabeth M.              33
Altobello, Robert                11    Gâcon, Gérard                  13     Levitt, Cyril                  37    Salmon, Carole                  30
Ara, Mitra                        6    García-Alfonso, Cristina         1    Levy, Ze’ev                    37    Saloman, Ora Frishberg          19
Assadi, Jamal                13, 14    Garland, Leah                  28     Lewis, Terrance L.             26    Sammons, Jeffrey L.             16
Atangana, Martin                 33    Ghillebaert, Françoise         18     Ligon, Alison D.               22    Sayward, Charles                37
Aubert, Bernard                   4    Granada, Gloria Melgarejo      18     Long, Pamela H.                20    Schulte, Hans                   17
Baldwin, Clinton S.               5    Gray, Ronald R.                14     Lussier, Mark                  26    Sewnath, Ramon                  36
Beck, Norman A.                   1    Green, Raquel Atena            21     Majumdar, Gaurav               13    Shecktor, Shecktor              15
Behar, Sonia                     22    Greenberg, L. Arik               3    Makemson, Harlen               33    Shepherd, Michael B.             1
Benesch, Philip                  36    Greenberg, Yudit Kornberg 37          Mali, Joseph F.                 4    Six-Means, Horace               11
Bijon, Béatrice                  13    Guevara, Rigoberto             23     Maloney, Les D.                 4    Starkey, A. Denise               9
Boldt-Irons, Leslie              14    Hardman, Ben                     9    Malti-Douglas, Fedwa           41    Strahorn, Eric A.               34
Brown-Rose, J. A.                24    Hart, Kylo-Patrick R.          41     Markel, Norman                 31    Street, James M.                 4
Carrier, David                   38    Heininge, Kathleen             29     Maude, George                  32    Sweeney, Sylvia A.               6
Chambers, Robert                 14    Henderson, Susan               35     Mayama, Alain                  11    Teixidor, Sandrine              17
Chandarlapaty, Raj               27    Hepner, Gershon W.               5    McFadden, Cybelle              17    Theis, Mary E.                  20
Chapple, Gerald                  17    Hilberg, Nathan S.               7    McKenna, Kevin J.              30    Thomas, James                   29
Chatterjee, Pranab               35    Holba, Annette M.              41     Mieder, Wolfgang               30    Townshend, Todd                  7
Chukwu, Peter M.                 36    Hovhanessian, Vahan S.           1    Miguel-Pueyo, Carlos           19    Vanderbilt, Gregory             10
Chytry, Josef                    36    Hsiung, Yuwen                  29     Min, Jeong Kii                  9    Virgulti, Ernesto               14
Cocozzella, Peter                17    Hughes, Richard A              37     Moore, Anne                     3    Visscher, Gerhard H.             3
Colón, Christine A.              27    Huskey, Rebecca K.             35     Mwalimu, Charles               39    Vogel, Winfried                  2
Coropceanu, Lilia                18    Ishida, Yoriko                 25     Myrsiades, Kostas              15    Vourkoutiotis, Vasilis          33
Coury, Ralph M.                  19    James, William                 23     Narayan, Gaura Shankar         25    Vujnovic, Marina                40
Cox, John M.                     34    Jepson, Jill                   35     Neset, Arne                    38    Wallace, Daniel B.               5
Crider, Scott F.                 27    Julio González-Ruiz, Julio     18     Newsome, W. Brian              34    Walter, Hugo G.                 24
Crispin, Ruth Katz               21    Kamada, Roy Osamu              13     Nicholas, Dean Andrew           2    Wamagatta, Evanson N.            8
D’Amore, Anna Maria              31    Kappeler III, Warren A.          5    Nordling, Cherith Fee           7    Watkins, Steven R.              24
Dawley, Edward                   19    Katsareas, Dimitri             35     Peden, W. Creighton             8    Weagel, Deborah                 15
De Girolami Cheney, Liana        40    Kennedy, Christopher M.        32     Pennington, Eric W.            28    Weaver III, Donald K.           12
Dewey, Tonya Kim                 31    Kennedy, Rebecca Futo          15     Pérez-Abadín Barro, Soledad 21       Wilkins, John S.                37
Drob, Sanford L.                  7    Kenzo, Mabiala                        Peterson, Nadya L.             16    Wilson, Vicki A.                41
Edwards, Richard M.               2      Justin-Robert                10     Phillips, Deborah K.           41    Wirshing, Irene                 22
Eisenhauer, Robert               11    Kinney, Terry A.               39     Pitcher, Jonathan              22    Wuchina, Douglas                28
Federici, Corrado                14    Kovalio, Jacob                 32     Pörhölä, Maili                 39    Zichy, Francis                  25

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