ATHOL MURRAY COLLEGE OF NOTRE DAME Entrance Scholarship Application by Larkvorhees


									               ATHOL MURRAY COLLEGE OF NOTRE DAME
            2009 – 2010 Entrance Scholarship Application Form
                                                     $500.00 Award

Date of Application: ________/________/________               Date Received: __________________________
                          Year       Month          Day                           (completed by the College)

Name of Student: _________________________________________________ Male ____ Female ____

Home Address: ___________________________________________________



Date of Birth:   ________/________/________                    Grade Applying For : _____________
                   Year          Month        Day

Only applicants who have been formally accepted to the Athol Murray College of Notre Dame will be
considered for this scholarship.

Each applicant must meet the individual scholarship requirements and all required documents must be
included at the time of application:

        □        Scholarship Application Form
        □        Copy of Current School transcripts – Minimum of 74.5% average based on Math, English,
                 and Science
        □        Formal essay (one page Word document – approximately 500 words) stating current
                 involvement in school activities, fine art programs and/or sport programs, as well as why
                 the student would like to attend Notre Dame College.

Mail Scholarship Application to:
                                         Registrar – Scholarship Application
                                         Athol Murray College of Notre Dame
                                                    P.O. Box 100
                                          Wilcox Saskatchewan S0G 5E0

                    Deadline for Scholarship Applications is May 31, 2009

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