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									     Spa and Hospitality
     Management Certificate Program

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Spa and Hospitality Management                             Who Should Attend
Certificate Program                                        • Individuals entering the spa business
UC Irvine Extension’s Spa and Hospitality Management       • Spa owners, directors and practitioners
Certificate Program offers comprehensive training from     • Health, wellness, medical and fitness professionals
leading spa industry experts. Coursework teaches           • Business professionals and entrepreneurs entering
students business management, marketing, retailing           the industry
and operations. Students will learn the necessary skills   • Spa product developers and manufacturers
for successful day-to-day operations of a spa as well
as the latest business and marketing strategies for
sustained growth and profitability in this constantly
evolving industry.
                                                            Transfer Credit Options
                                                            University of Houston, Conrad N. Hilton College of
                                                            Hotel & Restaurant Management

                                                            Students who complete the Spa & Hospitality
                                                            Management Certificate Program are eligible to
                                                            transfer into the University of Houston’s Bachelor of
Program Benefits                                            Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management degree
1. Acquire conceptual skills in all aspects of business     program with 10 undergraduate semester credit
   planning and development required to open a spa,         hours!
   manage day-to-day operations, and position the spa       Consistently ranked one of the world’s finest
   for future growth.                                       hospitality programs, the Conrad N. Hilton College
2. Develop strategic planning skills to design your busi-   offers a combination of academic choice, research
   ness model and marketing plan based upon industry        opportunities and industry connections that prepare
   analysis and targeted market research.                   students to increase their learning potential in the
                                                            highly competitive spa and hospitality industry.
3. Learn how to develop an integrated service culture
   that supports profitability, employee retention, and     Royal Melbourne Institute
   high customer loyalty.                                   of Technology (RMIT)
Certificate Requirements                                    UC Irvine Extension has solidified an articulation
A certificate is awarded upon completion of five            agreement with the Royal Melbourne Institute of
required courses and two elective courses (a total of       Technology (RMIT). Students who complete the
15 units) with a grade of “C” or better. Students not       Spa & Hospitality Management certificate program
pursuing the certificate program are welcome to             can also transfer credits into RMIT’s online Master
take as many individual courses as they wish.               of Wellness program.
                                                            The program offers postgraduate pathways for
                                                            people wishing to develop skills in health
Free Quarterly Webinar
                                                            enhancement, nutrition, fitness, manual therapies,
A free education planning webinar is offered                counseling, conventional and complementary
quarterly and is packed with information about the          medicine as well as management and business
spa program, courses being offered in upcoming              practices. Graduates can expect to be highly sought
quarters, spa industry tips and career planning             after as managers or practitioners in the spa, resort
resources available to you through UC Irvine Extension.     and hospitality industries, as well as the primary
                                                            healthcare and health promotion sectors.
Visit to view
the webinar schedule, enroll in an upcoming free            Group Discounts
event or register to view previous webinar recordings.
                                                            Discounts are available for groups of three or more.
ENDORSED BY                                                 Please call (949) 824-9304 or email
                                                            for more information.

                                                            On-site Training
                                                            UC Irvine Extension can provide individual courses or
                                                            the entire spa certificate program at your facility.
For more information:                                       Please call (949) 824-9304 or email
Angela Jeantet                                              for further details.
Director, Spa Program
(949) 824-9304
Required Courses                                            Elective Courses
Introduction to the Spa Industry, Services and              Spa Retail Management
                                                            MGMT 426.41 (1.5 units)
MGMT 426.1 (2.5 units)                                      Focus on the issues related to spa retail management,
Explore the evolution of the spa industry from ancient      the necessary retail mix, as well as the importance of
civilizations to new frontiers of convergence integrating   the staffing and training of the retail team. Additional
spas, medicine, healthcare, tourism and hospitality.        topics include solid strategies and tactics to develop a
Discuss current business models and future trends           clear and precise retail plan along with the process for
along with the definition and market segmentation of        immediate implementation.
spa categories including day, resort, medical, destina-
tion, hospital, and lifestyle management programs.          Customer Engagement Management in the Spa
Introduction to Spa and Hospitality Operations              MGMT 426.21 (1.5 units)
MGMT 426.2 (2.5 units)                                      Focus on the key customer service success factors
Examine the general operational and administrative          necessary for capturing and retaining a profitable cus-
procedures in spas, private clubs and the hospitality       tomer base and outperforming the competition. Topics
industry while understanding the unique sensitivities       include the definition of quality customer service, cost
required in managing and operating within this              of service and its link to profit, secrets of best service
complex industry. Topics include business planning,         providers, communication strategies, conflict resolution
marketing, licensures, energy efficiency, legal and         and crisis management.
ethical issues, billing, and inventory control.
                                                            Building and Sustaining High Quality Systems for
Spa Industry Finance                                        Spas
MGMT 426.3 (2.5 units)                                      MGMT 426.31 (1.5 units)
Understand the components of a spa financial state-
                                                            Focus on the interconnected process and necessary
ment, key drivers of daily revenues and expenses, ratio
                                                            quality management that emerges from a spa's mis-
analyses as a business evaluation tool, and the basic
                                                            sion, values and methods. Topics include a spa's key
principles of spa accounting and financial responsibili-
ty. Apply various problem solving methods to manage-        process Indicators and objectives; quality manage-
rial situations tailored for the spa industry.              ment's role in a spa's system of operation; processes
                                                            that improve guest experience; and regulatory require-
Spa Marketing and Branding                                  ments to optimize spa business operations.
MGMT 426.4 (2.5 units)                                      Fundamentals for Green Spas
Learn how to develop a strategic marketing plan
                                                            MGMT 426.91 (1.5 units)
through sample case studies and various spa models.
A review of marketing plan elements will be combined        Explore ways to implement sustainable business
with an overview of print and electronic resources          practices that can also improve a spa’s bottom line
available for state-of-the-art marketing communica-         by understanding the criteria and benefits for
tions. Additional topics include branding, public rela-     selecting building materials, furnishings, equipment,
tions, and building customer and employee loyalty.          products, waste management systems, and all
                                                            aspects of operations. Other topics include interna-
Human Resources Basics, Recruitment and                     tional greening trends in the spa industry and green
Retention                                                   business terminology.
MGMT 426.51 (2.5 units)
Clarify your role as an HR professional interfacing with    Internship in Spa and Hospitality Management
management and other decision-makers. Review the            MGMT 426.6 (3 units)
importance of appropriate management techniques in          Experience operations, customer service, manage-
the spa environment; learn the skills needed to hire        ment, finance and staffing as you go behind the
and retain qualified individuals; explore the hiring        scenes of a spa. Gain practical knowledge about the
process; discover the details of recruiting, effective      efforts involved in providing the services customers
interviewing, accurate assessment and evaluation.           want as you prepare for a management roll in this

                       For class schedule:
Advisory Commitee                                                “UC Irvine Extension’s Spa and Hospitality
                                                                 Management Certificate Program offers a high-
Peter Anderson                    Janice Gronvold                quality and valuable educational experience for
chief executive officer,          principal, Spectrec            those spa professionals seeking to enhance their
Anderson & Associates             Spa Business &
                                                                 business and management skills.
                                  Marketing Development
Alfredo Carvajal                                                 The University’s courses are manageable for busy
senior VP, Universal              Pat Johnson                    professionals, are offered online, and are taught in
Companies, Inc.                   president,                     the language of the spa industry. I am glad to be
                                  JVE Corporation                a part of the growth and expansion of such a
Angela Cortright                                                 wonderful program.”
principal, Spa Gregories          Mia Kyricos
                                                                 Mia Kyricos
                                  director, global spa brands
                                                                 Director, Global Spa Brands
Jim Croghan                       and programming,
                                                                 and Programming,
director of spa and recreation,   Starwood Hotels & Resorts
                                                                 Starwood Hotels & Resorts
The Grand Del Mar, San Diego
                                  Kasia Mays
Susie Ellis                       director of spa development,
president, Spa Finder             Pelican Hill

Ann Emich-Patton                  Julie Raistrick
senior spa consultant,            spa director,                  “The Spa and Hospitality Management Certificate
                                  Montage Resort and Spa
Blu Spas, Inc.                                                   Program at UC Irvine Extension was a key compo-
                                                                 nent in my education that allowed me to transition
Michelle Frye                     Valory Reed
                                  spa director,
                                                                 from a different industry to a management position
spa director,
                                  St. Regis Resort               in a resort spa. I particularly enjoyed that all neces-
The Spa at La Costa, Carlsbad
                                                                 sary coursework could be completed online which
Nancy Griffin                     Maureen Vipperman              gave me the flexibility I needed. The courses were
director of content,              spa consultant                 presented in an interactive online environment
Questex Media                                                    where I was learning from other students while
                                                                 guided by very knowledgeable instructors who are
                                                                 actively involved in the spa industry. The program is
                                                                 great for anyone already in the industry as well as
                                                                 those who are looking to explore spa as their new
                                                                 career choice.”
                                                                 Martina Rizzo
                                                                 Assistant Spa Director
                                                                 Mount Washington Resort
                                                                 Bretton Woods, New Hampshire
Spa and Hospitality
Certificate Program
      (949) 824-9304

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