National Women’s History Month by qvf10731


									                    National Women’s History Month
                                                     Grades K - 1

Student’s Name: _____________________Teacher’s Name: ___________
                                          Lakeshore Elementary School
                                                 Mooresville, NC
                                 Library Research Center (703-660-5970, ext. #28)
                        Floanna L. Long, Media Specialist/Coordinator
                                 Floanna L. Long, Library Media Specialist/ Coordinator
                                                704-660-5970, ext. #28
                                    Information Skills – Grade K-1

Parents and Teachers of Kindergarteners and First Graders:
During the month of March and early April the students will be exploring and reading nonfiction
print. They are being introduced to National Women’s History Month and the genre of ‘biography.’
We will explore the use of multimedia to present the story of Arizona Houston Hughes as written
by her great niece, Gloria Houston.

Since our ‘little ones’ have not studied American history in their short lives, the personal focus will
be placed on those women who have been or are important in their lives.

Class activities will include:
 Review how to use the cover and spine label to decide if you want choose a book.
 Introduce the definition and give examples of’ biography’.
 Practice good listening and speaking skills.
 View parts of the story presented in a video mode and explore the beauty of the illustrations.
 Developing discussion skills (‘shared talking’).
 Practicing oral presentation skills.

For a Homework assignment:
    Interview a woman who has had or is having a strong influence on the child’s life:
       grandmother, aunt, adult childcare provider, neighbor, Sunday School teacher, Brownie
       Scout leader. Use the suggested questions attached.
    Write or dictate several sentences about the person interviewed.
    Draw a picture of the person interviewed.
    Be prepared to share orally in a Library Information Skills class (about two weeks from

          Thank you for being supportive of the Library Media Center’s Information Skills instructional program.

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